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On September 25, the world woke up to the news of the discovery of water on the moon. It was exciting news to the entire world but not to a group of people who knew the news was inevitable. Their master had foretold then about the sensational discovery more than eighteen years ago. It was more than a matter of belief because not just this but many other prophecies by the master have been fulfilled. Their master, Sri Vikraman Swamiji, an upasak of Sri Hanuman, says that he is merely an instrument of god and the prophecies reinforce the presence of an omnipresent and omniscient divine being ready to shower grace on the entire universe. "The world is on the brink of an economic and social crisis and the messages that I receive underline the paramount need for the unity of universe”


"The Hindu goes to a temple and comes out a Hindu, the Muslim visits a mosque and comes out a Muslim, and the Christian prays in a church and comes out a Christian; each one retains the belief that the god he worships is exclusively his and· superior to the other men's god. Years of propaganda and counter propaganda has regimented them into mutually aggressive groups with sectarian attitudes.


All of us are descendants from the same source and are children of the same god. God, the Supreme Power, cannot be many and different for each group of the same human race. God is only one .and that Supreme Power appears in different forms and names; one may worship god in any form or name. The whole world is one family and the countries are but different rooms. The future of the world depends on this realization."




Born in a hamlet in Kollam district in Kerala, Sri Vikraman Swamiji used to and still continues to make prophecies that affect the world and our lives during sessions of prayer and worship that he conducts on Saturdays at his Puja Mandiram at Nanganallur in Chennai. Many of these prophecies made by him since 1988 have already been fulfilled over the years. The first set of such prophecies was compiled and placed by his devotees in the website www.vikraman.com in 1998. The prophecies were formally announced at a public program in Hotel Astoria in Dubai in 1999 which was video graphed and circulated to the public subsequently. The Indo American News published from Houston had announced the prophecies in 1999 (vide Swami’s Phenomenal Prophecies: by Kalyani Giri on page 32). The discovery of water on the moon is one such prophecy that has been fulfilled. Many of his other prophecies also have come true though not announced in the media.




Even before the scientific community could confirm the presence of ice on the moon, Swamiji had foreseen water and glycerin on the planet. Though NASA announced the presence of ice on the planet in March 1998, it took more than a decade for them to confirm the presence of water. The excitement on the moon is not yet over; he foresees construction of human settlements somewhere in the middle of the east-west poles of the planet. He has even seen in his divine trance a hillock that resembles a statue of Buddha!


Another sensational prophecy, which would probably solve our energy problem, is the presence of materials on the moon that can be used for cheap and mass generation of energy. The mysteries on the moon are not yet over; two more moon-like planets can be seen from the moon.




Mars has deposits of water, glycerin, rock, gold, and diamond. There is life on mars in the form of tiny creatures. He foresees human settlements including places of worship on the planet. He says mars would be more comfortable for inhabitation than the moon.



He has made two epoch-making prophecies concerning our sun. According to him, a crack has occurred on the sun that would have caused minor problems like electricity failure in some countries. A prophecy that portends good for the world is that the distance between the sun and the earth would get diminished by a lakh kilometers which would reduce the potency of nuclear devices!




One of the earliest prophecies by him was that his life history and mission would get propagated through a system of telephone cables and computers. When this prophecy was made home computers were a rarity and none could even visualize what he was actually referring to until a website on Swamiji was launched by his devotees in 1998 and the Hanumanth Jayanthi celebrations was webcast live on Internet in 1999.


Today the Internet may be an integral part of our life; but its importance will reduce as a new form of communication takes over.


He cautions that a standby arrangement for important documents and transactions is essential because anything could happen to the Internet banking system.




Swamiji says we are not alone in this universe; there is life in other planets including the moon and mars. His prophecies of new solar systems and planets were also fulfilled recently.


According to him, intelligent aliens visit our planet frequently and an alien spacecraft would land in a gulf country, where it would be trapped.




He prophesied a decade ago that eight countries, including one from Asia, would become advanced and prosperous in the twenty-first century. The emergence of India as a fast growing economy, even during the current global economic meltdown, reinforces this prophecy.




Swamiji had foretold planetary changes that impact weather. During a prayer session in the UAE in 2008, he foretold, "Where it rains, it will snow." For the first time in history, Ras AI Khaimah reported snowfall in the same year.




While the prophecies by Swamiji unfold one by one, there are many more exciting ones awaiting fulfillment such as:


• Integration of allopathy with ayurveda and homeopathy

• Presence of valuable minerals on mars

• Presence of materials on the moon that can be used for cheap and mass generation of energy

• Development of new forms of energy

• Development of devices with which man can fly around

• Medical breakthrough for curing major diseases like cancer, aids, and diabetes

• Devices that can revive the dead from near-dead conditions

• Collision of two planets leading to the formation of a new planet which will be given a name starting with the alphabet 'N'

• Major environmental and geographical re-alignments including natural catastrophes





Couple of years ago, when a few media men who were aware of the prophecies had approached Swamiji for permission for telecasting his prayer sessions and prophecies, he assured them it would definitely happen as per divine dispensation. "Look at our world leaders; a pall of gloom has descended on them. Despite all the power, pelf and technological marvels at their disposal, they have no clue for a solution. Today, most of the problems in the world are due to the fact that religions have regimented people and nations into aggressive groups with sectarian attitudes. It is high time they realized that it is the same supreme power that is worshipped by different religious groups in different names. The supreme power is one and cannot be many. When we realize this absolute truth, our surrender to the divine will be natural, and we will also realize that there is no need to change our method of worship but only change our attitude. It takes enormous efforts to build up confidence and faith among people whereas it is very easy to shatter their faith and confidence. May be the time is appropriate for the world to know about the prophecies and what they mean for the future of the world. That is why the media, created by god and blessed by god, has a very responsible task during this period of crisis."




Is the worst over for our world and when will we overcome the crisis? "I will keep the timeline in suspense because it is not as important as how we all are going to unite to overcome the crisis ahead. However, I assure you that we will overcome the crisis though the transition may not be smooth."


Swamiji reiterates that prophecies are not for fun or for arousing idle curiosity; they confirm god's omnipresence and omniscience in a world mired in sheer materialism, wanton violence and blind fanaticism. They represent the signature of god on our Iife and the universe itself. If we realize this truth, this multi-race and multi-polar world of different nations, customs, and practices would appear as a beautiful and precious necklace linked by a divine thread of unity, love, and compassion. It is when we fail to acknowledge and appreciate this divine thread that people clash and nations fight.


The website on Swamiji www.vikraman.com is replete with miracles experienced by his devotees. There are reports of incredible turning points in professional and personal lives, miraculous cure of cases given up by doctors, financial turnarounds, and even spiritual awakening.” “People approach me with plethora of professional, personal, physical, financial, social, and spiritual problems and I pass on whatever messages I get from the divine realm. When I hear the miracles and relief they experience through these messages I realize that I am an instrument of god."