Sayings of Swamiji

These quotes are some of the Swamiji messages / sayings prepared by Radha venkatesh from Bangalore- India.

1.                  God is one

2.                  Let noble thoughts surround us from all directions.

3.                  When I hear the experiences of devotees I could realize that a divine power was operating through me.

4.                  One day we will all meet in our true home.

5.                  Whatever I undertook was not planned by me. It was divinely ordained.

6.                  Even today, I do not prepare my speeches. It is all Godís grace & His will.

7.                  I am only an instrument in His hands.

8.                  Whatever He wants to convey, He speaks through me.

9.                  More money, more problems, less money less problems, no money severe problems.

10.              In whatever form you perceive God, He will appear in that form. This is the truth.

11.              God cannot be many.

12.              Experience is my Guru.

13.              The story of Vikraman Swamy is the experience of his devotees.

14.              The world is one family.

15.              We are all descendants from the same source.

16.              The world is one big home.

17.              The different countries are different rooms.

18.              All are children of God.

19.              It is good to respect and feel attached to the country of birth.

20.              Problem arises when the other countries are considered as enemies.

21.              Even a stone will give peace of mind if you pray with total devotion.

22.              Some ask whether all those who call themselves as Guru could be believed. Some books in a library may not be good, but we cannot conclude that all books in the library are worthless.

23.              There is no doubt about Godís existence.

24.              Faith is most important.

25.              Whether the problem is major or minor in reality, for the person who faces it, it is always severe.

26.              Throughout the world people are suffering.

27.              There is confusion as to whom to trust.

28.              You may worship God in any form.

29.              God is omnipotent & omnipresent.

30.              If a person intends to harm another his conscience may caution him not to do so. If he abides by that conscience then he has realized God.

31.              God is not only in temples .He is everywhere.



32.              There is nothing that God does not know. That is the truth.

33.              Faith in God is more important, no matter where you worship God.

34.              On realizing God. A person will be relieved of doubts & worries.

35.              God provides many opportunities to give the message of peace to the world.

36.              On experiencing my Arul Vaakku the conclusion is that there is a Supreme Power without whose knowledge one cannot even think.

37.              Newspaper, Radio & TV have got a great responsibility.

38.              Today as an instrument of God I will give you whatever message I get from Him.

39.              In this nuclear age, countries should unite think and work for peace.

40.              God consciousness is very essential.

41.              People need peace.

42.              It is a situation where we have to purify our mind.

43.              If mind is pure God will take us in the right path.

44.              Therefore faith in God is more important than forms of worship.

45.              Like the thread of the kite is needed to control and protect the kite, the thread of devotion is very important in the present world.

46.              Though I donít have wings Hanumanji makes me fly all over the world.

47.              We can overcome fate by wisdom, the wisdom of prayer.

48.              One can win over fate by faith in God.

49.              We have to be conscious of our duties.

50.              We have come to this world. We have to do our duty.

51.              Suppose you are stranded in an unknown place not knowing where to go. You pray to God. Someone comes in a car or scooter and offers you help. He is actually God.

52.              We should be responsible and do our duty.

53.              If you expect God to take over your responsibilities, forgetting your duty, He will not do that.

54.              When I sit in puja, I speak Hindi, sing in Punjabi, Tamil, Chinese, English etc.

55.              I did not learn those languages. I started speaking these languages while in puja and I have perfected them over a period.

56.              It is okay to appeal to God. But God knows when to fulfill the appeal.

57.              What is visible to our eyes is very little. God can see everything.

58.              It is not necessary that whatever we desire should happen. He will give us what is best for us.

59.              Whatever has to happen will happen. I never plan it.

60.              It is not necessary that what we desire should happen. He will give us what is best for us.

61.              The blessing of Arulvakku was given to me not because I asked for it but due to the fruits of my karma.

62.              I do not do anything artificially.

63.              God would come in any form.

64.              I think of even you all as little Anjaneyas.

65.              God is giving me messages through you all and taking me all over the world.


66.              What is important for this world is to unite world leaders and provide an opportunity to run their affairs properly and efficiently.

67.              Every man has to face difficulties at some stage of life.

68.              It is not possible to have a good and trouble free life throughout.

69.              In old days reading palm during the night was not advisable because in the absence of electricity those days lines on the palm will not be clearly visible at night

70.              Worship any form you like .You may worship even your mother. Devotion, faith &involvement are most important.

71.              Anjaneya is watching you all the time. There is nothing that you can hide from Him. If your prayer is sincere He will even come as a servant, have no doubt about that.

72.              Purity of heart is essential for God realization. There is no point in making a number of pilgrimages to temples or mosques unless you achieve purity of heart.

73.              God knows your limitations. You do not have to bring them to His notice.

74.              In Kali Yuga, people tend to question anything and anyone. Even if Lord Vishnu is to appear in front of them they would ask Him to produce His identity card, such is the world today.

75.              You may visit any Mahatma of your choice if you think you would obtain peace in His |Her presence.

76.              Do not criticise a person without first hand experience. If thousands flock to a Mahatma it is due to the divine charisma around Him, so do not ridicule such persons without verification.

77.              In the court of Anjaneya, justice alone will prevail. You cannot demand something that is not dharmic or righteous.

78.              Devote some time for prayer everyday because mental peace is most important in the present day world.

79.              Treat everyone with respect and kindness because God may come to you in any form.

80.              Devotion is like the thread of a kite. It connects the kite to its Maker. Devotion is the thread which connects the devotee to God.

81.              When the thread gets cut, even if the kite has a heart and wishes to come back, it cannot.

82.              Witnessing Godís effulgence by our physical eyes is very difficult but the Supreme Power can be perceived through devotion.

83.              Devotion enables one to attain peace of mind like cooling off an overheated radiator.

84.              All major religions are like parallel cables never touching at any point. This must change.

85.              Even though Anjaneya is a Brahmachari it was He who brought Sri Rama and Sri Sita Devi together.

86.              Purity of mind and sincere prayer are essential for realization of God.

87.              A pilgrimage or a visit to a temple does not necessarily imply devotion, as devotion has to emanate from oneís within.


88.              It is not necessary to visit a temple or attend a bhajan mechanically as a means to obtain Godís grace.

89.              The world is one family and the countries are but the different rooms.

90.              The food you take should not hurt othersí sentiments or cause inconvenience to others.

91.              Vegetarian or nonvegetarian food, one should not feel guilty after taking it.

92.              Life is a drama and we have to play our roles to perfection.

93.              Arulvakku cannot be different at different places. God will communicate the same wherever you go.

94.              Karmasuddi and Chittasuddi are very important for realization of God.

95.              If Lord Vishnu were to appear before us some would even ask for His identity card. That is the kind of faith people have today.

96.              Worship any form you like.

97.              You may worship even your mother.

98.              Devotion, faith & involvement are most important.

99.              There are persons who visit a temple for particular favours. If the favour is not granted or delayed they stop going to the temple.

100.          If God does not grant a particular favour they may even remove the photograph of God from the prayer room.

101.          Devotion is unconditional.

102.          God knows what you need, that will be given and that alone will be given.

103.          A temple priest has to be extremely careful just as an electrician has to be careful working with an electric current.

104.          God would appear in any form and offer you solace.

105.          Just as one has a variety of fruits to choose from, a seeker also has a variety of forms to contemplate upon.

106.          He may choose the form according to his taste and inclination.

107.          You may worship any form of your choice or follow any guru in whose presence you get real peace of mind.

108.          There are people who believe and even tell others that Anjaneyaís picture should not be kept at home on the pretext that Anjaneya is a brahmachari. This is not true.

109.          It is enough if one carries out his\her duties honestly and with a sincere prayer to God.

110.          A mere display of devotion would not last long as none can display artificial devotion for long.

111.          Holy Men should not be compared as they differ in their background, mission and powers.

112.          Some Holy Men are jnanis who take upon themselves the task of educating people.

113.          Guru guides you from outside as Sadguru and as Atma Swarupa from within. Guru Purnima, the full moon represents the light of the atman and is a reflection of blessings from your beloved guru. Tonight, this full moon will remind you the divinity of your beloved guru. The full moon tonight represents your enlightened guru whoever he is wherever he is. I shall take away all the darkness that has accumulated around you and release you from the bondage into the light of freedom and happiness.


114.          For me, Guru Purnima means the bright faces of all my devotees across the globe. It is my wish to see your faces brighten up like this wonderful full moon. My blessings to all. I am with you all always.


The last two quotes are from Guru Purnima message July 2007.†††

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