Golden Rules while attending Swamiji's Puja

Most of us have heard about Swamijee from our friends. Normally after hearing to their experience one at least wants to see him as they are not able to believe what they hear.A Devotee can take a few fruits as offerings .We should not go as one goes to a astrologer or to see what miracles he is going to show . Swamijee in none other but God . He Knows our past , our present and our future. We must feel lucky that we are getting the opportunity of getting His blessing and His guidance.

When we attend the Puja we must not disturb the sanctity of the place.

We must wait for him to talk to us.

We must not argue with him, for He remembers many a things we might have forgotten or fail to remember at that time.

When you attend the puja. please wait till Swamijee asks you to come forward and take blessings.






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