Essential things required when Swamijee comes to light the Lamp


When Swamijee comes to light the lamp we need of course the lamp, flowers, a glass of water, camphor, vibuthi  & kumkum packets, agarbathis and prasadam (Neivathiam).

Devotees from different part of India have their typical traditional lamps. Normally people may have lamps with one wick hold or five wick hold.

Both the type of lamps can be used. It is preferred that while using a single wick lamp, prepare two such lamps.If one has one lamp at home they can prepare two wicks in the same lamp. When one wick should be facing North, which represents Goddess Lakshmi and the other should face towards East, which represents God Indra. Since the five wick lamp covers all the directions it is complete in itself.

We can use either Gingelly oil (Til oil), Coconut oil or Ghee. We should not use any refined oil of any other type. Lamps should be kept prepared for Swamijee to light with the wick and the oil. One should only keep a match box for Swamijee to light the lamp and do not use gas lighters etc. As Swamijee says in his own words the action of lighting a lamp with a match box is one of the duties of a Grahalakshmi.


Flower petals and Tulsi should be kept in separate bowls for offering to God. one can decorate the temple (place of worship at home) with flowers and garlands to their taste and availability. Tulsi has a lot of medicinal value and if available people can take three to four leaves daily.

Glass of water:-

A glass of water should be kept in the temple which Swamijee uses to bless us at the end of the Puja.


In a plate or a aarthi holder place a handful of rice grains and place a few camphor pieces on it. Keep the camphor box handy near the temple to be used as required. The number of camphor required varies with respect to the number of people attending the Puja.

vibuthi  & kumkum:-

Make vibuthi and kumkum packets to be blessed and given to devotees by Swamijee. You may require to make at least two vibuthi packets and one kumkum packet for each devotee.


To light camphor, prasadam (neivathiam) is a must. Neitvathiam can be as simple as Banana or a glass of milk. The three neivathiams very fondly loved by Hanuman Swami are the Vada mala, Curd Rice and Kesari (Suji Halwa). For Hanuman Swami the Vada mala prepared should have a total number of five (i.e. a mala of 14, 23, 41, 50 or 104 vadas) to their convenience.

Guru Dakshina:-

Many devotees of Swamiji offer Guru Dakshina to Swamiji whenever Swamiji visits thier place or whenever they visit Swamiji.

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