Important Neivathiam for Hanuman


We can offer Vada Mala, Butter, Curd Rice , Aval (Beaten Rice), Kesari (Suji Halwa), Pongal, Panakam (Jaggery Mixed in Water) and Fruits and Nuts.

Vada Mala:-


1. Dehusked Urad Dal - One cup

2. Salt - As required

3. Pepper - One teaspoon

4. Oil for deep frying


Soak Dal in water for 15 minutes.

Drain water completely and grind to a coarse paste.( Do not add water while grinding)

Remove, add salt and coarsely powdered pepper.

Add 3 tablespoon of hot oil to the dough. (At this stage the dough is very similar to your chappathi or puri dough).

Make small balls and you can pat on a plastic sheet coated with oil to make thin Vadas.

Make a hole in the centre and deep fry in hot oil.

Make all balls in the same manner and deep fry till done.

Once the Vadas are ready you can make a garland with it using a thread. The number of Vadas in the Vada Mala should have a count of 5. (Like 14, 23,32,41, 50 and 104)

.....Recipe courtesy Sheila Sashidaran, Sharjah - UAE

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Butter is offered to Anjaneya especially when devotees undergo the adverse period of Saturn.

Curd Rice



  1. Rice 1 cup
  2. Milk - 250 ml
  3. Fresh curd - 1 cup
  4. Green Chillies - 4
  5. Finely cut coriander leaves - 1 tbsp.


  1. Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp.
  2. Urad Dal - 1 tsp.
  3. Few curry leaves
  4. Asafoetida - 1/4 tsp.


Cook rice in 21/2 cups of water till it becomes soft. (use less water in case of basmati rice)

Mash the rice and add milk to it.

Heat oil, add the seasonings till the Urad Dal is golden brown, add slit green chillies, fry for a minute and pour over the rice.

Add salt and curd and mix well.

Garnish with cut coriander leaves( bits of raw mango optional).

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  1. Aval (thin variety) 250 gms
  2. Fresh Cardamom powder -4 elachi
  3. one coconut scraped
  4. Water of one coconut
  5. Jaggery 350-375 gms ( the jaggery should not be salty in taste )


Soak Aval with scraped coconut and coconut water for half an hour.

To the jaggery add little water after it dissolves strain to remove stones. Boil it to bring it to ball consistency( you can check the same by putting a little in a cup of water. you will be able to roll the jaggery. )

Now add the jaggery to aval. Mix in the cardomom powder and mix well

.....Recipe courtesy Surdas -Dubai UAE

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1. Rava- One cup

2. sugart - one cup

3.Ghee - four to five tablespoons

4. Cashew nuts

5. saffron

6. Powered elachi.


Fry rava in one and a half tablespoons of ghee till golden brown.

Add two cups of water and after water gets absorbed add sugar mix well and wait till it gets absorbed. Now add the rest of the ghee, saffron and powdered elachi. A pinch of orange colour may be added if desired.

Fry cashew nuts ( any other nuts of your choice) and add.

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Sweet pongal

There are two methods of making it

Method 1

This is the way it is made in Tamil Nadu


1. Rice one cup

2. Green gram dhal one third cup

3. Powdered jaggery one and one fourth cup

4. water half cup to dissolve jaggery

5 Cashew nuts one tablespoon

6 Kismis one tablespoon

7 cardomom powder

8 pure ghee one fourth cup



Dry roast green gram dhal in a pan till light brown in colour.

Wash it along with rice and cook with four cups of water.

Heat jaggery with minimum water till it dissolves strain to remove dirt and add to the mixture of cooked dhal and rice.

Add a little ghee and cook on medium flame for some time stir often .

Remove from fire

Heat ghee fry cashew nuts, kismis ( bits of coconut optional)

Addit to the pongal along with the crdomom powder.( you can add saffron if you like).

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Method 2

This is the way it is made in Kerala and its called Payasam


1 Rice one cup

2 Jaggery two cups

3 Ghee 200 gms

4 cashew nut one table spoon

5 kismis one table spoon

6 Small sugar lumps (Kalkand) a little


Cook rice till half done.

Heat jaggery with minimum water till it dissolves strain to remove dirt and add jaggery to the rice.

Now add ghee and fry till it becomes thick.

Remove from fire.

Fry cashew nuts Kismis coconut pieces in ghee and add to rice. Add elachi powder and kalkand.


Recipe courtesy Sulekha Manoharan Ajman UAE

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  1. Jaggery - one cup
  2. Fresh Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp.
  3. Little lime juice
  4. Dry Ginger powder - one pinch


Soak one cup of grated Jaggery in water for half an hour. Dissolve properly.

Dilute with more water and strain to remove the dirt.

Add crushed cardamom, lime juice and Dry ginger powder. Mix well.

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Fruits and Nuts:

Pine apple, Guava, dried grapes and malavaazha pazham, puvan pazham (two categories of plantain native to South India – musa paradisiace), and cashew nut. Cashew nut is rich in proteins and vitamin B and is an ingredient in many Sidha medicines.

.....Maruti Pramanam by Vikraman Swamiji



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