World Prophecies

During the last few years, Swami had made a few divine prophecies regarding certain epoch making events. The prophecies were made at different points of time and no records are available about the dates on which they were made. It is possible that some of these prophecies were also made earlier but not noted down by anyone. The important world prophecies by Swami during the four to five years are briefly mentioned below. It may be noted that some of these prophecies have already materialised.

The Internet – A Decade Old Prophecy

Swami had prophesied more than a decade ago that his life history and mission would get propagated through a system of telephone cables and computers. When this prophecy was made home computers were a rarity and no one had even dreamt of something like Internet and none could have visualized what He was actually referring to.

He has recently prophesied that Hanumanth Jayanthi Celebrations could be watched live on the Internet all over the world. This prophecy was fulfilled on 1st, 2nd and 3rd January, 1999 during the 11th Hanumanth Jayanthi celebrations. A total of over 27 hours of live telecast was logged during the celebrations.

The 5 Day Ordeal

Swami mentioned about a phenomenal change in the world towards the end of the century. On 14th March 1998, He again prophesied that the world was heading towards a crisis. Before the turn of the century that is, between 1999 and 2000, the world will undergo a terrible calamity that will be most excruciating for five days. The crisis, which would last five days, would occur in two stages. During these five days people all over the world would neither take food nor sleep out of fear. But the worst thing would not happen as feared by people. The tension that would be caused by the crisis would create immense faith in God and would leave the people more god fearing and virtuous.

Water and Glycerin on the Moon

He had prophesied that water and glycerin would be discovered on the moon.

Ever since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969, it was regarded as an arid place devoid of a life-supporting atmosphere. They could have discovered the presence of ice had they landed in the Polar Regions. However, the latest discovery about the presence of ice on the moon by Dr. Ala Binder, Chief Investigator for the NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration), imparts a quantum leap to our knowledge. For more details regarding the recent discovery of ice on the moon, you may refer the Hindu newspaper dated 9th March 1998.

We shall now await the discovery of glycerin too.

The 10th Planet

Swami had prophesied a couple of years ago that a new planet would be discovered.

Since October 1995, astronomers at San Francisco State University and elsewhere have detected eight planets orbiting sunlike stars. On 25th April 1997 a group of astronomers reported that they had detected another new planet orbiting the G0V sun-like star Rho Corona Borealis. The planet orbits once every 39 days, at a distance of 0.23 Astronomical Units closer than Mercury, and with a mass above 1.1 times that of Jupiter. Astronomers at the Smithsonian Institution's Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Massachusetts; the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado; and the Pennsylvania State University in State College, Pennsylvania, have also found evidence for the planet. Swiss astronomers of the Geneva Observatory in Switzerland have also reported finding a planet. Further details on new planets can be obtained from the San Francisco State University.

We have to wait and see whether this is the planet that Swami had prophesied about. Swami had also indicated that following this discovery; our astrologers would get confused as their predictions are normally based on nine planets (navagraha system). He, however, mentioned that a solution would be arrived at to dispel the confusion.

Places of Worship on Mars

Some four years ago Swami had prophesied that man would inhabit planet Mars and that a temple, a church and a mosque would come up on Mars.

To ascertain the probability of a human settlement on planet Mars, the following details were obtained from Internet. Scientists at the Ivy League University and NASA research centers have searched for decades to find the best way to colonization of Mars. Their research has already produced working plans for a number of colony types. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, metals and solar energy are required for settlement on Mars. Carbon dioxide is found in abundance in the Martian atmosphere. It can be used to fuel plants that will convert it into oxygen for life support. Recent studies with potato plants have found the plants can support respiratory needs and nutrition for extended periods of time. However, there are problems of cost, solar radiation, absence of ozone layer like protection against ultraviolet rays etc. But according to Arthur C. Clarke, the problems of vegetation, surface water, climate change and even the creation of an ozone layer can be solved, leaving gravity as the only remaining problem for life on Mars. It is understood that NASA is envisaging settlement on Mars sometime in the late 21st century. Thus, in the current scenario it may sound like fiction but going by the enthusiasm evinced by scientists it would materialise atleast in the distant future, if not during our lifetime.

The Heading Monster

During a Saturday puja in 1996, Swami said that a monster was heading towards the earth.

According to the International Astronomical Union a huge asteroid, a one-mile-wide object, capable of destroying the civilization may hit the earth at 6.30 p.m. on 26th October 2028. The asteroid codenamed 1997 XF 11 is likely to zoom past the earth at a distance of 30,000 miles. It may collide with the earth at more than 17,000 miles per hour and explode with the energy of almost two million Hiroshima-sized atomic bombs. Even after spotting the asteroid and tracking its path, astronomers, as usual, differ on the chance of a collision with the earth. However, people need not worry about it, as it would not lead to the annihilation of civilization on our planet. The point is that what the astronomers have discovered through powerful telescopes our Swami had long back seen in His cosmic consciousness. For more details about the asteroid, you may refer the Hindu newspaper dated 14th March 1998 or contact the Telegraph Group Ltd., London.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind – A Reality

Swami made this prophecy some three years back. He had said that nearly one and half light years (one light year is equivalent to 9.5 trillion kms) away from the earth there is a planet inhabited by beings more intelligent than the earthmen. Their heads are larger than normal size, eyes are on the sides of the head, ears are like that of the elephant, and have long arms and short legs. They had already visited the earth and two scientists who were aware of it were already researching on this. As mentioned already astronomers are detecting new extra solar planets and scientists do not rule out the possibility of life on some of them.

Around 30 UFO (unidentified flying objects) sightings have been reported between 1917 and 1990. In ancient roman times, chariots flying in the sky were reported and then later in the 1880-90s witnesses reported seeing airships. Now witnesses report seeing super sleek discoid objects. It is claimed that there are two types of aliens, the Tall Blondes and the Grey types, which are both humanlike. The Greys have large heads, small fragile bodies, small nose and ears and longer fingers. Probably there are other types of aliens, and we have to wait and see which alien Swami had referred to.

The truth about alien landings is hidden from public gaze probably because scientists are yet to unravel the mystery of the alien technology or for military or political reasons. Many people (Bob Lazar being the most prominent) have claimed that the US government indeed possesses this alien technology and are trying to reverse engineer it. There have also been several claims that the US government actually possesses an alien spacecraft although not fully understanding the propulsion technology behind it.

A Sun Crack

He prophesied many a time that the Sun had cracked. It may not cause any major problems on the earth; however, minor problems like electricity failure have already occurred in parts of the earth.

Relegation of Religion

According to Swami, after the turn of the century, religion will get relegated to the background, as people would lose faith in religious practices and religious leaders. People would ignore religion and become more God fearing and virtuous.

Discovery of Herbs

Swami had prophesied that certain life-giving and vital herbs would be revealed to a devotee in Madras who has reportedly noted down the names of herbs revealed to him through dreams. It is understood that he has even collected some of these herbs and is awaiting further revelation. This prophecy has special significance because it was Lord Anjaneya who brought the Sanjivini herb to save Lakshmana.

During June – August, 1998 Swami made a few more world prophecies.

Construction on Moon

Swami has prophesied that construction work on Moon would be undertaken in the not distant future.

Drive Slow on Moon

Due to gravitational problems, it would be difficult to travel at high speeds on Moon. A moving car on Moon would fly off the road if it exceeds a certain speed limit. This would call for additional equipment to prevent such an eventuality. However, scientists are not very knowledgeable about the problems associated with motoring on Moon.

Life on Mars

Swami again mentioned that life existed on Mars in the form of tiny creatures. Oxygen could be manufactured on the planet itself and the earth people could start settling down on Mars in future. Mars would be more comfortable for inhabitation than Moon.

Resources on Mars

Mars has deposits of water, glycerin, rock, gold, and diamond.















.....Khaleej Times

Where Eagles Dare

Swami said that people could soon fly about with artificial wings.

Our dream to fly would, thus, materialise soon. Imagine men and women going for shopping with attached wings, avoiding traffic jam putting our two winged friends to shame. So parents better beware! Your children would demand flycycles instead of bicycles. Better lock your balconies because enterprising flycyclists can enter your apartments unnoticed and render you poorer. Of course, there would be no traffic jam nor any constable to book offenders! Next time when you hear someone calling you better look up as well; it could be your friend on wings.

Interplanetary Communication

Communication between the Earth, the Moon, the Mars, the Jupiter and the Venus is going to be frequent and easier in the forthcoming years.

The Magnificent Eight

Eight countries, including one from Asia, would become highly advanced and prosperous in the next century.

The Real Millenium Bug

The whole world, particularly the corporates and our computer whiz kids are engrossed in dealing with the notorious Y2K millenium bug unaware of a bigger bug staring at them. Little do they know that this bug would appear in 1999 and threaten our very existence! No software package would come handy to rescue the world from its clutches. The 23rd July, 1998 turned out to be a special day because He spoke at length on the importance of God realisation, and touched events that are likely to change the course of the world by the turn of the century. Already there are scary stories of how computers would fail at the dawn of the millenium causing extensive economic damage. Military computer systems designed with two-digit dates would read 1900 instead of 2000. Military systems that command weapons use more than a million chips and would be vulnerable to malfunction at the dawn of the new millenium. It is reported that Israel will have no effective air defence on 1st January 2000 unless remedial measures were taken.

Banks and financial institutions would also suffer. Thus computers are expected to conk out atleast temporarily causing civil emergencies as well as military myopia.

Swami has said that towards the end of the century the world would have to face problems on three fronts.

Computer Failure

Computers world over would fail or become ineffective.


There would be wars, however, it would not lead to the annihilation of the world as feared by many. Rather there would be incidents involving massive destruction of life and property.

Planetary Swerving

The third would be that some planets would swerve from their usual orbit.

The problems would begin by 13th/14th of October 1999 and would extend up to March 2000. People would neither eat nor sleep but keep praying for the survival of the world as there would be no apparent solution. But with divine intervention, solution would come in nine hours. When the worst is over, people all over the world would heave a sigh of relief and realise that it was divine intervention alone that saved the world.

Divine Intervention

Most of the problems in the world are due to the fact that the major religions are running like parallel cables never completing the circuit at any point. If the situation continues, there would not be any peace of mind in the world despite all advancements in science and technology even after centuries. "…..The world is heading for a terrible crisis and it is high time that the people realised that it is the same supreme power that is worshipped by different religious groups in different names. It is high time that these parallel cables are brought to the point of realisation that God is one. The supreme power that protects the world will intervene once again. I am one of the instruments at the hands of God to bring about this change. It is when I hear your experiences that I realise that there is a divine power operating through me." – on 23rd July 1998

Rare Medical Breakthrough

On 13th August 1998 Swami again said that researchers would have a rare breakthrough in the field of medicines. Medicines for curing major diseases will be found both in allopathic and native medicine systems. There are certain herbs which could cure a range of diseases. Already researchers are working on it and they are close to a breakthrough.


Years ago He had mentioned about aliens. He repeated that an alien spacecraft would land in a Gulf country and it would be trapped.

New Solar System

He also said that a new solar system and three more planets will be discovered.

Unique Puja Through Telephones

Another prophecy is that He will conduct a unique puja attended by devotees in different countries over telephone. That is, devotees will assemble themselves at specific centres in different countries. In each centre, there will be a person attending to the telephone. Swami will give His divine counselling to those assembled through this person at each centre over the telephone.

Significance of Swami’s Prophecies

The prophecies of Swami assume special significance in the wake of failure of forecasts by the scientific community. For instance, even after landing on the moon it was declared that there was no chance of finding water on it. Similarly, the probability of the asteroid hitting the earth varies from zero to one in 1000, which is as good as saying nothing about it. In the past too scientists have reversed their considered opinion several times and what they failed to explain were dismissed as paranormal phenomena. Thus the credibility of scientific opinion is at stake.

The life and history of mystics in India and other countries suggests that there is a divine purpose behind creation and that there are truths beyond the comprehension of scientific exploration. It is a fact that the fundamental truth or principles of life can not be explained but have to be experienced. Can anyone explain the colour of a rose flower to a blind man? Can anyone explain the fragrance of jasmine? Can anyone explain the taste of a new fruit to a person who has never tasted it? Similarly, the eternal truths about life are something to be experienced and not to be explained. Subtle forces are more powerful than the gross forces. For instance, wind and electricity though less tangible than the fire and the earth elements are relatively more powerful. The forces that govern life being the most subtle and hence the most powerful, are nevertheless less tangible. Thus, the matters that come under the purview of scientific scrutiny do not necessarily narrate the fundamental truths or eternal principles. The position of a mystic is also the same; he would initiate and take us to a state where the truth has to be experienced by us with our own effort.

His Mission

Every century and religion has produced seers and mystics who could transcend time and space and guide believers by way of their divine prophecies. It is also true that the so-called rationalists viewed them with skepticism and contempt. Whether or not you believe in the power of the Sun it would continue to shine in all its glory and would burn anything that comes near it. Similarly, the nature of truth will not alter just because you do not have faith in it. Whether you are convinced or not truth will continue to shine forth, as truth is its own evidence.

Once He said, "Today the religions are like parallel cables never touching at any point. Most of the problems in the world may be attributed to it. If they continue like this, even after centuries there would not be any peace of mind in the world despite all advancement in science and technology. …The world is heading for a terrible crisis and it is high time that the people realised that it is the same supreme power that is worshipped in different names by different religious groups. It is high time that these parallel cables are brought to this point of realisation that God is one. I am one of the instruments in the hands of God to bring about this change. It is when I hear your experiences that I realise that there is a divine power operating through me."

The world is on the brink of a crisis and a change is imminent and He is one of the instruments in the hands of God to bring about this change. One of the prerequisites for surviving the impending crisis and the change thereafter would be faith in God. His mission is to instill faith and love towards fellow beings in a materialist world with the help of the miraculous Super Consciousness that He is born with. His extra ordinary powers are God’s gift for us.

As He said once, "If Lord Vishnu were to appear before us, some would even ask for His identity card. That is the kind of faith people have today."

Jesus once told Philip, "For a long time I have been with you all; yet you do not know me, Philip? Whoever has seen me has seen the Father. Why, then, do you say, ‘Show us the Father’? Do you not believe, Philip, that I am in the Father and the Father is in me? The words that I have spoken to you, do not come from me. The Father, who remains in me does his own words." – John 14:9. A week after Resurrection, when Thomas doubted him, Jesus said, "Do you believe because you see Me? How happy are those who believe without seeing Me." – John 20:29.

God promised Abraham and his descendents that the world would belong to him. This promise was made, not because Abraham obeyed the law, but because he believed and was accepted as righteous by God. "For if what God promised is to be given to those who obey the Law, then man’s faith means nothing and God’s promise is worthless." – Romans 4:13 – 14.

The mission of Sri Vikraman Swamiji is also none other than to instill faith in a Supreme power and to encourage people to worship that power in any form or name.

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