DR.Y.V.S. SHIVAKUMAR, MS MCH


    I am a qualified plastic surgeon and my wife is a gynaecologist.  I was working in a city hospital and my wife was doing her M.D in Obs & Gynaecology.  I was waiting for my wife to finish her MD so that we may start a clinic together.  Starting a clinic in city is a big investment and I did not have the monetory backing.  I was hoping that my wife will also get a posting in and around city.  But unfortunately my wife, after completion of her MD Degree was posted in a remote PHC beyond Tiruvannamalai-this inspite of she having finished her compulsory PHC posting. This turned our plans upside down.  I tried to get her a posting in the city - every politician wanted Rs.50,000 to Rs.70,000 for a transfer.  I was willing to shell out the money provided I get the orders to hand but everybody insisted on money first. I was not prepared to give money and later on run after them.  Thus matters were in a dead lock and my wife was at home for a year without a job.  I tried to get her attached to a few nursing homes, but these nursing homes never paid us in time thou they promptly collected our fees from the patients. Thus we were not happy in that angle also.  We had consulted astrologers also.

      My father-in-law was often telling us of Sri Vikraman Swamiji, Lord Hanuman's devotee who predicts future and does good things.  In fact Swamiji, it seems had predicted that my wife will visit him one day or other.  My wife did not like the idea of going to a Godman and she at that time did not believe in these.  How can a Godman predict things without seeing your horoscope, your palm or even without knowing your name, there is something fishy. So we dropped the idea of going to Swamiji though I was willing to give it a try because it cost nothing. A single sitting with an astrologer cost me Rs.100/-.  Things slowly deteriorated- naturally when an active young person, who is fully qualified in medic, idle her time - day in and day out - tempers fly and home atmosphere was hell.  Having exhausted all venues and astrologers each one of them gave a totally different version, we finally decided to visit Swamiji.  This was in August/September 1994.  It was a Saturday and as instructed by my father-in-law we were at Swamiji's house by 8.30 to 9 A.M.  By that time there were already a dozen or so devotees waiting for Swamiji's darshan.  We were sitting in a small cremped hall and Swamiji started pooja and his discourse/advise around 11.00 A.M.  He started calling people one by one, by their stars (birth star) and sometimes by name.  We were surprised.  We did not register our names nor did not revel our birth star and so were wondering whether Swamiji will call us. Before we could realise, it was 2 PM so we went for lunch and came back.  Around 5.30 PM I was a bit uneasy, our only son  was at my father-in-law's house.  My residence at West Mambalam has been under lock since morning with all clothes drying in the open - throughts were running amock, when suddenly Swamiji called my wife in.  I also entered the pooja room and I was taken aback at the simplicity of Swamiji. Before I could realise I was at his feet.  He said I will call you some other day, so I had to come out of the room leaving my wife there, which already had about ten devotees cromped inside.  I went to my father-in-law's house, had a cup of coffee and returned by 7 PM because I had to accompany my wife home back.

        Around 8.30 PM Swamiji sent word for me saying so and so's husband is waiting outside call him in.  I was surprised how did Swamiji know that I was waiting outside.  May be it is simple logic that a husband will wait outside when his wife is there.  I entered the pooja room, there I saw the same crowd with my wife sitting in a corner and she looked as though she wept a lot.  I was wondering why but before I could realise I was sitting at Swamiji's feet and Swamiji started talking to me.  He started describing my Yamaha two wheeler, which I had left at West Mambalam.  About the rear view mirror which was broken, the never predictable horn, about my desire to go abroad, about my desire to do FRCS, before long I was in tears.  How can Swamiji know all this.  He seems to read my mind, he seems to have travelled with me, he seems to be almost living with me, always watching me.  Let alone me, he was enquiring about my relatives who are as far away as Hyderabad.  I was thoroughly convinced that this is a totally different experience.  I am a devotee of Sai Baba (Shirdi and Puttaparthy) and an ardent worshipper of Lord Venkateswara.  Swamiji seems to be knowing everything.  At the end of the day we were a relived couple and convinced that Swamiji was our ultimate refuge.  He had said in brief:
         a) we will pursue with our higher studies FRCS/MRCOG.
         b) we will go abroad
         c) we will have our own nursing home, car etc.
         d) next time when we meet Swamiji, we will be a totally
            different persons with all our problems solved.

       We tried to meet Swamijii a couple of times later but could not untill in November 94. I was transferred to Kancheepuram HQ's hospital, the same Director who was non approachable offered to post my wife in a nearby PHC because city postings are exclusively under political vigil. I accepted the same and shifted my family to Kancheepuram.  My wife joined PHC after a gap of one year.  Only after this we were able to meet Swamiji because in the intervening period either Swamiji was out of station or I was otherwise busy.  Thus we could meet him only after my wife joined service. When we were waiting outside, Swamiji called out for Doctor couple who had come from Kancheepuram.  How does Swamiji know that I was transferred to Kancheepuram?    Nobody ever told him.  My father-in-law who visits Swamiji more often also did not meet him.  Thus we were being slowly drawn into Swamiji's groove.  This time Swamiji repeated his early prediction .  He told us that when we went to Varadaraja Swamy's temple in Kancheepuram we did not pray at his altar though he was watching us closely. We were wondering how we missed Lord Hanuman's pooja. Mentally we retraced our trip to Varadaraja Swamy's temple but could not recollect where we missed.  So after returning to Kancheepuram we again visited Varadaraja Swamy's temple and reenacted our previous visit, scrutinising every pillar of Lord Hanuman.  As we came out of the main temple there is a small mantap to the left of Dwaja Sthambam and we saw a couuple of devotees lighting "harathi" near  a pillar.  When we went there we saw Lord Hanuman beautifully carved out in the pilar.  Alas now we remembered that during our last visit this was the place where we sat for some time without even looking up at Lord Hanuman and Swamiji knew it, how?  We were convinced that Swamiji is following us wherever we are going and he is endowed with such powers and not just a fortune teller.  Around January '95 my wife got news that she had been selected for a job in Saudi Arabia but we were not willing to go alone.  Though the astrologers whom we had earlier contacted gave different versions they all had one thing in common to say that we will not go abroad together and I had a better chance of going abroad first and my wife will follow me after few months. Around May '95 I received a telegram from a private agency asking me to appear for a medical exam urgently.  I was at Bangalore attending to my co-brother-in-law's "Grehepravesham" at that time.  So we rushed to Bombay finished our medical examination and returned home.  Again there was gloom at home - my wife has to accompany me only as a housewife without a posting but Swamiji said that we will both go together but we convinced ourselves atleast we will be going as on family unit and financially we will be better off. So we were waiting for the further information when I received a fax message from the private agancy in Bomba enquiring if it was acceptable to me if my wife is also posted in the same hospital in Saudi Arabia.  I readily accepted and our happiness knew no bounds. Thus Swamiji clearly demonstrated and proved that His powers are beyond astrology.  He has a divine power by which he is able to foretell your future, and also to alter their influences for our benevolence. This we knew was more than what we expected.

          Then suddenly I fell ill and had recurrence of my stone problem "Kidney stone" - the pain was so severe that I was on medical leave and I had to undergo endoscopic removal of an impacted stone at Vijaya Hospital.  Swamiji was well aware of all these and he used to constantly reassure my family members that everything will soon settle down and we will go abroad soon.  He sent prasam through my sister in law who had come down from Bangalore. The urgency was that I did not have time to see Swamiji before getting admitted.  I got admitted on a Friday Evening and the prasadam was with me on Saturday afternoon.

           After undergoing surgery at Vijaya Hospital I visited Swamiji for his blessings. Swamiji enquired me if I was having pain in one particular area of lower abdomen and I said so.  He then said You will not have that  pain again and believe me from that moment I did not experience the pain - now for the past one year - thus I am convinced that Swamiji has powers to heal.  His powers are more than what medicines and surgery could offer.

           On July 15th we left for Saudi Arabia.  My first visit abroad totally depending on Swamiji's blessings.  We were carrying a luggage of nearly 125 Kg (permitted 60 Kg + hand bags) which was cleared without any objection at Bombay as well as Riyadh (capital of Saudi Arabia) where we had to alight and catch a domestic flight to GIJAN.  Wherever we landed either in Riyadh or in GIJAN there  was either a Hindi speaking or Tamil speaking person to help us in the procedures which were all new to us.  We were taken care of in an Indian doctor's house for one week before we settled down. Initially my wife was posted in a nearby smaller hospital and it was realy difficult to travel from our place.  The Director General who could post my wife in the same bigger centre in which I had been posted was on long leave.  After a month the Director General joined duty and it was only with Swamiji's blessings that I was permitted to meet him and he immediately ordered my wife to be transferred and posted along with me.  Everybody was surprised, how could you, new comer meet the Director General and get a transfer so early?  There are people trying for a transfer for the past so many months, how did you succeed?  I could not answer them through I knew that it was Swamiji who helped us.  We were so much worried about our son's (5 year old when we went to Saudi Arabia) School, day care when both of us are away at work, but we had the psychological support of Swamiji's blessings and his prasadam.  In Saudi Arabia, we came across one Rajasthani lady, wife of a doctor in our hospital who readily accepted to take care of our son.  Later we realised that she is the best person who can take care of my son's studies, discipline him and also give him the time to play.  We could not have asked for anything better.

        Everytime I ring back home, Swamiji always used to enquire whether we had written our examination FRCS/MRCOG. So with total faith in Swamiji I paid for my exam fees.  I had not taken any books with me and with what book I could collect and buy there I prepared for the examination and appeared.  Out of a total of 41 candidates only five were  called for viva-voce and of which only three of us passed.  I could not even dream of it that I will be able to pass the examination.With all humility I should accept that I did not pass the examination and only Swamiji passed the examination.

         My experiences and day-to-day encounters with Lord Hanuman and Swamiji continue.  Now I am completely convinced that total unconditional surrender to Lord Hanuman and Swamiji will rid me and my family from these materialistic troubles and give me eternal peace.

                          SHRI RAMAJAYAM !

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