Dear Swamiji,

           By the grace of Lord Anjaneya, we met you and our first meeting with you was all of miracles.  In January 1993, I prayed to Lord Anjaneya and I said to him that I was unable to understand my purpose in life, the instructions given in the  scriptures about leading a righteous life and its applications to me and I was desparate for a human Guru to guide me.  You heard my prayers and miracle of all miracles answered them  instantly.  Eversince, every prayer of mine has been answered.  That is because of the grace of my Guru Vikraman Swami. He confirms that the Lord has heard my prayer and if it is good for me, the Lord answers the prayer and satisfies that desire.  Swamiji also says that it is our past good karma that facilitates that.  It is good motivation for us to do good karma now and today if by that we can communicate with God easily.  We met Swamiji on Friday 19th  March 1993.  We went to the house of Mr.Sathyamurthy at the invitation of his servant who was also working at our house.  He told us that a South Indian Swami was conducting a puja and it was open to all.  A strange desire overtook us.  My husband and I are both very reserved and would not like to visit  perfect strangers.  But on that day, we were totally unlike ourselves.  We are very relaxed  people and took our time getting ready, but on that day we were out of the house like lightening.  We didn't bother about breakfast or the baby's needs.  We carried a bottle of milk for our one year old daughter and a packet of biscuits for our 5 year old elder daughter.  We had no clue about the nature of the puja or the God to be peropitiated.  We entered the villa and sat among a group of total strangers.  I wanted to find out but was reluctant to talk to people who were waiting just as anxiously as I was.  Then two people carried 2 big photographs into the hall.  They unpacked them and set them against the wall.  One of the photographs was of a most peaceful and raidant Anjaneya.  I saw him and I knew I had come to the right place.  My husband who was sitting on the other side of the room also had the same reaction.  Then we relaxed and waited.  The other photograph was of Swamiji which I didn't recognise as I had not met him before.  Then a short striking man in kurta pyjama entered.  People were falling at his feet.  I didn't understand why and I watched puzzled. Our eyes  met for an instant and then he had disappeared into the private rooms of the house.  He re appeared after some time in a red dhoti.  Some other Gods' pictures had also been mounted next to these two I mentioned before.  He did Arati to all the  pictures and sat on his Asana quietly.  After about 10 minutes of meditating he randomly called to people and started talking to them.  He would mention their names, their car nos., their telephone nos.etc.  It was facinating and I was  enthralled.  Everybody in the room, I realised had problems and Swamiji having established their identity, having convinced each of them in his own special way that he was in communion with the All Knowing Supreme Spirit, proceeded to speak about their problems and tell them when they would be solved.  He gave hope and succour to all who came.  In some pujas we sing of God and forget our problems.  In Swamiji's pujas God thinks of us and relieves our worry and each of us in that room feel and pray for the one whom Swamiji speaks to and we forget our own problems.  Swamiji doesn't leave the presence of God to our imagination.  He tells us of what we wanted to wear when we set out that morning from home, what we ate for breakfast, what we spoke of in the car, where we parked our car, what we wrote in letters to our native place, what vows we made in temples or churches many years ago, what we dreamt of the previous night.  This was the jist of what we listened to him speak not to one or two but to 100s that day.  He started at 9.30 and we listened to the lives of 100s being unravelled in front of us.
That hall could hold about 200 people.  It was packed from end to end. He spoke to each person for a maximum of 15 minutes and as they left, new people came pouring in.  He took a short break for lunch and went on till the wee hours of the next morning.  The very fact that he sat for so many hours talking is super human.  That he spoke of such varied things which were important to the person concerned was a miracle beyond compare. We who simply sat were tired by mid day.  He arranged so that fresh milk was provided for the baby and lunch and dinner was provided for all. I was anxious and restless.  By 6 P.M I am sorry to say that my patience was at an end and we decided to go home.  My husband muttered to me "If he is the Lord, let him call me now".  We were at the verandah searching for my husband's slippers when the name rang out Venkatesh. We were amazed and ran in.  My husband said to me then that he would wait all night if thats what it took.

            Swamiji made him sit near him and listen more clearly to all he said to the others.  I couldn't sit because my baby Vasudha didn't like the crowded room and her cries disturbed the rest. So I wandered up and down in the verandah and by 10  P.M I was at the point of exhaustion.  I made my way to Venky and asked him if I could go home with the kids when Swamiji made me to sit down and started talking to us.  He said so many things that night.  But I remember only a few distinctly.  He asked  about my mother.  He mentioned their address in Madras.  He mentioned an illness of the leg that she was suffereing from which even I was not  aware of.  He asked me about the children. He knew many prayers and vows I had taken for them and mentioned them all.  He asked Venky about his knee pain.  I was surprised when Venky nodded in the affirmative.  He had been suffering from arithratic pain and had not told me because I would fret and worry.  He knew exactly Venky's dilemma  in his carrier and advised him.  His advice I can say looking back was perfect and when followed only good came out of it.  By the end of that conversation, a great peace radiated on us and we felt calm and contented.  Also we had not eaten because we  felt that prasad should be taken only after speaking to the Swami.  He was concerned about our hunger and asked us to eat before we left.  He knew everything about us. After a few days we longed to see him again and even since every meeting has brought  us closer to the Supreme.

Sri Ramajayam ! Victory to Lord Anjaneya ! Victory to Vikrama Swamiji !
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