Sri Ramajayam, Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai, Vikraman Swamijikku Jai

With blessings of Swamiji I am continuing to write my experience under the divine hands of him. I am writing the happenings in detail so that the devotees who have just begun their experience or waiting for the miracles to happen to continue with Swamiji’s darshans will understand what our Swamiji can show if you have faith. Especially if you have 100% faith on him a person can tell the problem to Swamiji even in the house, road, office or any part of the world the miraculous experiences could be witnessed. You do not seek miracles to have faith in him. Instead you develop your faith in god and Swamiji, and then he will show you whatever you need to know and guide you in every aspect of life. With my first experience letter you would have known till I saw Swamiji I did not have faith in Guru’s because I never knew about anyone. Before I left Swamiji that day the devotion towards him developed without any need for a miracle just by listening to his revelation of incidents in few devotee’s life. I do not know why and how but now I am very happy that our Swamiji is there to take care of me 100%.


What I missed in my Last experience

The day Swamiji left Kuwait concluding his February2000 visit, I had forgotten to write the beginning of the amazing day of realisation of his presence in my house. Previous day’s pooja was over very late and when I was to return home Swamiji told me that he would leave to the airport at 7.30 am. I told him that I will come before that time and left. I woke up in the morning with someone tapped on my thigh. When I looked at the time it was 7.15am. I was so terribly disturbed thinking how I could reach Swamiji by 7.30. I quickly had a shower and went to the shrine and said to the deities you know that Swamiji is leaving at 7.30 already I am late so let me see him off and then come back and pray. When I went to the car it was sharp 7.30. Since it was wintertime the car has to warm up before being driven. I got into the car and prayed to Swamiji as I am coming to you, and already I am late please move the car immediately and wait till I come. I started the car and immediately moved, to my surprise there was no problem. From my house to Mr. Venkatesh’s house is only 7-8 minutes drive, when I went into the house I asked Mrs. Usha whether Swamiji has performed the pooja. She replied as from 7.15 onwards they had been trying to put him up and he was just nodding the head and at 7.30 he opened his eyes and got up and went in for shower. When I heard this I told her it is unbelievable and narrated what happened to me. The timing of me getting up and leaving house to see Swamiji and the timing of him moving was so perfectly matching. Did he come to put me up that day and waited till I left the house for him get into shower? What answer could I guess? If not for Swamiji putting me up, I would have been fastest sleeping on that day.

On 14th April New Year’s Day Swamiji’s picture came to my house

It was Thursday, we had bhajan at Mr. Venkatesh’s house. Generally we have the bhajan from 7.30pm to 9pm. Before coming for the bhajan I had given the picture of Swamiji for framing. I planned to collect the framed picture after bhajan and take it to Mr. Venkatesh’s residence for blessing and then to take Swamiji to my House. That day unusually bhajan was delayed, and finally it was over by 9.20. I excused myself from Mr. Venkatesh and drove to the framing shop within 10 minutes. He was pulling the last shutter and when he saw me he opened the shop and gave me the picture. Halfway through the bhajan and till I got the picture to my hand, I was deeply requesting our beloved Swamiji that the shopkeeper should keep the shop open and I must receive Swamiji in my house that day. I took Swamiji’s picture to Mr. Venkatesh’s house and got the blessings. After that I came to my house with Swamiji and kept him in a special place and took the blessing. Swamiji kept me on pins and finally he gave me the joy of coming with me to the house on New Year’s Day.

Averting car accident on May 9 2000

I had gone out for my evening walk and when returned home I was exhausted. It was around 7.30 PM and my friend called me to come and have dinner with him. Even after telling him about the tiredness he told me he could wait for sometime to have food with me. Since I could not displease him finally I agreed to go to him even though it is 42 km from my house. Generally it takes about 25 minutes to reach there. With my body being warm at that time I immediately took shower finished my prayer and went to see him. After having my meal with him I returned back to my house. It was closer to 11.30 PM and I was bit tired. On my return leg I drove between 120 to 140 kmph to reach home as fast as possible. This road is known as Fahaheel expressway. As the Kuwait devotees know the road is dead straight, and it curves between 25th and 26th KM distance. At this point, while I was driving the car just opened my eye. Yes I was sleeping while I was driving at that speed. I saw myself being just 2 seconds away from my death. Yes my car was about to hit the concrete middle barrier and I just opened my eye. My mouth uttered Oh! Swamiji and I noticed that my hand was turning the steering wheel without my conscious. After coming back to the road properly, I noticed that all the cars behind and by the side of me had slowed down and no one was closer to me. So the observation of others was that I will meet a serious accident but my Swamiji’s decision was to pull me out of the accident. With this incident I felt that Swamiji is not only present in my house but also travelling with me.

Next day morning around 11AM I called Swamiji in Dubai and told him that last night I had a problem. Then he said of course, Saturn was supposed to take you away but god decided to pull you back. I told him Swamiji only thing I know is that you were there to take care of me. If he was not there, how does he know that I had escaped an accident? He is every where and he could be with his devotees every second when we need him.

Swamiji knew my only wish was to attend my daughter’s age attaining ceremony. Since I was unable to go to Canada on visit visa, processing of migration was necessary. Then I requested him that my medical papers for Canadian immigration has not come and will it happen soon. He said I have taken your responsibility and a father like you will definitely attend the ceremony god will take care about it. That re-assuring words, were enough for me.

What a show up the medical papers were in my hand at 2PM. He knew about the whole process but did not tell me. When I received the papers next thing what I wanted was when I should do the medical. Since I had slight diabetic I was very worried about it. The last thing what I did not want to do was to encounter problems with my medical. So from 5PM onwards I was trying to reach Swamiji but was not successful. Finally around 9PM I did my evening pooja and tried reaching Swamiji once again. Still he was not allowing me to talk to him. Then I prayed to him saying let me try you for the last time, if you do not answer, I will start my fasting as if I will go for the test and tomorrow morning allow me to talk to you. When I tried again failed to reach but at that time one of the bulb started to flicker. Then I told Swamiji do not do these things I know you are listening but allow me to talk to you. Still he did not allow. After 15 minutes Mr. Venkatesh called me and asked whether I am thinking of Swamiji. When I said yes, he said Swamiji just spoke to me and said that you can go for the medical test tomorrow morning. I told ok to Mr. Venkatesh and narrated to what happened between Swamiji and me. As usual Mr. Venkatesh gave me his hearty laugh and told Swamiji will show you more. I could not believe it. Did Swamiji tell me that I do not have to talk to him to get a reply for my problem? Even if I think of him and request a solution for my problem, he is there to pass the message in any form.

Medical for Canadian immigration on 11th May 00

Since, Swamiji asked me to do the medical test I wanted do it but the fear of my urine sample will show negative result set into my mind. When I checked up the sample at 7am the test colour changed and I was worried about it. I was in a dilemma that now Swamiji has asked me to go hence, I cannot call and get clarification on whether I should go. I checked the sample every 1 hour and all resulted in the colour changing. Final check was made at 11.15am and this time too the colour changed. I decided to go for the test because Swamiji had asked me to do so. With the courage in my mind that Swamiji will take care of this sample and prayed to him and went to the clinic. I reached the clinic at 12 noon and did all the tests requested and the final was the urine sample for the test. After taking the sample I checked the sample as usual Swamiji’s leela was there. COLOUR DID NOT CHANGE AT ALL. I thanked Swamiji for making my worry to vanish. When the doctor checked and said my urine is normal, I told him yes now it is normal. All the other test results too came before I left and when the doctor told me every test revealed I am in good health condition and he will send the report to the Embassy I was so relieved. If not for Swamiji’s miracle I do not think all the results would have come same day itself and cleared all my worries about the medical.

As Swamiji said he arrived in Kuwait in the evening and I went with the others to the airport. After receiving Swamiji, Amma and Archana we came to Mr. Venkatesh’s house and had a pooja. He did a special blessing for me at that time, but my realisation came only 2 days later. On 13th morning my wife called and said our daughter attained age. I finished my Morning Prayer and called Mr. Venkatesh’s house and to my surprise Swamiji was up very early and gave me permission to see him in the morning. I just went and sat in front of Swamiji for about 30 minutes and we did not talk anything. I asked permission to leave because I have to go to office. He blessed me and said do not worry for anything and I shall see you in the evening. After that all the worries which were building up completely vanished. That is our lord’s gift. Once he says leave it to me then he makes me to feel calm.

In the evening when I went to see him he asked me when shall I come to your house and I became highly worried. When I told Swamiji, you know my daughter’s case and with it can you visit my house? For that he said your house I could visit at anytime, anyway I shall plan and let you know.

Swamiji and amma spent 18 May 00 in my house

On 17th as usual Swamiji gave me permission to attend the pooja in one of the devotee’s house. My car was running smoothly and suddenly, did not start. So I had to take a taxi and go to see Swamiji. I went to Mr. Venkatesh’s house, there a big drama unfolded. Swamiji asked me when he should come to my house. As usual I told him you tell me and I shall receive you, I cannot tell when you should come to my house. Then he was offering each day then He said no and finally said how about tomorrow. I told him ok but I thought you know my car problem, please resolve it to take you in my car. He said I should come to your place for lunch. When I heard that I was shocked thinking how can I cook for him? I told him that I do not know to cook properly, so I should buy the food from outside. For that Amma said we are not coming to your house to eat outside food, I want the food to be cooked in your house. Then she said do not worry I shall send someone to cook for you. Amma arranged Mrs. Usha and Mrs. Zarina to come to my house and cook.

Later in the night Swamiji and I went for the pooja. When Swamiji finished the pooja it was around 4AM and by the time I got dropped at home it was around 5AM. I had 1hour sleep and got ready to hand over the car to the mechanic and go to office at 8AM. After handing over the car to mechanic I decided that day I would not go to office and instead clean up the house and arrange for Swami’s visit. I asked my friend to arrange a car for me because I was not sure that the mechanic would repair my car. Suddenly at 11.45am I changed my mind of hiring the car and went into the shrine room and asked Swamiji, “Do you want to come to my house in my car or hired car? Why did you stop my car specially a day like this. Please get me my car by 12noon. Since the mechanic did not call me to say my car is ready I called my friend to say go ahead and confirm the car hire. For that he said why you do need to hire a car, 5 minutes back your mechanic told me that car is ready. I really could not believe sharp at 12 noon Swamiji got the car ready. Immediately I went and took possession of the car. Then I brought Mrs Usha and her family and Mrs. Zarina home. After 4 years my house was full with children voice.

Swamiji came home and sang few bhajans, there was totally different atmosphere prevailed. Since, the cooking was going on, Swamiji asked me whether there are albums for him to see. I showed the family pictures to him. He remembered one of my brother who met Swamiji during ’98 Jayenthi day briefly for few minutes. I was amazed with the way Swamiji could recall him in the numerous devotees. Amma too joined and then requested Swamiji to bring my family back to the house. Swamiji gave me a great smile and nodded his head to Amma. At that time I could not understand him. All what he and Amma did that day indicated to me that my family will be back in Kuwait. I was happy that day because Swamiji had brought with him Mr.Venkatesh and family too. That was a great day in my life and felt that as a family reunion. We spent few memorable hours with selected devotees whom Swamiji arranged. Later all of us went to another devotee’s house for the pooja.

Stopped my fasting on 19 May 00

Next day great experiences got unfolded. Since, I did not ask Swamiji, whether I could attend any of the poojas I continued to sleep till late. Finally when I got up it was around 11am. I got up with a call from Mr. Venugopal asking me where he can find some spring onion for Swamiji’s prasad. Since he could not find it anywhere I requested him to go ahead with the arrangement I will some or other come with it. After I finished the pooja I went to look for the spring onion without any hassle moment I entered the market I found it. When I went to their house they requested me to wait for some time and take the prasad to Mrs. Usha’s house. Since, it was Friday I was observing 24 hours fasting and sure I did not have any other work to do, I agreed to stay and take the prasad for Swamiji.
When I took the prasad to Mrs. Usha's house she requested me to make beetle leaf garland for Swamiji and which I did it so happily. Afterwards, when tried to leave by saying that I did not ask Swamiji whether I could come for the pooja, she insisted that I should stay back. Finally I was obliged to stay.
Closer to 4 pm there was no sign of Swamiji coming and I was bit nervous. Then Mrs. Zarina came to me and said that she wants videocassette for filming Swamiji. I asked her why she did not tell me earlier and now it is time for Swamiji to come anytime and I felt if I go I will not get blessing of Swamiji. When she pleaded I decided to go but in my mind Swamiji I do not know whether you will come when I am out or after I get back but you have to bless me. I rushed to a shop and tried to get in to ask for the cassette. Instead of get in through the door I went straight into a glass panel and my forehead knocked on the glass and I stumbled luckily glass did not damage. To the shopkeeper I said I was bit tired so did not see the glass and apologised. Then I bought the cassette and rushed back to the house. When I went in Swamiji gave his childish smile and called me to give blessing. I took the blessing from him and sat next to him, which I have never done before. Then I saw Amma and went to her and took the blessing and came back to Swamiji and sat next to him. We sang few songs and then Swamiji told Mrs. Usha that the food could be served.
Since I was not going to have the food, I moved little backwards so that I could be behind and beside Swamiji. Mrs. Usha did not give me the plate she knew I would not have food because it was Friday. Food was served for Swamiji and he looked at me and pulled a plate and kept it in front of me and took some food from his plate and put for me. Then he said god is very happy with your fasting and now he decided to end your fasting and now onwards you will not fast. I told him ok. When my god himself tells me you do not fast am I ignorant to discuss with the god about it. I had such a delicious prasad with the lord himself.
After the food all went into the rooms to take little rest but god had different plan. He kept Mr. Venkatesh and myself together and chatted for few minutes. All of a sudden he started signing “Radha Madhava Gopala” after he finished the song he asked me how was it. For that I replied Swamiji the song is nice and especially when you sing, but unfortunately I could not understand the meaning of it. Then like how Krishna gave Arjuna Geetaupathesam Swamiji showed me Sathyam in this song and made me to realise what I was missing all these days. Especially when he explained to me “Karalil Nivedyam Orukki Nhaan” I got the proper message of how to get rid of the ‘I’ which I possessed all that while. When a person removes the ‘I’ from self and realises god does everything then he does not have to fear for anything. This realisation came into my tiny brain and made me to realise who I am. I was so happy that day because when my god was showing me light of life, my guider (Mr. Venkatesh) whom Swamiji has arranged for me also was with me. That was the beginning of realisation of Swamiji’s protection and fearlessness for expression of right thinking set into me.


Abbassiya pooja

This pooja was very interesting. I had to go to a place, which I was not familiar with. As usual I went to Mr. Venkatesh’s house and wanted to proceed for the pooja with Swamiji. He had different idea because he had to show me another experience. So he asked me to proceed to the house and inform them Swamiji is on the way. There were few other devotees in another vehicle and I gave the map to them, by memory of the map and telephone number proceeded to this house. Some or other I was missing turns, and could not reach the destination. Finally I reached to a place and then I requested them to come and take me to the pooja house, which they obliged. Then I informed Swamiji about the difficulty of finding the place and agreed with him to come to a prominent place then we could proceed from there. After Swamiji came to this house he was feeling very hot because the air conditioning was not working. All of us know how Swamiji feels if the a/c does not function properly. He said he want to leave shortly after distributing the prasad. By singing bhajan’s Swamiji continued the next seven hours in that place, after blessing the devotees finally Swamiji left that place at 5AM. Most important aspect of this pooja was that it was conducted in a Christian family house, who did not know anything about Swamiji.


Arranged my Visa on 8th June 2000

Before he left Kuwait I asked Swamiji could I book my flight to Toronto on 1st of June being aware that I did not have the visa yet. For that he replied you could even proceed after one week or 10 days later. I was so smart and I did the booking for the 1st and on the 8th. I bought the ticket for the 1st. Took the ticket to Swamiji and he blessed with a smile. Whenever he smiles at me I feel that he tells me I am there, you do not worry. It shows Nangal Sollath Thevai Illai Engal Kavalaikalai Sollamale Theerthuduven Unthan Kuraikalai. (This means we do not have to tell him our worries, He know to resolve those). 1st came and smiled at me saying you were too smart. I became little bit worried. By 6th I became really nervous because till that time my landed immigrant paper did not arrive. On 8th morning I was really upset about the whole thing and prayed to Swamiji “you told me 1 week or 10 days later, that means I should get my visa on the 8th or 11th. You know very well that I want to attend my daughter’s birthday on 11th. Please arrange my visa to come today. Otherwise 9th and 10th no mail will come and how could I reach on the 11th to my daughter.” When I reached office requested the office messenger, moment he picks the mail to let me know whether there is any mail for me. After he left I prayed to Swamiji and continued my work. Being Thursday it was ½ day work I was really worried. At about 11 AM the messenger called me and said there is no letter for you and I was very upset. What could I do to blame Swamiji for the mishap or to continue to pray please arrange it faster? Of course I did the prayer. Then I realised that I do not have another day’s booking so I called the airlines to book another date. He gave me a shock by saying that if I do not make it on the booked flight till 20th there are no seats available. I cancelled the booking of 8th because it was evident that I could not travel

Then I called the travel agent to find whether I could take any flight to reach Toronto 1 day before the ceremony. She told me all the airlines are full due to the summer schedule, no way could she manage even one seat. I did not have any other option, and was continued praying with heavy heart and said Swamiji why you did not arrange the visa for me, please arrange the visa and flight booking. At 1PM I went with my friend Eric to the canteen and had food with him. When we returned back to my room on the way I walked into his room and requested him to check whether I have any mail. He got bit irritated and said already the messenger told there are no letters for you. Why you are worried like this, please go and take some rest. Then he pulled the mailbag and took out the mail and my eyes went to a specific envelope. I requested him to check that envelope only. He was astonished because the mail was addressed to me and it is from UK. Without any other word he apologised and gave me the envelope. When I opened the envelope my hands were trembling. One side I went to the moon and other side I felt being pushed into the black hole. Happy because it was my landed immigrant forms and sad because I cannot make into that day’s flight which already I had cancelled the booking. Also, my office was closed for the weekend and no way could I leave on that day even if I got the seat. As Swamiji said he gave me the visa on the 8th with a reservation.

Arranged my ticket confirmation

Till 4PM I completely forgot my lord. When I called him, He was getting ready for the Thursday pooja. I told him that I got the visa he blessed me, then I told him about the non-availability of the seats. The only option I have is to go to New York and to proceed by bus to Toronto. He said why do you want to go like that and he told me TELL THE TRAVEL AGENT TO CHECK AGAIN. I told ok Swamiji and left the office to visit the travel agent. When I went to the travel office, agent was confused to see me and asked “now what do you want me to do”. I simply told her “MY Swamiji told me tell the travel agent to check again”. Then she asked me which date you want to fly. Since Saturday morning only I could talk to my superior I told Saturday evening if there is a flight I could go. Then she checked one flight in the evening and the result is no seats available. So she checked British Airways which was leaving Sunday early morning and automatically her hand covered her mouth in disbelief. Yes, she said one seat is available in the flight of Kuwait-London and one seat is available in the London-Toronto sector too. I told her immediately confirm and issue me the ticket and cancel the previous ticket because it was of different airline. I got the ticket and left that place with such joy because as Swamiji said I could fly 10days after the 1st. Both his one week and 10days came right by exactly after one week from 1st he gave the visa and 10days after the 1st exactly on the 11th early morning I was flying. I was with my daughter at 6PM to celebrate her birthday. My daughter was in different world because it was so unbelievable that just like that from nowhere I arrived in Canada. If not, for our Swamiji, who else could have given these wonderful experiences?

Took me for my daughter’s puberty ceremony

My wife had arranged the ceremony on 18th in a community hall. With all the excitement I forgot to carry my Swamiji with me. I was feeling very bad about it & I was praying to Swamiji, let me see picture of god (knowing very well no pictures will be there) then I know that you are present. This was a community hall which conducts functions of all nature. I knew I was asking for too much. Within minutes the videographer was passing me and on his video I saw Saibaba picture. Oh! God immediately my eyes were filled with tears. Is it due to my wish came true or Swamiji was present at that moment. It was definitely because my Swamiji was present. My daughter was so happy because I was present for the ceremony, which Swamiji had told me in a pooja, which was conducted at Jayashree’s house. In that pooja I asked him "Swamiji I want to know only one thing, can I ask you?" When he said go ahead I asked him when my daughter attains age would I be able to attend the function. He said a father like you would definitely attend the ceremony. This he said it very easily. From that day I use to tell my daughter, do not worry Swamiji will bring me there on time. He took me exactly for that ceremony.
Realisation of Swamiji in my life
During mid 2000 we started to sing the song “Sondemendru Unnai Nambi” in the bhajans. This song became a self realised song for me because I felt every line of it I have experienced with Swamiji. Mr. Venkatesh used to say this song I like the most. Recently when I talked to Swamiji about this song I told Him "I have experienced every sentence in the song and he said no, you have experienced every word in this song". Especially it deals with the life problem and it gave so much meaning for me to change the way I should live.
I used to wonder every one of us would have unknowingly committed mistakes with that how can we reach Swamiji. The verses “Sadguruvai Pada Pada Paapamellam Parandodumae”, gave me whatever mistakes happened in the past could be cleared by Swamiji, present and future he is there to take care. When some bad thought come into my head I just think of him and it vanishes.
The near accident showed “Unthan Arul Illaiyel, Enthan Uyirillayae Ini Nee Indri Naan Illayae”. If not for Swamiji, I would not be living this life now. That means now it is not that “I” am existing, it is my Swamiji living with me.

“Unnai Allamalee Veru Deivam Illai Ini En Vaalvil Thuyar Illaiyae” the ultimate realisation of me came from this. As all forms of god come into my Swamiji's form and help me live my life happily. With Swamiji started to protect me, now I feel, where he keeps me to worry about my life? As he says leave the worry to me, you be happy. I leave my problem as well as success to Swamiji. The naked truth is without SWAMIJI, I cannot exist.

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai, Ennai Aalum Deivaththukku Jai, Swamiye Saranam.

M. Natesu – Kuwait

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