Our experiences with Sri Vikraman Swamiji

( Lakshmi Sankar, Canada)

It was during May'1996, we were blessed to have the Darshan of Sri Vikraman Swamiji in one of our friend (Mr. Venkatesh's) house in Kuwait.

First Miracle:
We normally used to post many letters to Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi.
During mid May 1996, we came to know that one Swamiji from Madras had come to Kuwait. We were very anxious to meet Swamiji and one evening, all of us went to attend his Pooja at Mr. Venkatesh’s house for the first time. 
We were sitting along with other people in the prayer hall awaiting Swamiji's Darshan. Initially we were unaware of his power and divinity.
After some time Swamiji came to the Prayer Hall to conduct Pooja. As soon as he entered the Prayer hall, he enquired " whether anybody bearing the name Lakshmi is here!". It was my name and I told Swamiji that it was me. 
Swamiji told that he was there that day to answer all the questions and worries that we wrote in the letters to Sai Baba. Swamiji said he was Baba himself now sitting in front of us and answering everything to. It was a great surprise for us, and was difficult to digest the fact of how Swamiji came to know about all of our letters to Sai Baba.
Soon after, he started talking about my daughters Buvana and Janani. He mentioned that Janani would come up well and she would shine extremely.Then I was thinking in my mind that why Swamiji didn’t mention anything about Buvana i.e. my elder daughter. 
(That was the time, we were undergoing utter confusion. My Husband Sankar got a new Job in a Chinese company and we were about to leave Kuwait. Initially we have to be in Beijing for 6 Months and then return back to Kuwait. Buvana had just completed her 11th Std. needed to continue 12th in India. We were under big tension that how Buvana could make-up her studies due to change in the education system that too in this critical time and score competitive marks for securing admission in Engineering college).
To my real surprise Swamiji looked at me told that I was thinking about something.

I told Swamiji that Buvana should Score good marks in 12th and Secure Engineering admission. Swamiji said "yes" and he mentioned that she would do MS also. Swamiji mentioned that he would take full responsibility of Buvana and she would come out with flying colours. 

Further he mentioned that all of us would drive car in future. He also went into other minute details, which was happening around us. He started talking about our relatives and mentioned their names. 

He asked "how is your mother?". I told that she was suffering from Leg pain which need operation. Swamiji told no need for operation and asked my mother to apply Aurvedic Oil. Swamiji also gave some Viboothi for her.

One of our cousin's marriage was about to take place. It was a real miracle and surprise to us when Swamiji mentioned about the marriage and told that the marriage would take place well.

Then, Swamiji told that one-day he would come to our house in Salmiya and light the Lamp. 

At that time , our house was in a big mess, because we were vacating and leaving Kuwait. We had already packed and moved most of the things including furniture.Few kitchen items and couple of chairs were left unpacked.

After couple of days, suddenly we got a call from Mrs. Radha Venkatesh. She told that Swamiji would be coming to our house to light the lamp. It was really a pleasant surprise for all of us. We all were in Ananda Sagara and our joy knew no bounds!

Mean time we started worrying how to treat a "Divine person" as we are in the process packing and moving out.

Sankar explained our house route to Mr. Venkatesh. Then Mr. Venkatesh called and informed us that they are leaving the house with Swamiji and will be in Salmiya within half an hour’s time. Nearly one hour passed, Swamiji didn't arrive. After few minutes, Mr. Venkatesh called and told that they had lost their way. 

Salmiya has lot of small lanes and no wonder people get confused with the routes.

Swamiji asked Venkatesh, to stop the car in front of a shop and told him that Sankar would some how reach there. It was a hot summer and every body was sweating including AMMA and Archana who came with Swamiji. Sankar finally reached the spot and Came with the Living God Sri Vikraman Swamiji, Amma and Archna accompanied by Venkatesh and Radha Venkatesh. 

After Swamiji's arrival we conducted Pada Pooja and got blessings from Swamiji. We all were very happy and told him that He took lot of care for us. For this Swamiji replied that where there is real Bhakthi, Swami’s presence would be there.

Swamiji told that he remembered all the prayers performed by us. Swamiji said that he remembers the Vada Mala , which we had put before.


Before Swamiji came to our house...SWAMIJI said that a miracle would happen.

We had a Gas stove with two burners. For more than three months one of the burners was not working. Sankar tried to repair it by him self, but finally left it as it was. Since we were on a move, didn't bother about repairing it.

When Mrs. Venkatesh informed that Swamiji, would be coming to our house in few hours time, I was really worried as how to make the Prasadams using only one gas burner working. However Praying Swamiji in my mind, I just went and tried to light up the burner that was not working. To my surprise, the burner suddenly got ignited and started glowing perfectly. It was the Miracle done by Swamiji even before coming to our house. 

Then I made all the Prasadams very happily. 

As soon as , Swamiji stepped inside our house, the first thing Swamiji enquiredwas“ Is the gas burner working properly now?” . It was a great pleasant surprise for us, and was difficult to digest the fact of how Swamiji came to know about one of the burners, which was not working for past few months.

After Swamiji entered the Pooja room, told that the Prasadams done by me were very tasty.

After lighting the Lamp and conducting small Pooja, Swamiji asked " how is your new job?".Till that time, we have not told that Sankar got a new job and that we are leaving Kuwait. We all were really surprised by His words. It was as if the real ANJANEYA had descended from heaven. Then Sankar told Swamiji, that he got a new job and initially we will be going to China (Beijing) and then returning back to Kuwait for the same project. After hearing that Swamiji started singing a Chinese Bajan and told he will also visit China some time.

From that day onwards, we started seeing better changes in our life. We realized that we are blessed to have SRI VIKRAMAN SWAMIJI as our real Guru.

Swamiji asked how was Sankar's sister and whether we have received any letter from her and whether we had replied or not? We said yes.

SWAMIJI asked us bring that letter, and asked Sankar to read the 5th line. It was a real thrill for us and surprised how he knew about the matter mentioned in the 5th line.

We were in search of the letter and we finally brought it. He asked us whether we had finished the task as mentioned in that line. We said "yes" and Swamiji was very happy. Just few years back only my sister-in-law's husband died. Swamiji had enquired about his death. It is real miracle as how he knew about him.

While we were discussing, Swamiji suddenly asked we have done with the refrigerator. Few days' back, we gave our refrigerator and other things to the Servant maid who was working in our house and helped us in packing Then he appreciated that what we have done was a good thing and He like helping to needy people. 

Really we were astonished. Only God (Swamiji) can know all these things. We felt as if a real God descended from heaven and sitting in front of us.

Then Swamiji mentioned about my sister and told her name was "UMA" and told "she is also a Bhaktha of 'ME' ".Really we all were very much wondered as how he knew about my sister. Immediately he gave Kunkuma Prasadam for her. Swamiji started speaking about our family members. He enquired very much about my father and my father-in-law by telling their star name. Then Swamiji blessed all my family members.

After that Swamiji blessed and answered to all of our friends who came for the Pooja. Everybody were very much contented and filled with happiness. Amma and Archana were very happy to be with us and we had nice talk with Swamiji and had dinner together.

Swamiji blessed us all and he said he would see us again in Kuwait after we return from China. 

And by his grace and blessings of Swamiji we reached India and then to China. Sankar also joined in his new job on June 1,1996.

Third Miracle

After completing his initial assignment in China, Sankar return back to Kuwait during October 1996 and took a house in Mangaf area. Myself and Janani returned to Kuwait during December'1996. We left Buvana in India to continue her 12th Std. 

Swamiji later visited our house again in Mangaf and conducted many big Pooja's. By his grace Sankar continued in a good company (China Petroleum). His job kept on extending without any problem. All these were only by Swamiji's miracle.

With the blessings and prediction of Sri Vikraman Swamiji, Buvana Scored good marks in 12th and got admitted in Engineering College. With Swamiji's guidance and protection Buvana finished her engineering during 2001.

Fourth Miracle

During 1998, Sankar suddenly got some knee pain. He consulted many doctors and the pain didn’t stopped. He found it even difficult to walk properly. 

One of the Orthopedic surgeon told that the tissues in his knee were damaged and need to undergo surgery immediately.

We were under confusion whether to do the surgery in Kuwait or India. 

One fine morning, on the way back from USA Swamiji visited Kuwait. When Sankar was attending one of the poojas in Venkatesh house, Swamiji noticed that Sankar was not comfortable even while sitting on the floor or while standing.

Swamiji noticed that and asked what was the problem. He explained what all happened with the doctors and requested Swamiji for his advice i.e. whether to conduct the surgery in Kuwait or in India. 

Swamiji told that no need for any operation and asked Sankar to apply Aurvedic oil. Then he started discussing with other devotees.

Suddenly after one hour (during the Pooja) , he asked Sankar to come closer to him and gave a pocket of Viboothi Prasad . Swamiji then told Sankar to apply in the Knee which would cure the pain.

From the next day onwards, we don't know where the knee pain had vanished and Sankar is all right till today without any knee problem. 

This is one of the big Miracles we experienced with Swamiji.

Fifth Miracle

Whenever we met Swamiji, he kept on asking whether we were interested in going to Canada. We used to say that, we left everything to Swamiji and need to decide what is good for us.

Swamiji visited many times to Kuwait and conducted big Poojas. During one of the Poojas in our house, Swamiji asked us to proceed with processing of Canadian immigration. Accordingly, we had applied and got immigration also. 

On receipt of the Visa, during May 2000, we decided to go to Canada for completing the Landing formalities. That time Buvana was in final year Engineering. That's why we decided to Land first and make a permanent move latter. 

Most of Sankar's work experience was in the Oil & Gas field. So we decided to move to Calgary where he had potential job opportunities. Accordingly we arranged our Air ticket from Kuwait to Calgary with a stopover at London.

We left Kuwait on May 8, 2000 and spent few days in London. We went to London Airport on May 12, 2000 to board the flight for Calgary. But to our surprise, we were refused to check-in for the flight , at the Airport. They told the flight to Calgary had a Transit at Minneapolis, which is part of USA. Since we didn't had USA Visa, they could not allow us to enter USA Soil (though it is Transit we are not coming out of the Airport). 

We requested the Airline official to check with USA Embassy, whether we could be permitted because we were holding Canadian Landing Immigrant papers. But Embassy told that if we already landed in Canada then we were allowed otherwise no. 

We panicked and didn't know what to do further. We could not return back to Kuwait also without completing Landing formalities and got struck half way. The Travel agent in Kuwait made a big mistake without knowing the visa rules.

At that time we notice that in the near by counter people were checking-in for "Canada 3000" Flight to Toronto. We decided that some how we should to reach Canada. We went to the counter and checked whether they had 4 seats for Toronto. We were lucky, the seat were there and purchased 4 Tickets and landed in Toronto on the same evening.

We booked a hotel from the Airport so that we could go there and think coolly about our further actions. 

That time Swamiji was visiting Kuwait. We called Swamiji at Venkatesh's house, and to our good Luck we could talk to Swamiji. We told Him about the situation. Swamiji told everything was for good and blessed that there wouldn't be any difficulty there after. We could not understand the exact meaning "everything was for good" at that time.

Next day, we contacted the Travel Agent at Kuwait and got issued with new ticket to Calgary by the Air Lines.

All these took couple of days and with Swamiji's Grace, we went around Toronto and Niagara area.

Then we went to Calgary, completed landing formalities and returned back to Kuwait during first week of June 2000.

During this Visit to Canada, Swamiji indirectly gave an opportunity for us to Visit both Toronto and Calgary. Other wise we could have dreamt about Toronto. 

After comparing Calgary with Toronto, we finally decided to move to Toronto because we felt Toronto is a better place for us than Calgary considering children study and life wise also. 

Why all these stories is that Swamiji had decided Toronto for us and that's why he made us unexpectedly land in Toronto. Now we could understand the meaning of his words "everything was for good"

This was one of leelas of Swamiji, which we realised latter.

Sixth Miracle

During beginning of Jan, 2001 we need to decide whether to permanently move to Canada or not . One side Buvana would be completing her Engineering and she wanted to do MS abroad. Sankar's contract also would be finishing within couple of months. On the other hand my Parents and Sankar's parents were aging over 70 Years and considering their age and health, we wished to be closer to them as Canada is far away. 

In this confused situation, with out knowing what to decide, we approached Swamiji for His advice. Swamiji told that He would take care of our parents and asked us to proceed to Canada.

We left Kuwait during Last week of March 2001 to India before leaving for Canada, so that we can spend some time with our Parents. 

On the way we stayed 2 days at Swamiji's Pooja Mandir, Nanganallur. Amma had made excellent food and we all enjoyed together with Swamiji!

Sankar and Janani left for Canada during May 2002 and myself and Buvana in July

2002.With Swamiji's blessing Sankar got a good job with Ontario Power Generation (OPG) with in twomonths time.

As per Canadian Immigration rule we are not allowed to stay out side the country for more than 6 Months. But we were out side Canada much over that period after our Landing In Canada. We told to Swamiji that we should not have any problems while entering Canada during the immigration/customs. It was a great miracle and wonder that as Swamiji said, we didn’t face any problems during the Immigration or customs. We went through by simple questions and with Swamiji's blessings all of us reached Canada without any problem.

Words are really inadequate to describe His divine miracles

Seventh Miracle

The job Sankar joined was a Contract and was getting completed by end Mar 2002. Due to 11th Sep 2001 incident in USA, complete North American Economy went on downtrend. There were many Layoffs.

At this juncture , Ontario Power Generation (OPG) also decided to restructure the staffing level due to tight competition in the Market. Over 700 Contract and 10,000 regular employees were working in the Company. As a part of restructuring, Company decided to down the staff level by 2000 nos. Their first target was to replace all Contract employees with suitable Internal Employees. 

Being a Contract staff , Sankar was almost sure of loosing the job. Job market was also tight due to the Countries Economy. He attended couple of good interviews and got selected also. But due to budget problems those job were shelved.

It was almost a month left-out for the contract completion. Even we were thinking of moving to other Provinces.

During our regular telephone call we explained the situation to Swamiji. Swamiji simply said " no need to worry. Sankar need not apply to any other company. Even all the Contract employees are remove, OPG will keep Sankar in the Job as a special case"

Those were golden words of Swamiji.To our surprise, by end March 2002, Company decided to keep Sankar in the job and extended the Contract up to End 2002. Now Company is thinking of taking him on the Regular basis also. 

Such things could happen Only With Swamiji's Blessings.



Now Swamiji has also arranged a dream house for us. This is Swamiji’s house. He told he will come and stay in our House in Canada and conduct Big Poojas. We are waiting for these days to come soon. It was Swamiji who has done everything for us. We feel always Swamiji is with us and taking care of the Problems. 

Like this Swamiji have performed many miracles/leelas in our life. We have also seen the Miracles of Swamiji for other devotees during past 6 Years experience with him. Even we can write a book on that if Swamiji permits. 

Whenever we talk to Swamiji over phone, He is always very kind, consoling and calm. He always shows very much patience to all his devotees in hearing their problems and advising them. 

Devotees are happy to hear his voice, which is a soothing balm for their pains. All of us can notice how devotees are happy when Swamiji appears in the chat room. We can see the whole world is united under one umbrella i.e. Swamiji’s Chat room.

Swamiji's Messages / answers to Devotees in the chat are also very soothing. 

Swamiji is like Karpaga tree. Swamiji knows which is good and bad for the devotees and advises / arranges things accordingly. 

Most of the times,we get answers to our problems when Swamiji discuss with other devotees in poojas which reminds us Sri Shirdi Sai’s leelas in Sai Sathsarithra . 

God is one and that Supreme Power Appears in Various Forms and Names. This " Living God" has appeared in the form of 'Vikraman Swamiji'. 

Swamiji appears in our dreams also in different forms.

All the devotees are fortunate enough to live in the Golden ERA of "Sath Guru Sri Vikraman Swamiji" and to be with him. One who read Sirdi Sai’s Sathsaritha can understand my feelings.

I pray more and more people to be blessed and live under the divine Shelter of Poojya Sri Satguru Vikraman Swamiji who is leading us to the Spiritual life also

Vikraman Swamiji's miracle will continue throughout our life, and with all devotees. We will continue writing our experiences with Swamiji's permission.

Unne kanden unne kanden vikrama swami

Punnakai mukathudan unne kanden swami

Puriyaatha vaazhkayai nee puriya vaithaai swaami

Paripooranamaay naan thanjam unakku swami

Enna enna arbuthAngal enni enni naalum ungal

Naamam sonnaal paravasamae

Guruvae saranam arul nee tharanum

Unnai kodi valam naanum dinam varanum

Unthan arul illayae enthan uyirillayae

Ini nee indri naan illayae

Unnai allaamalae veru daivam illai

Ini en vaazhvil thuyar illayae

Jai Sri Ram.. Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji ki Jai.. Jai Sri Hanuman ki Jai..

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