Swamiji started taking care of me EVEN BEFORE I MET HIM!!!

My husband Ravishanker met Swamiji in 1993. Ravi was a person who never used to believe in Swamis or any such Holy people. It was my brother in law Soman who took Ravi to Swami. They had to wait for 9 hrs to have their Darshan! Swami called my husband as “who is Ravi who came on a Visit Visa from Palghat.!” That itself was a shock for Ravi. The first thing Swami asked him was why he did not write any letters to his wife [i.e. me]!! He told Ravi that he should write regularly to me. I should say that from that moment Swami understood all my problems and started taking care of my life!!! Swami mentioned to Ravi all the problems we were facing at that time. He also mentioned each problems and each person’s name in our family! That day itself Ravi had totally surrendered himself at His Devine Feet!!! And unbelievably from that day onwards I started getting long loving letters from him! With Swamiji’s blessings Ravi could join a good company in a week’s time and I could join him in 6 month’s time.

My sister Poornima was lucky to meet Swamiji before me. But even to her Swamiji asked about me! He asked her who is the one in her family who sings Bhajans! Poornima replied that it is her sister [me] and Swami said: “she will meet me soon and she is going to be one of my STRONGEST DEVOTEES!!! She is going to sing A LOT OF BHAJANS WITH ME” !! Poornima had completely forgotten about this incident and she remembered this only 4 months ago [in November 2001] when we were traveling with Swami in Abu Dhabi.We were coming back home after a Pooja and Swamiji was mentioning that I sang all the Bhajans well when suddenly Poornima remembered this and told me about it!

When Poornima met Swamiji for the first time she wanted to take me along but somehow she could not contact me at that time. The next day when I came to know this, I felt very sad that I could not meet Him. Then I came to know that there was a Pooja at the place where He was staying and though I had not got the permission to meet Him I took a chance and started searching for the house with Ravi. Though we had the correct location we just could not find the house and after searching for nearly 3hrs we had to return back home disappointed! The next day I managed to get the telephone number of the place where He was staying and started calling Him. Unfortunately I never got Him on the line. One person always used to pick up the phone and he never connected me to Swamiji at all……but every time gave me real BLASTINGS saying that I should not call Him now! [Because I never wanted to give my name to him. But each time in my mind I was asking Swamiji whether He knows how much trouble I was taking just to hear His voice! I later came to know that he was one of the most sincere Bhakthas of Swamiji and he was just following Swamiji’s instructions]. I still kept on trying and after 8 times of getting fired by the same person, the 9th time another person picked up the phone. He sounded to be a very kind person and told me that Swamiji was in the shower so I could try after 10 minutes! [I did not tell my name to him also]. I told him that he was so kind and I wanted to know his name. He told me that it was not important but I could call after 10 minutes. I insisted that his name was very important for me, as he was sounding very kind. I told him that the next time I call I could ask for him so that he can connect me to Swami. But the reply was…just a laugh! I desperately wanted to know his name. Then he asked me “do you really want to know who I am?” I said a BIG YES!! He replied: “I am Swami speaking!!!” I was shocked!! For a while I thought somebody was

trying to fool me and I asked him the same. The reply was even more shocking!!!: “I was fooling you last night…when you were circling this house in your car trying to find out the location to meet me..! I was watching you but I hid this house..!” I could not believe my ears, as nobody knew about this! When Swamiji told me this over phone and when I realized that I was talking to Swamiji I could not help crying..! He said that it was not the time for me to meet Him. When I asked Him whether it was my bad time He replied: “no Rema, your time is good! Next time I will inform you and you will meet me.” When He called my name it was another shock for me as I had never mentioned my name at all! I asked Him how He knew my name…He said He knows everything about me…and laughed softly. I could not say anything and could not stop crying. He told me He knows my heart and He was happy about all the troubles I had taken just to hear His voice. He said that there is nothing to worry at all. He also asked me about my daughter Ammu’s cough and cold. He promised me He has taken complete responsibility of our family. [He has kept and still keeping His words!!!Million Thanks Swamiji!!] I still remember those moments…I was numb…and I don’t know how to express my feelings at that time!!

After 4 months, one afternoon I was sitting and chatting with Poornima at her place and suddenly the doorbell rang and I went and opened the door. I found one lady standing there with a friendly smile on her face. I was seeing her for the first time. She was one of Swamiji’s devotees. Thinking that I was Poornima she informed me Swamiji was in town and there was going to be a Pooja that evening and whoever wants could attend the Pooja.

I could not believe this as it was like Swamiji himself informing me that the time had come for me to meet Him!! [just as he promised me over phone!!]. I was so excited and happy and I was ready to go for the Pooja by 5pm itself.

I went with Poornima and Soman for the Pooja in a house in Sharjah. We were very late to reach there and we found the Pooja was almost over and Swamiji was doing the Aarthi! As we entered the room He just turned with the Aarthi and the first one His eyes met was me! He came straight to me and blessed me with His hands on my head! I fail to explain what I felt at that moment! When I touched His Divine feet I could feel all my worries and tensions going out of my body!!! He gave me 3 fruits [2 apples and 1 banana] and 5 packets of Vibhoodhi and 5 packets of Kumkum!! And He told me I was the first person to get Prasaadam that day!This was really a Miracle for me as I was the last person to reach the Pooja and the first person to get His Prasadam!!! Reading my mind He told me though physically I was the last one to reach there, mentally I was the first person to reach that hall!! Yes…it was true…!

It was at that PRECIOUS MOMENT He stepped into my life and CHANGED ALL MY THORNS INTO BUDS!!!

Sharing this wonderful experience with all other devotees, makes me feel so happy Swamiji, and I feel “THANK YOU” is just two little words which is not at all enough to express my gratitude, devotion and love to You!All I know is that WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH and You have really put us ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!! We know that THERE IS NO ONE IN THE WORLD JUST LIKE YOU…!!!

Rema RaviShanker


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