Sri Ramajayam
Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai
Vikraman  Swamijikku Jai

With the blessings of Swamiji once again I want to summarise my experience with the assistance of his divine hands. This is the continuation of experiences 81 and 100. 

Realised from where I receive energy

All devotees went on a picnic to a place where we could relax and enjoy the day together. During that period I use to fast for 24 hours without food and not even liquid. I was bit reluctant to go because of the fasting and I felt if I expose myself to the outside weather would become thirsty and tired. Finally, decided to go but wanted to keep low profile of activities practically to be present there. After reaching that place we found a ground where children and men could play cricket. For all the requests very politely refused and excused myself. I sat down and saw everyone playing the game was unable to take part due to expected exhaustion. All of a sudden realised, that I was running around to catch the ball. I am sure easily we played 3 hours and I was fully active. After the game all sat down to have the food. I did not want to break my fast even after that for next 8 hours I did not take even water. I never felt tired at anytime. Of course this was possible because of my Swamiji. Always I felt that I get the energy back from him. This cricket game was sufficient for me to feel at what age level Swamiji has frozen my age.

Best time during my life time

A Nanosecond changed
A Millisecond changed
A Second changed
A Minute changed
An Hour changed
A day changed
A week changed
A Month changed
A Year changed
A Decade changed
A Century changed
A Millennium changed

As everyone experienced midnight of 31.12.1999 was the most awaited and celebrated moment in the world during our time. For all the systems Y2K nightmare was to unleash. I left all the fun in the world and sat quietly in front of my Swamiji and enjoyed the bliss what he showered on me. To reach him that day was a nightmare. I had to overcome my office, my family and even visa was delayed till one week before my flight, flight booking I got during the peak time surely by Swamiji's grace. To enjoy these 12 changes again I am 100% sure that I would not have the same form. Maximum I could expect 10 changes only. I do pray that once again when these 12 changes occur, I should be in front of my Swamiji in any form he desire. 

It so happened during this special year of 2000 I attended two Hanumanth Jayenthi also, the Islamic festival of Ramadan celebration fell on twice in the same year. To celebrate this festival twice in the same year I have to wait for another 35 to 36 years. In this year my Swamiji changed my life completely and shown the value of life for which I am really thankful for it. 

My family meeting Swamiji and my wife's first experience

As I wrote previously in month of May'00 Amma requested Swamiji to bring my wife to Kuwait and Swamiji smiling for that request, my wife came to Kuwait in July'00. At that time when I mention the name Swamiji itself made my wife angry. This was because everyone had threatened her with that I will leave my family life and go to hermit life. However, much I explained to her she refused to budge from her view.  Even though I explained that Swamiji clearly mentioning family person should fulfill the responsibility towards his family first she would not listen.

When my wife was in Kuwait Swamiji too came to Kuwait. My children met Swamiji at the airport itself and came to Mr. Venkatesh's house where a powerful pooja was conducted. For them too Swamiji was just a person because they were not exposed to holy people. My wife agreed with me that she would reach directly to Mr.Venkatesh's house. When I reached I could not find my wife and was upset and worried. After few minutes I saw a camera flash and I felt my wife must be somewhere. Immediately I heard Swamiji asking how is Canada. I was sure my wife is somewhere there. Next moment I saw my wife taking the blessing and I had a great relief. Also, I realised without being told Swamiji knew her straight away and passed the message to her that I know you. While the pooja was going on he blessed all. After the pooja Swamiji blessed few and as usual I was relaxing in a corner till I am called. All of a sudden Swamiji got up to retire and there was a sense of panic that he did not bless some. I was calm because Swamiji has already blessed us once. Before turning away from that place he stopped and said Natesan before you leave I will give Prasad. Swamiji knew exactly what he was doing because he kept me waiting to give the viboothi Prasad for my daughter who was not well at that time. Before we left Swamiji told we could meet him in the evening. Even though he asked us to come, and when we reached his house none were in that house. Some way he made us to locate him and reach where he was but after obtaining permission.      

When we met Swamiji in the evening he had a strong chat with my wife but when he was about to leave he asked her can I come to your house. For that she replied Swamiji can you come to our house for lunch and he too agreed for that. Swamiji, did this act because he know the heart of every soul, his blessing differs from person to person. As all of us experienced Swamiji act as Father, Mother, Friend and caution activities, which we have to understand and act.

The day he came to our house my wife very seriously did all the preparation. Swamiji came with another devotee family. We had very nice time and I was so happy that my wife would not talk negatively about Swamiji.

When Swamiji was leaving Kuwait my wife had a big complaint about me. She told Swamiji:

Wife     : He drives too fast at 120 to 140 kmph and to tell him to reduce the speed.    
               Unless you tell him he would not listen.
Swamiji: Natesan's driving is ok I traveled in his car.                 
Wife     : Since you were inside the car, he would have driven very slowly Swamiji.
Swamiji: Do not worry I will take care.

I was very happy with that blessing. I know she was unhappy with it so she continued with:

Wife     : Swamiji, he should change this apartment because it is big for him to stay alone.   
               If he moves into 1 bedroom apartment we could save money.
Swamiji: Yes he could shift.
Wife     : Now Swamiji has given permission after we leave you can shift.
Natesu  : I cannot shift now when Swamiji tells me when and where I will shift at that

Immediately I could see on my wife's face that now I am defying Swamiji's wish. Then Swamiji turned to us and said yes in Natesan's case I have to tell him. Till such time let him continue in this house. All this drama gave such confidence that Swamiji will decide what I should do. Total surrender to Swamiji shows only happiness for us and his instructions will follow.   

When my wife left from Kuwait to Canada - at the airports

When my wife left Kuwait she carried lot of items. At Kuwait airport the counter person was bit nasty and he refused to check in one particular baggage saying it is too heavy. I tried to convince him that the other packages are less weight and since we did not know that there is a requirement of weight per bag to let it go this time. He would not let it go without paying excess baggage. The amount was bit high and was not justifying. I went from officer to officer and none were listening. Since, they were communicating in Arabic I could not understand the real problem. Only one thing I was sure that the officer was not at all willing to let it go without us paying the excess baggage for one piece. All the while I was talking to the officials I was asking Swamiji where are you? I got fed up of the whole thing and seriously said who else can solve this if you do not do it. Then from nowhere the supervisor of the airline came asked about the problem and cleared it within a minute. When I told my wife what prayer I did, she told me that she too did the same.

At the Canadian airport she had better enjoyment. Always when my wife goes on vacation, from one place to the other, she loves to go as Santa Claus. Moment the officers saw my wife with the baggage they would have been so happy that they could enjoy the day. After few minutes interrogation they let her go. Once she got settled down she called me and told the problem she faced at Canadian side but by praying to Swamiji for mediation one senior officer came and cleared her. She wanted me to inform this to Swamiji. I refused her request and told she should call Swamiji and tell what happened. At that time Swamiji was in USA, when she contacted that number they told her Swamiji had already left from there and inquired about her. When she told her name that devotee narrated in the middle of the puja Swamiji said one of my devotee Mrs. Natesu has got some problem at the Canadian airport and she is praying for me. After few minutes he said now the problem is over and she is proceeding. When she heard this she could not believe it. Immediately she tried the other number Swamiji was waiting for her call and he talked to her. When she told him the problems and how it got solved he simply said I was there. Then Swamiji asked about her shrine room rearrangement and told about a picture where she had originally kept and the present place she had kept is appropriate to leave it over there. The my wife asked Swamiji from there can you see my shrine room. She was amazed that how Swamiji could see the shrine room from far away.

These experiences Swamiji did for my wife to realise that divine is watching and listening to everything. When sincerely we entrust everything to god he will fulfill all the wishes at the right time.       

Clock chiming

One night I was bit uneasy to think no one is in the house for me to hear any sound. If the children were there at least I could have heard their voices. It was past midnight. I looked at Swamiji and asked what is this? You know how much I miss my children if they were here I would have heard at least some noise, now see how the house is so quite. I told him only You and me in the house. We will watch the TV and when I get tired I will say goodnight, take your blessing and go to sleep. Is this life Swamiji? You do something for me to hear some sound. Anyway you know what has to happen till such time I shall wait. I took the blessing of Swamiji and went to sleep.

Next day I came from office pretty late and finished my shower and prayer. As usual I prepared food and came to the hall and switched on the TV. At 11pm news in brief would go on. Normally this clock runs 5 minutes slow. Whenever I adjust the time it will get back to 5 minutes slow position, so I had stopped worrying about it. It chimes every 15 minutes and has a feature that if it is activated last chime will be at 10.45pm and again it will chime at 6am. News in brief started and normally it lasts about 5 minutes. I was enjoying my food and the news. Then I heard the clock chiming. I was bit confused whether they had changed the timing of the news in brief or is there any mistake with the clock. When I looked at the clock it was showing 11pm. Then I looked at Swamiji, and asked what happened to the clock Swamiji? Is anything wrong with the mechanical system of the clock? In the excitement I did not count the chime let us see whether the chime will continue. I was so excited when the chimes went on at 11.15pm, 11.30pm and then 11.45pm between 11.45pm and 12, I was too nervous. When it chimed at 12 I counted the number of strikes and it was really tensed moment for me. When the strike count ended up at 12 I was at his feet. I said to him you are wonderful yesterday I asked you for sound now till I go to sleep you have provided every 15 minutes sound in the house. With this if I should be satisfied it is ok with me. Once you could imagine the joy and worry I ran through that moment. It gave me the wisdom if my Swamiji decide he can fulfill any wish. This chime mystery continued till next Thursday since I stayed back home on Friday I noticed that the chimes from 11am did not go till 6pm chime. That means Swamiji with his remote control changed the clock cycle by 12 hours. I did not dare to touch the clock to see experiment anything because from that moment that clock belonged to my beloved Swamiji.     

13th Jayenthi arrived with high fever & chest cold

First Day of pooja
With Swamiji's permission I prepared myself to go for the Hanumanth Jayenthi. On 20th December 2000 I left my office pretty late and was walking towards my car a chill breeze hit me. At that moment felt bit uneasy but felt normal afterwards. Morning when I woke up I felt slight feverish and running nose. I ignored it and went to office. During the day I became severely sick and I could not even have my lunch. I started to throw up too. I was really worried whether I would be able to go to India. Practically cried and said Swamiji, please some way take me to the airport I want to come for the Jayenthi. When I left to the airport I was sleeping the whole ride and I did not know how I checked in and sat inside the plane. Just 20 minutes after the take off I had gone to sleep and woke just 30 minutes before the landing. I had to transit at the Colombo airport for 2 hours so I got into the terminal and went to a telephone to call my sister. I could not even lift the phone and I just sat down. I had never felt that kind of tiredness before that date. Within minutes again I had gone to sleep and just with the last call for me I woke up and ran for the flight. Again when I sat on the allotted seat of Colombo - Chennai flight I had gone to sleep and when the aircraft touched down only I opened my eye. I do not know how I answered the immigration but was able to come out without any hassle. Swamiji had arranged the transport for me to get to the ashram. Upon approaching at the road top Swamiji was instructing the people what arrangements to be made. I got off from the car and took his blessing. First thing what he asked me was "how is your fever". I replied to him I do not know anything Swamiji but now I am here. He smiled and said I will give you the medicine, now go to Amma and have breakfast and I shall come.

I went to the house and took blessing from Amma and told what Swamiji wanted me to do. Divine mother gave me food and a hot cup of tea. Due to my tiredness I was again dosing off. Few minutes later Swamiji walked and asked me how I am. I replied as feeling very tired Swamiji. Then he came back and said take these two tablets and go to the room and sleep. I had the medicine and went to sleep. It would have been closer to 10.30 am. I just put my head down and not even seconds went into deep sleep. When I woke up it was around 7pm and felt very tired and hot. I was very worried whether I would be able to attend next day's celebrations. I took shower and went to see Swamiji at that time he was practicing some bhajan's. I came down from steps of one side and from the steps of other side Amma came down. When she inquired about my fever I replied that still having fever and shivering Amma. She asked me to go to the doctor. I was bit confused because Swamiji told me he would cure me and now how could I go to a doctor without getting Swamiji's permission. When I reluctantly told Amma I would not be able to go without Swamiji's permission. She called one person and said, go to Swamiji and explain that Natesan should go to the doctor's. When he walked in to the Pooja Mandiram and told Swamiji what Amma has requested. I walked towards Swamiji who looked at me and said how are you? I replied feeling hot and shivering. He told me," to go to the doctor and come back". I was wondering why Swamiji told me like that. Since, I fear of traveling in a scooter with Swamiji's instruction to travel in it I just left it to him and went off. Upon reaching found that dispensary and as well as adjoining house were closed. For accompanying person's call for the doctor, only dog started to bark. After about 15 minutes waiting we decided to return back to the Ashram.

When I returned back Swamiji was standing there with a smile.

Swamiji: What happened?
Self       : Oh Swamiji you knew doctor would not be there then why did you send me?
Swamiji: What was your wish you wanted me to cure you. Now go to Amma and have           
                your food and I shall get you the medicine.
Self      : Ok Swamiji.      

I narrated to Amma what happened and said Swamiji wanted me to have the food and he will come and give me the medicine. While having the dinner I was thinking when I had fever previously how I was treated by others and here Swamiji and Amma are not worried about tomorrow's event and come closer and taking care of me. Swamiji came to me and touched my forehead and said you have high fever and walked to his room and came with few tablets and capsules. He asked me to take few of those and gave me the other with instructions next day 3 times how I should take it. He said with the rush he would forget so for me to remember and take it on time. I told ok. Next 30 minutes with 5 to 6 minutes duration Swamiji was touching my forehead and was saying fever is coming down you would be ok. Instead of checking with a thermometer how Swamiji used his hand as thermometer. Every touch of his made me to feel how much of love he is passing to the devotee and comforting. That magical touch, with love itself is enough to cure a person. After 30 minutes he said now you will be ok go to your room and rest well for tomorrow's festival. I took the blessing and went to my room and slept.

Morning I woke up and felt no sign of fever at all also, did not feel tiredness. Is it not amazing that Swamiji's hand worked as the thermometer? In fact he could have told me what was my temperature but he did not want me to know that. When he said he would cure I trusted him and he did it. How he did this I do not want to know but realised what my Swamiji, could perform. Even though he told me I should remember and take the medicine, he ensured that I took the medicine on time. In the midst of the busy schedule for him to remember me and take care, I really do not have words to describe it.   

When procession started off I was walking closer to the chariot and Swamiji looked at me and gave a banana. I was totally confused. During my childhood my parents use to say when fever is there banana should not be eaten. I was wondering what my Swamiji want me to do. Is this banana to be eaten now or tomorrow morning? How come my Swamiji is expecting me to eat it, does not he know it is bad for fever? Let me keep the banana inside the pocket and eat it tomorrow morning. On and off he looked at me and smiled. After approx. 30 minutes from the time he gave me the banana he gave me another and said "Natesan you eat this banana now". I nodded my head and thought Oh! My Swamiji wanted me to eat that banana then who am I to keep it for tomorrow. Immediately I ate the banana what he gave as well as the other. When he assured me you eat, I will look after you why should there be any worry for me. I did not have any more ill health. What uneasiness he will give, when I am closer to him.

During the procession Swamiji was blessing bhaktha's and gave Prasad. Due to the procession and traffic a bus was stationary and Swamiji sent Prasad for the people inside the bus too. All of a sudden chariot and bus moved in the opposite direction. Then the most amazing blessing I witnessed. Swamiji got up and moved towards the bus and one person came out through the window. I was stunned to witness that split of a milli-second Swamiji dropped the fruit into his hand and was well received by that person. Later that night I narrated this to Swamiji, and he asked me OH! You watched that and he told the others about it. For me that person was such gifted to receive the blessing from Swamiji in a special way. That particular scene I do not know whether any video covered it but my photo memory did. This cannot be deleted at any time. Our Swamiji's blessings are extra special for each devotee.

Second day of pooja

Last session of the day was saxophone by Kadri Gopalnath. He and his troop played so well my Swamiji knew in advance how I am going to enjoy. He arranged it so beautifully for me to witness it so close. Swamiji had gone back to the stage and I was rushing too to witness the music. One of the devotees called and gave me two hand fans and told me to go the stage and fan Swamiji. I did not know whether Swamiji would approve it. When I started to fan him he looked at me and smiled. The service to him itself gave great pleasure on top of it the music what was played by the troop gave me such pleasure to watch them playing. Swamiji, made me to stand in a place I had full view of the players. Oh it was a wonderful music I was taken to a different world. I patiently wait for his blessing, for me to listen to that same music once again. I am sure that he knows when it has to happen till that day I have to wait patiently.             

Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.

M.Natesu, Kuwait

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