Sri Ramajayam
Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai
Vikraman  Swamijikku Jai

With the blessings of Swamiji, and assistance of his divine hands I am continuing to write my part4 experience with Him.

Sending message to witness year 2001 dawn blessing

After Jayenthi celebration I reached Canada and was enjoying the family atmosphere. On 31st December I was supposed to go out with my family to buy some items. Around Indian time 10pm one of the devotees called and informed my wife Swamiji will be having live broadcast of New year celebration. My wife allowed me to watch and went for shopping. Later I was wondering, this devotee had never called me before and how did Swamiji make her to inform me. If not for that call I would not have known about the Newyear blessing. How did this happen only Swamiji and this devotee would know. At the time of the dawn blessing I witnessed bright sunlight, which I did not see at anytime.    

Stopping rain

Since there were long holidays I went to Sri Lanka by end of February'01. I called a friend of mine and heard the shocking news from his wife that they were divorced and she did not know where is my friend. When I called his parents, I was more surprised that they too did not know about him. This made me sad. This uncle asked me whether I could visit him, which I had to oblige. So on 5th of Mar I decided to go and see him it was the day before of my departure. I could see the helplessness on the father's face and where I was disheartened with my friend's behaviour. He is not in touch with his parents was something very strange for me.

We talked about my friend and then uncle asked about me. When I told him about my family is living in Canada and I am in Kuwait he asked me whether there is any problem between my wife and me. I politely told him that this would never happen, Uncle when I have kids I cannot even imagine about it. Moreover this is out of the question at any time because I have a Swamiji in my life. If I think of divorcing my wife he will send me out. How could I go to my Swamiji after harming my family? Then I explained about Swamiji and few of my experiences with him. At that time I did not realise that Swamiji will show a live miracle for him. It was around 6pm there was thunder, lightening and heavy shower, this continued even after 8.30pm. I became bit restless because next day I was to leave the house at least by 5am to board the flight to Kuwait. I did not even do any packing. Around 9pm even though rain did not cease I told him let me leave now, even if I get wet within 5 minutes I can get an auto or taxi from the road top. For that he said you could take my umbrella so that you would not get wet. Since I was traveling next day the umbrella could not be returned. He suggested either I could send it through someone or keep it with me. Finally he convinced me that I should take his umbrella. Then my Swamiji walked into the miraculous experience. Moment I touched the umbrella I returned back to him and said just a minute and walked to the entrance and looked at the sky. I could see the downpour and heard from the Uncle this shower will not stop now. Still I looked up and asked Swamiji, where are you, if I walk in this rain even with the umbrella I will get wet. Can you please stop the rain within 10 minutes and went inside and told uncle I shall see for another ten minutes. Again we were talking and I was vigilant for the timing. Rain did not cease and I asked Swamiji how come you did not stop the rain. Can you please stop it now it is only 30 seconds more for 10 minutes to finish? What a shock for me exactly 10th minute rain completely ceased. I went to the entrance and looked up and decided to leave. I could see shock on Uncle's face and he asked I think while talking to me you prayed to your Swamiji. When I told him yes I wished for the rain to stop in 10minutes time and it stopped. He said when you told me the experiences of Swamiji I did not take it very seriously. Now I saw it happening. He said in my life I have never heard or seen anything like this. I smiled and agreed with him that my Swamiji can do anything when we wish sincerely to him.

Moment I heard an auto horn, I told uncle this auto must have come for me. Let me go out and see. We walked through the garden and opened the gate. I could see the auto but with people inside. In that direction I saw a pool of water. Then I told uncle, I do not think this auto has come for me, he is proceeding with those passengers. I decided to walk in the opposite direction. When walked for about 1/2 minute I noticed that side of the road too had water. No other option for me, other than calling Swamiji for assistance. I told him if you keep both sides with water how could I walk into this water. This is the only pair of shoe I got. When it will get wet what would I wear to the airport? Right now shops are closed even for me to buy a new pair. Tomorrow morning shops when I leave shops would not be opened. Why do not you send me an auto? I turned and looked at the auto, which was waiting to proceed. Then I noticed that all the passengers getting out of the auto and it turned and came towards me. I stopped and negotiated the price and got in. I could not help my anxiety in the midst of the conversation I asked the driver were you suppose to drop those passengers over there. For that he said no I was to proceed further and all of a sudden I did not feel like going that side so I just dropped them off. I know that this auto was stopped for at least 4 to 5 minutes before it turned back. That means from the time I heard the horn and till he returned my Swamiji has stopped him for me. Once I seriously requested Swamiji to send me an auto he decided to send this driver for me.

Is it not wonderful to have a GOD with the name Swamiji who is taking care of the devotee's when we are in need of him?                        

Surrendered totally to Swamiji

Normally we write Swamy.

Since we write the last letter as y (why) all our life when anything has to be done, we faced the question why (?). This dilemma we faced before we saw Swamiji.

Now I have given my I to him, and made him Swami, my I is powerless and there is no more why arises in my mind. This is because my I (all pride) has gone down to his feet and I have realised I am nothing.

Since my I has gone away to Swamiji he is showing all to me. My wish is for him to keep me by the side of him, and tell me what I should do. As he told one time he would show me more and more, every day I enjoy it as a golden day with beautiful experiences and his Karunai.

Please do not give me back my I, for me to once again ask why (?) in my life. Let me not enjoy Swamy instead make me to enjoy Swami. You are the one to control this body and mind.

I am happy to get all the protection from my Swamiji. Enna Enna Atputhangal.

Tooth Ache       

On 29th March 2001, morning I was in the office, one of my wisdom tooth ache developed. It was such a pain I could not bear it. I tried to reach my dentist friend's to find out whether they could do anything? Unfortunately I could not reach both husband and wife. Since it was Thursday and I had to attend the bhajan I did not want to go and sit over there without signing the songs. So, I was praying to Swamiji, that I will go to the hospital but please give me a good dentist who would prescribe medicine. Please do not make me to just sit in the bhajan's. I very reluctantly went to the hospital. Since I was leaving to India on a business trip in 3 days time I did not want to pull the wisdom tooth and have complications over there. When the dentist examined me and said I have to remove this tooth because it is shaking and it will get infected I was really worried. I just wanted some painkiller to get rid of the pain and did not want him to remove the tooth. I started praying to Swamiji that convince him to give me medicine. Instead of pulling tooth finally dentist agreed to give a course of 5 penicillin injections. I did not have any option to refuse the injection so I had to take it in my buttocks because in this part of the world usually they give over there only.

After 3 hours, I attended the bhajan of course Swamiji made me to sing as usual. The discomfort I had during the bhajan increased. It was not only severe toothache discomforted, it was the place where injection was given too gave severe pain. After the bhajan was over Mr. Venkatesh walked towards me and asked what happened to me. Then I narrated him the whole thing. Immediately he said your doctor is in India, then I realised what he said is the truth. I told him yes I made a mistake of not contacting Swamiji. After reaching home I prayed to Swamiji to get rid of the pain and tried to sleep. Till morning 4.30 am I could not sleep. Finally, I could not wait any longer I called Swamiji. When the phone got connected,

Swamiji     : Hello.
Self            : Sri Ramajayam Swamiji.
Swamiji     : Sri Ramajayam Natesan. How are you?
Self            : I am not ok Swamiji.             
Swamiji     : What happened?
Self:           : Swamiji I have severe tooth ache. I did not sleep the whole night.
Swamiji     : On which tooth have you got the pain?
Self            : Wisdom tooth Swamiji.
Swamiji     : For everyone wisdom comes late. For you it came early and trying to go     
Self            : Swamiji, it is severely paining and also the injection what took is painful.
                    You are joking Swamiji. 
Swamiji     : You just leave it.
Self            : (!!!!! What is this?) Swamiji you want me just to leave it.
Swamiji     : Yes.
Self            : If you want me to do that, then ok Swamiji.

Swamiji blessed me and hanged up the phone. I was 100% sure that he asked me to leave it now and not to get it extracted. I was confused, without doing anything how the pain will go. I just went to bed and I do not know how I went to sleep immediately. .

Then around 9am my dentist friend returned my call and asked me what the problem was.   I explained the pain and he requested me to come to his house and he will take me to his hospital and have a look at it. Since, Swamiji told me just to leave it I was contemplating whether to go, finally decided to go and see what the real problem is but I was sure that there would not be any extraction. I finished my prayer and went to his house and from there we proceeded to his hospital.

He had a look at the tooth and said it is decaying and shaky hence we have to extract it. I was 100% sure that I would not let him extract my tooth. So I told him never mind you give me some medicine to ease the pain off. He tried to convince me and failed because after my Swamiji tells leave it how I could disobey his words. My friend gave me some medicine. I took it in case if I would develop anything in India. When we reached his home his wife was preparing lunch for me too. She too was surprised that I did not get it extracted.

She served the food after one hour. To all of us it was surprising within that time my pain completely vanished. Since both of them are dentists it was much more surprising to them. Message was very clear to me that my Swamiji with his magical touch removed the tooth pain.    

Kept the main door open

One night I was on bed and felt bit restless with the thought that in the house I am all alone. In the newspaper I use to read the news that lots of robberies are taking place. Thieves break into the house and rob and at times the inmates get killed too. I was very worried of not getting robbed but get killed. So I told I am very scared Swamiji, in case if the robbers break in the night let them rob everything but not to harm me. So if we lock the room door they cannot harm me. In that event let the thief rob the household things from the hall, kitchen, and the other room. Since the room door will be locked they might leave without trying to enter my room. Since I am already lying down I do not want to get up now but from tomorrow onwards remind me to lock the bedroom door before sleeping. Next day when I went to sleep I had forgotten what I thought of the previous day.

Third day morning as usual got ready to go to office and came to the door I did not find the key in the keyhole. Normally I leave the key crosswise so that no one can open the door from outside. Immediately I asked, Swamiji, where is the key? Do not tell me I did not lock the door and left the key outside. Slowly when I turned the knob it opened but I did not find the key. Found the key in the pocket of pant which I wore the previous day. I straight went to his picture and asked Swamiji what is this? Day before yesterday night I asked you to remind me to lock the bedroom door to avoid getting into any problem. Last night you made me not to lock the main door. Swamiji, you know how much I am scared. In future please make sure you will remind me, to lock the main and bedroom doors. I left to my office.     

That day night when I returned from office my phone started to ring. I put on all the lights and went into the bedroom and picked up the phone. It was one of the devotees so I relaxed on the bed and continued my talk. As usual our talk was about Swamiji only. I had put the handset on to the base. When I opened my eye it was early morning and I found that I was sleeping all the while with my office dress on. I looked at Swamiji and asked him what did you do now? Why you made me to sleep like this? Last night I did not take bath, no food most importantly I did not pray. Full house lights are on. I went and put off the lights in the rooms and came to the hall. I looked at Swamiji's picture and said see all the lights are on. If I leave all the lights like this my electricity bill will be very high. Please make sure that this would not be repeated. As usual our Swamiji was sitting with his smile and listening to me.

Moment I turned to put off the light I felt shock of my life. Yes, my Swamiji whole night made me to leave main door fully open. I put off the light and closed the door and slowly walked towards him. What could I do other than telling my fear to Swamiji. I told Swamiji, did not I tell you very clearly that I am scared of the thieves so I want to keep the bedroom door closed. Day before yesterday you made to leave the main door unlocked and yesterday you left the main door fully opened. What is that you are trying to do with me? Why are you doing like this. I want you to take care of me, and why you left the door open like this. Swamiji I am very scared in future you do not do like this ok. I want you to remind me to lock the main door ok. Now let me get ready to go to office. I finish my morning rituals and got ready for my financial duty.

Where ever I go Swamiji has to come with me. So, when I took pranam to leave the house, he gave me the flash of the news. Yes, the message was very clear to me. WHEN I AM WITH YOU, WHY AND WHOM DO YOU FEAR. Who can enter into your house? You close the door or open the door I am there to protect you. Ever since that day I do not fear for any mishap but of course before going to bed Swamiji will make sure that the key is in the right position. After this experience, am I to worry about myself when my divine is watching me.          

Saw Hanuman in Hyderabad, India

On 1st April 2001 I left to Hyderabad, India on a business trip where my Kuwait Company has put up a plant similar to the one what we have in Kuwait. At the airport I was suppose to meet a person and I could not see him. When I called the office and they confirmed me the person should be there by now and he will have my name board. I explained to them that I could not see anyone like that. Then as usual I thought of Swamiji and said where is this person please show me. You know that I am in a place I cannot even communicate in the local language. Then, my eye straight focused on a person and I went to him and asked whether he is Prakash and he said yes. After that I noticed that the board in his hand was kept downwards. If not for my Swamiji how I would have identified this unknown person.

Then, we proceeded to company guest house and I got into the room and looked outside. I saw outside a huge monkey trying to move out but stood with two legs only. I was in a locality full of houses and there was no forest area. Worriedly I looked at the monkey because I was scared. The strange thing was it was light green in colour. I automatically started praying to Swamiji to protect me, and my things from this monkey. I moved away from the window (actually I hid myself from the monkey). Then I went back to the window and looked and said is this Hanuman and saw him looking at me. When I realised and looked again he disappeared from there. Moment I reached home divine showed the presence or what. Since it was the first time I could not understand immediately the divine showing.  

Driver who came to pickup me up from airport

On 7th April'01 evening I landed at Chennai airport to go to ashram and be with Swamiji and Amma. As Swamiji told me someone would come to the airport to pick me up I was looking for the person (assumed Swamiji would send a person whom I know) but did not find any. I decided to call ashram and inquire that if no one is coming whether I could proceed to the ashram. Then Swamiji told me it is not the usual person he has sent. He wanted me to look for a person with white hair and bit old. I was wondering how many people would have that description. When my Swamiji has decided to play with me, my duty is to enjoy that. From the phone booth while talking to Swamiji I was looking out for this person. I told Swamiji, I am unable to see this person Swamiji let me go out and see for him and call you back. By that time my divine has decided to continue his play from the ashram. I am sure Swamiji used his remote control and made the people to move one by one and I was able to see this person. What I witnessed was amazing. In the direction I saw one by one people moved I think after about 5 persons moved I saw this person. Happily I told I could see this person Swamiji, let me go and check with him whether he is the same person. I was so happy and realised that my Swamiji has shown something. When I reached directly to that person and inquired yes he was the right person.       

Yes, when I landed at Hyderabad airport he made me to identify an unknown person and without realising I hid myself from Hanuman were shown by Swamiji and showed the repeat performance at Chennai airport by making me to identify and to go and see Swamiji. What else is the confirmation for me that divine is with me and watching every move of mine and facilitate what is required.  

Meeting Swamiji in the Ashram

When I reached the Ashram pooja was going on and he blessed me. Next day Swamiji started off the pooja bit late and I was sitting in one place but not in front of him. I was praying to him why you have kept me away from you please call and make me to sit in front of you. He did not call me. Since, it was closer to sunset I decided to go to the room given to me and finish my night prayer. I did not realise that when divine is sitting closer to me why I have to go to the room. Moment I left that place Swamiji had been calling for me. When I returned back other devotees said Swamiji called and he said he will see me later. So I had to wait again. Then I started to pray to him, where did I go? You know I went out to pray to you only, why are you testing me, please call and take me in front of you.  

Few minutes later he decided to stop playing with me and called me in. How a child will run to get the sweet I moved and sat in front of him but at a distance. Looking at his face itself is a blessing. Swamiji was talking to the devotees and I was just sitting and enjoying the divine bliss.

Suddenly my god asked me, how are you? He told the devotees who were gathered over there, this is Natesu from Kuwait. He has come on official duty and now he came to see me. Then he said Natesan has gone through lots of experiences and he has written 28 pages. When Swamiji said that, I was surprised, because till that time I had written only 7 pages of my experience. Then I thought Swamiji has shown me another 21page experience or what. He shows experiences and my job is to write what he has shown me. I really do not know with this experience how my Swamiji, predicted that I have written 28 pages and same number of pages I have written. So, he is the planner, director and executor of every act of mine.       

Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.

M.Natesu, Kuwait

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