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Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

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With the blessings of Swamiji once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands. This is the continuation of experience 106. 


Visit to Birla temple in Hyderabad, India


During the visit to Hyderabad, one day I felt like going to a temple. Since this was an unknown place I could not freely move around. I requested the driver to take me to a temple and he took me to Birla temple. The temple looked different from the other temples which I had visited before. When I reached there the pooja already commenced and I had a calm darshan. When priest was distributing the prasad I made a wish. I thought of Swamiji and said can you please get a flower from deity’s feet and give it to me. When my turn came chief priest looked at me and went to the feet of the lord and brought and gave me the flower. I was so excited because in an unknown place when wished if the prasad has come, who else would have arranged it for me?    


While returning from India


My departure from Hyderabad, every stage Swamiji made me to think of him and get the assistance. As usual I arrived at the airport, only 45 minutes before departure. Driver instead of dropping me at the International airport dropped me at the domestic airport. At the entry point security officers returned me back. When I was returned back naturally I thought of Swamiji and asked how he did this mistake. Even though driver told me he is leaving he was waiting for a while. It must be Swamiji who made him to come back to the entrance and wait for me. I proceeded to the International airport with him. That time itself I realised that some miracle was to happen. Since weight was less I wanted to check in my handbag too. I tried to unlock the padlock from the suitcase and put it on the handbag. I found that the key was missing. Thinking of Kuwait customs made me panic. In the handbag I had Swamiji’s feet picture which Swamiji gave me with a remark (at that moment it made me so happy).  I felt that Swamiji for some reason had already decided I must carry that bag along with me. After the bags were checked in, I moved to the immigration and to my horror, the officer wanted to send me back by saying that I had overstayed and cannot allow me to leave the country. He did not heed to all my pleading that my office checked up with the authorities. Also, I was on official duty for 14 days and not on pleasure trip. Naturally I was asking in my mind, "Swamiji, what is this? Please help me out and send me out of this country". Just 10 minutes before take off that officer with lakshmi’s assistance cleared me off. Till I reached the aircraft my mind was constantly thanking Swamiji.


Throughout the flight I was checking my pouch and my pockets over and over and consoling myself "Swamiji, please take care of me at Kuwait airport, make them not to open my bag". When asked to open the bag, if I had said to the authorities that key is missing not only they would have ripped open but both bags would have gone through severe search. When I approached the officer he asked me to open the handbag and the very first picture what he saw was Swamiji’s feet. He was highly puzzled and asked me “What is this?” pointed at my leg I told him “legs”. He asked me “why like this?” Again I said “legs". Three times he asked and shook his head and put it back. He would have said to himself, what kind of a mad person taken picture of his feet and that also a big picture. Then he saw other pictures of Swamiji and Raman Pattabishekam picture looked at me quizzily and let me go. I was really relieved and thanked Swamiji for the clearance.


When I came home I was wondering how to break the padlock without damaging the suitcase. Then I remembered about similar padlock and tried that key. Of course requesting Swamiji mean miracle must happen. With the height of request first key did not work. I asked “Swamiji are you testing me please open the padlock with second key and it worked. After removing the padlock I closed and tried again to open with same key. It did not open. Instead of making me to damage the bag Swamiji made me to open the lock with a non-matching key.


Attending bhajan with cold


Due to my work in India, two weeks I could not take part in the bhajan in Kuwait, so I was eagerly waiting to attend the session. Also, this was the first Bhajan I was attending without Mr. Venkatesh's involvement. On 20.4.2001, 11am in the office I was having heavy cold and running nose coupled with sneezing too. Finally when I left office at 6pm, I was wondering in this condition today how could I attend the bhajan? Most importantly how could I sing the songs without disturbing the atmosphere? One moment I thought, I should sit in one corner and listen to the bhajans. After I came home, I took a shower and prayed to Swamiji that I should be able to sing bhajan without causing any disturbance. After the bhajan he can restore my condition back. Till I reached Usha's buiding I was sneezing but moment I got into the building sneezing stopped also running nose was almost stopped. To my astonishment, I was able to sing the bhajans without any disturbance. After aarti moment I did namaskar and got up, running nose followed with sneezing. I used to be shy to sing in public but Mr.Venkatesh was the person who made me to sing the bhajan in January 2000. Swamiji developed me fully through him. Now I do not like to miss the bhajan whatever important things I had. SWAMI WHEN I NEED YOU ARE THERE AND TO TAKE ALL MY TROUBLES AWAY. KEEP MY FAITH IN YOU EVER GREEN.


Swamiji’s arrangements of Mr. Venkatesh for me


I used to visit his house for pooja’s but we never got so closer till Jan’2000. My Swamiji probably decided to bring me closer to Mr. V. because he has tremendous amount of patience which partly I was lacking at that time. When he asked me to attend the bhajan’s I was wondering how I could sing songs in public. He motivated me to sing songs. He used to keep me after the pooja’s and discuss religious activities for me it was like learning Sanskrit. I was following my own way of praying to God and what I studied in my school days. I felt God was there but the stories I felt it was written to discipline us and actually it did not happen that way. This feeling was there because I did not see anything happening like that. After coming to Swamiji’s fold, slowly I understood the power of Swamiji and how he can do things for me. So when Mr. V. used to speak to me it was a new thing. While he used to talk, I sit in front of him and some days I used to sleep too. When I open my eye he used to ask me how it was, I reply to him that I cannot understand all these things. It is too much for me. He gives his hearty laugh. Honestly it was so soothing to my mind. He never lost his interest in me and always kept me and talks about the subjects. Even though I could not understand still I used to sit for hours. I wish I would achieve his patience in my life.      



In Kuwait one day after the pooja while I was leaving Swamiji told me whenever you want, you can come. At that time I did not understand that he had decided to put me to test. Next day, even though Swamiji asked me to come I was thinking how I could go there without getting the permission. So I called his house bell was ringing and no answer. Subsequently, it was coming engaged. I was becoming very nervous. I did not know how there is no answer and few minutes later it was engaged. I was praying to Swamiji, why are you testing me? Even though you asked me to come anytime how could I come and disturb. Please give me permission for me to come over. It was nearly 2 to 3 hours I dialed on and off and no way was able to reach anyone in the house. Then I decided to take shower and wait for Swamiji’s direction. I finally decided to go to his house, sit outside till he comes or if Swamiji is inside he knows how to call me. When I phoned for the final time (after praying this is my last attempt otherwise I am leaving now) before leaving, it was answered by Mr. V.


Mr. V  : Hello.

Natesu : Sri Ramajayam.   

Mr. V. : Sri Ramajayam. Where are you? Swamiji is waiting for you.

Natesu : It is very nice. I was trying your phone for the past 2-3 hours. No reply.

Mr. V. : Swamiji asked you to come at anytime. So why you did not come over?

Natesu : You will tell nicely. It is right Swamiji told me but before coming there I should ask his permission because he may be resting or he has other things how can I disturb. To be frank with you I was very nervous and almost in tears that I may not be able to see him today. Finally now I decided to come and sit outside the home. So that he would call me in.

Mr. V.  : What happened? You should have come. We were at home only.

Natesu  :  I do not know that. Now can you please ask Swamiji if he gives permission then only I will come otherwise I cannot come.

Mr. V. : You ask him by yourself.

Natesu: Then give the phone to Swamiji I will ask him.

Mr. V. : All the conversation he is listening.

Natesu : Oh! My God. Do not tell me I am on speaker phone.

Mr. V. : Yes you are.

Natesu : Sri Ramajayam Swamiji.

Swamiji : Sri Ramajayam Natesan. What happened why you did not come? Yesterday I told you can come anytime.

Natesu : Swamiji, you told me but how can I come and disturb you. Without calling and getting permission, I cannot come over Swamiji.

Swamiji : Ok Natesan I am waiting. You can come now.

Natesu : Ok Swamiji. I am leaving immediately. Can I talk to Mr. Venkatesh.

Swamiji : One minute.

Mr. V.  : What happened are you happy now.

Natesu   : Of course I am very happy but why you did not tell me that I was on speakerphone.

Mr. V  : No problem. Come now.


I reached Swamiji and I came to know why Swamiji made this leela. He instructed a devotee not to come that day and they came. To show them he made the drama. I asked Mr. V. why Swamiji picked me because I became very nervous. Mr. V. as usual gave his broad smile.



Once when I was going for the pooja I washed up the apples and put it into a bag. When I was about to leave Prasad bag got knocked on the cabinet. So, I examined the fruits and found one of the fruit was slightly damaged. I sincerely prayed to Swamiji, please give this damaged apple to me I do not want anyone else to receive it. During the pooja I completely forgot about it. After the aarti finished Mr. V. was distributing the apples. He came to me and gave one. Swamiji’s wonder was performed. My finger touched the dent and was happy that same apple came to me and Swamiji did it for me. After the distribution, Mr. V came to me and asked you got what you wanted? I was shocked. When I asked him how he knew about the apple he said I do not know. His famous laugh unleashed flower petals on me. 



I went to apply for a visit visa for my family to come to Kuwait. That day I was very worried because during this period authorities gave us hard time before processing the visas. Before I left home I prayed to Swamiji, requested him to be with me and went to the immigration office. Upon entering I saw Mr. V. was quietly sitting over there. Immediately I felt the arrangement has been made by Swamiji to show his presence. It was a miracle that without one question they took the papers from me and processed the visa immediately.   



When Swamiji was in Kuwait he explained to us how he visited the cinema hall in UAE and watched the movie ‘Hanuman: The monkey God’. We were not sure whether they would show the movie in Kuwait halls. One day I saw in the newspaper that movie has been released in Kuwait. Immediately picked up the phone and called Mr.V.


Natesu  : Sri Ramajayam.

Mr.V    : Sri Ramajayam.  

Natesu  : You know Hanuman is here.

Mr. V   : OooooH! Very good.

Natesu  : What happened. I am telling about the movie what Swamiji mentioned to us.     

               Now it is running in Kuwait

Mr. V   : (with his hearty laugh) With your experiences I thought Hanuman has come to   

               your house.

Natesu  : Not yet. With Swamiji you never know. Shall we go for the movie.

Mr  V   : Yes, we shall inform all and we can go at a convenient time.


We contacted all the devotees and went and saw the movie. It was totally different experience. We enjoyed our conversation for some days.


I am writing few experiences of Mr. Venkatesh and mine together, because Swamiji made him to teach me patience, at the time of sorrow have to balance mind, be courteous to people and respect any human. I refined myself by seeing his values of life. Beginning of April 2001 he left Kuwait and Swamiji made me to be out at that time because Swamiji knew how miserable I would have felt of his departure. When I returned back from Hyderabad I really got lost because I could not share my experiences with him and receive the unadulterated laugh.  


Swamiji’s message on 27th May 2001


Swamiji wrote the below mentioned message in the chat room, with Swamiji’s permission I am including it in my experience.


Swamiji says, “Every time I am writing about UNITY OF UNIVERSE - I want to mention about one thing - which is very essential for the present World - Throughout the World the food products -chemicals and unwanted things mixed - people are suffering different type of diseases - due to the different type of food products and chemicals - which are not prepared in proper quality at some places - even vegetables also added with more fertilizers which will create health problems to the World - so By Grace of GOD - Leaders should be notified and they need to unite and discuss and find solution for this type of major issues. I pray for that - we need to arrive solution and protect the World .. Otherwise the World will suffer lot .. before that we need to do something for the World .. We need to bring all the leaders attention and unite them which are very essential for the present World.. When we go through these type of discussions - there should not be any enmity as well as the difference of opinion between the leaders.. There are many different political systems and leaders in the World.. ALL are children of GOD. God had given different roles for them to act.. To solve this type of common problems, they should unite and find the solution irrespective of the loss/ win for their party / system / country. We can sort it out this issues and find solution soon.. In Kaliyuga God decided to protect the World in this Avatara and you can call it by any name..(like Hanuman, Allah, Christ or any form) Supreme is listening and decided to protect the World. Wish you Best of Luck." (14:35am IST)


Second time escaped death


On 28.5.01 during my morning prayer I requested Swamiji to show me a choti miracle but nothing happened. I left to office in my car and everything was very smooth. Normally I drive at maximum speed of 120 kmph. Nearing my office I had to drive through a 'T' junction to reach my office. Prior to that point, road curves at 70 degrees and that moment I was driving at 100 kmph. At that point no way I could take the right turn at a speed more than 20 kmph. When I applied brake to reduce the speed to my horror, speed did not reduce. Luckily there were no vehicles that could be seen in front or behind. I knew no way I could take right turn at that speed so I turned my car to left side into an open space. I was driving the car in circle, calling my Swamiji to stop the car. Since the foot brake as well as the handbrake did not engage I realised only Swamiji could stop the car or I will get hurt very badly. Previous day when I spoke to Swamiji he blessed me hence I felt that he would take care of the situation and no harm will come on me. I was driving in circles for 2 minutes, of course by calling Swamiji to stop the car.

“Swamiji please release the brake”.

“Swamiji please stop the car”.

“If you do not stop then I have to jump out”.

“Swamiji at this speed if I jump out, I will get hurt very badly”.

“Can you please stop it otherwise I am going to jump out”.

(No response, so removed the seat belt).

“Swamiji I am serious, definitely I will jump”.

(Opened the door)

“Please do something otherwise if I jump do not hurt me at all”.

(I got up to jump and just tried pulling the handbrake finally it got released and car stopped)

“Thank you”.


Oh! It was Swamiji’s, divine intervention second time he saved me from near death. In May 2000 I opened my eye 2 seconds before death could strike. This time I experienced near death at least 3 to 4 minutes and Swamiji’s miracle fully. Swamiji, UNTHAN ARUL ILLAIYEL ENTHUN UYIR ILLAIYE.


Felt Swamiji is none other than Hanuman


On 2.6.01, a Senior Manager came into my room and saw Swamiji’s photo and told me that I should not pray to human. This is not an acceptable form of worship and there is god, he is omniscient. He went on talking. For a wonder I just kept quite and smiled at him and prayed to Swamiji to take care of him. I did this till the manager left my room. From Swamiji's messages I know that we should not  criticise religion and religious personalities. Same evening while I was reading chat room messages the word Hanuman started to flash around; also this manager's saying Swamiji is human. With Swamiji's blessing I was able to see the reality that he is not another human, he is Hanuman only. If you write ANOTHER HUMAN and put ANOTHER into HUMAN you will find the word as HANOTHERUMAN. Remove OTHER from this word and you would find our Swamiji becoming HANUMAN. He is not ANOTHER HUMAN but none other than HANUMAN.




Sri Lankan problem


Swamiji while talking to me said 2001 peace would come to Sri Lanka. During his visit of 1999 to Toronto, Canada he had given an interview to Radio (which is available in Swamiji website) in that he had mentioned about peace coming to Sri Lanka, so I referred that to Swamiji. By my experience when he mentions something to me it has always come into reality. It was very casual, but for me it was supposed to be very powerful message. Few days later I was talking to my father-in-law and I mentioned about Swamiji’s message. For him it did not appeal anything because at the beginning like how I was ignorant about Swamiji he too did not take much notice. My FIL said to me let us see how it will happen. At that time in Sri Lanka no political parties were willing to come to any term of peace. I did not give up hope so I stopped the talk at that point. Later experiences on this subject I shall write at appropriate times.    


Visiting Canada in June’01


June’01 I was planning to go to Canada. Since it was peak time I made a booking with British Airways to go from Kuwait to Toronto via London and got the confirmation too. When I spoke to Swamiji on 3rd June he blessed me to proceed but I became bit upset. Since Swamiji was in Dubai if he would visit Kuwait, I would definitely miss him.  Immediately I asked him, this time if you would come to Kuwait I will miss you Swamiji. So, on my way to Canada can I come to Dubai and get your blessing and proceed.  Swamiji consented to my request and asked me to proceed that way. Then I made the additional request that I got your permission to come, but you know this is peak season and I have only 3 more days to leave I need your blessing to get booking for new routing (Kuwait-Dubai-London-Toronto-London-Dubai-Kuwait) Swamiji. As usual he said ok. So I proceeded to my travel agent.


Self   : Susan I have a change of plan on my trip so can we make a new booking via


Susan: At this peak time how could I get the confirmation, moreover all the flights are   

          full. Since you have a confirmed flight ticket why cannot you go on that date?

Self   : My Swamiji is in Dubai and I want to see him. So on my way to Canada I want to

         stopover for 2 nights. I want to be with him and get his blessings and proceed.

Susan: (Since she experienced Swamiji’s power in Dec’99 and June 2000 with a smile)

          When your Swamiji has given permission then he will arrange the seats. Only

          problem these days all emirates flights are going full.


When she made the booking with the dates I provided, she was stunned once again because Swamiji got my seats confirmed without any problem. She was so happy.


Susan: When your Swamiji decides then he will make sure you would get your seat.

           Problem is that only one way you could enter Dubai return journey you should

           stay back at the airport for 8 hours.

Self  : I want to see Swamiji on my way to Canada, if I have to wait 8 hours on my way

          back it does not matter to me so please go ahead and issue the ticket now.


Upon which I confirmed the flight details to Swamiji. He mentioned to me whom he would send to pick me up from the airport, and take me to the place where he will be conducting the big pooja.


Did not have any problem in reaching Dubai and I was picked up and taken to the house where Swamiji was conducting the pooja. It was packed with devotees. So I just sat down and was enjoying the songs. Suddenly Swamiji called my name and asked whether I am in. Then he gave me a smile and continued the pooja. When he started off the blessing of devotees, I was greeted by few devotees. Finally when my turn came for blessing, Sundar approached Swamiji and said he wanted to take me with him. Swamiji instructed him Natesan has come to see me and be with me maximum time, so you have to bring him to me early. He agreed to do so. We left the hall around 4 am but after reaching devotee’s home we could not sleep and we were sharing some of our experiences with Swamiji. Finally we went to bed around 7.30am.         


Morning I woke up early and finished my prayer and moment we finished our breakfast, Swamiji called us and asked when we are coming over? Within minutes we rushed to Swamiji and stayed with him. Swamiji took us for Friday bhajan and after finishing we came back with him. While the conversation was going on I got a nagging pain developing in my wisdom tooth. This is the same tooth I had spoken in my part 4 experience. I looked at Swamiji and started to pray, when I am sitting in front of you how you are giving the pain and do not you know my pain? Swamiji do something about it. In case I had the pain in Kuwait, I could have gone to a doctor and got something done with almost free of cost. As a visitor in Dubai which dentist can I go, more over it will cost me money. Tomorrow if I go with this pain to Canada I do not know how much it will cost over there. Swamiji please take care of this pain. At least ½ hour this pleading would have gone. Then Swamiji looked at me and asked “any problem Natesan?” I told him in cryptic form that same tooth is again paining Swamiji. He smiled and continued to talk of other subjects with others. As Swamiji always say even though there is a crowd only baktha and God know what they are communicating. (He showed me that but I realised it much later.) I got very confused, why Swamiji is not telling me anything. Does he want me to suffer with this pain? Then a flash went through my mind. When I have given you the medicine why are you asking me for the solution? Yes devotees, I remembered the vibuthi packets which he gave me previous night. I looked at him and said to myself if this is the medicine then I shall apply it now. I got up went to a side where no one could see me. Just opened the packet and took some vibuthi, applied and came back to my seat. Swamiji looked at me and gave a smile. I do not know how but within the next ½ hour pain completely vanished. He made me to realise that day that he has given me an all purpose medicine. It is merely by requesting him he will take care of the remaining. At that time this tooth survived 2 months of extraction. 


After sometime we went to a devotee’s house and Swamiji had a very powerful pooja. I could feel the effect. Then we had our dinner where I was served Jaggery rice (which I love to eat). Even after explaining it is not good for me, two devotees each gave big spoonful of this rice. They even commented that Swamiji is there and this is prasad I could eat. I was bit confused to eat that quantity. Swamiji must have been having fun with my confusion. I was seated next to Swamiji, when all got up and still I was seated and wondering what to do with that rice. Swamiji, said just for the sake of eating take little and balance leave it. By this Swamiji showed to me how I should take care of food.             


After getting the blessing from Swamiji we parted, went back to the house and rested. Following day morning I got up pretty late and some how finished my bath and prayer. Sundar wanted to drop me at the airport. Just before leaving I showed him a picture, which I had created with a meaning. When he asked why I did not show it to Swamiji I said in the excitement I forgot. He wanted that picture to be shown to Swamiji and obtain blessing. Since I was leaving he said he would get it done and send it across to Kuwait. Finally I agreed and gave it to him. I arrived at the airport and proceeded to the aircraft because final boarding announcement was going on. Once again Swamiji, took me to the airport just in time.


I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.

Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.





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