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Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai


With the blessings of Swamiji once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands. This is the continuation of previous experience.


Canadian driving written test


Since, my wife was driving the car in Canada I was not interested to obtain a driving license. She was pestering me to appear for the test. During June’01 visit, my wife was determined to send me at least for the written test. I was scheming all the time how to escape from her. Everyday before she left to office she instructs me to study for the test. I shake my head to say ok. When she return home and inquire I use to say I am trying to study. I was not interested to study at all.


On my birthday instead of waiting for her to take me in the evening she asked me to go to temple and attend the noon pooja. After the pooja she requested me to go to the traffic department to do the written test. I said to my wife, I have not finished the book yet, only 10% I have gone through hence, I shall do the test next time. She stared at me and said you have got three more hours to go to the temple. So till such time study the questions and answer.  Since, the testing department is 7 minutes walk from the temple I want you to go and write the test today. To avoid her getting angry I told her politely ok. Inner mind was saying no problem let her go you relax. Closer to noon when she called and I said to her I could not study hence, I am not going for the test today, during my next visit surely I shall do the test. Also, when she returns back home I will go to the temple with her. My wife got very angry and said you leave to the temple and see the noon pooja. After that proceed to the testing place and book your test and sit and study whatever you can and do the test. Since she was very angry I agreed to go the temple then to the examination centre. That day she had given her mobile to me to track me down because after migrating to Canada for the first time I was going out alone. She made me to leave to the temple within the next 30 minutes.


At the temple I had peaceful darshan and was asking Swamiji where are you, show me? You know I am going for the test so you must come with me and write the test. When I came out of the temple, I saw devotees were gathered in one place and taking some calendars. Even though it was middle of the year since they were god pictures all were taking too many calendars. Since I did not have Rama coronation picture in Canada I was wishing to Swamiji to get me one. After searching for some time since I could not find and time was running short I asked the person who brought the calendars whether they have Rama coronation picture. He said I do not think you will find it. I decided to look for another 5 minutes and if I find I will go for the driving test. Within one minute a lady showed me what I wanted and gave it to me. I was stunned with the message of Swamiji to me as “ask I shall give”. I thanked her and walked out of the temple towards the testing place.    


I walked in and took a number and later noticed that the place was crowded. I thought now have an excuse to escape from facing the test. So happily I called my wife and told I am going home because the place is crowded and I cannot concentrate to study. She (God has given me a tough lady) told me not to leave and get back and do the formalities and face the test. Since, it was my birthday I did not want to displease her, I agreed and went inside. I became serious and did the formalities and started to learn. I had 11/2 hours to face the test. I wished to Swamiji to help me out so that I do not have to disappoint my wife. Within one hour I finished the entire book and since I had more time within 20 minutes I had gone through that book once again. I walked to the testing room calmly with the assurance that my Swamiji is walking with me and going to help me to face the test. Question paper was given and within 10 minutes all the questions were answered. Next 5 minutes I seriously went through it again and confidently went and handed over the paper to the official. They came back and said I passed the test. When I asked how many marks I got she said you got all correct. Naturally I thanked Swamiji for doing the test with perfection. Then I called my wife and told her that I failed the exam. She very calmly said congratulations. I repeated that I failed, for which she said I am 100% sure that you passed otherwise you would not have called me instead you would have waited for me to call you. I told her that definitely Swamiji did the test in my place otherwise I would not have got 100% marks within such a short time of study. I am writing the complete details of both of us to let everyone know that as Swamiji told lately in June 2002 in Kuwait that whatever comes to me it will be through my wife. 


Now I feel when children listen to the parents they get the blessing from god because parents wholeheartedly pray to god to take care of the kids and pass any problem to the parents. When husband keeps wife happy God will definitely take care of him because wife will pray that give her husband happiness. I feel respecting wife and parents are very important in any person’s life. Of course with Swamiji in our life everything will be perfect.     


Brand new car


My wife had kept a vow in Pittsburgh (USA) Venkateswara temple, to perform it we had to go to that temple. We managed to get the direction from a friend and planned to go during a long weekend. On 29th June 2001 we went to AVIS rental to hire a car. Even though we booked over the phone when we went there they informed us no cars are available at that moment. They would get some cars later so they requested us to wait or if anyone returns they will get us that car.


While we were waiting customer returned a space wagon, so they offered to give us for a mid size car which we had booked. They informed us we need not pay the higher amount. My wife was determined to get the space wagon because she had not traveled in it. Whereas, I was determined not to venture out to a far place, in that kind of a big vehicle. When I visited Murugan temple in Wales UK, I was so scared because the road was too narrow. If I had to drive through a similar road in this type of vehicle it would be a nightmare. My wife was very upset and angry with me because I did not take advantage of the value. I was very firm in my view and was determined that I would wait for a mid size car, so I turned down the offer. I was praying to Swamiji to get me a good car so that we would not have any trouble driving it.  Again another space wagon came and my wife looked at me. I just gave her a smile that made her very angry. (Every house has husband and wife angry mood, I leave it to each one to imagine the dialogue) At times my wife behaves like a child. So, I enjoy her anger.


After one hour cars arrived, we were called in first. We signed the agreement and went to take possession of the car. After starting the car and checked the distance the car had been driven so far, Unbelievable! I got a shock. My Swamiji had arranged a brand new car and the meter showed only 125 KM. That means I was the first customer to drive that car. For waiting patiently my Swamiji arranged a new car my wife was happy but still she complained that I should have taken the space wagon. I was of course flying because as Swamiji mentioned in one of the pooja that I will get a brand new car in Canada. He did it. I do not know whether he meant this car or eventually when I get back whether he will arrange a permanent new car.        


We started off in the morning to Pittsburgh. On the way, at one point there was heavy rain. It was supposed to be a valley area. Visibility was only one foot and it was such a downpour that I had never driven like that before. Since the parking facility was not there I had to keep driving through. At that time my wife panicked like anything. Can I panic for anything when my Swamiji is there? I continued the journey by just praying to Swamiji. After the rain ceased only my wife came back to reality.


We reached Pittsburgh but temple could not be located. It was a frantic search and it was closer to sunset and I was bit worried too. We got direction from 3 points and it led us to different points. Finally I got to a petrol station and went into the grocery. I prayed to Swamiji and went inside. I saw an Asian at the counter and waited in the queue to talk to him. From nowhere a gentleman came to me and asked are you looking for the direction to the temple. I was stunned for a moment and said yes. He explained to me how to reach and then he walked out. I called my family to follow and ran behind him to get direction once again, but he got into the car and drove at high speed and just disappeared. At that moment I really felt the presence of my lord Swamiji. As per the direction we easily managed to reach the temple and had a nice darshan.


We then wanted to visit Shridi Baba temple again we took a wrong turn and got lost in the area. Constant contact with my divine Swamiji I was at ease. I wanted take a turn but due to traffic could not get into that road and had to proceed further. Finally I realised that I had got to the correct road which would lead us to the temple. There also we had such a peaceful darshan. When I trust and call my Swamiji how he provides what we desire. Even if we make mistakes he is there to guide and take us into the right path.


Originally we planned to get to Niagara falls, Canada and stay overnight to witness the Canada day fireworks from the tallest tower. Since it became too late we decided to stay in Pittsburg only. We could not find any hotel or motel over there. Due to long weekend all hotels and motels were full. Our Swamiji had decided to do something which we never realised at that time. Finally we left Pittsburgh and almost half way we found a place there also we did not get any vacant. At last we found one room in a hotel and initially they did not want to give us. After explaining my children and wife are tired finally they agreed to accommodate us in same room 


Morning we proceeded to the border and tried getting a room to stay. Due to heavy turn out into the city the rates were hiked up. Then only we realised why my God has delayed and made us to stay somewhere else. We witnessed the fireworks and straight away proceeded home. By this he ensured that we did not spend money unnecessarily. When our Swamiji plans anything for us it will be much better than our own planning.   


We reached back to Canada and then my wife said to me if we had gone in the big vehicle I do not know how we would have managed in the rain. My Swamiji decides what I should get and let me patiently wait and enjoy my simple life happily.         


Return trip from Canada and attending Guru Poornima 2001 in Dubai


When I was in Canada Swamiji announced Guru Poornima celebration would be conducted in Dubai. Same day I was supposed to arrive at Dubai airport and after 8 hours in-transit to proceed to Kuwait. I wished to attend Guru Poornima so I tried to get the confirmation changed by 1 day early and for me to stay in Dubai one night. When I checked up the airline refused to comply with it. I managed to reach Swamiji by phone and requested permission to attend the celebration. Also, informed him about the airline’s refusal. He said it in simple words if God decides to bring you for the celebration then you can attend. I said to him I do not know anything but when you decide Swamiji I can attend. He wished me for the journey. My wife heard this conversation and asked me, why are you like this? When airline is refusing for you to get into Dubai then why do not you leave directly to Kuwait. Already you saw Swamiji on your way to Canada. I said to her, when my Swamiji decides I can go anywhere you wait my Swamiji will arrange something. He knew what I wanted. That day evening I left to Kuwait. My whole trip I was praying to Swamiji that I should reach him by any means.


I landed at the airport around midnight. At the airport I was walking with the request to Swamiji please take me out of the airport and take me to you. With all the excitement I walked into the transit section of the airport instead of the arrival. Afterwards I realised my mistake and another prayer started. Please Swamiji take me out of this section without the policeman at the entrance questioning me. I walked towards the entrance and I think the policeman saw me. Still I continued and just passed him and walked out towards arrival. I was asking Swamiji how did you manage to do that. I do not know whether my Swamiji made me invincible at that moment. When my Swamiji decide what cannot happen?


I went to one counter and asked them whether I could go out. They said since you are proceeding within 8 hours they will not let you go out. I was really devastated. My next prayer started off. Swamiji, I am in a land where you are staying at the moment. How come you are not allowing me to see you? I know you can show me a way. Then I decided to go to another officer and check. When I approached another officer and asked I have to stay at the airport for 8 hours, I cannot sit and wait over here. Is it possible for me to go to a hotel? She told me yes, you could do that. Please approach that counter and pointed a desk. I was partly happy. When I approached the lady and asked whether I could go into Dubai because for the past 18 hours I am flying. Since I am very tired I want to rest properly. She told me no problem it would cost you so much. At that moment I was in such a state that I would have done anything to see my Swamiji. I agreed for that and asked her to prepare the documentation. While she was preparing I asked her I have a friend of mine over here in case if I want to stay with him can I go to him instead of going to the hotel. For that she smiled and said once you leave the airport you go where ever you want but make sure you would report back on time for the departure. I was so happy that I will be able to reach Swamiji now.


Then I dialed Mr. Praveen Dua’s mobile phone and there was no response from him. I was slightly worried because I did not know where the pooja was conducted. Then I remembered when I stayed with Mr. Sundar, he had given his mobile number to me. There was no response. I was very upset and as usual prayed to Swamiji. You have managed to get me into the country and now you are not allowing me to see you. I have only these two numbers with me. Please take me to you. I kept trying. Then one time very reluctantly I tried Mr. Praveen Dua’s residence. My mind was saying, when big pooja like this is going on how anyone be at home. To my surprise phone was answered by Mr. Praveen’s daughter. I introduced myself and explained my situation and told her that I do not know any place hence how to reach to the hall. Is it possible to reach someone in the hall? She asked me to call her back in 10 minutes time. When I called again she asked me to stand at the entrance and they would pick me up. Mr. Jeyaraj came and picked me up from the airport. On our way I told him that my wife would be surprised if I tell her that I am on my way to see Swamiji. Next moment he made me to talk to my wife. Truly she was surprised how I managed to get in. When my Swamiji wishes any activity, can it be stopped?


I reached the hall and straight away I was at the feet of the Lord. After his blessing I moved to a place where I could see and hear my god singing. Swamiji, asked me to tell any of my experience. I did not know what to narrate. He has shown enormous number of experiences, which one to say? Also, I did not know at that moment how miraculously he had brought me to him. I told the devotees about Swamiji’s arrangement of a new car for me to drive to Pittsburgh temple. Last minutes of the closure Mr. Sundar rushed home and brought the picture, which I had given him on my way to Canada. He requested Swamiji to give that picture to me. When I received it I was so happy because that picture was already signed by Swamiji.  Pooja was over around 6am and we walked with Swamiji upto the entrance. After getting into the car he called me.


Swamiji : Where is your passport?

Self       : I left it in the hall.

Swamiji : Where have you kept the money?

Self       : That is also in the same bag with the passport.

Swamiji : Go and bring it.

Self       : You proceed Swamiji, I will go now and take it.

Swamiji  : Bring it now.

              (I ran inside the hall and brought and gave the bag to him)

Swamiji  : In future you should not leave the passport and money anywhere. It has to be

               always with you.                          

Self        : Ok Swamiji.

Swamiji  : Who is taking you to the airport?

Self        : Mr. Jeyaraj Swamiji.

Swamiji  : (Instruction to Mr. Jeyaraj) Natesan is already late and take him directly to the

                Airport, no problem I will take care.


After Swamiji left I was taken by Mr. Jeyaraj in short cuts and went through a no entry because he understood Swamiji’s message. Since there was no check-in involved I finished the immigration and went directly for boarding. To my surprise they were closing the gate and I walked in. I was really lucky that day otherwise I would have got stuck at the airport. I reached Kuwait with lot of happiness because I was able to see him both ways.


After few days when I read the message which was posted by Mrs. Sunitha regarding how my call to her house was answered. (Please read exp no 90) When I read I could not believe how my Swamiji was following me all the time. Is it not amazing that Swamiji’s precision timing was to exactly answer my call. If that call would not have been answered I would have been devastated. When such divine is keeping me under his vision can anything worry me? That entire trip to see him onwards and return journey was like a dream.         


Dear devotees, I am writing lengthy experiences because when I was in Canada, my Internet was not working during that period I could not write my experiences with Swamiji. On this Guru Poornima day after blessing Swamiji said Natesan you must write your experiences. That is the reason now I am writing my experiences with Swamiji as it happens. If I do not write what protection & blessing my Swamiji is showering on me, to keep me happy and comfortable, how others could come to know my Swamiji’s protection. Is there any shortage of experience when you trust him?   



Temporarily stopped humid weather


Friday 3rd Aug’01, from finance side I had to do coordination of annual stocktaking. Materials were stored in the yard and inside the warehouses. Five days prior to the stocktaking, when I was talking to the other coordinator he said, as per the weather prediction humid weather will continue for another one week that was to cover Thursday and Friday too. On Thursday after the final arrangement of the stock tagging other coordinator and myself went to all the locations to ensure next day there will be no hassle. It took nearly 45 minutes of walking and when we came back to the office due to the high level of humidity I was soaking wet. In Kuwait, it was the first time I experienced humidity for such a long period. When the documentation persons were discussing about it I just closed my eyes and prayed. “Swamiji, you know I do not like humid weather, Friday morning please do not make me to suffer because I have to go out with external auditor to verify few samples”. After that I mentioned to other coordinator do not worry tomorrow when we take stock it will not be humid. He asked me whether I am a weather predictor? I told him just now I spoke to my god and he will not make me to suffer. Friday when we did the stocktaking it was completely dry. When we finished stock taking and left the premises weather was just changing from dry to humid. Remainder of the day weather was humid. I did not ask Swamiji about Thursday so, he made me to enjoy bad weather and Friday made me to be cool. Nearly 12 days humid weather made us very uncomfortable except that day. Saturday morning one of the persons who were present on Thursday came to me and said you have got a POWERFUL Swamiji who could change the atmosphere like this. I gave him a smile and said of course when you ask Swamiji he will take care of everything.


Swamiji normally says, WHAT IS YOUR WISH, CAN BE DONE THAT WAY I experienced the power of his words.


Parliament dissolved in Sri Lanka


As I mentioned in the previous part, Swamiji mentioning of peace prevailing in Sri Lanka action started in Sep’2001. All of a sudden parliament got dissolved and a possibility of new government forming was such sweet news to me. I really felt this might lead into peace but how is it possible. Since election will be conducted during first week of December 2001 and peace to come within 2001. What is my concern when Swamiji said it will happen? Let us wait and see.    


Visit to a temple in Kuwait


When my wife came to Kuwait on vacation some of her friends informed her about a temple in one of the area in Kuwait. Prayer was conducted by a priestess and she could say future. Since I have my Swamiji who take cares of myself completely I was not at all interested to visit this place. My wife of course was very determined that she must go and listen to the predictions. With great reluctance I went with my family to this place. After the prayer one by one she gave arulvakku. I started to wish to my Swamiji that I made a mistake of coming to this place and do not want to hear anything from her. She said arulvakku to everyone except me. I was bit relieved but not at ease because I wanted to leave that place without any comment. One by one she blessed everyone. My family and myself were the last to be blessed (still I was wishing to my Swamiji that I do not want to hear anything from this place). She blessed my family and finally she looked at me and gave a big smile. That moment I got bit scared. Then calmly she said I cannot tell anything to you because there is a powerful person in your life who is he? I said to her that is my Swamiji and he takes care of me fully. Then she said to me because of that only I could not tell anything to you. She kept on assuring me that YOUR SWAMIJI has shown you wonderful experiences and he will show many more, you do not worry for anything. Then I left the place with a big relief that my Swamiji will continue to take care of me.       


Swamiji’s message after 11.9.01


The day USA’S history got disturbed by two airplanes crashing into WTC.


When I spoke to Swamiji, he mentioned that a lot of people will walk out alive from WTC tower disaster. True to his words with that magnitude of destruction and the time taken for the collapse miraculously huge number of people escaped. Divine only know how to protect and take care of whom he chooses. Lately when he explained to me the need of GOD realisation that everyone will get now, I got the message as god fear changes a person's thinking. He spoke of power arrogance which was 100% right. People will start realising that they are nothing and how to respect others. As he said, all would get the realisation that GOD IS ONE. We talked about top notch doctor's have started to say, maximum what they could treat a person, and remaining is in the hands of God. When our Swamiji is there to guide us in all respect, why we have to worry for anything?


After the above message on 28.09.01 Swamiji wrote following message:


Swamiji says,"What ever I have mentioned in the chat room, is coming true. Now world leaders are asking people to pray from their hearts. They are saying that there is no religion. Everyone has to realise this truth".

"The Earth-Sun distance will change and as a result, unwanted bacteria will be destroyed and nuclear  power will reduce. A limited war involving few countries will take place, but by grace of God, nothing severe will occur. It will herald a change for the good and help the world to unite and realise the truth that God is one. Everyone should unite and pray, whichever be their religion. God is one. Sincere prayers alone can do wonders for the world. Each person must realise this truth."


Instant cure and made me to realise Swamiji


During an evening pooja, I made a mistake once again by asking Swamiji why I am not seeing his special action in the house. I was looking at the lights in the shrine room for him to tell that he is there. Instead he gave me a pain on the right side of the chest and stomach. I was pleading him to relieve the pain. Since it happened at the end of the prayer I moved and made the namaskar to him with that pain. I just put my head at his feet and lied down. Next moment what an experience, I did not feel any pain for the next few minutes because he put me to sleep. Is this what they say, Saranagathi? When I opened my eyes all the pain had vanished. Yes I am sure He visited me and took care. Next day morning when I narrated this, He said sure. Swamiji, will not let down a devotee or his family members when the devotee approaches Him with 100% faith. I remember initial days of my visits, He had mentioned with 99.9999999999% faith a person should not pray. Finally he mentioned to me when I want to call I can do so. I replied to Him that I could reach Him everywhere. Yes, while at work, at home, walking, sitting, reading, face problems, enjoying happy moments when I call He responds. With 100% faith when we call, he will definitely answer.              


I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.


Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.












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