Sri Rama Jayam


Experiences of Mr.E.Ramesh.

    It was 3 years ago when I was searching for a Guru, I met Swamiji. That time I had gone on leave from dubai and was having lot of problems both financially and in the home front. Matha Amritanandamayi had come to a place near to our town. Every one talked about her and I went to see her with my mother and was unable to  get a darshan due to heavy crowd. I was disappointed. While I was coming back after my leave, in the flight it felt to me like someone was talking to me that "When the time comes you will meet your Guru". I couldn't understand any thing at that time. Incidentally it was my first trip back to work after my marriage and my wife was with me. She was also here in duabi, like me, before marriage and had visited Swamiji earlier, and in one of the poojas Swamiji had told her parents that you will find your son-in-law from here only. And after a month's time after we returned to Dubai, Swamiji was here and we both went to see him in a pooja at Sharjah.

    I was not knowing him, not seen him before. On that day I was having tremendous headache. It was very common for me to have headache, that too very severe. I was planning to go early and was sitting on one corner so that I can skip after some time. I was not aware that time how swamiji was conducting the pooja. My headache became very severe and the crowd also increased and I was unable to move even. Suddenly Swamiji called my friend(who had brought  me to the pooja) by his name and asked him where is the person who had come with you ? He pointed out to me and then Swamiji asked me if I was getting headache. I said yes. He called me and gently touched my forehead and sides and applied viboothi. I could not believe myself where my headache went. I realized that I found my Guru. From then on I made sure that I attend all possible poojas of Swamiji when Swamiji is here.

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