Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai


With the blessings of Swamiji once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands. This is the continuation of previous experience.


Made me to realise my value as zero


Before meeting my Swamiji I had a great feel about myself. I know everything, I am the best, I am almighty etc etc. (which most of us feel). What I felt just vanished the moment I surrendered to my Swamiji. After that I started to wonder who am I? What do I know? Why is their an ego in me when I do not know what will happen in the next second. This realisation gave me a feel that I am zero. There is no value in me and felt that my Swamiji knows everything, so he is number 1 in my life. I would just listen to him and wanted Swamiji to take care of me 100%. I am sure he pulled me towards him and kept me with him. By that he started to pull me (zero), where ever he wanted to take and gave me the feeling of my value increase. I know because of number 1 only this zero is able to get a value. Otherwise I will be nothing. I could see the value increase as from 0, 10, 100, 1000, 10000 and ……. till he decides. Limit is in his hand. My life’s value is in my Swamiji’s hand. What ever happens let me lead my simple life at the feet of my Swamiji.


Escaped the accident on 21.3.02

It was Thursday, I got ready and went for the pooja. When I got into the freeway and was on the fastest lane, I was driving at 120 kmph (my favourite speed). Since it was the first day of the weekend, the freeway was full of cars. Driver of the car behind me flashed the light asking me to move to the next lane. When I tried moving I realised that my speed was not coming down. As usual I called Swamiji. “Where are you now and what do I do? Do something and clear the hassle”. In other lanes the cars were coming continuously. Normally, even if you put the signal, they would not allow to change lanes. I put the hazard lights and moved 3 lanes and went and stopped the car by applying hand brakes. Honestly with Swamiji’s blessing only I escaped from other cars hitting my car.

I called my office driver told him to let the car to be here and tomorrow let me get it checked. Since I was getting late for pooja I asked him to take me there. For me attending the pooja was very important than thinking of my car. When I think of my Swamiji as most important thing, he thinks of my car and arranges the need. Next day morning my mechanic picked up the car and brought it to his garage and repaired it. Once again divine protected me from accident. 


Left his blessed photo’s at home


One day I had certain issues that developed in the office. I wondered how it was happening. Then I realised that the blessed pictures what Swamiji gave me was left behind at home. I excused myself and went back home and when I returned the whole day I enjoyed the work. Is there any relationship between these activities? I do know that when I brought the pictures with me I did not have any problem. My belief in Swamiji protects me. When Swamiji is there, no ill can come closer to me.


Worried about car registration renewal


April 2002, I was worried about my car license renewal. Every year I use to worry and Swamiji would bless me to go ahead. Only with his blessing I always comeback with the car fitness passed. I prayed to Swamiji with special request for next day car passing. During morning pooja I requested to him, "I am scared that without getting your blessing, directly I am going for the passing, please take care of everything". At that time for 1 second the decoration lights in the pooja room flickered. Honestly at that moment all my worries vanished. I said, "now you are here, this blessing is ok". They inspected my car and said reverse lights are not working to get it repaired and comeback. I got my car lights checked previous day and it was ok. Initially, I thought I had to change the bulbs only. Swamiji, finally got me to repair a defect which the electrician did not do for the past 2 years. I am sure this could have become a serious problem, so Swamiji made me to take it very seriously and repair it.


Finding some documents for me within no time


One midnight I was getting ready to sleep then I realised in the morning I needed 3 documents for getting certain personal work done. I knew it was impossible to get those documents so easily, specifically in the midst of documents. Only one thing I said "Swamiji, please help me to find those papers". From 2 different cabinets I flipped the files and opened 3 files all 3 documents came to my hand. Less than 10 minutes I had all the papers. If not for him how could I have got the papers so fast? When we wish He is there to fulfill it.


God’s power was enjoyed but I realised how God did it very lately


Even though I had been enjoying GOD’s assistance but did not realise it, very prominent occasions I shall write now.


  1. My grand mother is a great devotee of Muruga and Valli Amman. Every year she used to go to a divine temple called Kathirgamam and sing bhajans. Since I was young I did not understand much about religion. Without realization as a requested duty by my grand mother, I used to make garlands for her to do the prayer. I enjoyed doing this for her because she used to give me money for collecting flowers and making the garlands for deities.


After my grand mother’s death one day I wished that I wanted to go to this sacred temple (which my grand mother visited), climb the mountain and visit Muruga temple at the peak of the mountain. I requested one of my friend to accompany me and we went over. The period what we chose was a festival time and we could not find any accommodation for us. We had to sleep in an open area and next day morning we climbed the mountain. Since, I was young I thought I had lot of stamina and strength. So, instead of climbing slowly I was in a hurry to climb faster and at times skipped one step. Divine was watching my childishness decided to play with me. Hardly, I climbed 20% of the distance, I became very tired. I informed my friend that I cannot climb so I want to return back. Then he suggested I should drink some water and continue. I took that advice but instead of water I bought aerated water and drank. After climbing few more steps I was feeling tired, went to a side and vomited. Then I decided not to climb any further and to go down. At that time one old lady came to me and asked what happened why I am sitting. I mentioned to her that I am tired I cannot climb any further and after a rest I will walk down. She smiled and said I am very old (she had lot of grey hair) I am climbing, (she pointed a person) see that person with limpness he is climbing. Still you think you cannot climb. Just say Arohara (call the deity) and climb God will take you to him. I just looked at her, said ok and moved to climb the remaining distance. I do not know from where I got the strength and stamina so I kept going and going till I saw the top. When I reached the top there was a well I just drew the water and poured on me and said this is really divine feel. After my prayer I was looking around and I found a person who was wearing a saffron cloth with long curled plaits sitting with closed eyes. Before that moment I had seen people like this in movies and the movies ridicule them. Since this was the first time I had seen one with my naked eyes I was very interested when he would open his eyes. Then I noticed that he was not even breathing. I went closer and looked at him and wondered whether he is dead. I was so clueless about this kind of life. All of a sudden I got scared for if he opens his eyes and give me a curse (as we witness in the movies) by fearing I moved away quickly from there. I think this was my serious encounter with God to make me to realise the power of him. Probably this took place in ’73.


  1. This happened in Feb ’81. When I wanted to marry there was a drama. I did not want to marry a relation because if the marriage, get into a difficult situation, relations might aggravate by getting into two sides and create more tension. Hence, I wanted to marry an outsider. There was a special way of proposal in my marriage. I was very adventurous at that time. Anyway my intended father-in-law contacted my parents and informed that the horoscopes were matching. After my vacation next day morning I was leaving to Saudi Arabia. Both my father and father-in-law agreed that I must see the girl that day itself. When I came back home my father narrated the discussions and asked me to go and see the girl and agree everything. My parents were wonderful in my life. (now I regret that they are not living) I went to their house with my brother-in-law. Since, this was a first time experience I was very nervous. When I was walking into the house I saw a boy and a girl playing badminton. I looked at the boy and asked him about my intended father-in-law and he directed me to go in.


When we went in we sat down and talked few things as what usually happens everywhere. Then the girl’s mother asked me do you want to see the girl? It was like lightening and thunder striking me at once. I was very sociable person but when they asked me to see a girl I could not even digest it. I replied calmly, is that the girl who was playing badminton. Mother said, yes. A quick visualization if the girl is playing badminton she must be ok. So I said to them, it is ok no need to see her. I could not believe what I did. My prayer started off. GOD, it was not even 5 seconds and I did not see her, so I leave everything in your hand if this is the girl please fix it. I do not want to marry and divorce and marry again to another. If I find everything good about this girl and if she changes later what will happen? So I leave it to you and take 100% chance that you will give me a proper girl. I was so calm. Informed them since I was leaving next day morning my parents will do the remaining thing and they could fix up everything with my parents.


When we came out my brother-in-law asked me how did you agree to marry even without seeing her? I in return asked him what I can know about the girl by looking at her. It is ok let me get married and face everything. I could not tell him about what I have requested from GOD. When I reached home I informed my parents that to fix up the marriage. I think it would have been a big joke for them knowing my sociability that I did something like this. My wife is an Amman devotee. 100% sure GOD decided everything because for me it is very evident now with the way the show is going on with her. I am very lucky to get a wife of this nature. I really thank God for the mercy showered.


  1. We got married in June’81, just 2 months later we went to India to visit worshipping places & a friend of my wife in Thirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. My wife kept a vow at Velankanni church so to perform had to travel from Thirunelveli to Madurai by bus and then from Madurai we wanted to get a flight to Trichy and go to Velankanni by bus. So after visiting our friend we proceeded to Madurai. We went to buy the airline ticket. After purchasing the ticket since we had nearly 4 to 5 hours we inquired from the officer what is there to see in Madurai. He asked us whether we want to go to Meenakshi Amman temple and I inquired is it the temple which came in a movie. (I knew the temples from the movies other than that no clue where it was) When he said yes it is the same temple, I requested him to arrange a transport to take us to the temple and afterwards to drop us off at the airport. He arranged the taxi and instructed the driver that we do not know the place, therefore to take us carefully and drop us on time for the flight.


When we arrived at the temple driver asked us to go in and pray, till such time he would rest. When I asked him to come with us, he said he has gone many times and for us to go in calmly pray and come back. We both went inside and I mentioned to my wife, it looks like this temple is very big. So, please note which way we are going so that we will not take wrong path and get lost. Moment I said that I heard a voice behind us.


Lady : Are you both new to this place.

          (We turned and looked at her. She was closer to 55 years)

Self  : Yes, we have come from Sri Lanka.

          (She looked at my wife)

Lady : Why are you keeping the hair loose? Tie it up.

Wife : Ok. (Did not do it)

Lady : I asked you to do tie your hair.

Self  : (Knowing my wife very well that she would not do, I told the lady) She will do.

Lady:  Do you want your husband alive?

Self :  (Shockingly I asked her) Why, what is the problem?

Lady : Only the widows do not tie the hair and leave it loose.   

         (She took my wife’s hair, tied it up and took flower from her basket and kept it on 


Self  : (Jokingly I told my wife) Ranji, I just got married to you, so do not kill me. I want 

         to live longer. (My wife gave me a scary look)

Lady: Shall I guide you both in and tell about the Goddess.

Self  : Thank you for helping us.

         (We followed her and she told us about the place and the Goddess)

Lady: I shall sit here for a while, you both go out this way.

         (She showed the way how we came in. We thanked her for the assistance and

          Turned towards the entrance)       

Self:   (I asked my wife) She is old, shall I give her some money?

Wife : Ok.


I turned and looked for the lady but could not see her. It was an open place and there were people and more over because of her age she was walking very slowly with us. I returned back to my wife and asked whether she saw the lady. She too could not find her. I said to my wife what is happening to us. Who is she? How did she disappear? I said to my wife “it looks like these temples in India are powerful”. We could not find the answer so we walked towards the entrance. When the driver saw us he was so happy.


Driver: Thank god that you came through the correct entrance.

Self    : What do you mean correct entrance?

Driver: This temple has got 4 entrances I forgot to tell you through which entrance you 

            should come out.

Self    : You are a fantastic person. Luckily we met a lady and she guided us.

Driver : Who is she?


I narrated the whole thing to him.


Driver : Sir, you both are very lucky that Amman herself came to guide you both.

Self     : How is it possible? (ignorant)

Driver : There are other miracles because this Amman is very powerful.


I could not understand actually what took place. We were dropped at the airport and we proceeded to Velankanni via Trichy. We did our prayer at the church. My wife wanted me to take the picture of Velankanni mother. I was not willing take pictures because I saw a board mentioning not to take pictures inside. My wife forced and asked me to take the picture from outside the church. Another show unleashed by mother Mary. After we returned back when I developed the pictures all the pictures were nice except this picture. Stunning revelation was in that picture everything was sharp except the statue of mother Mary. That position appeared as a white shadow. Why? No answer in this tiny brain. 


I could not understand these two events at that time. Realised about mother Mary, as not to play with God’s power. If we are smart GOD is much more.


After nearly 20 years realised at the Amman temple how that flower came from the lady to my wife. The basket with flower was supposed to go to deity and how that lady gave it to my wife. Now I realise it was Amman’s leela with us. So Amman’s blessing was there for our wedding.               


  1. My wife and me in ’86 were on a holiday tour and went to Velankanni church again. On our way back to Trichy, we had to change over to another bus at a place called Thanjavur. When we bought the ticket we had around 4 hours to start the journey by bus. So I inquired about what we could see in that area. This person asked me whether we have seen the Periya kovil (big temple). I did not have any clue what it is. Upon my inquiry he said this temple was built by one of the chola’s. Since, we saw that movie about him we wanted to see that temple. We did not realize what was waiting for us over there.


We arrived at the temple and went inside. After we finished our prayer we were given Vibuthi prasad. Priest turned back.


Wife  : Can I get some kumkum.

Priest : This is Siva’s temple here we do not give kumkum.

Self    : In Sri Lanka every temple gives Vibuthi and kumkum.

Priest :  Here we do not give.

Self    : Ok.


We walked out of the temple. We had come down the stairs, half way through we heard someone calling. When we turned and looked him,


Priest : Please come back.


We were wondering why and then we went to him.


Self    : What happened?

Priest : Please follow me.

           (He took us to where he distributed the prasad)

Priest : Please take that kumkum.

Wife  : You told us kumkum is not distributed over here.

Priest : Yes, I am serving in the temple for more than 25 years. I have never seen

            kumkum over here.

Wife  : Then how did you get it now.

Priest : Amma, after you left I just saw the kumkum over here. I think this kumkum is

           meant for you. So take it.

           (We saw more than a dot of kumkum over there. My wife went to touch it. He  

            gave a paper and said)

Priest : Amma, that kumkum is meant for you. So please take the whole thing.


After taking the kumkum my wife and I walked out. We were talking between us the power of the temples in India. How careful and clean both mentally and physically, we should be when we visit these worship areas.       


  1. Nearly 5 years we were without children. We checked up ourselves in India, Sri Lanka and Kuwait. Doctor’s were confused we both were ok but still why my wife was not conceiving. As usual we were getting odd questions (especially torture for my wife) from others. One day we were told by my mother-in-law to keep a vow at Mangadu Amman temple to bless us with a child. My wife started to fast on Tuesdays. She also requested me to do so. Since, I had go to work I avoided doing the fasting. One day my company general manager (he is from Lebanon) took us out for dinner.


GM  :What are you both planning on your parenthood?

Self  : We both are waiting patiently we do not know why it is not happening?

GM  : Why do not you adopt a child?

Self  :I do not mind but she does not want that way.

Wife :I know I can have a child. I am praying for it but he does not care.

GM  : What is the problem?

Wife : I am doing fasting to Goddess and he does not do it with me.

GM  : Why are you not doing it?                                     

Self  : She wants me to fast Tuesday’s till noon, since I am working how I can do


GM  : What is your problem, till when do you have to fast?            

Self  : Till noon

GM  : I am Christian, I do not know about your religion. When your wife asks, you help   

         her by respecting her wish. If she believes this way she can get a child you do it.          

Self  : How can I do it on working day? You know my working pressure.            

GM  : Ok we shall do one thing. On Tuesday you come to work after taking your food.             

Self   : You must be joking, ok I shall fast with her but I will come to work on time.                               

GM  : So long you do what your wife wants it is ok for me. Are you happy Mrs. Natesu?            

Wife : Yes. I hope he will do.                 

GM  : If he do not just let me know. 

Self  : Do not worry I will do it.


I fasted for nearly three months and we had to go to UK on a personal trip. At that time we planned to go to a famous hospital and check up ourselves. Moment we reached in London, UK we tried to get an appointment. We were informed for next 4 months they cannot give us an appointment. So we got an appointment after 4 months then we were planning how to attend the appointment. Strangely when we checked up one day it was confirmed that my wife was pregnant. Even when her relations said not to travel back to Kuwait that she is 3 months pregnant I was very strong in my view that Goddess gave this child after waiting so long. If she wants to take the child away let her take. Fortunately, we had our first child without any complication. We were shown Amman’s presence by my wife having chickenpox the day after child birth and my daughter had 15 days after her birth. What else was needed to show right through as my wife believed? Amman was with her through out the pregnancy.


God showed the presence to his devotee. God tested us to see whether we would leave our belief in God. How a stranger made me to do the fasting? When we both left it to God we got the gift of a child so miraculously.


  1. During Iraqi invasion in Kuwait in 1990 I was living with my family. As the situation started to get worst we had to leave Kuwait via Iraq to Jordan and from there we had to travel by flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka. After two months of invasion we left Kuwait. Since my children were small I hired a taxi to take us directly to Jordan. In Iraq we stopped over for a break at a friend’s house and went to Royal Jordanian Airlines and reconfirmed that flight tickets were paid and tickets to be picked in Amman, Jordan. Till we reached Jordan border we were ok. At the border even though we had visa to enter Jordan, authorities were nasty and did not let us in. We got stuck in the dessert in tent. I was very worried about my wife’s health because with her arthritis problem leg started to swell. Thinking of the children (daughter of 3years and son of 2years) my wife refused to stay at the medical facility. Second day a Sri Lankan authority visited us and I explained my situation and asked them to get the tickets from the airline office and bring it to the camp facility. As they promised they came back next day and gave me the documents back and said there were no tickets for us. I was completely shattered. I walked out of the office carrying my son. Who else can I complain? I looked up and said how can these authorities deceive us? I do not know what to do now. God where are you? How this is happening to us. Please help me. I do not want my family to suffer in any way.


Then I heard;


Voice  : My son, how are you?

Self     : I am not fine. (Then I saw the voice was a catholic priest)

Father : I can see that can you tell me what happened.


I narrated the whole thing.


Father : Do you trust me.

Self     : Father at this moment I will even trust the devil.

Father : You give me the documents I will go to the airline office and bring your tickets.


Then he took me in his jeep and saw the condition of my wife and said surely, you     should not be staying here and left us. He promised to come next day to the office at 11 am and left.


Next day I reached the office and stayed there for nearly one hour. He did not come back and I was very worried because even the ticket documentation what I had too got lost. I returned back to my tent and explained to my wife. I was praying to God asking him why he is punishing us. Especially my children who are too small, I did not want them to catch any sickness. Within another 15 minutes someone called my name and when I checked it was Fr. Paul.


Father : Why did not you come to the office?

Self     : Father, I came there and waited for nearly 1 hour and returned back.

Father : I asked you to come at 11 am why did not you come?

Self     : I came there at 11 am and waited nearly 1 hour and few minutes back only I

            came back.     

Father : Now it is 11.15 am.

Self     : My watch shows 12.15 father.

Father : Oh! do not you know that the clock was set today for winter?

Self     : No father.


What a confusion God created for me to believe or not to believe. He showed me the             tickets. I was stunned. When my embassy officials could not handle it, this father had            brought our tickets from the airline. Amazing show of God’s power.


Father : Get ready we are leaving.

Self     : Father, will they allow us to leave?

Father : I will ensure today you are leaving.

Self     : Ok, father we will get ready.

Father : Now I will go and conduct mass for the devotees and come back to take you all.

Self     : Ok father.


After he left with greatest reluctance we got ready. When he finished the prayer came           and loaded the bags and took us to the office. He asked my family to stay inside the jeep with the sister’s who accompanied him and requested me to walk with him to the office and spoke to the officer in charge of the camp. When he refused to let us go he showed the tickets and said that he is taking us directly to the airport and sends us out of the country. Finally after 1 hour father convinced this man to let us go. When they wanted to give me the passports there was another problem. They had nearly 11,000 passports and they had divided it in 4 lots. My lot had nearly 3000 passports. I was very nervous. They started very slowly because that day they did not want to send me out on time to board the flight. I approached father and asked him to find out whether I could have a look at the passports. When he inquired laughingly they said ok. Since, I was looking for an indication which was put by my company on my passport within 10 minutes I was able to locate my passport along with my wife’s passport. That officer did not expect for me to locate the passports. Then he said they need a Jordanian guarantor for me to leave the country. I looked at father and asked what is this father, it looks like they do not want me to leave from here. He asked them do you have any other condition for him to leave they said no but get the guarantor. He requested me to wait there and walked away. Another 5 minutes he appeared with the camp administrator who is Jordanian. Father, requested him to sign the paper and looked at me and whispered to me “go to the car and wait”. While I was approaching towards the car I heard some noise when I turned and saw it was the father and administrator came running and father was screaming at me get into the car. I too ran and got into his Pajero and sat. He got in and camp administrator apologized to me and wished us good luck. Immediately, father took off. When I tried finding out what happened in the office he requested me to wait and continued driving. When we approached the main gate he handed over the paper to the guard. When he tried to call the office, Father spoke to the guard and said he is taking us to the airport. If there is any delay I would miss the flight and he is not bringing us back. Guard decided to let us go. After few minutes drive he requested us to put the shutter down and enjoy the great escape and freedom. I told him father it is indeed a great escape.


Then he said I am not taking you all to the airport. I am taking you to Mother Theresa’s home and I have arranged a room for you all to stay and relax for 2 days. Once you are ready to travel I will come and take you to the airport. Our Son became sick and was taken to a proper hospital and was treated carefully. I could not imagine if it had taken place inside the camp what we could have done. After 2 days as promised, father came and took us to the airport and sent us home graciously. To my surprise after 2 months he came to Sri Lanka and saw us in our home.      


  1. Even though our daughter was born in ’87 finally we went to perform our vow in ’91. That too just after death of Rajiv Gandhi. Everyone in Sri Lanka advised us not to visit India for security reasons. I was determined that we should go and fulfill our vow. When we reached Chennai we went to Mangadu Amman temple and had darshan. As I narrated in one of my Previous Experience a devotee seeing me with Swamiji but I could not. I thought I was with God but actually somebody had seen that realistically. God was showing his presence to me and said every time I was showing you myself why you are not realizing it? Since I did not realise God said I shall wait for the right time to show you. Yes that strike of reality came in ’96 after 5 years of coming so close to me.  


I used to wonder how powerful prayers my wife has got. When she asked Amman is responding to her requests. The miraculous experiences when she was with me stunned me. I used to pray to God to do everything for me and keep me relaxed. I wondered how God was listening to my request and till he does, I do not know whether he would do it or not. When it happens I used to say, yes God you have done it, thank you. When I was left all my requests to God, it would have increased severe tension to God himself. God had to do so many things what I request, so he was getting fed up with me. Day to day my troubles might have given him headaches. Hence, he decided to send Swamiji to me and made me to relax. Now I do not have to wait wondering whether it will happen or not. GOD is directly dealing with me and making sure that I am relaxed.


Dear readers, please recall in my previous experience in year ’98, Swamiji telling me, “you leave all your problems to me and you relax”. My GOD gave me such a powerful blessing and I got finally what I wanted. This was like after the Tapas GOD gives boon. In my case, I did not do any tapas, but I got nothing else other than my GOD Swamiji himself as a boon. Now let me tell you, both my Swamiji and Amma is Arthanareeswar. They both are like Siva and Parvathi. I have gone through tremendous experiences of seeing both of them together. When both of them wish me it is like how parent’s love wish. I no longer miss my mother and father. The way they both take care of me only my heart can feel the love. My Swamiji, is so powerful when I wish anything to him it will happen but he always says that he will pray for me. In my case I am telling everything to my Swamiji and he is doing it. I do not know how he does and I do not want to analyse how he does it. Only thing I want is that for him to do what I request. For me, when I mentioned to Swamiji I do not have to worry about it. The experiences what he shows are lessons in our life how to trust God and faithfully leave it to him and Swamiji (my God) will lead us to do what we wish.


I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.


Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.



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