Experience: Anjali Jayant Shirke (Anjana)

Jay Sri Ram Swamiji.  Please accept my pranams.  Here I would like to give my experiences. I met Swamiji for the first time on 31st July 2003 in Abu Dhabi during a puja in one of the devotee’s residence. That day Swamiji just asked me about my property and the original documents of property in India and when I will be going to India.  I told Swamiji that they must be with my brother in law who look after my property.  When I went to India, I remembered Swamiji's words and asked my brother in law about the original documents, to our surprise the original documents were not with my brother in law nor with us.  Then we approached the builder who told us that before 15 years he had submitted the papers to the corporation office for stamp duty and the registration.  He gave us the reference, by Swamiji's blessings we got the original papers within four days without much hassles.  It's really surprising we purchased the property before 15 years and forgot the original documents, which were lying in the corporation office for 15 years.  Really I thank Swamiji if he would have not given us the hint we would have not realized about the fact. Since then I attended several puja's of Swamiji. Thank you very much Swamiji for everything u did for us.

So far whatever Swamiji told us every thing came true.  Swamiji told my son that within 45 days he will be traveling to Australia. Accordingly within the next week he got the telephone call from Australia, had the interview on telephone, he resigned from the job in Abu Dhabi and joined the company in Australia without much hassles.  Today my son is very happy and is strong devotee of Swamiji. 

During Swamiji's puja we feel real divine power when he sings the Bhajans.  Specially when he sings the bhajan "Om Namah Shivay " I see him in God Shankar form and with Swamiji when Ramaji is singing the same song in between with saa re gaa maa that time from her divine voice as if the ganga is flowing from Lord Shankar's head to the earth.

Swamiji please forgive me if I have done any mistakePlease bless us.  WE NEED YOUR PRECIOUS BLESSINGS, please be with me all the time. Once again thank you.

Jay Sri Ram

Anjali Jayant Shirke (Anjana)


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