My Dear Swamyji,

Today You are guiding me hands to write this email to You.  With Your blessings, I write this.

I began writing this in rough on 20th November 2005 at 18.09 hours. I heard of Vikraman Swamy through friends.  I first met him many years ago.  He predicted that, "all would be solved and well with my son Darius".  This came true.  The incident took its time but all ended well.

A few years later, I was in the car of my girl friend.  I was worried, as my husband was not feeling well.  My girl friend said "Swamy was staying in Bur Dubai, why do you not go and meet Him".  I had prayed to Sri Satya Sai Baba, whom we had personally met in 1974 for guidance and help.  I believe in my heart that Sai Baba lead me to Vikraman Swamy.

Bomi and I went to the residence on Friday morning.  We waited patiently only to be told to come the next day.  Well, it was Saturday and Bomi has a holiday.  Again we went and heard Swamy singing Bhajans.  Prasad was given to us but Swamy would not see us.  He sent a message to come to a Bhajan in a villa in Jumeira at 9 p.m.  Each time Bomi and I left, sad, disappointed but convinced that what happened, was for the best.

That evening Bomi and I got to this villa at 9 p.m.  Swamy came around 10 p.m.  He radiated an unexplained Aura.  We took to Him immediately.  We went to Him early for Darshan as next day Bomi had an Ultra Sound appointment for his Gall Stones.  Swamy said that He would put us on to the right Doctor and be with us.  That is what Swamy did.  The operation, as the doctor said, was one of the most complicated 82 operations he had ever done and that some supernatural power was guiding his hand.  Thank You Swamy for saving Bomi's life.

 In this incidence from the beginning Swamy showed that patience and trust counted.

 Satya Sai Baba, through a long time Devotee of His, gave us an orange coloured silk material, which Baba used. This was presented to us on 11th June 1987 at 9.15 p.m.  The first time Vikraman Swamy came to our Residence and sat on a Chair with this orange silk material was 11th June 1987 at 9.15 p.m.  Swamy said he would come on 10th June but postponed it.  He came instead on 11th June, the same date and time that Sri Satya Sai Baba's Devotee had presented the orange material to us.  This showed us that Swamy knew of the incident.

Sri Satya Sai Baba during our Personal Interview had given me orange coloured ladoos.  One for myself and 13 more materialized for the guests inside the Interview room.  Vikraman Swamy, too, gave me one orange coloured laddoo and then gave me 13 more to distribute.  These two incidences convinced me "Gurudeve is one".  They are all instruments of the One God.

 Vikraman Swamy says He "plays with His Devotees".  Only so recently as on 17th November 2005 He told me that I enjoyed the food during the Diwali and Idd celebrations.  Yes, I had tasted a traditional dish on Idd (3.11.05) for the first time.  I offered it first to Vikraman Swamy and said, "Swamy, how delicious it is, may I eat more?".  All this was said in my mind.  Swamy had heard it.  Swamy asked me how many new sarees I had recently received.  I replied, "Two".  "No, three", He said.  True my sister had given me one which I was to wear to my Children's Hope Foundation Gala Dinner on 16th November 2005 but I put it back.  It is still new.  "Did you receive your new Champals?”  "Yes, Swamy I had left them by mistake on Bombay and my house guest brought them on 8th November.  Then Swamy told me that something was wrong with my car.  "Yes", Swamy saved me from worn our brakes.  He said that He was sitting in my car and something was not working.  "Yes, my electronically moving front seat's mechanism was disconnected. Swamy's Picture is near my gear box and comes everywhere with me..  Whatever and whenever I am thinking of Vikraman Swamy, He is there for me.  How often during a Pooja He will ask me how my Daddy is or how are Laila and Darius.  If we have had a conversation on the telephone. He knows it all.  These incidences show Swami’s omnipresence.

Two years ago just three weeks before my Charity Gala Dinner I twisted my ankle very badly.  I was really distraught thinking how would I manage.  I thought of Vikraman Swamy, my Gurudev and telephoned Him.  He picked up my call.  His soothing voice was like a balm and nectar to my ears.  He said that I would be well and that no bone was broken and I would be well for the Big Dad.  Now by the evening, my ankle became blue and really swollen.  Bomi took me to the emergence dept. of the hospital at 9 p.m.  The doctor X-rayed the foot and said that my bone was fractured and put me in a plaster.  Three days later I went to see the Orthopedic Surgeon.  He saw the first X-ray and said that no bone was broken and the plaster should be removed.  The crack in the X-ray was showing an old wound that I had many years ago.   I went home with joy.  In a few days the swelling subsided and I danced the night away at my Gala Dinner.  Swamy’s words had come true.

When my mind is in conflict, I am troubled and cry out for help and longingly crave to hear His Voice, my Swamy is there for me.  He says, "When you Call, I will be there, when you need Me I will be there and wipe your tears and bring a smile to your face BUT Believe in Swamy, Trust in Swamy.

When things are not going right, we are hasty for Swami’s intervention.  This intervention comes only when He ordains it, as He only knows when that time is right.  Here we need to have full Trust in Him.  When Swamy asks us to do certain things, we as humans do not know our capabilities and we say, "no".  He chides us and corrects us.  We must be prepared to be moulded by Him.  We take one step forward Swamy said He would take a hundred steps forward to guide us.

Swamy, God says, "I have made all".  Man has made rules.  We have broken God into pieces.  God is one.  He is the Malik of all places.   Human Beings change.  God remains the same, unattached, at all times.

On Friday, 25th November 2005 Swamy invited a few of us to a Pooja in another Emirate.  Here He treated us like VIP's.  He showed me how concerned He was of my Health by saying that I would be the same for many years.  I could only think of my aches and pains that I was having at that time. Then Swamy said, "Did you not listen to me when I said you would live a long, health life?".  Here, I learnt that we must listen intently to Swamy when He speaks to us and not think of minor ailments.  He always says, "See how patiently and quietly Bomi is sitting",  "I know his problems and He believes and Trusts Me".

I end Swamy.  I pray this reaches You safely.  I already pressed a wrong button.

Swamy, I pray that I do not waver in my thoughts and stay steadfast to You, take happiness and sadness with equanimity.

Pray for Your Guidance to Bomi, Darius, Laila and me.  Remember us in Your Prayers.  I pray to keep us in good health and that Bomi and I come to You to celebrate our Golden Wedding Anniversary at Your Lotus Feet and we keep healthy and well to see Darius and Laila happily married and settled with children. 

Please help Bomi solve the problems.  You know what I mean. I end by asking You, Please be near me and come in my Dreams.

Love, Deena

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