Swamiji’s Miracles

Thanking our dear Swamiji for enabling me to pen down my experiences and feelings to share with all our fellow devotees.

Almost 3 years back I got a very good offer from a Bank. So, as usual I asked Swamiji about the offer informing Him about the package, etc. But, Swamiji advised me to continue in the same job. So I refused the offer. But for the next 1one and half years I had to face lot of problems in the current job and often I used to wonder about the Bank job offer; However, keeping 100 % faith in Swamiji, I carried on in the job. Subsequently, I came to know that the Bank in which I was offered a job was on the verge of closure, and the person who had picked up that position which I had refused, was already back in India!!! He and Only He knows what is good and for whom; our human mind can only think and argue, why? But He has answers to all. I don’t need to repeat; He knows our past, present and future. And without Him there is no future for us.

5th September: As I completed 15 years in the company, I was expecting a letter of appreciation or some sort of recognition, but that was not to be. The management blamed me for some high security breach in the internal IT. Instead of appreciation letter, I was in for a warning letter for no fault of mine. What do we do? Only Swami. We prayed and prayed. Ultimately the solution came. After intense investigation, the management found out the real reason and I was spared from the warning letter.

13th September: our division head called for a meeting and declared to cut down costs and as part of the agenda I was to be relocated in Iran with or without family with the choice left to us. As the offer was not acceptable to me, I decided to look for a new job.

Highly upset I prayed to Swamiji. Prior to this we had tried to contact Swamiji in Chennai, but He was not available. So again, I tried Chennai hoping to leave a message. But, wonder of wonders, Swamiji Himself picked up the call. This was miracle in itself. He said: “Nothing to worry, they can’t do anything to you. When you meet me next time you will be free from this problem, slowly all the problems will disappear, however you don’t accept this offer of relocation.” This happened at around 7 p.m., after gaining lot of confidence from Swamiji’s words, I called a senior manager and narrated my woes; he also used the same words as Swami: “Don’t worry, we will take care and you don’t accept relocation offer”.

Finally, after intense discussion with the CEO of the company we reached an agreement that I will visit Iran 2-3 days per month or as required and continue the same position in Dubai.

See, what a change, this is only and only because of our 100% faith and belief in Him. His love for us speaks volumes.

This one incident is quite hilarious involving Mr. Krishnamoorthy, my colleague and me. Sometime during Swamiji’s visit in early 2005, He told Mr.Krishnamoorthy, “I am going to change your boss”. We were aghast. As I was his boss at that time I thought that I had to hunt for a new job! But what happened was that Mr. Krishnamoorthy got transferred to a different department! We humans can understand only little; His words hold lots and lots of depth. He took care of both the devotees in His unique method.


We once again thank Swamiji for all the guidance and love showered on us. Everyday and every second there is a miracle in our lives. Can we all count the number of times we call out Swamiji? No, because He is constantly in our heart, mind and soul. People in love think of their beloved every second. We all are in love with our Swami who resides in our homes and hearts. We call out to Him for everything and we definitely get the answers too. He brings with Him love, brightness, and energy to live. He is our confidence.

Swami is the head of our family. He is the unseen guest at every meal. He is the silent listener at every conversation. Our humble pranams to our dearest Swamiji’s feet.

Kanakaraj, Dubai

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