Our First Meeting with Swamiji

We had an opportunity to meet Swamiji for the first time in April, 2004. A friend mentioned that a revered Swamiji was on a visit to Kuwait and would be holding a prayer that night at Mr. Banerjee's place. I may mention here that at that time we did not know Mr.Banerjee too well and were therefore a little hesitant to go there. However my husband called Mr. Banerjee and asked whether we could be present at the prayer to which he extended a warm welcome.

But there was a problem .We would not be able to leave the prayer till Swamiji permitted us and that could go on upto the early hours in the morning. I was naturally hesitant to keep my son awake all night. Although my husband was very keen, I said that it would not be proper to keep him awake all night. For an hour or so we drove in and around Salmiya where Mr. Banerjee lived then. As soon as we took the motorway to go back home my son began to cry saying he would not go home without meeting Swamiji!

At once my husband took the opportunity and we reached the prayer meeting at 11 p.m. I enetered the prayer room and sought Swamiji's blessings. He smiled with compassion and asked me to bring those who had come with me also. Then he spoke to us for a long time as if he was a long lost acquaintance. He spoke of my husband's visit to Shimla and his trip to the Hanuman Mandir there. He also mentioned about his sister's art-of-living classes that even we were not aware of. He asked me about my headache, an affliction which I suffer from since childhood. He blessed my son and husband. In fact we almost felt as if he was waiting for us. It was a great experience. We left the meeting at 5 a.m. without any feeling of tiredness. And we felt that Swamiji himself had called us through our son and taken us within his fold.

Our Relationship with Swamiji

Since then Swamiji became our mentor, friend, philosopher, and guide. He has enabled us to face difficult situations with courage and has been a pillar of strength. He says that in every situation we should do our best and he will be there to fill the gaps. This has proved to be true a number of times. Many devotees have said time and again and we too agree that Swamiji's miracles happen in a natural way over a period of time and only the person concerned realises his blessing. His teachings make us realise that we should learn to be thankful for the blessings.


We were on a personal visit to Chennai en route to Puttuparthy in August 2004 during which we visited Swamiji's Ashram at Nanganallur. Unfortunately we could not meet him as he was not there. However, we could speak to him on telephone the next morning. e blessed us for a very good drshan of Sri Satya Sai Baba which we eventually did have without any hurdles.

Swamiji visited Kuwait in March 2004 during which he told us that within a few days we would get a very good news.That too turned out to be true. It was during this visit that he came to our house and lit the lamp. He spoke to us and his teachings/advice gave us tremendous happiness and peace. He told us that our job was to continue to do good and be of service to others. The rest would automatically follow.

I may mention that my child did not have any playmates in our building. Swamiji said that very soon he would have lots of kids to play with. This turned out to be true as within two weeks of His visit two families with a total of six children shifted in.

Often Swamiji says a few things in a very ordinary way and at that time we may not be attentive. It is only later that we realise the depth of his so called simple words.

Swamiji and Amma have blessed us with their visits to our home. We are indeed fortunate to have found our Sadguru in Swamiji. A sadguru as everybody knows is like a guide who helps us to realise God and keeps us away from obstacles that we may find on our pursuit of the Almighty. May Swamiji continue to shower blessings on us and all his devotees.

Our Realisation

Our association with Swamiji has taught us that firm belief and faith in Him can solve our problems and bring peace and happiness in our lives. It is not for any materialistic gain that we should seek his blessings but for the peace, confidence, and courage that He provides us to move on in our lives.

Om Sri Sri Sri Sadguru Vikraman Swamine Namaha

Dr. Ashim Kumar Lahiri, Mrs. Sukanya Lahiri, and Amritash Lahiri

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