My Experiences

I met Swamiji on 28th April 2005 and I was very casual and just wanted to know what was so great about him. When I approached him, he asked me whether it was my first visit. He mentioned about my house in Madurai and whether it was sold at a loss. He mentioned about a person who used to talk about me always? He predicted that I would buy tow houses. He remarked that my daughter resembled me and that a known doctor would do a surgery on her.  He said that I would get my driving licence and so many things. The following working day my boss and me were discussing about him. And to check what he had said was right or wrong, I rang up my brother-in-law who lived in Mumbai. He said, “Where are you? There is no call from you. We talk about you whenever we watch a TV serial in which an actor resembles you.”  And in July, we went to India and believe it or not, a known ENT surgeon introduced to us by a friend in Trivandrum did a surgery on our daughter and with the blessings of Swamiji, it was successful.

All these are nothing; he was with me and took care of my family and me during September 2005 to June 2006 when I had a very bad time. During this period he did lot of miracles, the most important is regarding my wife’s job. The landlord increased the rent by 30% and we were in trouble and I asked my wife to look for a better job. She got one but it was split shift. Swamiji’s holy feet stepped in my house in March 2006 when we had a very nice discussion on various topics. At the end my wife explained about the new job to Swamiji and asked him whether she could accept the offer. He smiled and asked her to ‘take the letter’. The very next day my wife tendered her letter of resignation, which was not accepted and there was no reply from the management. I asked her to keep cool. At the end of the day her boss told her that the management had decided to hike her salary by almost 55%. Then only we realised why Swamiji had asked her to ‘take the letter’. My situation also improved as my company recovered from a coma stage and started walking. With his blessing I got driving licence and could buy a car. We always remember his song, “Trust me believe me…” Several such miracles have occurred in our life us in a short period of time. And he receives all the messages I sent through his photographs and some times I shout at him. I treat him as my best friend. I attend all his pujas in UAE and I always feel that he is next to me and watching and listening to me. I pray to him to shower blessings to all the people in this world.

Jai Sri Rama, Jai Sri Rama, Jai Sri Rama

B. Nagarajan, Abu Dhabi

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