We met Swamiji 5-1/2 years ago. At that time I was working as a sales manager and was facing a lot of tension. One of the customers had promised to pay his due of dhs 10,000.00. But he didn't turn up for six months and my company decided to cut the amount from my salary. When I went to meet Swamiji, I took the customer's visiting card in my pocket. When we met Swamiji, he asked me the visiting card of the party and told us that we are going to get the full amount within a week. At that time I was not having that much deep faith in god. We received the money not in a week, but within 3 days and also an order for another two hundred thousand was settled.

    That day onwards I started praying to Swamiji. To read Ramayana we require only 3 hours but to say or write about our Swamiji it will take days or even months.

    We all go to see god in temple's or churches or mosques but when we have our god in hand why should we go to any other place. God can't give anything to anybody directly, but god is coming in the form of Swami who can guide, protect us directly, provided we surrender cent percent to him and do our duty with sincerity and trust.

    Another incident to me and my wife is that when my wife became pregnant for the third time when she should not have been pregnant. After the second delivery with caesarian and diabetic complications, the third delivery should not have happened. Unfortunately it did happen and Swami protected my wife. I sent her to India and got her treated. Before this I told to my mother in India about Swami and asked her to go and meet Swami. She met and Swami told to my mother that she would meet her grandson within a week. But my mother didn't trust at that time because we were in Dubai.

    But once Swami says something it definitely will happen. Like that my wife went to Bombay, India and I asked my mother to go to Bombay too, to meet my wife and my son.

    Swami told my wife regarding the job and my wife got it that day itself. Swami also told about an increment and it also happened.

    Swami has given to us everything including the company I own. Whenever I want to do anything I would get the guidance from Swami. Whenever we were in problem, Swami protected us .by the grace of Swami we are getting peace of mind.

    I had to leave my previous company as per the rule that restricted entry into Dubai for 6 months to one year, which was put to the resident visa holders. Even though we were in Dubai for 4 years at that time we couldn't save much and we were faced with a question of where to go or what to do. But due to Swami's protection, our family escaped from this rule.

    Before coming to our own business I got into a partnership with my distant cousin. He kicked me off after knowing the business know how, visa, and profit details. But Swami put me in perfect position and due to him only we got now a branch in Dubai also. All people working here are totally under his blessing and guidance.

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