Sumita Bannerjee

It gives us immense pleasure to write about our dear Swamiji. We love to discuss and write about all the experiences we get to know under our beloved Swamiji’s chatrachaya. We literally do not have any wish or need to ask for as our Swamiji is always there with us to take us towards our goal. I don’t know where to start as each and every moment we get to see our dearest Swamiji’s miracles. I would like to share some of them with all of you.

Starting with the recent ones i will go to the past slowly. After Swamiji’s arrival, the very 2nd day a big puja in one of our devotees place. Swamiji, asked my son Arjun, “Arjun do you want to ask anything?” My son replied “Swamiji, i would like to continue my karate class but my parents are not ready as i am in class x now.” Swamiji said “don’t worry i will take care of that.” He was talking to Arjun about many other things that day and we told that it seems to be your day Arjun. He was very happy to get Swamiji after a long gap of one year. During this week once Swamiji asked Arjun a name “Suresh”, Arjun replied that “yes Swamiji, Mr. Suresh is my master in karate class”. It has hardly a week past, on a Thursday morning at the breakfast table Arjun again started asking me “mom please ask papa to talk to the master”. My husband promised him that he will talk to the master. I must tell the story behind stopping his karate class to the readers. We have shifted to a new place and Arjun’s school and karate class is around 40 km. Away from our new place. He is somehow managing the school with the school bus but we were unable to take him to the karate class because of the distance. We have spoken to the nearby karate classes but the coaches are not ready to take unless a permission from the former master. We have spoken to the master Mr. Manoj & Mr. Suresh and they are not ready to send him to any other place. The same Thursday my husband went to Toyota Car Company for some work and he met Mr. Manoj, the 2nd master of Arjun’s karate class. He told him that we were discussing about them as we are thinking about Arjun’s class. Mr. Manoj said that the previous day only they were discussing about Arjun and they have decided to take Arjun to the previous karate class and also will provide him transportation. He said that we do not want loose Arjun. We were so happy and informed Arjun about it. He was really thanking Swamiji and narrating his experience to one of our friends with a great joy. Our beloved Swamiji takes care of such small wishes of his devotees and showers happiness and joy. Our Swamiji is always with us, each and every moment of our life. Thank you Swamiji for all your love and care.

In Kuwait, the school vacation is only during June to august. We were planning for Arjun’s thread ceremony but that year there was no date for upanayan. We thought of Kalighat temple, because if the upanayan takes place in Kalighat temple of Kolkata then you do not require any shuva mahurat, similar to Tirupati and Jagannath temple of Puri. Any date & time is shuva if you have any occasions inside the premises of Kalighat. We have arranged his upanayan and as he is the only son, all our relatives started objecting on this decision. We asked our Swamiji and he gave us permission and we have taken the final steps. We have posted the invitation card to Swamiji. Normally these ceremonies take place at the nat mandir of Kalighat temple. Nath Mandir is situated opposite to the main kali temple. It is a covered place where bhakta sits and pray, sing bhajans etc. Our Swamiji had to arrange something special for us. We have got a place next to Shiva temple. It is a small marbled place attached to the Shiva temple. The upanayana took place next to the window of shivalinga. We have started at 9:00 a.m. And got over at 3:45 p.m. All our relatives surprised to see the arrangements. They could not believe that such arrangements can be done in Kalighat temple. That was Swamiji who has done all the arrangements and we have felt his presence each and every moment. While writing this experience the replay of the whole occasions came in my mind and I still feel the joy thinking of the same. As soon as we finished the ceremony we gave a call to Swamiji and he only received the call and blessed all of us. We have finished a responsibility without facing any problem and that is because of our beloved Swamiji only. Thank you Swamiji for everything. Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji.

Swamiji asked me whether I have spoken to my daughter Pinky who is studying in India. I have replied, “No Swamiji, I have sent her a sms.” He did not say anything but repeated the same question for the three consecutive days. Then I asked Swamiji whether he wants me to talk to her or he wants to talk to her. Swamiji, smiled and said you will talk and even i can talk also. That was too late in the night so we did not call her immediately thinking that next morning we will call her. Next morning we called & spoke to her. In the same afternoon she sent me a msg asking that “why did you sounded so weird in the morning? Did Swamiji say anthing?” I was crossing her thinking may be she has done something wrong. But she repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. Then I told her the truth that Swamiji asked whether we have spoken to her or not for three consecutive days. She immediately said “ yes because Swamiji knows that since he came to Kuwait you did not call me and did not reply properly to my msg also. You all are very busy with Swamiji and forgot your daughter”. I realized that she missed us as almost everyday I speak to her and send her atleast 4 to 5 msgs. Since Swamiji is here I hardly sent her 2 or 3 msgs and spoke to her only once in last 7 days. Swamiji knew her feeling and that was the reason he was reminding us to call her. Thank you Swamiji for taking care of such small things of our daily life. Thank you for guiding us in each and every step. Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji.

We feel Swamiji’s presence each and every moment. Everyday we gather plenty of experiences of our Swamiji and his presence in our daily life. Sometimes if we loose something then we go to Swamiji’s picture and ask him to find it for us and in no time we can get it in hand. Swamiji never leave us alone and we can feel his presence every now and then. This sort of feeling gives us courage to cope up with daily routine. We remember him always, in our good time and our bad time. Whenever something happens we feel that this is his blessing only. When we have hard time then we pray to him and things get better in no time at all. This is our beloved Swamiji. Our Swamiji’s smile is always in our mind. Here i am narrating an experience of my friend. Mr. Maini and Jasvinder is a long time friend of ours. They are always disturbed because of something and the other and there is no stability in their life. They want to settle down and arrange marriage for their eldest daughter puja. Jasvinder heard from us about Swamiji and told me “if Swamiji comes during my stay in Kuwait then please let me know. I would like to have his darshan”. There was a big puja on a Thursday and Swamiji asked us to call all our friends, whoever wishes to come. Since morning i have called couple of them and by mid day my husband received a call from one of Swamiji’s devotee that there is couple of phone nos. Which they want us to call and confirm. My husband was taking down the names and one of them was Mr. Paul Singh. We were surprised to hear this name as so far there was no Mr. Singh came for his puja and none of us know this gentleman. Suddenly I realized that Swamiji wants me to inform Mr. Maini and Jasvinder as I have completely forgot about them. That is the reason this name came out. I immediately called Jasvinder and informed her about puja. They attended the puja that day and were blessed by Swamiji. Swamiji, from the beginning started talking to them and they were surprised to know all his Karishma. They have realized about his power and were very happy to get such a valuable chance. Swamiji asked Mr. Maini “do you want to go to UK?” Mr. Maini answered, “if you send me Swamiji, I would love to go to UK.” There were many conversations regarding Puja’s marriage etc. They got the blessing and went back home. Next day when we called them they told us that Jasvinder’s mother called them and gave them news, which even they could not believe. The news is that there is a marriage proposal from London for puja. We were all very happy and thanked Swamiji. They are very happy to get the blessing from Swamiji. Swamiji, we all love you very much. Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji.

Swamiji suddenly asked me in one of the devotees house, “Mithu what about your promotion?” I replied, “Swamiji, my boss is waiting since long time for a promotion, if he gets then I will be promoted also.” Everybody started laughing and our beloved Swamiji gave his famous smile. He said, “ yes it is there, you will get your promotion.” Hardly five or six months later my boss got his long awaited promotion and carried me along as Swamiji blessed and predicted. I have got my promotion and very happy with the new office and everything. I have thanked him for all his love and care. This is our Swamiji, without whom we are nothing at all. We always pray for his blessing and his kripa drishti. Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji.

My husband says that “Swamiji always bless you with promotion, increment and even for others but never blessed me with an increment or so. Suddenly last year Swamiji for the very first time told my husband, “Banerjee, you will get an increment.” He was very happy but he wondered that in a ministry normally increment and promotion was very rare. That was last April when Swamiji came here. All the ministry staff got their salary revised just before Swamiji’s arrival this year. He told Swamiji that he got his increment. Swamiji smiled. Thank you Swamiji for all your blessing, care and protection. Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji.

My brother always misses the first day puja of Swamiji in Kuwait. But our beloved Swamiji never forgets to ask me about ‘raja’ my brother. Swamiji went to their house last time in the year 2004 to light the lamp. When he was lighting the lamp, Swamiji told my brother “raja i have seen you in Frankfurt”. He was astonished and did not know how to react. Raja is working for the agent of Heidelberg and their head office is in Heidelberg – Germany. He is a service engineer and they always send their engineers for training as and when the new equipments launched. Raja was very new to this company and he never expected training in Germany. He was very happy to get Swamiji’s blessing. Within two months time he was sent to Heidelberg for training. The normal training is always one to two weeks but for raja it was two months. He got a certificate and all the expenses etc. Paid by the company. Swamiji blessed him and he got a special training. By the way, devotees please note that raja had to land at Frankfurt airport to go to Heidelberg. We being the devotees of Sri Swamiji, each and every moment is a miracle for us. We can see and feel many things, which we have never thought of. This is all our beloved Swamiji’s blessing. Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji.

Swamiji says, “Mithu will be charged for another 2 to 3 weeks as she is always thinking. Suddenly at work she will get tensed and immediately she will look at my picture and talk to me. The moment she passes her message to me she is fine. “ It is so true I must admit. For me each and every moment is Swamiji. I rarely leave him alone. It is because I am tensed very easily; rather tension is my daily routine. Either I would put a message in the chat room or will speak to Swamiji’s photograph. Every day for me it is a miracle. I get my answers within a minute or so. This is my every day’s job. Swamiji mentioned that on his last trip to Kuwait. I only know about this as I never discuss or share such matters with others. Our beloved Swamiji is antaryami. So, the word miracle comes to me almost every day. Either it is for myself or for others, I would put an application (as Swamiji says) in front of Swamiji and my lovable Swamiji will fulfill the wish. There is no doubt about it.

Sometimes when I get a job, I feel kind of lost or not sure of the right way of doing but as usual my Swamiji will make things smooth and easy. Sometimes I wonder how did I make it or rather presented it. It is Swamiji who works for me and gives me the courage to carry on.

We all love you Swamiji. Please bless all of us.  

 Sumita Bannerjee


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