Sri Ganeshaya Namaha Sri Rama Jayam

My Experiences After Meeting Sri Vikraman Swamiji

I had met Sri Vikraman Swamiji, on Guru Poornima day in Kuwait. Mrs. Sumita Banerjee (Mithu) had invited me to the Guru Poornima Puja.During the Puja, Swamiji asked me about my new job, and told me that my management will like me and promote me and upgrade my salary. He even told me that my car was very good and asked me to retain the same car. He told many things about me and my family with perfect accuracy. He even told about my wife Dr.Anantha Priya’s career and her Ministry of Health job.

Swamiji came to our house for lighting the lamp, He came at 10:30 PM,which was the perfect time, as my wife would return from her work at 10.00 PM.He told us that we would go to USA in a couple of years, and that He will meet us there. During the time of lighting Lamp, he told us that He could feel the divine vibrations in our Puja Room. He told my wife that her employer would give her high responsibility in a short time, and she would be promoted to a higher level. He asked my wife, if she was interested in Research (which my wife is very interested), .He asked about FRCG, which my wife is writing exams. My wife has passed MRCOG Part 1, but is yet to clear the MRCOG part 2 exams. He told my elder son Parthasarathy, that his chappals were very old. He told that Partha was very intelligent, but was not doing hard work.  My Manager asked me to make a presentation to my Top management regarding the implementation of Quality Management System in my new company. I had only one day to prepare the PowerPoint presentation. I had never made such a presentation before by myself. Earlier I had token the help of my friend Mr. Ravidranath Singh. I was in a state of panic and confusion, not knowing what to do.

I prayed to Swamiji, that He should help me in my presentation. I told Him that I was in a helpless condition. In a short time, one of my colleagues, whom I had met a day before, happened to pass by my office. I casually asked him, if he can help me in my presentation. My colleague Mr. A.S.Rao (a devotee of Swamiji), was too pleased to help me. He told me the skills and techniques of the presentation, and I followed his advice. I went to him in the afternoon and explained him about my groundwork done on my presentation, and he gave me some more hints and explained me about the thought process and how to start and conclude a presentation. He also told me to make some copies of my presentation for distribution to the attendees.

I prepared the agenda and the copies of my presentation. By Swamiji’s Blessings, I gave my presentation the next day to the top management of my company. The presentation was so successful that my manager gave me special thanks for my efforts, and appreciated it in our official meeting. I feel it is all Swamiji’s Grace, that my presentation was so well appreciated by my management. What I thought of as a difficult task became an effortless and easy work, by Swamiji’s Grace.

The same evening we had a puja in Kuwait, and I met Swamiji and he asked me, about my lunch on that day. I told him that I had relished my lunch very much (I had relished my lunch so much, after a very long time). He told me that He had come and tasted the lunch I ate.

Swamiji told me that one of my relatives would be coming to Kuwait for a job, and the same has materialized, my co son in law Mr. Praveen has got a job in Heisco,and he is going to come here in October. This was nothing short of miracle, (as I thought it was very difficult to call him to Kuwait).


My brother Sudhir’s marriage was getting unduly delayed for a long time, and Swamiji had told me that he would get married soon. True to his saying, now his marriage is almost settled, and we are awaiting the date of his marriage.


Ever since I have met Swamiji, such miracles are happening to me on a routine basis. Whatever work I do, and I associate with, is turning about to be a great success.


Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji! Jai Sri Hanuman! Jai Sri Ram!

Sameer M Vaidya


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