Jai Sri Ram


Our Experiences with Swamiji


                     Every second, millisecond, micro second, nanosecond ……, we feel the presence of our beloved SWAMIJI in each and every one of our actions. His gentle smile, soft touch, soothing words and motherly love is everlasting.


                      We would like to mention here that our aged sick parents are surviving in this world today only due to the blessings of our Swamiji who takes care of them more than a son, daughter or a Doctor. Our mother fell ill seriously ill many a times and admitted in the Intensive Care Unit. She had miraculous escape all the times due to the blessings of Swamiji. Swamiji’s Bhasmam is a great Oushadham.


                       Our marriage took place because of Swamiji. Both of us were determined to be singles; but Swamiji strongly felt that as per our Prarabdha, we have to lead a married life before we merge with Him. Both of us were convinced and got married in Swamiji’s Ashram. The marriage was conducted by Swamiji. We felt so much satisfied and privileged. It is His divine grace that helps us to cross the milestones in our life.


                        Swamiji is instrumental in our growth - in education, job, health, wealth, mental peace, spiritual life – in every aspect of our life. All our promotions in the job, success in professional qualifications are blessed by Swamiji well in time. We used to seek Swamiji’s advice and blessings whenever we face any critical problem and it is our experience that the problems would get automatically resolved in no time without any harm to anyone. Swamiji is omnipresent and omnipotent. He is our Guru. He is our God. He is all in all. For us, Swamiji is everything.


                         These experiences are felt in our inner heart million fold than what is explained here in simple words. The experiences are inexplicable. They have to be really experienced.



                          At the feet of Swamiji




                                                                                            With Pranams

                                                                                    Ramakrishnan and Preetha

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