Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamijikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.



With the blessings of Swamiji once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands. This is the continuation of previous experience 111.




May 2002 Swamiji conducted a live pooja in USA through real player facility. Since it was Thursday most of the Middle East devotees were at home. I had ½ day work so I was in the office. I could not attend the online pooja. In my office there was no facility to listen to the pooja. That day I was unfortunate I could not even access the chat room to put my message. I could see other devotees putting messages. Literally I was crying and said Swamiji do not you know the agony of mine, why did you decide to test me this way. What did I do wrong for me to miss this special pooja” and kept on trying to login to the chat room. My Swamiji had his plans so he did not allow me to access. I got very upset and went to my manager and said I have to attend something, hence please excuse me for sometime and left to my house.  


While driving I was praying to Swamiji to give me the access at home. I said are you singing “Guruvayoor vaalum” and started to sing too. I did this way probably to concentrate on Swamiji instead of getting distracted in some other way. When I reached home I started my PC and tried to open the internet. When I clicked Swamiji’s site, it opened. When I clicked the live broadcast it would not open. Again tried no chance. Again tried no chance. Tried over and over……no way. Then tried accessing the chat room same story. I became very nervous. Looked at my Swamiji prayed and clicked again, no way. “Swamiji in the house too why are you testing me. Why are you doing this to me”? Since I knew others were putting messages I started to pray saying do you want me to go to other houses and see you. I said this is the last time I am trying if not I will go to a devotee’s house and see you. No chance of getting connected. Then the divine spark came. Swamiji “why should I go to other house. When you are with me why cannot you do it over here? I am not going anywhere, I want you to do it now”. Clicked, no chance. Another divine spark. Picked up my cell phone and called where Swamiji was conducting the live pooja. Normally I would not have called Swamiji. Since he knew what kind of drama I would go through prior to going to USA he had given me the number. I did not want to disturb Swamiji. Since it was a special pooja, I just wanted to pass a message of my agony to Swamiji through the person who would answer my call.


Phone ringing (tring..tring).


Self        : Sri Ramajayam.

Devotee : Sri Ramajayam

Self        : Natesu here. Is it possible for me to pass a message to Swamiji.

Devotee : Sure, one minute.


Where did this devotee go without asking me what I wanted to tell?


Swamiji : How are you Natesan?

Self       : Oh! Swamiji. Sri Ramajayam Swamiji. I am ok Swamiji but very upset.

Swamiji : What happened?

Self       :  I am very sorry to call you now. I am not able to access the live pooja and  

               also chat room to put messages. Please help me to see and listen.

Swamiji : I was calling your name but you did not respond. 

Self       : Swamiji you can see everything. I could not respond because I did not have 

              access to anything.

Swamiji : I was testing you. Do not worry now you try. You will get both real player

               and chat room access. Till program finishes you will have non stop access.

Self       : Swamiji please allow me to access, otherwise you know how much I am 

               feeling now.

Swamiji : Do not worry and enjoy the program.

Self       : Thank you Swamiji.

Swamiji : Jai sri ram.

Self       : Jai sri ram


I disconnected the phone. I thought, no way I would get this access unless Swamiji has pre-planned and informed the person who answered about my call in advance. Clicked the chat room it opened without any problem. Next I clicked real player and saw Swamiji’s face with that beautiful childish smile. It spoke to me “Hey child are you happy now”. Next moment in joy I started to cry uncontrollably. I dashed to his feet and wept profusely. What a God is he, who is controlling the communication and making me to see and listen. Then I came back and enjoyed the program. Even though other devotees were complaining about getting cut off, or bad quality of audio or video, or both as Swamiji said it was non stop for me. Till he bid bye I enjoyed. What a divine blessing by defying all electronic principle.


Most importantly he wanted me to come home and watch and listen to the program without getting disturbed in office.




Do you all remember my wisdom tooth agony which I mentioned in my exp no 3. My dentist friend one day asked me about it and I said to him about the Dubai experience which I narrated in exp no 5. He listened to me and smiled. After few months he and his wife (also a dentist) went out with me for dinner. She asked me the same question about my wisdom tooth. Then her husband said to me “let me tell her what happened” and he narrated the whole thing what I said to him before. She too smiled at me. Then my friend said to his wife, “in future if we have any complicated case we shall send them to doctor natesu let him apply his vibuthi and cure the patients”. I got upset and said “look I firmly believe my Swamiji is there to cure me, why do you talk to me like this”. Then they realised that I got offended and tried to calm me down. I said to them do not play with my faith in my Swamiji. From that day they knew that I was very serious about my Swamiji and no more ill talks with me. When my divine is there to take care of me, how others can change it. Divine know how to protect me and shower the blessings required for me.      




When I was newly married and did not have children, on one of the in-flight I requested my wife’s permission to purchase a branded watch. I was verbally shot by my wife and she did not allow me to buy it. Subsequently to bully her nearly 4 years when ever I passed the shop in Kuwait which specialised in selling that brand, I requested her to buy it for me. Always the answer was no.


My loving wife was getting ready to celebrate my 50th birthday in Canada. She took me to a shopping mall and tried to buy me that brand watch. I refused to even enter the shop because I knew at that moment it was an expensive item for me, also it was not in my purchase list at all. She forced and took me inside. When I saw the price range I was planning how to escape from not buying it. In the showcase, I saw watches ranging from the low end of C$ 2,000 to 3,000, and not even the higher side was seen by me. She wanted me to purchase at least one with a median price. I politely told the salesperson that I do not want to buy that kind of expensive watch and walked out. My wife was furious and said I want to buy, why you are behaving like this. I smiled and walked away. She knew no way she could buy it for me.


On the day of my birthday she requested me to go to her mother’s house. When I got off she requested me to go and wait inside and she would pick up the cake and come back. I became bit heated up but could not help it. After sometime she came in and made me to cut the cake. When settled down she came to me with a gift. Already I was angry so bit harshly I said to her, “I do not want any gift”. She calmly asked me to open the gift. I still refused to open and asked her to return it back to the shop. Smilingly she said at least open and see what is inside. When I opened the wrapper and found a box which normally contains gold item. I looked at her and asked her “more than what I wear now what gold item can I wear”. Calmly with a smile she said go ahead and open. When I opened and saw that item I was bit shocked and looked at her again looked at the item and looked at her. By this time my eyes were getting filled up with tears. Then calmly she asked “Can I get any other valuable item other than this for you”. With tears I said “Oh! My god I never thought it would be like this how you thought of this”. The item was nothing other than a gold pendant with Swamiji’s picture on it. I removed my chain and asked her to put it for me. Can I have anything more valuable than my Swamiji.


In the evening I went to the temple and stepped in by asking Swamiji please show me your presence. When I finished Siva Dharshan and opened my eye Canada devotee Mrs Lakshmi Shankar was standing in front of me. She told me that was the first time she had come to that temple. I was thinking even though I am unable to get the wish from Swamiji indirectly got his blessings. When I entered the temple what I wished Swamiji showed his presence through his devotee.




The day before the accident in Canada I drove the car at 110-120kmph speed, of course I was chanting Swamiji’s name and drove the car. Swamiji knew very well why. Day of the accident I drove the car few minutes before the accident and my wife asked me to have lunch and went to pickup her mother for dentist appointment. I requested my wife that I would go along to pickup her mother. She declined my request and went alone. Within minutes an accident took place. Even after 1 hour when my wife did not turn up I was bit worried and called her. She answered and said about the accident. Swamiji managed to keep me away during that ordeal. Even my wife could not believe the way how she escaped that accident. In Kuwait while driving at 120 speed Swamiji managed to save me from accidents. According to my wife this accident took place due to brake failure. When the accident occurred she was driving the car towards a signal light at 10kmph. It was all Swamiji’s way of protecting his devotee. She escaped unhurt but my mother-in-law was little hurt. Even my wife was surprised that the police passed her car but did not stop and issue a ticket which could have been worse. When others heard that the police did not even issue a ticket they were surprised. Everyone told that the car will be a write off. I was feeling that this is the car Swamiji selected for my wife, so what to do. When I called Swamiji, could not reach him. Next day Insurance Company informed her, that car could be repaired. Swamiji knew exactly what the condition of the car was and he is there to safe guard us. It could have been a serious accident but with Swamiji’s protection it went touch and go for my wife. I mentioned to my wife do not worry repair the car and drive. Swamiji will protect you. She was angry with me but what to do. Next day I left from Canada to Kuwait to rejoin my work.


Day of my departure from Canada, I was worried about my wife’s mental status. During morning pooja I was asking for Swamiji’s presence. When I started singing a song for Hanuman some feeling came into me to look to my right. When I did I was stunned to see that outside the shrine room my daughter was standing and looking at me. She kept her mouth as how Hanuman looks. I waved at her to come into the shrine room. She came and stood with the same Hanuman face till I finished the song. After I finished the song she asked me why I called her inside. I said to her that "when I was singing Hanuman song, if you were showing your mouth how Hanuman looks, what do you want me to do". Then she said "Oh! Is this song for Hanuman"? Each wish of Swamiji’s baktha he know how to demonstrate and fulfil the wish. This gave me a feeling that my Swamiji will take care of my wife (iron lady), no matter if I stay or leave Canada.




I had a beautiful chat (navarasam) with my wife which I was sure Swamiji was listening to the whole contents. Due to the new car issue, others were trying to influence my wife by showing the negative side of the existing car and to the extent of my wife's life status. I advised her that when Swamiji is there do not fear for anything. Others were influencing her by saying Swamiji is NO ONE. I explained to my wife those who were telling that Swamiji is NO ONE (worthless) is right in their life but it is NO. ONE (NUMBER ONE) in my life. Again I managed to convince my wife to go ahead and repair and use the same car till Swamiji arranges something for her.




Summer vacation I wanted my family to come to Kuwait. I got the visas for my wife and son without any problem. I had to go to immigration department to collect my daughter's visit visa which was rejected by them previous day. After talking to a senior officer, he requested me to come next day otherwise normally it would take 3 days. When I entered the immigration I requested Swamiji to come with me and help me to get the visa. When I went to the counter they told me again it has been rejected and the reason was unknown, they jokingly said to see the immigration dept. in charge. I was shaken up completely and was desperately asking Swamiji, now what is to be done. Previous day in the chat pooja room I mentioned to Swamiji to pull me today, he demonstrated it to me. Upon asking Swamiji same moment my previous office admin messenger (who takes care residency process of company staff) entered that place and asked me what I am doing over there. I mentioned my helplessness to get the visa, he asked for the documents. I unwillingly gave the papers to him but from that moment he was really walking in front of me and I was just following. I felt this man came to me because none other than Swamiji arranged. The visa which normally takes 3 days, without any question being asked by anyone including the immigration manager signed off and within 30 minutes the visa was in my hand. I really felt the supreme intervention over there. Ask thy shall be given. Who else could have done this miracle other than my Swamiji.




Morning 5 a.m. on my right leg I had severe cramp. I could not bear up the pain and was calling Swamiji to relieve the pain. When I moved the leg the pain increased. For few minutes I was struggling. Then I was asking Swamiji can't you see that I am having pain please take this pain away. I think while I was crying for Swamiji to get rid of the pain he had put me to sleep. Morning when I woke up I pressed the cramp spot and felt slight pain. It was truly amazing. His way of taking care of devotees, are unbelievable. Till I came to know Swamiji daily movement on the life road was full of difficulty. Moment Swamiji took over the responsibility it was not at all difficult to travel on the life road.




Dramas were prelude to Guru poornima 2002 celebration. The tension I had undergone every day lasted even the day of the celebration. Tension was whether I could go for the pooja to Dubai. Without Swamiji blessing me to proceed, I would not be able to go to Dubai. I tried reaching Swamiji, and also was putting messages in the chat room. He would not talk to me and pass any message to me. I was sure that he was testing me to the core. When he was not giving permission what could I do. Two days before the Guru Poornima a consultant who was developing the program in my company was leaving to Dubai and he said when I come over I could stay with him. For that I said when my Swamiji say come then only I can leave till such time I cannot even make any arrangement.


I left my office to attend the Kuwait pooja. Prior to my departure from office I prayed to Swamiji show me a vibrant pooja in Kuwait. Got into my car and started the engine and drove away. After few minutes felt the whole car was vibrating. I immediately thought “Swamiji, I asked you to show me a vibrant pooja and you are making my car vibrant, do not test me”. Since, the mechanic was close by I drove directly to him. When he opened the bonnet we found one of the spark plug wires was on fire. Once he fixed it I purchased the pooja items and came home. All the while I was thinking why the wire caught fire at that moment. Since I was late when I reached pooja was going on. Moment I left the flowers at the feet of Swamiji I was asked to recite ashtotram. Which was followed with my favourite song Sondemendru. After this song always we sing Hanuman Chalisa. I was feeling today I missed to sing Neram Inda Neram for my Swamiji. Moment we finished singing Sondemenru we were asked to sing Neram Inda Neram. Can anyone imagine what I went through that moment? How my Swamiji arranges what the devotee feel is unimaginable.


When I almost finished my prasad I remembered last Guru poornima pooja Swamiji mentioning me to keep the passport with self. At that moment a chill effect went through my body because I left my passport inside the car. An hour before only my car was supposed to have caught fire. I excused myself and ran to my car and found it was in good condition. When I looked for the passport it was ok.


When I returned back and had my balance prasad Usha gave a picture. I could not believe my eyes. It was a picture where Swamiji and myself were together. That picture was taken nearly 5 months back. I noticed the clock in the picture was 11.02 and that moment I looked at my watch the time was 11.02. One more coincident ran an eerie feeling in my body. What a coincidence? Previous year Guru poornima I had written that Swamiji gave me a picture which had me and Swamiji. Again what a blessing? He only knows what to show.


Day before the pooja when I called, Swamiji gave instructions to a devotee to pass the message to me saying that I should pray in Kuwait itself. After that call I went to buy things for me to make prasadam. While passing my regular travel agency, I thought in case if Swamiji says come let me book a seat for tomorrow’s flight and keep it ready. Moment he say come I could buy the ticket and leave to Dubai immediately. I went to the door step of the travel agency and said no I am not going to book the seat even. If Swamiji want me to come to Dubai he would arrange the seat for me. Why should I book and wait for his instruction. He knows what I feel, and how to take care of my feelings. I proceeded home and went straight to Swamiji’s photo and said is it right for you to punish me like this. Do not you know how much I am disturbed? Why cannot you allow me to come over? Now let me take bath and prepare for the pooja. Then I had a feel, whether Swamiji had put a message for me. Opened the internet clicked opened the chat room and saw Swamiji logged off. I really got a shock. I saw just 5 minutes before Swamiji had put a message for me. I felt so cold. When my soul was crying for my Swamiji to talk to me he put the under mentioned message.


Swamiji says," Wish you a very Happy, Wonderful and colourful Guru Purnima to all our bhakthas all over the world. Tomorrow is our Big Guru Purnima Celebrations after that I think I want to visit our Chatroom which I could not earlier because of tight schedule as well as big pujas which never had earlier like this wonderful Pujas where devotees from beginning to end sitting, smiling, singing, clapping and they forgot where they are in another world which each and every person needs. Guru Purnima Celebrations tomorrow which is in a big Auditorium in Emirates English Speaking School, Dubai will start at 8.00 P.M. Wish Best of Luck to all of you!!" (11:27am IST)


Swamiji says," Special message for Nadesu and Mrs Nadesu. Nothing to worry about anything. I will talk to you after my Guru Purnima Celebrations. " (11:29am IST)


I summed up: Oh! My God Swamiji, I was like a mad person talking to you thinking why you are not listening to my pleas. It looks like you had been following me everywhere and now gave me the feel to come to the chat room. Then I realised what he was doing to me. If I had gone to attend the pooja unwanted problems could have initiated which from subsequent events I understood. Divine knows everything but we human know something.  





A week before my wife arrived in Kuwait.


During May2002 my wife tried to go to USA to meet Swamiji. That request was declined by Swamiji saying he will meet her in Kuwait. When my wife landed in Kuwait for summer vacation she knew Swamiji was in Dubai so she gave me hard time. She was saying I am selfish that is the reason I am not asking Swamiji to come to Kuwait. When she is not in Kuwait I enjoy Swamiji in Kuwait and now I am not interested to get Swamiji. I explained to her when Swamiji decides he will come to see her in Kuwait, also I said I am unable to talk to Swamiji for the past few days.


On 5th morning before I left to office my wife started with her harassment. She asked me why do not I talk to Swamiji? I said to her for the past 41 days he is not talking to me. Guru poornima message he said he would talk to me. Now I cannot call him. What do you want me to do? She became very angry and knowing her anger I slowly walked away. When I was in office she called me.


Ranji  : I managed to talk to Swamiji.

Natesu: Happy. Did he say anything about coming to Kuwait?

Ranji  : He said this time he is not coming to Kuwait and he is leaving to India  


Natesu: What did you say?

Ranji  : I mentioned to him since he told me that I will see him in Kuwait I did not get

             to USA. Otherwise I would have seen him in USA.

Natesu: What can I do? At least you spoke to him I am unable to do that also.

Ranji  : I said that to Swamiji and he said he was very busy that is the reason he did

            not talk to you. I told him today morning you said for the past 41 days you   

            could not talk to him.

Natesu: What did he say?

Ranji  : He asked you to call him now.

Natesu: Why did not you tell me that first.

Ranji  : If I had told you that immediately you would have cut the line and called him.

            You would not have listened to me.

Natesu: Ok Ranji let me call him now.

Ranji  : See this is the reason I did not tell you early. Now listen to me first. Swamiji

             said he is going to take bath and asked you to call him immediately. Some or

             other request him to come here, I want to see him.

Natesu: If he has told you he is getting back to India, how can I convince him?

Ranji  : I got you Swamiji now you get me Swamiji.

Natesu: Ok Ranji let me try.


Rang the residence where Swamiji was staying.


Devotee: Hello.

Natesu  : Sri Ramajayam, Natesu from Kuwait. Swamiji mentioned to my wife that he

                wanted to talk to me.

Devotee: Yes but now he is taking bath.

Natesu  : Ok then I shall call him in few minutes.

Devotee: Ok.


My office phone rang.


My boss: Can you come for a meeting.

Natesu   : Do you want me to come right now.

My boss: Yes.

Natesu   : Ok


I thought of Swamiji and said, with greatest difficulty I reached you and now am I going to miss you. Why this drama Swamiji. Please wait till I call. In the meeting let me try to answer fast come out and call you. I reached the meeting place and answered some questions. For balance queries replied as I have to look into and come back to them. In my mind nothing else was running other than how to reach Swamiji. They agreed with all what I said. I walked out of the room. Called Swamiji,


Devotee: Hello.

Natesu  : Again Natesu, can I talk to Swamiji.

Devotee: One minute he is waiting for your call.

Swamiji: Hello

Natesu  : Sri Ramajayam Swamiji.

Swamiji: Sri Ramajayam Natesan. What happened to you? I am waiting for your call.

Natesu  : I am sorry Swamiji. I called you earlier and you were taking bath.

Swamiji: Thinking that you would call, I took the phone to the bath. I did not hear

                your call

Natesu  : Swamiji, I do not know what happened but you are aware of the whole

               thing. After I made the first call I was called for a meeting. Whole time I

               was praying to get out of that place and talk to you. Already I waited 41days

                to talk to you and now I was not ready to forego the opportunity. That was

                the quickest meeting I ever had.

Swamiji: I know that is the reason I am waiting for your call.

Natesu  : Thank you Swamiji. I know you can see and hear me. Now I have a humble

                request Swamiji.

Swamiji: What is it Natesan.

Natesu  : Swamiji my wife is very upset because you told her that you would meet her 

                in Kuwait. At least can you come to Kuwait for one day?

Swamiji: Natesan I have to go back to India. Amma is waiting there.

Natesu  : Ok you proceed to India Swamiji. I will explain to my wife.

Swamiji: Let me see her next time.

Natesu  : No problem Swamiji, I will explain to her and manage.

Swamiji: Natesan already I am late let me go now.

Natesu  : Thank you very much Swamiji. Sri Ramajayam Swamiji.

Swamiji: Jai sree ram.


After talking to Swamiji I called my wife.


Natesu: Ranji I spoke to Swamiji.

Ranji  : What did he say?

Natesu: He said he has to get back to India.

Ranji  : You did not ask him to come for even one day.

Natesu: Ranji I requested him.

Ranji  : You would not have told him stronger.

Natesu: I cannot force him Ranji, he know what to do.

Ranji  : That mean I cannot see him this time, I made a big mistake I should have

             gone to States and seen him.

Natesu: Ranji, calm down if you really want him he will come.

Ranji  : You are very selfish.

Natesu: Thank you now let me work.


I know she was very angry with me. So, I looked at Swamiji’s picture and prayed “Swamiji one day please”.


In the evening Swamiji called and said send me the visa copy by fax I am coming there tomorrow evening but only for one day. I said Ok my God Swamiji thank you very much and faxed the visa copy to him.


Natesu : Ranji Swamiji just called.

Ranji    : Now what

Natesu: He is coming tomorrow for one day.

Ranji   : Really.

Natesu: I told you He would have tested us when we did not become selfish he thought of

            us and changed everything.

Ranji: Ok


I could feel the happiness in her voice.


Next day Swamiji arrived. While coming from the airport he requested me to play the song Guruvayoor Valuum. He asked me to play that song over and over. I got my message. My car was ok. After I dropped Swamiji in the house where he was to stay, I came and started the car it was giving problem. So I left it in the garage and went and hired a car.


Swamiji had the pooja that night and he gave shock of my life. He asked a devotee named Logan,


Swamiji: Logan when is your wife coming?

Logan: Swamiji my wife passed away recently.


Swamiji just smiled and moved on to other subject.


I got a shock because Logan’s wife passed away few months before and he just returned from his leave. I prayed saying, Swamiji, you know that Logan’s wife passed away how you are asking that question at him. You can never make a mistake like this so what is that you are trying to tell him.


I was very confused and did suffer for few minutes fighting with my mind what is going on.


Next day morning when I went to buy things I noticed speedometer of that car was not working. I took the car back to the agent and tried getting another car. He did not have any other. I went to another rental company and got a car.


Swamiji came to our house and stayed with us for lunch and rested. He listened to me and my wife’s differences of certain opinions Swamiji told both of us today some thing is happening that is why I am with both of you. What else you both need. We both were almost in tears.


That night Swamiji had another pooja and in the pooja he talked to my daughter extensively about her career. Then he said to me “Natesan in future whatever I am going to do for you, I will do it through Ranji. Do you have any objection?” I said “so long you are doing why I should worry”. As usual I was a listener. Once Swamiji says something I get what he wants me to get. So I became calm. He conducted the pooja till early morning and went to sleep.


Since Swamiji was leaving in the evening, I went to office. My wife reached Swamiji afternoon and kept calling me to come. Since I had to finish the work urgently I was getting delayed. My Swamiji knew exactly what I was doing so for my wife’s acts he was smiling. 


It was getting late for Swamiji to leave to the airport. My wife was getting very nervous. Finally when she called I said I am leaving now and came out to the car. I did not even drive 5 minutes before the rental car broke down. I did not know what to do so I called my wife and asked her to find out from some devotee whether I can be picked up. She spoke to Swamiji and he asked a devotee to go and get me. They picked me up from that place and took me to Swamiji. When I reached Swamiji he said even the rental cars are giving problems to Natesan. From that message I understood what a bad time I was to face and Swamiji’s presence definitely averted all those ill effects on that day.


When Swamiji left to the airport a devotee was arranged for us to go to the airport and drop us back home. What a visit, what an experience and what a protection. When God decides he only knows how to deal with everything.   


I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.


Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.




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