Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamijikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.


With the blessings of Swamiji once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands. This is the continuation of previous experience 125.




Since, I did not have my Canadian driving licence, prior to my departure from Kuwait to Canada, I always get the International driving licence. June 2002 the day of the travel I remembered that I did not take the driving licence. It was Thursday. Every time I go to this place by 6 p.m. and get it within minutes. Since the flight was in the night I decided to go and get it in the evening. When I reached the place I saw the door was closed. I knew something was wrong. Then I saw a board saying on Thursday they work only in the morning. First my wife’s angry face (what is your problem) passed my mind. I said no way, if I do not get the licence I will be dead meat. Then my Swamiji’s smiling face (what is your problem) passed through. I said ok Swamiji now no one can help, some way make this person to come here and get me the licence. I had to buy few things so I left to the shop thinking let me give some time so that Swamiji will make him to come. After my shopping spree when I returned back still the door was closed. I pleaded to Swamiji:


Why did not you arrange Swamiji.

You know my position.

Please get this person now.


I waited few minutes and came down from that 2nd floor office to the ground floor. I was very nervous. A security guard came to me and asked whether I have any problem. I explained my situation. Then he said this person resides in the same office too. If I am lucky may be this person did not go out. So he asked me to ring the bell and check. I thanked him and went to this office and rang the bell. I started praying to Swamiji.


After a while this person opened the door. I excused and requested him to issue the licence. He said we are closed and said to return back on Saturday. I explained my situation and said I am leaving in 3 hours to airport to catch the flight to Canada. If he wants I could pay some extra money for his services but to get me the licence. My parallel mind was praying to Swamiji. Then he said give me few minutes I want to dress up and then I will issue the licence. I thanked, waited and got the licence. He came out closed the door and went out. How did the guard come to me and pass the information? How did this man accept to issue? How did he stay in the office without going out? All these I felt as divine’s arrangement. My Swamiji is there to fulfil my wishes. As requested by him trust and pass the worry to him.





I know that every parent has there limitation and pushes to educate their children. Sometimes this will make the children averse of studies. As parents we would always want the children to do the best. By looking at the performance of the greats and the failures I was able to see a mix. Academic excellence of an individual does not always give a life of excellence and sometimes academic failures of an individual were successful in life. Was it their religious belief which took them to this level of achievement? I do not know. Whatever it is achievement was possible in varied degree of individualism.     

I was a bit worried about my son’s study. Although he was showing effort he was not excelling in his efforts. He was having some problem with his teacher too because previous year the same teacher only taught my daughter. I wrote a message in Swamiji’s chat room asking him to help my son to do better in his studies. My wife read the message, she printed and showed it to my son. My wife was ignorant of blessings of Swamiji hence she decided to put me on a collision course with my son. She told my son see how your father is writing about you in the chat room for everyone to read about yourself. My son got very angry and was fuming. However I managed to talk to him and explained about Swamiji’s blessing. I know he was too young and not exposed to Swamiji so he would not understood the divine blessings.


Later when we spoke to Swamiji, my wife requested him to take care of son’s studies. Swamiji said he would take care and said to me I take responsibility of both the children, you leave them to me and relax. I understood his blessing and said ok Swamiji.

Next visit of mine to Canada we were asked to come to school to discuss about my son’s promotion to Grade 9. My wife knowing me cautioned not talk about Swamiji over there. I went with my wife to see the principal, class teacher and guidance counsellor. Whatever my wife explained to the class teacher she was not listening at all. I politely tried to explain my view of the excellence of individuals. I quoted Bill Gates as an example of a college drop out and now he has legally made billions and given a far superior product to us. She was not at all interested in those. We pleaded with her not to send him to a school where the behaviour of the children was very poor. We explained if he were to go over there it would change his character completely. She was not at all ready to listen to any of our justification to give him a chance. Also we said if he goes to the same school where my daughter was promoted there will be some monitoring done by her. 


Then I seriously said,


Self : Do you remember you said to Vaishnavi to take 1 or 2 academic subjects and     

          balance applied subjects.
Class teacher: Yes.
Self  : When she returned back to school next day, she told you she is doing all

          academic subjects.
Class teacher: Yes.
Self: You asked her whether her parents forced to do all academic subjects.
Class teacher: Yes I thought parents put pressure on her to do all academic subjects.
Self: What did she reply?
Class teacher: She said my parents never forced me and I want to do.
Self: You thought she was incapable and you know her marks now.
Class teacher: Yes she is doing fine.
Principal: Who is she?
Class teacher: This boy’s sister.
Self: Do you know how she decided to do all academic?
Class teacher : You forced her.
Self: No. It is my spiritual leader who asked her to do it by telling she can do it. When

         he says 100% it will happen that way. There is no way we know

         anything beyond the power deciding. When you said she would not be able to

         make it she is taking the pressure. So, same way give my son also a chance by

         sending him to the same high school.
Class teacher: I do not think he can make it.
Wife: Give him a chance, if he does not improve, then send him to other high school.
Class teacher: Let me think about it.

We assumed that they will consider him to go to the school what we wanted and left the school.

Previous year, when my daughter was under pressure to decide the subjects, she called me and dished out the problem. I was clueless of what to tell her. I simply said to her,

Self: Why did you call the wrong number?
Daughter: I called the correct number.
Self: Can I give you the solution why did not you dial the correct number.
Daughter: Can I dial and talk.
Self: Of course only he can give solution to your problem.   

She reached Swamiji and spoke to him. Swamiji, requested her to do all 5 academic subjects and he would take care of her. When she called me back and narrated the conversation between them I was so happy.


Coming back to my son’s dilemma, I was able to understand the hidden problem so I prayed to Swamiji to resolve the issue. After few days I proceeded to Kuwait. When, allocation of school came my son was allocated to other school which my wife did not wanted him to go. When she approached the school again they did not want to revoke the order given.  My wife was very upset. She did not want him to go to that particular school where behaviour of the students were very bad. She explained to me that she is not ready to lose her son. She approached higher officials in the school board convinced and managed to get an approval to the high school where our daughter was attending. Divine was showing when we trust him even at the last minute how things can be changed. As Swamiji told me to relax, he went with my wife and got the admission the way she wished.




One Tuesday morning when I woke up I felt my throat was sore and I could not even open my mouth full. I had a feeling that my throat was sand papered. I was very upset thinking that Thursday we were having bhajan in my house and I would be sick that too not be able to sing bhajan's. I requested Swamiji to cure me before the bhajan. A minute later I thought what will I do during today morning pooja, and asked him, why he is testing me? Requested him to cure me. Then I took my shower and walked into the shrine room and lit the lamp. After few minutes I just came to my senses and was wondering how come my throat was clear. Yes, Swamiji made me to sing the songs without any discomfort. Who else could have cured me at this speed? I had slight irritation but still I did not take any medicine. 


When we had the bhajan's in my house I was very worried that I would not be able to sing. I had severe cough and phlegm; all the while I was asking Swamiji to stop it. When we started the bhajan's two times mildly I coughed but prayed Swamiji not to aggravate. Swamiji, answered the prayers and stopped it but late in the night I was coughing severely. Next Thursday too at Rao & Praveena's house bhajan's cough was there but immediately upon praying it did not continue. One devotee sang a new song and it started with "Ennai Pada Vaiththavane Unnai Pada Marappena". (You made me to sing will I forget to sing of you). How appropriate for that moment. When we think of Swamiji due to the Shakti he provides all the pain just vanishes from the body. I prayed to Swamiji my health to improve and also ensure that all the bhajan sessions at least during that time I should be healthy to sing the bhajan's the way he wishes. When he is there to take care this body, let it sing the glory of Swamiji the best it could and enjoy the peace he showers. 




Day before of my wife and children left to Canada during my morning prayer I asked Swamiji “where are you Swamiji, my family is leaving how can we get the blessing”. Seconds later my famous shrine room lights were blinking for few minutes. These lights very not working for nearly 6 months. My children and Krishna were very excited about it because for the first time they saw the lights blinking. To my query immediately Swamiji replied through these lights. Day of the travel morning too when I did my prayer the lights were blinking for nearly 2 minutes again it stopped. Swamiji, is really great to communicate in various extraordinary ways.  




The dialogue started off with simplicity between me and my friend Krishna (Praveena & Srinivas’s son). At that time he was 10 years old. Never thought it was going to be divine’s play.

Friday afternoon of 27.09.02 at 1 p.m.

Phone ringing.

Natesu   : Hello

Krishna  : Hello, Uncle what are you doing.

Natesu   : Just finished my prayer. Going to prepare my brunch and eat.

Krishna  : Come home and eat with us.

Natesu    : Krishna, now I cannot come to your house and have food with you, do not

                trouble your mother.

Krishna : It is not a problem uncle, you come over my mother can prepare food for

                you too.

Natesu : Krishna please listen I do not want to trouble your mother.

Krishna : (talking to his mother) Mummy do you have any problem to prepare food

                for Natesan uncle.(pause) Uncle mummy said no problem asked you to 

                come now.

Natesu    : Give the phone to mummy.

Praveena: Sri Ramajayam. You come I do not have any problem to prepare food. Now

                 I am cooking so you can have the food with us.

Natesu    :Sri Ramajayam. Praveena, he is too small to understand the inconvenience

                 he causes, please understand and explain to him.

Praveena: No need for anything you come and have lunch with us.

Natesu   : Let me talk to Krishna.

Krishna : Yes uncle you are coming.

Natesu  : Krishna let me come next week, this week please excuse me.

Krishana: Uncle till you come I am not going to eat.

Natesu: Ok, Krishna I will come after sometime.


I went over to Krishna’s house and was talking and playing with him. After we had the food parents went to rest with the request for me to be with Krishna not to leave till they wake up. We were talking so many things. All of a sudden my friend Krishna asked me,


Krishna: Uncle in the match who will win.

Natesu  : What match?

Krishna:  Uncle, Champion trophy match between Sri Lanka VS India.

Natesu  :  I do not know Krishna.

Krishna:  No, tell me who will win.

Natesu  : Whom you want to win?

Krishna : India.

Natesu   : Ok let India win.

Krishna : No uncle you tell who will win.

Natesu  : (I looked at Swamiji’s photo) Swamiji, let India win

Krishna : Uncle you are cheating me. Uncle I know, you are Sri Lankan you will like

                Sri Lanka to win.

Natesu  : When Indians wish India to win, why cannot a Srilankan wish for Sri Lanka

                to win, but Krishna in front of you only I said to Swamiji let India win.

Krishna : Now you said but after you go home you will pray to Swamiji and say let

               Sri Lanka win.

Natesu  : In front of you I said to Swamiji let India win. So trust me I will not change.

              You pray to Swamiji so he will listen to you.

Krishna : I am praying only but when you pray for Sri Lanka to win Swamiji will

                listen to you.

Natesu  : Why Krishna?

Krishna : Swamiji will listen to your prayers more than me.

Natesu  : Do not talk like that. We will pray for India to win.

Krishna : No, you will cheat me.

Natesu  :  (Again I looked at Swamiji’s photo) Swamiji, what is this mess you have

                put me into. (bright spark in my mind) Krishna, do not worry match will be

                a draw.

Krishna : Uncle do not joke with me. This is 50 over match how can it be a draw.

Natesu  : If it rain and match get abandoned then it will be a draw.

Krishna : I do not think it will rain in Sri Lanka. All the matches were played without


Natesu  : Krishna look and listen to what I am doing. (I looked at Swamiji’s photo)

               Swamiji, let me escape from Krishna’s game. Please bring rain and make the

               game abandoned and let it be a draw match. So neither India nor Sri Lanka

               will win.

Krishna : Uncle Sri Lanka is your country why you do not wish for them to win.

Natesu  : Krishna if Sri Lanka plays against any other country I can wish for Sri

               Lanka to win. In this case Sri Lanka is playing against India which is my

               Swamiji’s country. I cannot wish for my Swamiji’s country to lose.

Krishna : Oh! it is like that.

Natesu  : Krishna this is enough, now I have told Swamiji to make the game draw are 

               you happy.

Krishna : No problem uncle. So both Sri Lanka and India will be joint champions.


After sometime both Praveena and Rao joined both of us and as usual Krishna forced and kept me for dinner. One more interesting dialogue was he requested me to come to his house very often to play with him and then have food. The reason what he gave me was “my father has lot money so you come and eat here. So you can save that money and send it to your family in Canada”. I could not help laughing. I said this to his parents and they too wanted me to do that. Anyway with a joyful mood I left their house. What a family to take care of me. True to their words I really became part of their family. Later experiences appropriately I can narrate experiencing my Swamiji’s leela through my friend Krishna.

Next day I was getting ready to go for a meeting and my friend Krishna called.


Krishna : Uncle, Krishna here.

Natesu  : Yes Krishna what happened?

Krishna : Uncle you cheated me.

Natesu  : What happened Krishna.

Krishna : You know Sri Lanka is going to win the match.

Natesu  : (I just remembered the previous day conversation) Krishna what is the score.

               He said the score.

Natesu  : (How to manage him) Krishna I am going for a meeting when I come back

                from meeting I will call you. Do not worry I told Swamiji so he will bring

                the rain. 


I know Krishna was half convinced.


Krishna : Ok uncle but I know Sri Lanka is going to win.

Natesu  : Let me call you after two hours. Do not worry Swamiji will bring the rain.


I looked at Swamiji and said “Please bring the rain and save me from Krishna”.

I went to attend the meeting. In the meeting my mind was thinking how I am going to escape from Krishna. When I came back as promised Krishna, I called him 


Natesu  : Krishna, what happened?

Krishna : Uncle, you will not believe it rained and the match was abandoned.

Natesu  : Oh! My God.

Krishna : Yes Uncle as you said all of a sudden rain came.

Natesu  : No Krishna as I prayed Swamiji brought down the rain and made the

                match abandoned. Also, made me to escape from you.

Krishna : Uncle you cannot escape from me like that. Tell me who will win               

                tomorrow’s match.

Natesu  : Krishna what match is this. Yesterday you asked me about the final. If the

               match is abandoned then what match will be played tomorrow.

Krishna : Uncle, same final will be replayed for a decision.

Natesu  : (I am dead) Krishna, I do not know what will happen tomorrow.

Krishna : No uncle you must tell who will win.

Natesu  : (Swamiji what to do with this child) Krishna please pray to Swamiji what

                you want.

Krishna : Uncle you tell it is ok for me.

Looked at Swamiji and said,

Natesu  : Tomorrow also match will be abandoned.

Krishna : Uncle do not joke now. How can it rain again tomorrow? Weather prediction

                for tomorrow is sunny.  Do not forget through out the series there was no


Natesu  : Krishna, I do not know I prayed to Swamiji and he will do it that way.

Krishna : Ok Uncle.


I thought to myself, Swamiji, at least temporarily I escaped from Krishna. Tomorrow bring the rain and make the match abandoned. Otherwise my friend will come out with questions.

Next day again I was getting ready to go for a meeting and my friend Krishna called.


Krishna : Uncle how are you.

Natesu  : I am fine now what happened?

Krishna : Today problem for you so far India has scored well. So Sri Lanka is going

               to lose.

Natesu  : No problem Krishna let India win.

Krishna : Uncle but you said it will rain today.

Natesu  : Krishna, yes it will rain because I prayed to Swamiji.

Krishna : Uncle they are showing the sky, there is not even a rain cloud anywhere.

Natesu  : I can see the clouds coming Krishna.

Krishna : Uncle you are in the office how can you see the TV. I am seeing the TV no

                clouds can be seen.

Natesu  : Krishna I can see the clouds coming now it is still outside the TV screen.

Krishna : Nice joke uncle, today India will win.

Natesu  : Krishna as we spoke yesterday rain will come and match will be abandoned.

Krishna : We will see uncle.

Natesu  :Ok Krishna now let me go for the meeting. When I come I will call you.

Krishna : Ok Uncle.

Attended the meeting and came walking towards my room.

Eric      : Can you call Krishna?

Natesu  : Why? How did he contact you? Any problem?

Eric      : He did not call me. Just you call him.

I called Krishna.

Natesu :  Krishna did you call here.

Krishna : No uncle you told me after the meeting you would call me so I never called.

Natesu  : Ok I was bit worried why you called. (I was wondering how Eric wanted me

                to call Krishna) How are you?

Krishna : Uncle forgot about the match.

Natesu  : Ok tell me what is the score.

Krishna : I cannot believe uncle it is raining now.

Natesu  : (Looked at Swamiji, what did you do now) Krishna match is abandoned or


Krishna : Not yet declared uncle.

Natesu  : Krishna now understands the power of Swamiji. He can do anything. When

               we pray sincerely he is there to fulfil what we want.

Krishna : Ok uncle.

Natesu  : When the match is abandoned you call and inform me.

Krishna : Ok uncle.


After putting the phone on the hook,


Natesu  : Eric why did you ask me to call Krishna

Eric      : First you tell me how did you tell about the rain.

Natesu : I do not know, to escape from Krishna I just prayed to Swamiji to do it..

Eric     : I knew it had started to rain in Sri Lanka. So I was waiting for you to come

             from the meeting for you to call Krishna. 

Natesu  : How did you know that myself and Krishna were talking about this subject.

Eric      : Do you remember both days while you were talking to Krishna I was sitting

              in front of you. When you were at the meeting I heard that it was raining in

              Sri Lanka. That is why I was waiting for you to come from the meeting.

              When you call Krishna I wanted to see how you would react to the news.

Natesu  : I remember now, honestly Eric I do not know how it happened. I am sure the

               match will be abandoned and I will escape from my friend Krishna.


Phone rang.


Natesu  : Hello.

Krishna: Uncle match is abandoned.

Natesu  : Now do you understand Swamiji’s power.

Krishna: This time you escaped from me.

Natesu  : Sure Krishna your questions and demand makes my faith more stronger.

Krishna: Uncle now I have to study.

Natesu  : Ok Krishna Bye.

Natesu  : Eric, do not ask me any questions. It all happened with a prayer to Swamiji.

               He is listening to all my talking. I thought that Krishna had called you.

               Unless it is very urgent he never calls and he always check with me whether

               I am busy if I say yes he never continue.


I explained to Krishna in future if he asks any other match I may give an answer, but never to ask about India VS Sri Lanka matches, because automatically it is as per my Swamiji’s wish. Other matches I can wish for my Swamiji to fulfil my wish. At the time of this experience my friend Krishna was only 10 years and I was 50 years. What a thick friendship. Krishna is such a loving friend who made me so happy with his loving Uncleeeeeeeeeeeee word. When he says that word I was able to feel the depth of love towards me.


Environmental changes are effortless for my Swamiji as I had mentioned in my experience No. 1 Swamiji stopping the rain and in Exp. No. 6 of stopping humid weather for me to work. Now he brought down the rain. Our wonderful Swamiji can make us happy with our sincere prayer.  


This event between me and my small friend Krishna wishing for the outcome of an event with different requests, reminded me the story Swamiji narrating Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law requesting different results for the same event.




Saturday and Sunday I was suffering with toothache. I was requesting Swamiji to reduce the pain but no use. Sunday night with unbearable pain I was doing my evening pooja. That time I asked Swamiji "Cannot you feel the pain of mine, unless you tell me I cannot go to the dentist because you asked me just leave that tooth. If not for you, who else could relieve this pain. So take out the pain now or tell me to go to the dentist and remove the tooth" and applied Vibuthi. After the pooja 1 hour's time pain vanished. Who else can do this unexplainable miracle?  




Swamiji in a call said, "how anything has to be done I will resolve it that way". All activities I never had any doubt about the doer as well as the consequences. Once the activity is told to Swamiji in person, over a call, in the shrine room, in his chat room or anywhere in the world at any point he receives the request. Immediately it ceases to exist in my requirement because the right time, right action as per his wish the requirement will be fulfilled. With all the devotee's requirements in mind how he recalls specific requirement of us is a great blessing for us. As he recalled a request of mine of April '01 during his visit of August '02 to Kuwait and told me it will be arranged, showed how lucky I am to be in his wish. He knows the exact timing to fulfil the request of his devotees. I am really thankful to Swamiji for making me a PATIENCE soul otherwise with all the tension prevailed in my life I could have ended up a PATIENT soul. All activities are left in his hand so he guides me and my family at appropriate time. He let no wrong activities happen to us and stops it before even it could come our way.




I was talking to my daughter about some issues, all of a sudden she asked me "when Swamiji is there am I to worry?" I said to myself why to worry about them, children know whom they have to talk when the need arises. When she narrated few of the experiences I knew as Swamiji assured me that he would take care of them, Swamiji really takes care. When I inquired about the exam which she was to sit soon, she told me "do not worry my whole class do not have something which I have so I will pass the exam without any problem" When I asked her what she meant, she said "my Swamiji is there with me". With those words why I have to worry about the need and future of the family. I leave every activity to my Swamiji. 



WHAT HAPPENED ON 12th and 13th Oct ‘02




Thursday from office I went home and arranged the flowers for the bhajans. Then after an hour I had to go out to buy fruits. To my horror the car battery was completely down. I had to go to the mechanic shop and bring him over. He tried his best and told me I must get a new battery because there is not even just a spark from any points (obviously I had already started to pray to Swamiji). Moment he said that I just saw the dash board light was on. I asked him when battery is low how come dash board light is on. When I told him that he said to try to start the engine. It would not start and lights too went off. Then we decided to get a car from the garage and jump start. Moment we concluded it, the lights came back again. This time I prayed and started the engine. It started beautifully without any other need. Immediately mechanic looked at me and asked whether I was praying to Swamiji. I said yes. For that he said I do not believe this. Your Swamiji is really powerful. Then I proceeded to the shop to buy the fruits.


After I reached back home I went to take shower. Halfway of the bath, water completely stopped. I called Swamiji to get the flow of water to continue for me to complete my bath. Finally I had to come out and make a telephone call to the watchman to check the water tank. The phone was ringing and he did not answer. Being a muslim he had gone to the mosque to pray. Then I said, “Swamiji I got to wash the fruits and flowers and take proper bath for the bhajans, so please get the water now”. Within seconds water came in full force. Even if the watchman had done something the water could not have come in that force. So I am 100% sure that Swamiji was playing with me to show his presence.





Next day my wife tried to reach me but due to some problem she could not get through to my land phone. Finally she reached on the mobile and spoke to me. Later I tried to reach my land line with my mobile line and could not get through. Since previous day children were playing with the phone I thought some button would have got jammed. For nearly one hour I tried all what I could. The calls were not coming but strangely outgoing was working. Then I realised the reality and called Swamiji’s help to clear the mess. Within seconds a friend of mine called me on the land line and he was able to talk to me. I narrated the whole thing to him. After he cut the line I dialled from my mobile phone and the call went through. I felt Swamiji only cleared the problem. When called for who can clear it off so fast without any other intervention. Swamiji likes to play with us and keep us thinking of him so joyfully. I am sure if any serious situation is there without even asking for assistance Swamiji will take care of us by preventing harm coming closer to us.


Next day morning when I called Swamiji first thing what he said was that Natesan’s phone was not working and his call cleared that. For trusting by taking care of the problems see what leela’s he showed to prove what he can bless us with.



I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.


Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.




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