Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.


With the blessings of Swamiji once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands. This is the continuation of previous experience 126.




After the car accident my wife wanted to buy another car, and dispose her old car. I kept delaying her idea by saying if Swamiji says then you can go for another car. When she managed to reach Swamiji she asked him to arrange a new car for her. Swamiji blessed her that he would arrange a new car. When she goes to secure a car either it is gone or had some mechanical problem. She had seen plenty of cars and was tired of playing Swamiji’s game. She was getting annoyed with me for not talking to Swamiji and getting her a car. I was enjoying Swamiji’s leela. I know when the right time comes Swamiji will arrange everything.


One day I called my wife and asked her whether she inquired with the bank about getting a loan to purchase the car. She said she do not think bank will give her a loan. I insisted to her that she must go to the bank and inquire about getting a loan. Also to check with them whether she would be able to get a flexible loan to pay as and when she has some surplus money and whether the interest would be calculated on reducing balance method. Immediately she asked me the famous phrase whether it is my father’s bank for me to get the loan on my terms. With my calmness I said just to inquire. After 2 days she said bank refused to give her a loan. I said to her do not worry when I request Swamiji will arrange the funds. My wife got annoyed with me.


After 3 days my wife called and said there is a car and she is going to see. If it is ok whether to go ahead. As usual I replied to her regarding car why did you call me. I cannot give any ok, and said to get Swamiji’s permission and then go ahead, no need to even ask my permission. She asked me how about the settlement, whether Swamiji would hand over the funds. For that I said just call Swamiji and ask him for his blessing to purchase the car. Since Swamiji asked you to go for a car sure he is going to arrange the funds too. When Swamiji spoke to her previous time, he said to her, you go ahead with what you want and do not worry about funds. Also, he said the car would be second hand and it would be almost brand new. Still doubt existed in her mind.


She called Swamiji and he answered her call at once and said to her this is the car you had been waiting for, go ahead and give the advance now. She said ok and called me. Ironically as Swamiji said the car was second hand and it had done very low mileage. Owner was changing this car quickly because he wanted a bigger car. She was highly concerned whether the car is a bit expensive. I said to her Swamiji asked you to go ahead and buy just give the advance and then let us think about it. She insisted that it is bit costly and whether to go for it. I requested her to withdraw maximum from ATM and pay as advance. Also, ask for one week time to settle the balance. This will give time for us to find a way to pay it off. She finally accepted, went to the bank withdrew from ATM paid the advance and signed the contract. I prayed to Swamiji to arrange the balance payment. When she returned back home her concern was very high. Then I asked her to be calm and said Swamiji will arrange do not worry.


After 2 days a bank where my wife did not inquire nor had an account sent her a letter approving a loan with the same payment terms as I asked for. Moreover the beautiful thing was the exact amount what we needed to pay to the car dealer was approved. Also, no time period for payment was mentioned. That means no need to look for any deficit fund or to set aside fixed amount to pay for. What a beautiful blessing. I asked my wife, now do you understand whether it is my father’s bank arranged the funds. As Swamiji told in the Jayenthi programme he gave me this money from his Swiss bank only.


As he said to me he had arranged the funds in such a way this is the first time I heard an arrangement like that. When He says something why we have to worry to feel how, when, where it will happen? As He says to me I leave the worry to him and relax. In the whole Universe other than him who else can tell me like this? I am lucky to the infinity level have God to take care of my needs.




On 22nd Oct ‘02 when I returned from office I was shivering. So moment I entered the house straight away I went to bed and covered myself with the sheet. Within no time I had gone to sleep. I did not know whether I was dreaming or feeling about Swami, as I could hear Swamiji saying you are ok get up and go for walk. I was pleading to him saying, no I cannot go today, if I go I might collapse there. After sometime again I heard the same dialogue but this time I was assured Swamiji also will come with me for walk. When I looked at the time it was 10 pm. Then I thought of Swamiji and said, I would go to the balcony and stand. If Swamiji does not make me to feel cold, I would go otherwise I cannot go for walk today. There was absolutely no breeze. Then I wished, even the walking track should not have any breeze. When I walked did not feel cold at all. Next day morning I was bit lazy to get up so I looked at Swamiji and asked why all this please take care. I did my pooja and went to office.


Swamiji, really taught me a lesson on this day as "WHEN I AM HERE AND YOU ARE THERE, WHY DO YOU FEAR WHEN I COULD HEAR". I was praying to him requesting please cure me. That same moment Swamiji was talking to a devotee and he asked me to call him. When I called first question of his was how I am? When I told about the feeling, he prescribed a medicine, which I should take. As he said before every ¼ second he is with me, sometimes I feel even though I cannot see him he is somewhere closer to me. Few incidents have shown he is always listening to my conversations.


Previous day I watched a guru poornima cassette and in that Swamiji said "God also at times fold his hands and wait" and he touched his heart and said "when I say something it happens". As Swamiji said in the message for the new century "God appears in various forms and names". I have seen in my life, Swamiji my God never folded his hands on me, and when he says something it happens 100%. My God always talks to me and makes me to do what is appropriate at the right time to the right people. Whatever, whenever and wherever I wished, at the appropriate time 100% he had shown to me. Only thing patiently I had to wait because his blessing could be ¼ second to years. I want Swamiji to keep me as a simple person with richer values towards others. What he say in my life will terminate my wish and bring his instruction to complete an activity. He be in front of me in all the activities and lead me. The blessings of Swami are so wonderful and lead us to have a confident life.




One night when I went to bed I requested Swami in case if I oversleep by stopping both alarm clocks I wanted a special arrangement to be made by him to ensure that I attended the crucial meeting in the Parent Company on time. I overslept without getting up for both the alarms and with that special arrangement only I woke up. Since I drove up 45 KM, constantly I was communicating with him for maintaining proper speed and vigilance for the traffic. (Especially previous evening because of an unruly driver I would have met with a serious accident but Swami saved me by just a touch away with his protection. At the signal luckily Swamiji gave me a bad feel about the driver and made me to be cautious.) All arrangements were pre planned by him so, I walked into the conference room at 8.58 am for the meeting of 9 am. If not for the special arrangement he made, I would have got late or missed to attend the meeting. By his blessing that day he gave me such clarity and confidence to speak up. Since I know Swamiji’s blessing is 1/4 second away I could just tell him and proceed with what I want to do but I always request him not allow me to do what he does not wish for me to perform. That day honestly I felt I was on top of the world.




Nadesu, Kuwait says,"Sri Ramajayam Swamiji. So happy to see you in the chat room. As you arranged everything is moving to the best. Swamiji, when you are there I do not have to worry. When we think of you everything is arranged. We are so blessed that you are making our life so comfortable and not to worry because you are there. Swamiji, as you are aware last evening my wife went to sign the purchase papers. If not for you who would have bought that car for her. That bank loan is unbelievable terms Swamiji. First time I heard such terms and I told my wife only Swamiji could arrange because he is our Swiss bank. She is so happy that you gave her a best car. Thank you very much for keeping her happy of course all of us too Swamiji. " (5:37am IST)


Nadesu, Kuwait says,"Sri Ramajayam Swamiji. Please take care of my mother-in-law's health. Since, I have given myself to you I do not worry about me anymore because you are there to take care. Swamiji, last night the family whom I met and the talk we had you are aware of it full. The request what that lady made, please fulfil it and if you want me to do anything please let me know. Otherwise only I can pray and request you to fulfil for them. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku jai. " (6:49am IST)


Swamiji Dubai says," Natesu Kuwait, I saw your true and wonderful message.You have full belief and confidence in Swami always.As you told,Swami has arranged loan for car from Swami's Swiss bank.And also i told her a long time before that her car is on the way which is going to be lucky and comfortable.And also I am going to travel in this car.Natesu, I am always remembering you and also I can hear and feel your prayers.I am going to meet you soon.I pray specially for your all successful life.Wish you a happy and peaceful Deepavali." (6:49am IST)


Nadesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, honestly while writing my last message I was thinking why Swamiji did not give any message for me. Also thought as usual you want me to be calm and quite because you know the whole activity of mine. I just put the 2nd message to say, as how you take care of me please relieve the pain of these two suffering individuals also. I am really blessed Swamiji. Without you I cannot function. Every wish of mine Swamiji only know how to take care and when. Swamiji, what you wanted me to do I have made the request please arrange the fastest for me to receive it. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (6:59am IST)


Swamiji Dubai says," OK,Wish all of you around the world a happy,wonderful and peaceful Diwali.I am going out.Again I will meet you all very soon In the chat room.The devotees who have not received my message today don't be disapointed.Swami's blessings are always there.Wish you all best of luck!!!Anilkumar and family I saw your message.I am so happy.Once again a very happy and peaceful Deepavali." (7:57am IST)


swamiji says," Wish You Happy Diwali to all of you once again. Pravinji, your birthday already started. Wish you Happy, Colourful, Wonderful and Peaceful Birthday once again. Good night! Good Afternoon! and Good Evening!" (15:55am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Sri Ramajayam Swamiji. Today morning when I made the call to get the blessing I was greeted so enthusiastically as if I was special. Swamiji, during the conversation I realised that the inquiries which were made none else other than you could have known. So I got the realization that I was talking to you and I was so happy because the conversation was same way how you speak to me. Swamiji, I have understood the whole drama which you are making me to participate. What you told me that you would take care also was talked about. It will cost money but when you bless you are arranging everything for me that includes the finance. Swamiji, every tiny activity of mine is in your hand. As you say "we are actors, we have to play our role" but Swamiji I am very happy because this actor has come to the best director of the Universe who can even change a dumb to an extraordinary actor. The first lesson what you taught me was patience, I am really thankful for that. Swamiji, when my 'I' is with you every activity of mine is definitely performed by you only. Thank you very much for taking care of me and my family. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (10:22am IST)


Natesu, Kuwait says,"Swamiji, once again thank you very much for creating such wonderful world around me. Sri Vikraman Swamijikku Jai. " (10:25am IST)


The above message of Swamiji confirmed from Swamiji’s Swiss bank only we got the money to purchase new car.




I went to do my car registration renewal card from traffic department. Then I remembered the problem of someone writing down my car plate number for reporting. I thought it must be a police officer. My family was with me at that time and they were leaving the next day. Due to that incident my wife was worried. In spite of what I said to her that Swamiji is there he will take care of it, she spoke to the top official in the division traffic dept and wanted me to see him. When I spoke to Swamiji, he said "do not worry". With those words I told my wife I will not go to anyone because Swamiji will take care. When I was in the traffic department I remembered that incident. For a moment I thought of coming out of the queue search for the name of the official in my telephone directory (as my wife had given to me) and contact him to assist. Next moment I smiled and said "When Swamiji is there why I want to go to another, let me go ahead without approaching anyone." In front of me few people were referred to pay fine. Moment I saw that I started chanting "Swamiji, please take care". Within the next two minutes without any hassle my document was processed and came to my hand. What problem we will face when we directly call Swamiji’s help. 




The day Swami came to Kuwait it was first day of holy month of Ramadan. Swamiji, started my experience straight at the airport. From airport he wanted to come in my car by saying “Natesu wishes that I should travel in his car so I shall go with him” and he called one more devotee to come in the car. Later one more devotee also was taken in. When I came to the car park exit counter I tried to take the money to my shock I did not have any money with me. I tried looking for the coins and I had half the amount only. Then I asked the devotee for money and she gave me the required amount. Immediately Swamiji with his great smile told me that is the reason I came with You and brought the devotee also. Otherwise definitely I would have been the last to leave the parking lot I could have faced an embarrassing moment which only my Swamiji averted. Swamiji, knows every tiny aspect in my life because my ‘I’ no longer exist with me.


When we went to a restaurant and had food, a devotee had excessive peppered soup how Swamiji laughed even when I am writing this I can see his glowing face. I had not seen that childish humorous face with laughter before. That scene will cherish in my heart forever. 



On my wife’s birthday Swamiji was in Kuwait. I did not know how Swamiji would talk to my wife. When she called me I mentioned to her today Swamiji will light the lamp in my house wait till Swamiji decide to talk to you. When I went to pick up Swamiji, moment he got into my car he said when we go home I can talk to your wife. He know how to bless, I was waiting for him to decide. When we reached home immediately he spoke to my wife. He blessed my wife. Since my mother-in-law was with her at that time my wife requested Swamiji whether he could talk and bless her mother. Swamiji agreed and talked to her. During the conversation Swamiji asked my mother-in-law “when are you coming to India”. I was wondering how Swamiji is asking her to come to India when he knows my mother-in-law is very sick. After talking to my wife Swamiji gave me the phone, I was interrogated by my wife, when mother is very sick and weak how Swamiji is asking when my mother would come to India. I said to her I do not know but when Swamiji says it will happen. I asked her to be patient. After one month I felt, why Swamiji mentioned that in front of me.  


Pooja was so tremendous. I finally did the pooja the way I wanted, which I was longing for sometime. The blessing of his is immeasurable. The love what he show is a mixture of parent to child, friend to friend, teacher to student, elder to younger, God to devotee etc. All these relationships are consolidated by my Swamiji towards me. All short term wishes he keeps fulfilling and medium term and long term wishes I wait patiently. The patience of mine will not dwindle down instead he extends it by his great smile. I am ever ready for his blessing appropriately as he wishes.




On that day I was feeling bad. Even though I go to India still I did not buy a good garland for Swamiji. My Swamiji’s picture was without any garland. Next day I took Swamiji to a pooja. Normally he gives beetle leave or flower garlands and tell us to keep in a specific place and after a number of days to throw it in water. Swamiji blessed and gave me a garland. After he gave me I was waiting for instructions. Nothing was given. I asked Swamiji what I should do with this garland. He smiled and said you can do whatever you want.


Three days ago only while we were going for a pooja Swamiji told me he forgot to wear his Rudraksha garland what he normally wear. At that time I did not realise about the garland. When I went home straight away I put the garland what Swamiji gave me on his photo. Afterwards only I realised that the garland what I received was Rudraksha bead garland. Now his photo is always garlanded. Once again he made me to realise that what, I want he is there to do.




I normally say “when I wish My Swamiji will take care”. Before I realised Swamiji, I performed every activity with a doubt as “Will it happen?” After Swamiji started to give me confidence “When I am there why you are worried, leave your worry to me and you relax” made such a big difference in my life. All what he wanted me to do was with faith to request him and pass the activity for him to take care. By that he finishes everything for me. Now I realise it was like just to shift the word “Will” in “Will it happen” as “It will happen”. As Swamiji asked me, when I shift the activity to him, I become so relaxed and get along with my normal duty, without any anxiety for any doubt. Oh! Swamiji my God, what a blessing he has showered on me and leads my life so comfortably. Let this blessing not go to my head and make me to feel I am favourite or I am too close to Swamiji. I always want him near to me to do seva.




When Swamiji was in Kuwait one day at devotee Usha’s house I was with Swamiji. While we were talking Swamiji went silent and all of a sudden he asked me:


Swamiji: Natesan, do you have the telephone number of Lekha in Canada.

Natesu : Yes but right now she is at work no one will be there at home.

Swamiji: Do you have her office number.

Natesu : No Swamiji, but I could check with my wife.

Swamiji: Ok check with your wife.


I dialled my wife’s number and checked with her and she too did not have Lekha’s office telephone number.


Natesu : Swamiji, my wife also does not have the office number.

Swamiji : Do you have Lekha’s India number.

Natesu : No Swamiji.

Swamiji : I should have let us try.


Swamiji gave me the number when we dialled Swamiji talked to Lekha’s family in India they too did not have her office number.


Swamiji : Natesan, call her house number.

Natesu : Ok Swamiji.




Voice   : Hello

Natesu : This is Natesu from Kuwait. Who is this?

Voice  : Sri Ramajayam. This is Sethu.

Natesu : Sri Ramajayam Sethu. Swamiji want to talk to Lekha is she there now?

Sethu   : No, she is at work. I just came into the house.


Swamiji spoke to Sethu and got Lekha’s number. Swamiji spoke to Lekha. Swamiji explained to us about a problem and the need of the call. After the call Swamiji had a drama with me.


Swamiji: Natesan, you can have the number.

Natesu : Oh! No Swamiji, I have the house number, when I go there that is enough for

              me to call her.

Swamiji : Ok.


I tore that piece of paper and threw it in the garbage. Swamiji knew why I did not wanted that number and after what I did he gave me a calm smile. I understood my message.


This experience showed me where ever he is, when a devotee has serious problem he know how to reach and resolve the problem. Various experiences showed me when GOD decides how he can reach us.  




It was a very tiring week. Since, my mother-in-law was very sick at hospital my wife was practically functioning a soul without brains. She claimed to be very tired and weak. She leaves house by 7 am and visits her mother at the hospital and then proceeds to work. By noon again she visits her mother and get back to the 2nd job and evening again she goes to the hospital and come home by 11 pm. In the midst of all these she used to worry about the children’s need too. I was helpless and could not be any use to her other than praying to my Swamiji to keep my wife healthy and calm.

On 26th Nov, 2002 I spoke to my wife and the disturbance what she expressed made me worry. I was wondering whether she would fall sick. Since, I had to finish some important work in office I had to sit late to complete it. Around 9pm I looked at Swamiji’s picture by my side and said:

“Swamiji, I do not want my wife to worry about her mother and spoil her health too”.

“Swamiji, I do not want my wife to neglect our children at the expense of my mother-in-law”

“Swamiji, I want her to concentrate on her work and drive carefully”.

“Swamiji, till I reach her in December let her be calm”.

“You know everything, so I leave my wife, children and mother-in-law to you please take care of them”

Since, I was tired by working late and my wife’s thoughts, I decided to go home and rest. When I was travelling my mind was worrying about my wife. Moment I reached home I switched on the lights and went straight to the place where my Swamiji is seated. I was bit disturbed so, with all mixed feelings I pleaded to my Swamiji.

“Swamiji, you heard everything what I said to you in the office. Anyway let me repeat the whole thing once again”.

I narrated all once again.

“I am very disturbed now. You know only you can protect my wife. She, do not know anything else other than her mother right now. So, please protect her”.

“Swamiji, right now I think you are in a powerful pooja, please bless my wife, children, my mother-in-law and me. Do not tell me you cannot hear nor see what is happening with me.”

I was thinking which way I can ask for a confirmation that he is blessing. I remembered how he caught the message of Lekha in his vision radar.

“Swamiji, unless you call and talk to me I will not know whether you are blessing us. Without your permission I cannot call to the place where you are now. So can you please call and let me know that you will take care of us”.  

No sign of call.

“Swamiji, it looks like you are not going to call. I am very hungry too. Let me take bath, finish my evening prayer, have my dinner. Meanwhile let me wait for your call too”.

I finished my bath.

I thought:

Why no sign, he know I am very worried he will some or other indicate something.

I got into the shrine room and looked at my Swamiji’s powerful picture presence.

“Swamiji, it is up to you to take care of us but if you do not indicate I have to wait till you do it. Please take care”.

Before lighting the lamp I looked at my right side and noticed the date on the calendar was 25th Nov and the actual date was 26th Nov. I looked at my Swamiji and said “Swamiji, what is this. Today is 26th and why did not you remind me to tear off the page in the morning. If you do not remind me how can I remember? In future you have to remind me every day morning to tear off the calendar page, ok. Now let me pray”.      

Paused for a moment and looked at the calendar and then looked at Swamiji, again looked at the calendar and Swamiji.


“Swamiji, you are not calling me because you may be in a big pooja therefore now you have to something else. I am going to tear off the 25th date page and I want you to give me another 25th. You can do it Swamiji. Do not tell me you cannot hear nor see me now. If you do not give I will be really disappointed. You can do it, so please do it for me ok”.


“Swamiji, I am going to tear now please give me”.


I tore the page and there was the 26th. I was really disheartened and disappointed.


“Swamiji, why did you do this? Do not you feel and see how much I am disappointed. Are you telling me that you do not have the power to do it? Did not you hear me or see what I am doing. I know you can do so why did not you do it. I am upset. Now you are not calling nor doing it. I do not know what to do now”.


I was looking at Swamiji and with disappointment my whole body felt like in fire. I did not give up my hopes and said:


“Swamiji, now the time is 10.30 pm in 1 ½ hours time date will change to 27th. I am going to tear off the 26th, now I want you to give me another 26th. Swamiji, now do not disappoint me. I want you to give me one more 26th please. I know you are hearing and watching what I am saying & doing. Also, I know you can do it, so please do it ok. Do not disappoint me again. If you do not do it I may not be able to concentrate on praying”. 


I looked at the calendar and again at Swamiji, again at the calendar and again at Swamiji.


“Swamiji, please give me another 26th do not disappoint me”


With trembling hand I tore 26th and saw not 27th but another 26th.


“Oh! My GOD Swamiji, I know you can do it but why did not you give me before. Were you testing me?”


My happiness was attacked by the Satan and confused me.


“Swamiji, now I am confused whether there was a calendar page printing error or you did it. I am sure that you did it. If it was printing error, always I will have that doubt in my mind? Since, you did it, you can do it again. Therefore, can I please request you to give me one more 26th?  Swamiji, since it is you who did it, please give me one more 26th ok”.


Again, I looked at the calendar and again at Swamiji, again at the calendar and again at Swamiji.


“Swamiji, please do not disappoint me I beg of you please do it for me and show me really it is you who is listening to me and doing it”.


With my whole body shivering I tore the page and it was a wonderful sight for me.


Yes, it was another 26th.


“Oh! My GOD you did it Swamiji, It is your power that made me to realise that I have to request to you and you are there to do it”.


“Swamiji, when you could do it why did you test me initially by not giving me another 25th. Anyway, now you made it very clear to me that it was not a printing error but it was with your divine blessing I got what I wished. This shows that you can do anything Swamiji”.


“Swamiji, can I request one more 26th. Oh! You may be smiling over there by saying when you tear it I will give 27th now. No Swamiji I do not want to play with you I shall tear the page tomorrow. I know it is you who can do anything for me”. 


I peacefully prayed to my Swamiji with full of happiness I felt how lucky am I to have GOD showing me this kind of a miracle. It is only he know how he did this, I will not dare even to analyse about it. Next day when I tore the date page it showed 27th. When we request to Swamiji, he know when to bless. It can be 1 second or seconds, 1 minute or minutes, 1 hour or hours, 1 day or days, 1 month or months, 1 year or years he only know when to shower the bliss with his bless. Only thing I know when I ask, Swamiji is there to take care of me.


Without me knowing the big pooja was conducted in Dubai I prayed to Swamiji. Now it was confirmed by the experience written by another devotee. Even though he was sitting in another place how did he do this miraculous act he only knows. Please read devotee Vaneesha of Abu dhabi’s experience No (122) where she wrote the following:


“After attending one last Pooja in Dubai with Swami’s permission on 26.11.02 I left for Bombay on 29.11.02 along with my two daughters.”



The above confirms our Swamiji need not talk to in person to bless the miracles. Trusting Him and ask thy shall be given. Do not ask me how this is possible. It is my Swamiji only know how he performs. Anybody can consider it to be co-incident, for me it is Swamiji’s miracle. Even for it to co-incidentally happen why it did not happen any other day. Only when I wished should it happen. God know how I should make the request and enjoy what he provides. No Swamiji no miracles in my life.


I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.


Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.



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