Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.


With the blessings of Swamiji once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands. This is the continuation of previous experience No128.





When Swamiji came to Kuwait, he sang one song, which really touched me with the Unity of Universe. The song was ORU JATHI ORU MATHAM ORU DEIVAM. These words gave me the principles of life equality. If we follow what it says, where there will be enmity among human. It is very difficult to practise but if we do, the joy what we can enjoy who can give other than ourself initiating it. Especially when Swamiji sang that song I could feel the majestic voice of his gave me a heavy meaning what I should be. I was not concerned of any caste because I was moving with all nationalities. My parents never forced me to follow a particular religion hence I used to visit all worshipping places. Now as grand finale, all forms of gods have formed into one in the form of our Swamiji and communicating with me what else I need. Such a superior power to guard me I do not know how my ancestors have dealt with God to take care of me like this. Our Swamiji’s protection on me is so awesome. So, when I heard this song I felt high with joy.


Let me recall the very first day my mind refusing to touch the feet of Swamiji. I was brought up in a surrounding where we never touch the feet of anyone. Hence, when I saw I refused in my mind that I would never touch our beloved Swamiji’s feet. When I heard the words in the song ”Guruvinte Sri Pathangal vanaggi”, I was thinking of the how I would have missed the glory of the magical touch of my Swamiji’s feet. I was so fascinated with the song. Since the song was sung in Malayalam language, it was difficult for me to understand. My Swamiji had his plans of understanding my feelings. Our Swamiji is very careful in all his planning. When he left Kuwait, we were very sad. Every time when he leaves us we become very selfish in our mind saying why he cannot stay more with us. He left us with heavy heart and went to Dubai on his way to Chennai. Next day when I was in office received a call from Swamiji.


Swamiji  : Did you see my songbook.

Self        : No Swamiji. Which book are you referring?

Swamiji  : The songs, which I sing.

Self        : No Swamiji, may be it is in the devotee’s house.

Swamiji  : Can you check.

Self        : One minute Swamiji.


Called devotee’s home,


Self        : Hello, in your home did you see Swamiji’s songbook.

Devotee : Yes

Self        : Swamiji it is here.

Swamiji  : Can you get and send it to me.

Self        : Ok Swamiji.

Self        : I am coming to pick it up to send it to Swamiji.

Devotee : Ok.

Self        : Swamiji, I will leave now, pick it up, and send it to my sales office in 

                Dubai. Ask them to inform You upon receipt, so that you could send

                someone and pick it up.

Swamiji  : Be careful.

Self        : Swamiji, it will be there tomorrow morning. I will inform them to call you

                immediately and carefully, keep it until it is given. Swamiji, is that song   

               Oru Jathi Oru Matham Oru Deivam in that book.

Swamiji  : Yes but it is written in Malayalam.

Self       : Swamiji if you give permission I could ask one of my colleagues to translate

                the song in English. So that we could sing.

Swamiji  : Ok go ahead.

Self        : Thank you Swamiji.

Swamiji  : Ok. Jai Sree Ram

Self        : Jai Sri Ram Swamiji.


I took permission in my office to send the book across to the Sales office. I rushed to the devotee’s house and picked it up, and then I rushed to the office and after copying that song, I handed it over to the Delivery people. Within one minute, the courier company representative picked it up and took it away. I informed Swamiji that the book has been already despatched. Whole operation was done within 45 minutes. 


Next day morning my sales office informed me by email. When I called Swamiji said already he has the book. I got the song translated and we sang it in Kuwait.


How did Swamiji understand my feeling for the song and left the song without giving it to me? After reaching Dubai He showed me how he has arranged it for me to receive. When Swamiji decides he has his ways to keep his devotees happy, all what we have to do is to wish properly to him He know how to give what we ought to get.


My DIVINE GOD knows what is best for each one. Also, how to take care of each person’s need. ORU DEIVAM. We are really lucky. 




On 1st Feb’03  closer to midnight I looked at my clock (which does not chime between 11 pm to 5:45 am, otherwise it chimes every 15 minutes) then I asked, now the clock does not chime could you please make it to chime at 12 at least today only. (As I had mentioned in my part 7, Feb’02 clock went back to chime at the normal cycle)  Since, it did not happen I said “Oh! Swamiji now no more chime during the non-chime hours ah!”. Then I went to sleep.


On the 2nd after my late walk, I came back home and saw the clock and heard the chime too at 10:30 pm. When I heard the chime at 10:45 pm I said ok now this is the last chime until tomorrow morning, it is ok Swamiji. After my shower and prayer, I got my food and came to the hall. All of a sudden, I heard the chime and wondered what is the time now and I was sure that I heard clearly the 10:45 pm chime, which is the last one for the day, and why this clock is chiming now. When I saw the time, it was 12 midnight. First, I thanked Swamiji for actioning what I requested previous night. Then I wondered whether there was any mechanical error. I stayed up until 1 am to check whether the chime is proper yes he made the clock to chime at 1 am properly. Then I understood my Swamiji has once again given me the sound in the house.


The right moment, right action is my Swamiji’s activity. In return what he asks of me is the simple faith and to surrender. He says, “When devotees are with heavy heart I will reach them”. When the real need is there, the speed Swamiji reaches devotee is our blessing only. That is 100% true. Who else can do that for me other than my GOD Swamiji.




I had a nice talk with a friend of mine on what Lord decides and what we decide. All of a sudden, I explained to this person each person thinks and does whatever he or she feels. Therefore, we normally say, not “all five fingers are the same”. That is why we do things differently. In our Swamiji’s case, those have gone to him surely like fingers but are attached to the wrist like our Swamiji. When Swamiji say devotees turn as the fingers will turn with the wrist move. All five fingers do the function in totality the strength is more. Under the divine guidance of Swamiji when we unite and work as a team, performance is enormous.


“When a person feels the presence of Swamiji that person can see the presence of Swamiji. What is the use when a person sees the presence of Swamiji does the feel the presence of Him?” When Swamiji says I am always with you, He has cleared all the doubts of his presence. Being with Swamiji I could feel the clarity in mind and the build up of calmness. My life was full of tension and always felt inside me volcanic eruptions. After realising “Swamiji is there” the volcano inside me is dead.


Once we surrender to Swamiji we are under his surveillance. The action for our request to him will happen the way he wants. Will He allow a wrong action or will he forget it, no way. With so many devotees under his surveillance, we are lucky that Swamiji always remembers each of the devotee’s problems. Even though the devotee has forgotten the problem, he would recall for them and give solution for it. After the Hanumanth Jayenthi pooja when I was about to leave Chennai I was lucky to witness a dialogue between Swamiji and an old devotee of Swamiji. She had come to see Swamiji after more than 10 years. What a blessing to witness that dialogue. When she said to Swamiji, which house she met him immediately Swamiji said her problem of that day and what happened after that. When Swamiji spoke I felt this is divine is presence. I was thankful for the opportunity what he created for me to witness.  




I had to go to my Group head office to attend training on new payroll system and wanted to be there on time. Already when I was about to leave the house had a feeling due to traffic might be delayed. So as the only option available, I prayed to Swamiji to take me on time. When I. came out my neighbour’s son was standing there and asked me “since I missed the bus can you please drop me at school”. I looked at Swamiji and asked what is this Swamiji and said no problem to drop the kid but Swamiji please to take me by 9 am. I dropped the kid in his school and then proceeded with one thing in my mind “take me by 9 am”. Everything went smoothly until I hit the first traffic block and I asked now what Swamiji, I do not know you have to take me on time. That block took away nearly 5 minutes and I was a bit worried. Once I came out of that block, the way in which Swamiji cleared up the road it was amazing. Next signal light how Swamiji blocked the lane for me to have smooth driving on the lane I realised where Swamiji was. I entered the meeting hall exactly at 9 am. Swamiji, really tested me with my realisation. Felt if I had refused to drop the boy, I might have been delayed to attend my meeting. Since I helped someone in that dire moment and left my activity to Swamiji with all the obstacles, He managed to take me on time.  




I am sure Swamiji wanted to test my faith so much was so puzzled why my Swamiji is doing this act. Bhajan was conducted in my house, when we recite Ashtotram song in my house I use to offer rose petals to his feet. There were five flower shops in my city. When I visited, none of them had any rose petals for the pooja. I was very nervous and asked Swamiji “if you do not give me the flowers how can I do the offering. Swamiji at least give some jasmine flowers, will you please arrange it for me”. I went back to one of the shop and asked them whether there are any other shops and he said none other than those five shops. I was highly disappointed. Then I remembered one of the devotees telling me that they buy the flowers from a shop on Wednesday. I went to that; shop to my surprise the shop was closed. Again I was asking Swamiji why all these testing. When I walked further up, I found a shop, which had artificial flowers. Then with heavy heart, I bought the required flowers and said “Swamiji I am not happy and sure you too will not be happy but what can I do”. Then I walked back to my car on the way stopped in front of a grocery shop. Then I asked “Swamiji, what do you want me to check here”. Then I went inside by looking at the shop I shook my head and without inquiring walked out. I hardly took three steps and again stopped. Like the master pulls the dog I was pulled back to the shop and this time I asked the counter cashier very reluctantly “do you sell flowers”. To my surprise, he said check inside. When I inquired, they told me to come at 5 pm fresh jasmine flowers would come. Time was 3:30 pm I was so happy to hear that I could purchase fresh flowers for Swamiji. When I went back was happy to see the fresh jasmine flowers. I need the best for my Swamiji. The salesman inquired from me how did I know that shop was selling flowers. When I explained, he showed me his hand with goose bumps. He said he is surprised with the whole thing. Since it was for bhajan he wanted to pay for it too. Swamiji, is the lord of the Universe. Otherwise, how can he track each of the devotees and assist the need of that moment. Wherever he is, his eyes are on devotee. Without his blessing, I am sure I would not have found this place.


When Swamiji speaks to me, every word is stamped with assurance. In my Swamiji’s case “when he tell one time it is spoken only one time”. That one time itself is enough because it is powerfully blessed words, we have to accept and be patient for the relative action. Through the experiences, He keeps showing that a hotline is existing between Swamiji and me.


Even the top executives will have to be briefed of the nature of a problem for them to give a solution. In the case of Swamiji, he is the super executive of the divine family. He knows every problem well ahead and ready with the protection and solution. Now only I understood on 1.1.2000 the millennium dawn I was walking in front of the procession. Swamiji made someone to hold my hand and take me to him and said you walk next to Swamiji. I think ever since that day my life took a complete turn. I have to thank Swamiji for accepting me into his divine family.


My whole body belongs to Swamiji. The whole functionality of it is his. I am infinite times lucky to get a GOD like him to be with me all time.




In my office room, my immediate boss and two others were discussing, in case if war breaks out what is the evacuation plan. Then one asked me what is your plan what did your Swamiji tell. Before I could tell anything, my immediate boss said when Natesu leaves immediately we have to plan because his Swamiji will take care of him and take him out without any problem. By myself following Swamiji others are watching my activities and try to follow.




On 03.03.03 it was another unbelievable rain story. Day before the world cup cricket matches started and my small friend Krishna and I had the faithful dialogue involving our Swamiji. He was wishing for South Africa to be the favourite and as usual, Swamiji made me to say that South Africa will not qualify for the Super six. Therefore, Krishna was bit unhappy but cheerfully said Swamiji will listen to me. It was a do or die battle for both Sri Lanka and South Africa. Almost closer to the end of the match Krishna said Sri Lanka might lose so uncle you pray to Swamiji. In return, I said that is what I was doing. In fact unusually I was bit tensed. When rain started, I was thinking that once again Swamiji has created a situation of ICC cup experience, which I had mentioned in part11. The way that match ended was an unbelievable divine blessing for the prayer I made. Confusion of the South African team calculation made Sri Lanka to move forward. I was very happy because Sri Lanka moved in and South Africa moved out. It was not because of the result but the way Swamiji made me and Krishna to realise such a wonderful blessing.





On 12th March 2003, I asked Swamiji to take care of my blood check result at the clinic. Last month when I checked, it was 8.8 I was bit upset about it. I requested Swamiji to bring it below at least to 8. In the Morning, I wanted to go for the test a bit early to avoid a crowd at the lab but as usual, Swamiji took me there late. Before leaving, I requested again to ensure the result will be below 8. Upon arrival at the clinic, I said there would be a crowd so do something and get my file faster. When I approached the counter, I was shocked to see nearly 40 patients with angry faces and arguing with the counter clerk. I asked Swamiji today with this crowd what time would I reach office. Then I handed over my medical book to obtain the file, sat on an available chair, and started reading the latest experience letter. Within two minutes I heard my name being called with question marks in my tiny head I approached the counter. He asked for the fee and ID card. When I handed over, he gave me my file. I was stunned and I heard other patients got so angry and started to shout at the counter clerk. I just walked off asking my Swamiji how did you do that. By way of any standard, this was too fast Swamiji. That is not all. When I went to the laboratory room, nurse took the blood and asked me are you walking these days? Then she told me the result is 7.5 it is a good improvement. I told her all these because of my Swamiji and I told her the counter incident and how Swamiji has made me to commit myself to walk by taking away the car. She shook her head and said your Swamiji is very powerful. I do not think anything is possible for me without Swamiji leading me through.





On 16th Mar 2003, my office was very tensed up with war contingency plan. Some of the staff approached me and inquired what I am going to do. I had to tell my usual answer of my Swamiji would take care of me. Last call to Swamiji in my sub conscious mind I might have had 0.0000001% doubt about the activities. Swamiji cleared it by the concerned blessing “I am there with you” with those words I realised that I should not worry. While I was talking to Amma she asked me whether I am going to stay back. I said yes, when Swamiji is there why should I worry. She asked me if a bomb falls what I will do. I said to Amma, if a bomb falls near me at that moment Swamiji would have taken me away. She said OK, if you think so. I said to her when my Swamiji is there I do not have to worry about anything. Future at any event I should not shake because Swamiji is with me. As Swamiji told my wife and me in August’02, “does anyone know about both of you more than me” it is true blessing. Who else other than Swamiji could do the things what he has done to us and most importantly at the right time. I have given my whole life to Swamiji, so He lead and take me where ever He want. Life what I enjoy is due to his blessings only, if He was not there, I cannot even imagine what tensed up life I would have lead. 


This is the message Swamiji posted on 20.03.03


Swami - Dubai says," Today my Birthday which all of you know, because of your Love and Prayer I am so happy here and I feel each Birthday my age is coming down. Today, 7.30 Dubai time my Birthday celebration will start at Astoria Hotel, Dubai which is coming Live on net. All are welcome. I can feel all of your prayers, Love, Unity which the present world needs. With all my Birthday and our Birthday in future always should be happy with Love of Unity. I specially pray for all of you for your Peaceful life and also I must pray for the present, colourful world who gave us birth. So we have to Unite and Pray for our peaceful life. Are u all Happy? Wish you all, ALL SUCCESS! As per Ithihaas and Puranas a lot of crucial time is there for the present world but when we unite with Pure Heart, Pray for our peaceful life definitely any type of obstacle through any media by Grace of God without any difficulty can be overcome and we will have a peaceful life in our near future. So nothing to worry about anything. God is always with us. God cannot be many GOD is ONE and one umbrella with One God. Wish you all BEST OF LUCK!" (9:16am IST)


Ranji,Vaishnavi & Mithunan(Canada) says," Sree Ramajeyam Swamiji Wish you many many Happy Returns of the DAY. Well it looks like every one is able to see your B'Day telecast, which I am unable to do so because I am at work right now. Any way today I got the chance to talk to you that itself was enough for me. Way the situation is going in Kuwait please please take care of my HUSBAND & all our friends. talk to you soon & have a wonderful B'day. " (12:02am IST)


On 19th night, my wife called worriedly about the attack, which will be imminent, and requesting why I am not leaving Kuwait. She asked me if Iraq attacks Kuwait by sending bombs what will, you do? For that, I replied if a bomb falls, before that Swamiji would have taken me away from that place. When Swamiji assured me that he will take care of me, do you understand what kind of responsibility is that he has taken. So leave it to him he will take care of me. Right now, I do not know anything, I am only worried about how to arrange the birthday celebration without any disturbance. That night one of the young devotees came home and blew all balloons. I left everything to Swamiji saying you know what I am going through. 


On 20th Thursday noon (being ˝ day for me) I excused myself from office by 11 am and went home to do the decorations. By 12 noon, I left home to collect the cake from Kuwait city, which was 50 kms away from my house. This distance normally I cover within 25 minutes. After I passed, half the distance a siren went on and there was a traffic block, which made me to pass next 1 km in 30 minutes. My only worry was how I will be able to return and do the decoration. At that moment, even the flowers were not collected. When I went to the confectionary the shock, what I went through I was very unhappy with myself. The door was closed and it was padlocked too. I quickly got into the next shop, which is a restaurant upon inquiry they told me due to the missile attack all the shops closed, and they would not open. When I asked is there any way we could reach them they said no. From them only I came to know a missile had already fallen in Kuwait.


Then I looked up in the sky and said,


“On your birthday what have you done to me?”

“Swamiji why did not you bring me few minutes early. Now how can we celebrate your birthday without this special cake? Due to the special order only I came all this distance and now that is also waste”.

“You could not hold on to the people till I came. After I took the cake, You could have sent them away. Now what do you want me to do”.


I was in a state of a child missing a mother.


I stood outside the confectionary door looked up in the sky and started to call Swamiji where are you please do something. Then I heard some voice coming out of the closed shop. I ran into the restaurant and said it looks like someone inside the shop can you please tell me how to reach them. Then one person came out and heard the voice, requested me to wait there and went from behind the shop and contacted the confectionary people. When he returned back, he said they would get the cake for you please come with me.


They just packed the cake handed over to me, all of us came out, they just closed the door, and everyone left. I could not believe it. Few minutes before what I prayed as why did not he keep the people until I reached and handover the cake and then leave, he did it exactly that way. I prayed to him “Is this what you call testing the devotee but it was not fair on your birthday. You really gave a scare but I liked your play” and said thank you, thank you repeatedly.


When I proceeded, I took another route and when I merged into the highway, I found a checkpoint. With the traffic, I said another delay Swamiji, quickly do something, and take me out of the mess. Then I got a feel that I should move onto the left most lane. Before the other cars could come I drove diagonally and joined the left most lane. I do not know how I drove like that and I just proceeded in that lane. I was so happy to see in that lane only officer allowed the cars to move without checking and when I went closer, he stopped my car. I was asked Swamiji why you did not allow me to pass like the cars ahead. Without checking any documents, the officer joked with me and told me to pass. I did not understand how Swamiji made me to go from 6th lane to 1st lane. With a smile I proceeded by telling what a leela Swamiji.


While proceeding I gave the opposite traffic situation to a friend of mine and I missed my exit. Then I proceeded further, went over the bridge, and returned to exit on to the road, which I missed. There was a convoy of nearly 50 US army vehicles and about 10 vehicles have already had taken the exit. I was very worried because if I did not take that exit and proceeded to the next exit, it would take another 15 minutes. I just prayed to Swamiji and said please take care of me and put the signal and came closer to the exit, yes Swamiji created a car distance and I turned into the exit slowly. After moving in, I was very worried because they could have shot me for intercepting. Swamiji, I am 100% sure you would have created a maya for them not to see me. When called for everything is possible from Swamiji. Therefore, I escaped from there and proceeded to collect flowers and my share of food. 


Previous day I placed order for a dish, which the devotees like. When I went to the restaurant, the owner asked me when I ordered. I was a bit confused the two people who took the order had not made any arrangements. The owner had prepared the main ingredient on his own without knowing about the order. He said something made him to prepare that and keep the previous night otherwise the dish I ordered could not have been made. Who else could have done this act, other than my Swamiji. Once again I said thanks to Swamiji and collected the food.


Then I proceeded for the flowers and again all the shops were closed. Swamiji really gave me a scare because I was told police had ordered to close all the shops. With heavy heart, I reached home. I prayed to Swamiji asking without flowers how I can sing ashtotram. Please arrange the flowers otherwise, I will not be happy. Swamiji, only you know my heartache. Some way or another You manage to get the shop to answer my call. When I called, they answered and said he will be going to the shop to get something for him. If I come in 15 minutes, he would get me the flowers. I dashed and went over and collected the Jasmine, which was purely for decoration. For ashtotram reciting, I wanted just the red rose petals. Normally, they do not separate red petals from other colours but sell mixed colours. Very reluctantly, I asked the shopkeeper whether I could get only red petals because I need this for a special occasion. He readily obliged and carefully picked up and gave me 96% red petals. I am sure Swamiji only arranged that for me.


By the time I came home, some devotees had already reached and were waiting outside for me. How happily they shared and made the decoration of flower and arranged food and fruits. I was so happy. As Swamiji put in His divine message that unity was seen by me that day. By the time I took the shower and came, they had done all required to start the pooja. 


Since, that day was the first missile attack into Kuwait Swamiji only knew what went through the mind of the devotees. Mrs. Banerjee wanted to attend the celebration from a distant place. Mr. Banerjee had been call for emergency duty he could not come. Due to the severity of the security concerned, he requested his wife also not to proceed for the pooja alone with her two children. Mrs Banerjee is one of a person with a strong personality whom I knew called me and said some way or another that she would reach the pooja and do not stop till she comes. When I knew that, she is coming for the pooja risking her life and specially to see Swamiji how I could displease her. Her brother and his family followed her. How Swamiji gave her Shakthi to come with the children in the midst of several checkpoints and take part in the celebration only Swamiji know. Almost closer to end of the pooja with facing all the checkpoints she reached.


The devotee who normally sings the song Sathgurunathanee Vaa Vaa Vaa did not come. Since we started to sing that song just few weeks before the birthday, nobody had mastered it. Very reluctantly, I led the singing and felt the divinity of that song and the power of inviting Swamiji to come. I was surprised how I sang it flawlessly. When we sang 18 steps, I felt the power of Swamiji.


Top of the celebration was the cake cutting. Swamiji took us to the peak of happiness at that moment. Birthday song was sung by all rhythmically and with full of happiness in everyone’s voice. Beauty of it was that I wrote song and none of the other devotees present knew the words. Therefore, Swamiji definitely made everyone who gathered to sing properly.


When the devotees left finally Mrs. Bose came to me and said “Natesan till now Swamiji has not entered the hall, as He told you only has happened. Now I shall go”. I said “oh my God what a precision action by Swamiji. I cannot believe it”. When I spoke to Swamiji I mentioned about the timing of our pooja and whether we would miss part of the telecast of Dubai pooja. He asked me what time do I want to have the pooja. I said by Kuwait time 6.30pm you are planning to start the pooja in Dubai Swamiji hence, at least by 5pm I should start and finish off by 6.15pm. He said to me do not worry when you finish the pooja I will start over here. I said to him Swamiji I will try to finish on time. With all the dramas, what we went through pooja commenced only by 6.15pm. Five minutes after Mrs Bose left my house she called me and said just now my daughter informed me Swamiji just entered the hall. Swamiji, did not start the pooja until the last devotee left. See what a precision timing Swamiji kept to his words.            


After all the devotees left, I tried to see the pooja and I could not see the broadcast at all. From the messages, I was able to notice that no way anyone was able to get the broadcast. Then I remembered that I had left my passport in the office so I had to go to the office to pick it up. On my way to office I went to all those devotees who could not attend, I went with the pieces of cake and delivered it to them. 15 minutes after reaching my office, I picked up my passport and I tried to see whether I was able to watch broadcast over there. Still I could not. Then I heard a noise with a thundering vibration. Later when I inquired, office security guard said it was a missile attack and it went towards the refinery side. In spite of his request not to leave immediately, wait until it settles down I said to him my Swamiji will take care of me and left the premises and reached home. My friend and devotee Logan was worried and desperate because he knew I left outside my home. When he managed to reach me, he said the missile fell closer to our house. Whether everything is ok. I said yes. Then he told me missile fell closer to my house. I told him I heard about a missile coming this way. See how Swamiji made sure that I went a good distance away from the bomb blast. During the whole period because of his presence the missile attack fear never came. 


Whenever Swamiji inquired about the war I always told him when He is there why do I have to worry? Even if a bomb falls, He would put it far away from me. Exactly same thing he did. Amazing.


After all these incidents during His birthday, it gave me such joy to think my Swamiji was right through present with me. When I had the dialogue with Amma, I said, “My Swamiji is with me all the time what else I need from him. What I need he does, so let me enjoy what he shows.


As a new devotee asked me, “do you respect the power of God through Swamiji or you respect Swamiji?”. Without hesitation I told him “I respect the power of Swamiji because when I ask him he is doing it for me so what else should I do.” I am very very lucky that I am with Swamiji, for him to lead my life the way He wants.




I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.


Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.




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