Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.


With the blessings of Swamiji, once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands. This is the continuation of previous experience no 129.





I was searching for an item, which I borrowed some time back. I had to return that item that day. I searched everywhere in my house for about 45 to 60 minutes. I could not find it because I kept it so carefully. In fact, while searching, I asked Swamiji but he did not respond at all. Finally, with heavy heart I turned and saw his smiling picture. Then I said, “Swamiji, it is enough I cannot find it anywhere this is not a mansion for me to lose it only you could give it to me, so please give it to me now”. Next moment I went to the cupboard and looked at a specific shelf, pulled a bag inside I found another bag. I went to put it back but reluctantly when I opened the bag I found what I wanted. I said “Swamiji, how this is possible. I searched this area twice before. Whatever effort I put, it is your touch that adds the pleasure in my life. As I always say when my Swamiji is there I do not have to worry, my life is fully controlled by you and I see the pleasure as that my Swamiji did it. Without you what can I achieve?” I felt the message we can do whatever we want and achieve mixed result, but when we trust and leave, it to Swamiji He will do the best for us.




April 2003 I saw the movie “Enter the dragon” which was produced nearly 30 years before. I had seen this movie many times. This time I saw this movie with some of the young devotees especially Krishna who was learning Karate. In one of the scene, while training the trainee the trainer asks why he made a mistake. Then the trainee says let me THINK and before he finished the trainer taps on the head of the trainee and said DO NOT THINK, FEEL and points his finger to the sky. When the trainee was looking at the finger, again he hits on the head of the trainee and says DO NOT CONCENTRATE ON THE FINGER AND MISS ALL THE GLORY. At that moment, I felt the words were coming with Swamiji’s blessing. 30 years back it did not give any impact on me but now with Swamiji’s divine blessing it gave me a world of message. When Swamiji does what we ask him we become very happy. I explained what I felt to my friend Krishna. When we hear all what Swamiji is doing for us I cherish and feel happy that how he is keeping his devotees happy. It is not the substance that matters but it is how our Swamiji is doing all these matters. Swamiji’s glory that I cherish and feel is MY SWAMIJI is MY GREAT GOD.  




One of the devotee heard her sponsor would not renew her work permit in Kuwait. In Kuwait this is a must for a person to remain in the country. In three weeks time it would expire. She said she was not ready to leave Kuwait to Sri Lanka because she has to take care of the families back in Sri Lanka. She was on the verge of crying and said to me “I do not even have money to call Swamiji and tell my problems”. She told me that the sponsor lady has categorically denied renewing it. Sponsor wanted the passport to be brought immediately for cancelling the work permit. All what I could do that time was to tell her “In your house Swamiji is sitting so go and tell him, he will listen to you”. Next day when I spoke to Swamiji I explained the problem. As usual, He said, “We can make a miracle for her, work permit can be renewed”. My reply to him was when He decides who can stop. I said Swamiji’s message to the devotee and now do not worry Swamiji will take care. Almost last day of the expiry, she informed me that the sponsor renewed her work permit. I could see the happiness on her face. When we trust in Swamiji, he knows how to take care of his devotee’s. 





When I woke up in the morning, I felt that my throat was rough. Through out the day whenever I could think of Swamiji I was saying to relieve me from this pain. At times I was wondering whether this could be the new sickness SARS. One way I was confident that if it were something serious Swamiji would have informed me to take care. In spite of the severe discomfort, Swamiji gave me enough shakthi to continue with the pain. Finally, when I left from the office it was around 8:30pm I looked at him and said, “It is pretty bad Swamiji that you did not cure my throat. Do not you know how painful it is, suppose if it is SARS what will happen to me? I do not know anything, I am proceeding to the clinic, if you think I have to take medicine to get rid of this pain then arrange the medicine. If you are going to take care of me then even after I enter the clinic you do something and stop me taking medicine from there”.


I reached the clinic by 8.45pm and after paying, the required fee took the appointment note and proceeded towards the doctor’s room. There were two patient’s already in line to see the doctor, they told me without the stamp on the note doctor is not going to see anyone. Also, they told me they were waiting for the past 45 minutes for the stamp to arrive (this is a normal thing in this part of the world). I was bit confused to the effect what is this message my Swamiji is passing. Does he want me to wait patiently and take the medicine or does he want me to go home. I had paid the required fees but they did not affix the stamp on the note, so what to do now. When I went to the counter, again I was told wait for 10 minutes. They had given same reply to the other two patients’ too. I could feel how Swamiji reacted in me, I lost my patience, and walked into the doctor’s room, who was very busy chit chatting with some people. He refused to see me without the stamp on the chit (I understood this doctor will not treat me properly it is my Swamiji will take care of me). One of the person walked out of the doctor’s room with me (seems to be an admin person) he took the note from my hand and gave me the money back. He said wait for 10 minutes the stamp would come. When I explained I had waited for 30 minutes and the other two for 75 minutes he said wait for another 10 minutes. Swamiji instilled the correct message to me, so happily I walked off and came home.


On the way, I stopped in one of the devotee house and handed over a parcel and when he inquired, I told him what happened and said no problem it looks like once again my Swamiji only will cure me. After reaching home, I did my rituals of bath, prayer, and a chat with Swamiji in the hall saying, “I do not know anything you brought me out of the clinic so you have to cure me by tomorrow morning. When you are there I am not going to worry, please do not disappoint me”. I had my food and went to sleep.


Middle of the sleep I woke up and felt my throat was bad yet and I remember telling, “Swamiji, I do not want this pain in the morning ok” and gone back to sleep immediately. I was sure that I did not dream because I could feel the pain. Morning when I woke up my throat pain had vanished. I said, “Swamiji, this is not possible for others to believe, my belief is you always feel for us, moment we feel for you, your action immediately starts. I am sure this is one of the days you wanted to test my faith in you. As I told you before Swamiji, Tunbangal Vaalvil Vandidalaam Athai Tunivudan Etirthida Vendumenro but the shakthi is given by you. Thank you very much for curing my throat”. 


It is Amazing. Of course, he is a doctor for those who believe. By now how many different episodes of cures. Sure more cures will continue because I believe he is my super doctor with a remote control.




One night at 2:30 after telling goodnight to Swamiji, I went to sleep. Then I remembered the document, which I had to fax urgently. When I searched got very nervous because I could not find. Finally, I said sorry to Swamiji and said “no other way, now you only must give it to me”. Immediately I reached to a document pile and pulled one file and the documents were there. Honestly, I did not know how he did it so instantly. I said “Swamiji, honestly when I am awake I know what and what I am asking you, when I am sleeping I do not know whether I ask you anything because when I wake up I do not remember anything. As you say I am with you, everything that happens to me is due to You only. Thank you for all the blessing”.   




Nearly 2 days the phrase “Fear is the key” was dangling in my mind. Approximately 25 years back I saw a movie in this name. So I was wondering why this name is flashing now. After these two days confusion when I spoke to very close relation of mine I understood the message, which was to unfold for me. I explained to him about fear so effortlessly and felt that from where I was getting the message. Made it very clear when Swamiji is there now I do not fear for anything. All of us have fear for lots of things, which happen in our life.


We tend to fear about losing the job or losses in business because cessation of finance.

We tend to fear for health because we do not want to fall sick and be a burden for anyone.

We tend to fear for studies without it we are looked down in many ways.

We tend to fear to travel due to face unwarranted agony.

We tend to fear for a happy married life, without an understanding, partner life will become miserable.

We tend to fear for comfort because who will like to lead an uncomfortable life.

We tend to fear for proper growth of our children because we do not want to look like a loser in front of the public and be cursed by the children that parents did not guide them properly.

We fear for our daily food, without it can we lead healthy life.

We tend to fear of growing old because we always love to live infinity years.

We tend to fear to God because the divine knows everything still when we deliberately commit mistakes assuming that no one will come to know.


To be frank, I had all these in my life and lived a miserable life. How could anyone expect a person to be relaxed throughout his life when he leads a fearful life? While talking to this person I realised that my Fear is the key. After Swamiji came into my life, the fear has vanished and now I am living with my Swamiji’s divine protection. Swamiji has pulled me out of the misery and made me to live comfortably now I realise the Key. When my Swamiji is with me, fear is not visible. When an event occurs to threaten my mind with fear, I simply pray to Swamiji and leave the activity for his resolve.





When I mentioned to Swamiji about my concern of going for the annual car registration inspection He said “I would come with you for the car passing”. I was really relaxed. The repair work and painting on my car was done at an extra speed and with three mechanical shops, which I visited, received me with smiling face. I knew the difference was owing to Swamiji having given a different feel to the people. Finally, when I went for the car wash the way all the activities took place there I really felt the arrangement of Swamiji.


I went through the complete process of checking and they even checked the body paint. Some or other without any hassle they signed off my paper. I was so happy that passing was over but when I stopped at the exit gate, the officer glanced at my car, signed off the paper and handed it over to me upon which the engine stopped. That officer asked me what happened. Swamiji, knew the heartbeat of mine at that moment. I told the officer I am sorry but got very scared that he might cancel the registration saying mechanical failure. There was no power coming at all. Then I called Swamiji to help start the car. Behind me, cars were queuing. Knowing my nervousness, the officer smilingly told try again. Finally, I pushed the car out alone for about 20 to 25 meters. Swamiji gave me enough Shakthi to navigate my car manually. I had to move the car that distance otherwise no car could go out. I parked the car and said Yes Swamiji You only got the car passed but now You restart the car. When I did, the engine started without any problem. In few minutes, the drama that he created for me was to acknowledge that He only did the whole thing. I thanked him for saving additional repair cost if any. Definitely, without his presence I would not have finished the passing. 




When He came to Kuwait at the airport itself moment he got into the car he asked me do you have A/C in the car. Since his previous visit in November my car A/C was not working. Two days before his arrival only I was able to get it fixed. In the right time, he fixed the A/C and just the day before of the arrival I managed to get my car registration done. Even though these days the traffic dept gives tough time for old cars, even though Swamiji maintains my car, I am always nervous to go to the traffic dept. When Swamiji asked me about the A/C confirmed how often all my car problems are being taken care by him.


After reaching home Swamiji planned the places he wanted to conduct the poojas.  Swamiji, arranged three places for three nights. When he came to know that the Thursday bhajan was supposed to have been conducted in my house he rescheduled the places. All these days he visited my house to light the lamp or spend the time and when he wanted to conduct a pooja in my house I was happy and then worried. Since, I was working that day and next day I had annual stocktaking I did not know what to tell. He asked me whether I need any help and I said when “You are with me I can manage”. Later he instructed the family to reach and help me. He arranged all brothers and sisters who lovingly help me. All did arrangements and since this is the first time, I was very nervous. When he came in straight away, I did the Patha pooja and after the smile he gave me I forgot about everything.


Then he asked me to play the music cassette and after some time he asked me to rewind and play a particular song. I found that the system was stuck. Until that moment, my music system never gave any problem and I prayed to Swamiji why today you made it like this. He knew all my thoughts and very calmly said try to take it out and I found the door itself got jammed. When I tried the ‘B’ holder, it opened up. I became very worried by feeling why this test for me. He was calmly smiling at me. He made me to put off the power and then try, twice I did that, and nothing happened. I started to feel miserable. Then with a smile, He said with your finger just move the cassette holder. When I did it, the holder opened. I put the cassette in the other holder and played it and Swamiji continued the pooja. When He sang the birthday song all the people felt a feeling of flying. With tension of missile attacks, we celebrated his birthday on 20th March and the same spot where we cut the cake He was seated and made us to sing the birthday song. When He sang TRUST ME, BELIEVE ME Swamiji had taken me to another world. In addition, Swamiji wiped out my tears completely by the magical thought of MY SWAMIJI IS ALWAYS WITH ME. Then Swamiji sang the powerful Ayyappa song “Oru Jathy, Oru Matham, Oru Deivam” when He sing these words the pitch what He take actually I feel God’s command. When we follow ONENESS, how can we encounter sorrow?


When He jokingly spoke to all I remembered the first visit of his to my house in February 2000 He made it as a joking pooja.

He asked:

How many watches a person has and then Swamiji telling the correct number.

Working condition of the mixer.

Selection process of dress to wear for the pooja.

No of pictures, a person holds with him/her.

Being diabetic eating sweets.


These messages amused all but had hidden message of nothing escapes the divine eyes of Swamiji. Even a new devotee’s information of the past He knows. I am very very lucky that my GOD is living with me. After the powerful pooja Swamiji left me in Ananda Sagaram.


Swamiji made me to sleep by 5:30 in the morning with 2 hours sleep and by 8:15 am, he took me to the office. Since I had changed the procedure of the stocktaking and everyone expected it would take longer than previous period, with the clarity of mind it was over earlier than the other years. Swamiji before leaving my building talked about 2 hour sleep and made me also to face that and as He said, energised me too.


In the 2nd day pooja at Rao & Praveena’s house Swamiji devised a nice plan. While He played the organ, I got a leg cramp and I jumped up, went to a corner, and tried massaging my thigh. From that spot, I could not see Swamiji. Some feel came into me and just I peeped to see Swamiji, was playing the organ with his chin. It was a clear view for me to see that divine scene. He knew exactly how to make me to see that scene clearly. That night I slept only 1 ½ hours. In the office, I was feeling sleepy but the tiredness vanished within 15 minutes of prayer to Him.


On the 3rd day night, the pooja was nice but again with a two hour sleep Swamiji made me to go to the office. I was thinking that these 3 days due to lack of sleep how much tired we were. Day in and day out we constantly remembering Swamiji to help us and how he did everything. Since He is divine, he does not feel tired but makes us also to feel the same that only divine can shower.


I asked the devotees whether they could stay away from the husband/wife and I got the reply as no way. When no one is prepared to separate even for one day how we should be grateful to Amma and Archana that the days Swamiji spent with us. However much we get Swamiji’s darshan we want more and more but we will not give any of our time to anyone. I really thank Swamiji for the lessons He teaches us to love and respect others with His simple acts. Without His knowledge, we cannot perform any act.



On 1st June 2003


I was talking to my dentist friend and all of a sudden, I asked him when he would look at my tooth. He replied that my tooth could be managed by Vibuthi so why do I want him to see it. I mentioned this is not the two-year-old problem tooth, now I have a new tooth with pain so I requested him to have a look only. Finally, he said ok.


Within the next 30 minutes, a pain developed on that tooth and I could not understand why. Since I was in the office at that time, I prayed to Swamiji to get rid of the pain. It was such an awful pain; I left the office and proceeded home. Then I realised my mistake and prayed to Swamiji by saying when I go home take out the pain and I will not show this painful tooth to my dentist friend. After I entered the house, I looked at Swamiji and said, “Why did you do this? Do you not know how painful it is? Please take out the pain”. With the amazing power of Swamiji, within 5 minutes pain vanished. Next day I went out with my dentist friends for dinner and they asked me about the tooth. I narrated to them what happened to me the previous day. Now I have decided not to show my tooth to both of them. What surprised them the most was that I am eating from the same side where the bad tooth is located as a habit I chew my food from that side. These things are a mystery for doctors, but a blessing for me from my God.




I went out for shopping and everything what I purchased was at first glance and the best. Three vendors were selling VCD’s. Therefore, I approached them to see the names, to my surprise they had what I wanted.


The unique thing was a movie that came in three parts and the number 3 was available with the first vendor. Then I said to Swamiji please provide the other two parts with the other vendors. After buying 1 and 2 then I shall pick up this third one. When I checked with the second vendor he had part 2, I was happy that I might find part 1 with the third vendor. Unfortunately, he did not have any of the parts.


Then I purchased the 2nd part and went to the first vendor I felt very sad because at that moment only a person bought the 3rd part. Then I asked Swamiji “what Swamiji why did You not make me to buy that 3rd part. Are you teaching me in the future when I see I should buy immediately? Now what to do Swamiji I am sad that you did not get it for me”.


Then I looked and became very happy because I saw the 1st part and quickly I bought it. I asked, “Swamiji they had all three parts and why did not you hold all three for me. Anyway now I got 2 next times let me get the 3rd ok”. Still I asked the first vendor do you have the 3rd part, for that he said just now a person took it and I do not have another copy. I just moved out and he called me back and said there is a copy for me. When I asked him why you have one now, he said I do not know. I am sure my Swamiji did not take that person’s copy and give it but made a big drama to show me that He is shopping with me. When Swamiji says “I am with you” means there is no doubt that, He is there. I walked away from that place with en-joy (in Tamil language my joy) of Swamiji’s blessing.




I went to the immigration office to apply for a visit visa. I reached the office by 11am. Everyone generally says that in government offices after 12 noon the officers will not accept forms for processing. Therefore, I was bit nervous. To type the documents I got number 64 and at that moment, they had called only number 28. Who else can help me. As usual I started to pray saying “Swamiji, do something otherwise today this work cannot be performed. I want to complete the process by 12 noon”. When it was 11.30 only number 40 was called. So, I became very nervous and vigorously prayed to Swamiji to do something fast. Within next 10 minutes when they called, the numbers most of them were not present (how did Swamiji managed to send them away I could not understand) and I got the papers typed within 3 minutes and ran to the officer for signature. I got the officer’s signature without any problem and handed over the papers for registration. I got the acknowledgement and looked at my watch amazingly, it was sharp 12 noon. Swamiji, made me to wish and precisely He arranged everything. Definitely, these are his planning and arrangements. Since He is omnipresent, He always watches us and waits for us to request, then with lightening speed He fulfils what we request. At times, I feel bad for how we trouble Swamiji by making distress calls and for Him to arrange everything instantly.




My wife had the highway test in Canada at Kuwait time 9:30 pm. Since she was not well, she wanted to postpone the test. When I managed to reach Swamiji He blessed my wife to proceed for the test. He casually said I would take care of the test. When Swamiji said this after that what is there to worry? When my wife heard Swamiji’s blessing she decided to go for the test. The same day I had bhajan’s in my house and Swamiji’s blessing was lingering in my mind. I was feeling that if the driving test was little early then during the last few minutes of the bhajan’s my wife would do the test. Anyway, since Swamiji said he would go with her why to worry. Normally we start the bhajan at 7:30 pm. That day not a single devotee turned up. I became bit worried finally few devotees turned up and we started the bhajan’s at 8 pm. Immediately after, more devotees turned up. At 9:15 pm, I was thinking of the test and thought it would be nice to have the test while our bhajan was going on. We finished the bhajan’s at 9:30 pm and I could feel the presence of Swamiji. At 10:30 pm, my wife called and said she was successful and was very happy. When I asked her what time did she really have the test her reply was 9:15 Kuwait time. I was surprised about it but when Swamiji is there He know what we wish and He know how to bless us with such precision joy. I was so happy that my wife who was scared to drive before now with Swamiji’s blessing overcame all fear.





When I go out, I always carry Swamiji’s blessed pictures. When I started the car I realised I did not carry the pictures. After a quick debate in my mind (between good and the evil) decided that, I cannot leave without Swamiji’s pictures. Therefore, I decided to get home and pick up the pictures. While in the lift I was thinking, “Swamiji is there any accident today. Is this the reason You delayed my leaving”. When I proceeded on the way, I found three cars and two buses were in collision and noticed that it had just happened. I understood if I had not returned home to take the pictures I might have got into the accident mess. His blessing and presence takes care of me all the time. At times, I wonder why I disturb Swamiji even when he is sleeping. What else could I do other than telling Him what I need?




In the year ’91 after the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, we returned to work. One day in the office, I heard an Arab national holding an American nationality abused an Indian colleague. I immediately went to him and asked why he used those words at his colleague. For which he laughed and asked being a Sri Lankan why I am worried about an Indian colleague. For which I replied by saying he is nobody to me but he is a human. Do not abuse people who cannot defend themselves because you are his boss. I demanded him to apologise for the words what he used against my colleague. Finally, I managed to get him to apologise. At that time, jokingly I said to him you had better be careful one day might be you would have to go and work for this man in India. He said no way that would happen. I said to him my heart says that India would become economic super power by 2025 so you might have to go to India to work like how you have come to Kuwait to work. He was very unhappy with my words at that time.


When I heard Swamiji telling in year 2000 in Mr.Venkatesh’s house pooja that India will become superpower I recalled the incident. I am sure what Swamiji said will definitely happen.


On 11th June’03, again I watched the movie BABA in that they were saying that India would economically succeed. I remembered Swamiji’s words. When our Swamiji says anything it comes true.   





When I spoke to a person, I said, “When my Swamiji is there right time he will let me know a change of continuing activity”. He asked me whether I depend on somebody to tell what I should do. I simply replied, “When God is in front of me and instructs me am I a fool not to accept it? In addition, I told him “My Wish and God’s Will is PLEASURE, if it is My Wish and My Will it is PRESSURE”. My God, (Swamiji) is there to take care of everything. Swamiji knows my wishes and at the right time, he blesses. Until such time I plan and wait patiently. Moment I receive the green signal from Swamiji I go ahead with the action.





I visited a shop and asked the shopkeeper for an item. He confirmed that he does not have that item. I just thought of Swamiji and said, “I am too tired of searching this item, can you please provide it now”. When I opened my eye, I do not know how that item was in between the shopkeeper and me. Moment I saw it I asked the shopkeeper “when it is available how did you say it is not available”. He was puzzled. Later only I realised the power of Swamiji and not the poor salesman’s ignorance. Swamiji is so powerful he can do anything what is wished for.




I was going to Canada on vacation. While I was getting ready to leave to the airport, my wife called. I was to leave to the airport by 6:15 am.


Wife: Still you are at home.

Self: I am going to leave shortly.

Wife: Are you not late.

Self: Yes, you are lucky that I got up. Logan is here,

he is also nervous that I am late.

Wife: Do not forget to bring your medical card. You need it for renewal.

Self: I left it in Canada.

Wife: Last time you took it to Kuwait.

Self: No, it is there only.

Wife: I am sure it is with you check.


Wife: Check carefully if you do not have the card you cannot go to the hospital or clinics in Canada.

 Self: Why?

Wife: They will charge you heavily.

Self: Ok I will check now.


I prayed to Swamiji and I checked the cabinets, drawers & files nowhere to find. On & off I looked at Logan (he looked at me very worried whether I will go to the airport). I said to him do not worry we have time. He knows always I reach the airport few minutes before the departure. I once again checked my cabinets, no chance. I was very upset with myself. What a crucial document and I cursed myself. I called my wife.


Self: Ranji, I could not find the card.

Wife: What is the time now?

Self: It is closer to 7:30 am.

Wife: Your flight is at 9 am right.

Self: Correct.

Wife: You leave now. I do not know. You better come but do not fall sick.

Self: Ok.

Wife: I searched over here too it is not visible. I am 100% sure last time you took it to Kuwait.

Self: (Looked at Swamiji and said to my wife) Do not worry nothing will happen to me.

Wife: I hope so. I do not know how you are going to renew your card.

Self: I am very late now let me dress up and go to the airport.  

Wife: Take care.


I looked at Logan and said do not worry we can make it. Logan did not have any choice other than giving me a smile.


I dressed up and before leaving, the house to take Swamiji’s blessing fell at His feet.


“You did not help me to get my medical card”

“You know that my wife will be highly worried”

“You know I am very nervous”

“Why Swamiji”


Devotees do not get puzzled. By now you, all know Swamiji will not keep his devotee heavy hearted. Yes, a flash in my mind. Sure it from Swamiji and I said,


“OK Swamiji”

“Logan one minute” (Sure Logan wondered what happened to this man)


I went into my room opened the first cupboard and right in front of me on the shelf I could see the medical card. I took it and in happiness, I was shell-shocked.


My Swamiji is my amazing God, is he not? He is so wonderful.


Logan too had followed me into the room he too was shocked to see what happened.


“Logan lets go I got my medical card”. Logan went speechless. I took his car key and drove myself. I knew no way Logan was in a position to digest what happened and to reach faster to the airport. I called my wife,


Self: Ranji, I got the card.

Wife: Oh, my God you are still at home. What is the time now?

Self: 7:45 let me leave now.

Wife: Where was it?

Self: I will come and explain to you.

Wife: Ok


I had to tell my wife otherwise until I reach she would be worried. If she had not cautioned me, I would have had problem with the Ministry of health to renew my health card.


How Swamiji provided it is real mystery to me. If I even searched for one hour, I would not get it but by calling Him in desperation, He provided it so effortlessly. As usual, I checked in, walked directly to the aircraft, and sat. I do not know always I plan to leave well ahead and I am delayed to go to the airport. When I got the blessing from Swamiji about the trip He said would take care and He will be with me. Therefore, He showed me His presence at the beginning of the trip itself.




When I left Kuwait, my wife said to me to avoid two types of officers because they ask too many questions. As I was walking towards the immigration, I just remembered what my wife said to me. I looked at the counters and all I could see was the two types of people whom my wife asked me to avoid. Therefore, while still walking I quickly prayed to Swamiji by asking “You said You will take care of me. Now what to do. I do not want to get to the wrong counter”. Next moment one officer stood up, waved at me, and asked me to come there. I pointed my finger towards me and asked is it me. He smiled and said yes. I smiled and muttered “Swamiji You did it”. I approached the counter,


Self     : Good evening Officer.

Officer : Good evening. How are you today?

Self: Very bad.

Officer: What happened?

Self: Oh! for the past 24 hours, I am flying and no sleep. I am waiting to go home, take shower and go to sleep.

Officer: I will not keep you waiting.


He processed the papers and gave me within a minute. Thanked him more than anything with the thought of my Swamiji. Swamiji please bring my bags fast also that I can tell my wife about Your arrangements. Amazing when I went to the belt one of my bag was approaching me. I took it and said Swamiji how about the second bag that too came immediately. I said Swamiji when you tell you are coming with me means definitely you meant it. I do not have any doubt of your words. When I came to the entrance, the lady gave me a big smile and let me go. I was thinking surely Swamiji must have been in front of me and she would have seen him that is why such a smile.


Could not see my family so called my wife,

Self: Ranji, where are you?

Ranji: we are coming before you could come out I will be there.

Self: You must be joking, I am outside. How long you will take.

Ranji: It might take another 15 to 20 minutes. How did you come out so fast?

Self: Who is with me? My Swami, when he said I am coming not to worry, he took care of everything at lightening speed.

Ranji: Really, you are out.  

Self: Sure do not worry I shall wait.


My family arrived when they saw me waiting out they could not believe it.


Beyond anyone’s imagination. My Swami is so wonderful. When he says it will happen. Therefore, he showers joy, joy, joy Natesan enjoys. My God is not miracle maker. He plans and makes me to enjoy what he plan for me.





In the Morning, I went to the ministry. Officially, I had to submit few documents but I left the house without one. After going there only I realised and since my wife was with me, I asked her to get it from home. Even though my house was just 3 minutes from this ministry interestingly she refused my request and told me pray to Swami. From that moment, I prayed to Swami and said, “You got me the medical card in a special way so please take care of this too and arrange a nice officer”.


When my turn came, I walked towards the officer with my wife following me. I gave the officer a broad smile and greeted her. In return, she too greeted and took the document processed and took my picture wished me to have good day. The whole process took nearly 4 to 5 minutes. My wife could not believe what was going on. When she went to renew her health card forgot the document. She had a tough time with the officers. Really as Swami says He is always there.


I said to my wife “what happened, shocked eh!” This is my Swamiji’s power. When I pray to him to do what I want he know how to keep me happy. Do not play with His power; He is readily waiting to help us but human mind get confused whether He can do it. So selectively we ask Swami. Just Trust and tell him He will fulfil our wish if it is good for us at that moment. Do not doubt Swami





While I was 18 steps I realised that the hall lights were off. I was thinking of asking my daughter to put the lights on but differed it until we finished the full song. Within seconds, my wife walked in from office and put the lights on. Swami, is my thought and action. In this large theatre, He has made me to be an actor. Let me do the role to His satisfaction and lead a calm and happy life with my wife and children. Since He is with them, I am sure even if they make a wrong turn He is there to pull them back to the right path. I leave everything to Him and wait for the green signal to follow the path, He has planned for. The day Swami, spoke to my daughter in Kuwait during that one day visit I relinquished my role as a father because Swami has superseded as Godfather. This makes a whole world of difference on the children. I have witnessed this with all the children responding to Swami immediately and show the respect to Him far better than the elders responding to Swami do. We are very lucky to have Swami to guide our children at their early age. So that they will not be able to get into the wrong path. After my wife left Kuwait there were times, I could have got led into the wrong path. Due to Swamiji’s watchful eyes, I got my life straight all the time. Even if I had wished to stray away, Swami knew the way to make obstacles. Swami and myself only know what kind of protection He shielded around me. Swamiji’s blessing is easily obtainable not by making all kinds of meditation and tapas and yagas but by simply TRUST and BELIEVE HIM.




One day in person, when I mentioned to Swami some of the experiences he said,


Swami : Natesan God is listening to you.

Self    : Swami, You are listening. Sure Swami, but specifically when I wanted something to be performed I did not tell God instead I told You. After I came to you, I always requested you to perform and You did it Swami.

Swami : Yes, Natesan God is listening to you.

Self     : Swami, true Swami, God is listening to you Swami. Moment I ask You it is happening. How you do that I do not want to know but when I ask you it happens. You who does everything for me. You are my God.


Swami smiled for this.  


Am I to investigate how my God Swami does what I ask? This is not my problem.  I pray with request He does it, He tells I follow. I am very happy with this arrangement.



I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.


Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.




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