By Swamiji’s blessings I am going to share my experience regarding the post selection in my school.. Natesu uncle called today, the day I am typing this, and told me “Krishna write your experience. The world should know Swamiji’s power. We can trouble Him and take His time when we need Him to solve our problems but when we have to spread his miracles we cannot spend even little time.” That is when I realized that Swamiji wants me to put up my Experience. I had typed the whole experience and kept it ready but I can’t find it anywhere… Here is another miracle. Before going to jayanthi I typed this experience and printed it.. When I came back I decided to keep it away as I can’t throw it or tear it. But I kept telling myself “throw it, you already have a copy in the computer!” But today when I sat to check I couldn’t find it anywhere in both the computers and all the flash drives.. It is now that I understood why Swami kept that printed paper till today..

Swamiji just has to say one line and there starts a miracle… presently I am in 12th. Before coming to 12th we have to apply for a post for the school’s student council so when I was in 11th I asked Swami “Swamiji can I apply for the head boy post??”  He simply looked at me and said “do not apply for any post”. Later he explained “12th is an important year and with the present pressure you will add an unnecessary pressure and responsibility”. This was a shock to me that Swami told me not to apply. At the end his word is my decision. So I decided I will not apply though I am a little sad inside. But I know there is something good for me which Swami wants to give me. Only He could see what was coming.

I normally say “I will do anything for Swami, I will give my life anything even if the world is against me”. Now was the time Swami was testing me. It is then I remembered Swamiji’s words in many poojas “faith must be 100% not even 99.9%, it is like adding a drop of poison in pure drinking water” and this was a test of my faith and it was not easy. (That’s why it is a test: P)

When December came it was time to apply for our posts and we got the forms to fill. I kept it a secret that I am not applying till the day of submission. Everyone told me “Your applying for head boy right? You will get it for sure man!!” I was just silent. Then on the day of submission everyone got to know about my decision and reacted in various ways they told me “you are spoiling you whole career and life” , “you do not know what you are doing” , “did anybody pressurize you ?” and some stopped talking to me!!  I was only praying to Swamiji  “Swami move all the obstacles as I am blindly going to follow the path you have shown me” everyday went with a lot of difficulty in facing others reaction but I did not bother, I just told I cannot handle the responsibilities.

Then within a week came the day for interviews for the post applicants. Then as they came one by one out after the interviews I asked them how it went and what questions were asked and other things. I found it really interesting to just answer the questions they asked. But anyway I was not interested in the post.. Many teachers came to convince me and gave various advises. All of them just went in one ear and out of the other. Then one evening in the same week at my physics tuition, I asked my sir why he asked them such tough questions, as he is the vice principle of the school. Then he jokingly told me that the principle might take interviews of those who did not apply for any posts. At first I thought he was joking but the next day I realized he was not.

I would just like to share something.. Just now my father came home and I told him I lost my experience and that I was typing all of it again. Then he told me to wait and I don’t know how, though I searched completely in that folder, he found it..! And that is my Swami’s miracle. Swamiji is playing with me even now and I am enjoying it.

So continuing, the next day I went to school, as usual calm , and that day all the interviews were over. Then after all the interviews, I got a shock as the principal had called all those students who did not apply for a post to her office. The only thing I was doing was praying to Swamiji to take care of me. So I stood outside the principal’s office with some other students who did not apply. Immediately the councilor came out and called me. I confirmed if I had to go alone or can we go together, but she told me to come alone. I told Swami “your making it more difficult but no problem JAI SREE RAM” and I went inside with a smile..

I saw my vice principal, my school physics teacher, councilor maam and Principal. I wished them all a good morning then my principal spoke

“I have heard a lot of comments from your teachers that you are very capable and you are a very good student and still you are not applying for any post? They say you are very deserving. Why are you not applying?”

I told maam “I can’t handle the responsibilities of the post so I don’t want to apply and I want to focus on my career which is to get into a very good college.”I requested her if I could say something more she gave me the permission. Then I told her “Maam what is the use if I am head boy and score 70% in my 12th boards?? Will any college give me admission in India because I am a head boy or some other post? But if I score 90 and get a good percent I can get into a very good college.”Then she said “by my experience I have never in my life seen any head boy score less in the boards, never….” And she told that I was underestimating myself.

Then my councilor told me “by my experience it is very helpful in your career it will help you a lot.”

My vice principal told “you are not even giving it a try and stepping back”

My physics teacher asked “is it your decision or your parents forced you or anything?” I told her “maam my parents told me to do what I want and it is purely my decision and no one else told me or forced me to do anything..” And true because my Swami’s words are veda for me and it was truly from my heart that I did not want to apply.


The principal looked at me and said “I give you 30 minutes, go to your class think all alone about it and decide if you want to apply or no. So go now and come after 30 minutes, think, do not listen to others just think quietly close your eyes and then tell me ok. Go now. I told her “Maam what ever might be the answer please do not feel bad if I say no because I don’t want to tell you no as you asked me with so much love.” She told me “I never impose or force anything on anyone not even on my own children so you can say I stand by my decision , that’s a nice better way to put it. So don’t worry just go and think.” I touched her feet and went.


I did not know what to do. My parents are not there to even ask, no one was there except for Swamiji.  I kept asking him why He is doing this to me , I said “Swami you only guided me in this path and you are only putting the traps and obstacles what a test Swami”. I told Swamiji “do not leave me Swami only you are there here now for me and I do not have anyone else and only you have to get me out of this because I am in your arms.” I remembered Swamiji told me that “see the responsibilities and the politics that will take place are all distractions to your studies so don’t apply and he also told if they give you a post on their own then take it.”


But the problem was Swamiji told me no for head boy and now if I apply I am doing something wrong but he also told me if they give you a post take it. Then I thought they are not giving me a post they are only offering me another chance to apply so I must not apply.In the middle many people came to me including teachers and told me “this is your last opportunity so do not miss it…” etc.. Believe me those 30 minutes I spent only speaking to my Swami we spoke the whole time. I could feel him, touch him and he was right beside me and also in me. First 7 minutes I sat just closing my eyes but no reply from Swami nothing at all. I waited and told “Swami however long I am still waiting for the answer”. Finally after 10 minutes while praying to him I heard Swami’s voice inside me and he said Krishna do not apply. I realized I got the message and these were tests that he was putting me in. I laughed I said Swamiji “how much, how much are you testing me even know you want to test me please swami now I want you to give me reason as to why I do not want to apply for the post so that they are convinced”. By now 20minutes was over.


Believe me for the remaining 10 minutes swami gave me two points which satisfied me. I deeply prayed for those 30 minutes and I got up after 30 minutes and said to swami “I am going now Swamiji, You give me the strength and I want to put my answer in such a way I do not hurt the principal or insult her or offend her in anyway please God be with me I am going now……..”

I stood outside my principal’s office I saw that her secretary was talking to her so I did not knock I waited for a minute outside. A teacher standing out asked me what I had decide I told “ maam whatever happens will happen for the good so lets see!” this too was a trap because I did not want anyone’s reaction before my interview.Then after that she saw me and waved to me to come inside . I prayed to Swamiji deeply that I do not want anyone else in the room including my vice principal or any teacher and I only want to talk to my principal because I felt in my heart only she will understand me. So I went in and by Swamiji’s blessing there was nobody except for my principal, and her secretary went back. After that I am going to share this whole interview with all of you. And in this you will see the power of my swami how he planned everything and what answer he gave me and with this interview how my life changed.


The following was the interview I had

The moment I entered I saw Shirdi Sai baba’s picture on her computer screen and from this Swamiji indirectly told me “go ahead I am with you” and that my decision was right. I put pranam to Baba in my heart and then the following happened.


Me: Good morning maam ..

Principal: Good morning son. So what did you decide?

Me: Maam before I say my answer, it maybe yes or maybe no, I want you to please listen to me. If you don’t mind I want to share what I feel with you and what is inside me before telling my decision to you. Please just let me speak if you do not mind maam please?

Principal: Yes Yes no problem I won’t interrupt you go on.

Me: Thank You maam. You know the main reason I did not apply for any post is because I know I cannot handle those responsibilities. Maam believe me if I could I would be the first one to step up for this post. Now maam I told this to all my friends and teachers who questioned me and I will honestly tell you what they told me. “Listen, the post is just for namesake. No one does anything. All you have to do is pass on the post after one year to the new candidate that’s all. Tell me honestly has the head boy of last year done anything but stand in assemblies? So apply you do not need to do anything.” See maam I don’t mean to teach you or anything maam please just listen maam I might be wrong or right.

Principal: No No I won’t interrupt you. Go on.

Me: Maam I believe if I do any work I must justify it. I must do my responsibilities properly. Maam whoever is the head boy, ok he will have a good career and it benefits him but maam a head is someone the school needs (there is a reason for the bolds). A head boy is someone the school can look up to with pride and say that he raised the level of our school, he represents us. He is a true leader. So what if the previous year head boys did not do anything? Why should we follow them? Why can’t we be unique? The head is a big responsibility. There is no use of the post if one goes for it just for namesake because it is the school that suffers not him. Now maam suppose I become the head boy just say I become, now if I get some responsibility and if I say that I cannot do it because I have to focus on my studies then it is not right because I am not doing my duty as a head. Maam in reality I refrain from responsibilities so how can I do a good job in any position I get. I do not want it for my benefit I want my school to benefit. The head or any post should be given to someone who will do it justice by doing their duties and not for self gain. So maam to end it I want to say that I stand by my decision and I do not want to apply for any post. If ever in between what I spoke, I hurt you or offended you please forgive me maam I hope you do not feel bad I do not mean anything wrong …

Principal: You know something Krishna today you taught me something. I never looked at it like this. You know everyone who came for the post interview told “I deserve this post, I deserve that post” for various reasons but you know today you made me realize it is we who need them and not they who need the post. When you said that the school needs the head (the bolds before ) I realized this.I will make it a point that I pass on this message what you told me to the head boy and the students. I will tell them to execute their responsibilities properly. You know something no student in my life experience has expressed something like this to me.. I am so happy today. And I am very proud of you that you expressed yourself.


The next second she took out a chocolate and gave it to me and said “I am very proud of you and happy ! May God bless you!


Me: Maam you know those 30 minutes you gave me, all I did was talked to God and prayed deeply for the right answer and I believe that he is with me, all the time, even when no one else is there.

Principal: (she pointed to her computer screen and said) look here see Baba’s there ..

Me: Yes maam I know the moment I entered I saw Baba’s picture and I was so happy that God replied to my prayer in this form…


Then my principal started to look at the screen and laugh.


Principal: You know something I never access my personal mail in the school but today I don’t know why for the first time I opened my personal mail. So I saw I received a mail with the title Baba’s birthday. When I opened it, this Baba’s photo was there. So I opened it and saved it to my computer and it happened in few seconds and very fast without any problem. So then I saved this as my wallpaper. Maybe this was for you.

Me: Yes maam I know God came for me.. Maam you know it was my dream to talk to my principal like this. That I could share what I felt maam can I please touch your feet.


I took her blessings and she came out of the office with me to talk to some child. Then before I just left from there, she turned to me and said “Krishna I hope you will always be there for me when I need you”. This touched my heart. I was almost in tears. Till today no teacher or anyone told me this. I felt so touched and blessed.

I replied “maam I might not have any post but when ever the school or you need me I will always be there for you”

That was the end of the interview. Now what all did it do?? Swamiji made the principal agree with me and I wanted to convey my answer in a polite way without being rude or arrogant and he made me touch her heart and she touched my heart and all my friends to whom I told this story replied to me “you know, now I am not feeling so bad that you did not apply. If you are happy I am happy”. In short swamiji convinced my principal, my friends and every one in just 45 minutes which I couldn’t do in past 2 weeks.. The important thing I learnt in this whole process was that, many times I keep saying that I can give my life my anything for Swamiji because he is everything for me, but today I realized from this experience that Swamiji showed me that it is easy to say but tough in real action. When my friends applied I felt little bad that I couldn’t apply but I kept thinking to myself “you talk so much can’t even do this much for Swami or what?”  But after this interview that sadness everything went away I was so happy that I did not apply for any post, and was convinced within that it was good I did not apply. And also I wouldn’t have got this opportunity to talk with my principal if I applied also. My Swamiji could see this 8 months ago and I like an ignorant child did not know why he said it. But today I realized though Swamiji told me to walk on the thorns he knows there is a big ocean for me at the end of it and he knows the result will be so fruitful.


And, as I said, those two points which Swamiji gave me were

1. It is the school that needs the head boy

2. And that responsibility is very important

And it was these two things that touched her.


After I came out I looked in the sky and spread my arms and felt the Swami smiling at me all over the sky and everywhere. All around me was joy. I felt I was in heaven amongst God finding life so enjoyable and happy. Everything around me suddenly became so beautiful and I was never this happy in my life. I remembered this beautiful song which I heard and the following lines of the song were echoing in my mind and I felt as if Swamiji was telling it to me


Your never going to be alone

From this moment on

If you ever feel like letting go

I won’t let you fall

When all the hope is gone

I know that you can carry on

You are never going to be alone

I will hold you till the hurt is gone”


All I can say is I thank you Swamiji for all the love, kindness, care and blessings You hves given not only to me to every one and that there is a reason for every message You give us which we get to know only at the end when the fruit comes. And today I have completed half of my 12th and I am soooo thankful I did not apply for anything as I can see my friends suffer under the pressure of responsibility while I am free for my studies and career. I LOVE YOU ALOOOOOT SWAMIJII AMMA and ARCHANA CHECHI and forever I want to be Your’s, Amma’s and Archana chechis’s  Hanuman….



A. Srikrishna - Kuwait


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