Koti Koti Pronams to our Beloved Swamiji, our God


It gives us great pleasure to share our experiences with Swamiji. Five years are over since we met Swamiji for the first time in Kuwait. I will love to repeat that Swamiji is the greatest source of confidence, strength and peace for us.


In the last five years, we had tremendous valuable experience and were blessed with many miracles. We can confidently say that the most difficult times can be made so smooth and peaceful with Swamiji’s blessings. We have learnt that complete surrender and faith without any doubt can lead us very close to Swamiji makes us realize the significance of devotion. But, at the same time we always ask Swamiji to gift us with more faith and devotion so that we never deviate from our path of belief.


In last few months we experienced a lot. Swamiji had blessed in September 2008 that the time has come for a change of place from Kuwait to UK and which came absolutely true. Moreover, one evening in March 2009, I was speaking with Swamiji over telephone when he said that my work permit is on the way and I would receive any moment and which I received just after half an hour. You all can believe that Swamiji’s predictions always come true. Subsequently, there were so many obstacles and difficult situations due to limited period for resigning and completing all the formalities. With Swamiji's blessings all the work got done very smoothly. After reaching here we settled very smoothly.


We know Swamiji is always with us which he had blessed us many times. We get great strength and peace when we watch various DVDs of Swamiji’s pujas and Hanuman Jayanthi.


We firmly believe in the divine message of Swamiji for all his devotees "You do you duty with full dedication and leave all the fears to me. I will take care". If we are successful in following this message, life will be definitely extremely peaceful.


To sum up, I would again say "Swamiji bless us with more devotion and faith".


Pranam to Swamiji and Amma.




Dr. Ashim Kumar Lahiri

Sukanya Lahiri

Amritash Lahiri


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