The story of Vikraman Swamy, is the story of His devotees. Quote, Swamiji


1 will try my best to relate my experience as Swamy often asks me to. Please Swamy guide me here,

to do your will, not mine.











My relationship with Swamy is now 10 yrs old. In Dec 1998 when I was at my lowest, didn’t want to pray any more. I felt hopeless, alone and miserable, I asked my husband (now) Pilot as all the devotees knows him to meet his Swamiji with an open mind and no expectations. As I am born as a Roman Catholic and have always been taught that I must not worship other Gods. I have always believed that there cannot be different gods for different people.


My 1st experience was vague. I sat amongst the numbers that filled the ashram with token no 5, I sat patiently, and after several long hrs finally Swamy arrived. I was called in first. His first words to me were "You are a very special person, and you have come here on a very special day”. Today I do realize how special I am, I was gifted with Swamiji in my life. I watched as devotees touched his feet I could not as I was not used to this culture and practice. But Swamiji understood and never rushed the process. Today I have no limits, ANYTHING just ANYTHING to show my love & devotion. Slowly but surely my devotion grew and now my Swamy says "you are a 100% devotee, and I'll show you physical miracles"


As Swamy says, I can feel His presence every second, every minute, of every day. THANKYOU SWAMY!!


Even though my husband earns very well, he could never save any money. So one day I showed him an apartment just as an investment. He said why? For what? I stayed silent. Then one morning we were driving past the builder's office and he asked me about the apartment, soon we were driving into the builder's office. Surprisingly the cheque book too was in the car glove compartment. Without much negotiation or thought we blocked an apartment C 203, with a token amount of Rs. 10,000. We were asked to pay Rs.45, 000. As I said we had no savings. I wondered… Then he went to the money changer and put together whatever foreign currency we had and we got EXACTLY Rs.45,000. We then went through the loan process for the reminder payment. THANKYOU SWAMY!!


One evening rather late around 9:30 pm I received a call from Venkatesh - Yes, I call him, St.Peter. It was strange, but I did not put too much into the call. Then all of a sudden I asked him, "Is Swamy there”. Soon Swamy took the phone and spoke to me. We were so excited, never expected Swamy to come to Bangalore. I took permission and went over to Venkatesh & Radha's place with my son. My husband had to operate the flight back and so could not be there, and as all of us know Swamy will say, "duty first". It was a mini Pooja. When it was time to leave and take Swamy's blessing, I was thinking, "how lucky they are, Swamy in living in their house”. Then all of a sudden Swamy said, "I must light the lamp in your house”.


It is now become impossible for me not to have Swamy in my life, every min of every day. I don't have Parents that I can go to or siblings that care, but I have Swamy and for that I am ever so grateful. So why would I need anyone else, when I have Swamy. I am so Blessed!!


So now Swamy was to come home to light the lamp. Amma and Archana too. I was not aware of the preparations for this great blessing. But somehow All went well. Swamy lit the lamp, blessed our home, that was the greatest gift I could ever receive. I have totally surrendered everthing to Swamy. Swamy has the remote to my life.


Swamy is fond of certain miracles, I will do my best to relate.


My husband Jaideep, all devotees know him as pilot, and now Swamy calls him by his surname Kudoor. So, Kudoor was operating a flight from Mumbai to Bangalore. The weather was extremely bad at Bangalore. All the flights had diverted either to Chennai or Hyderabad. I was waiting for him to land at Bangalore airport with a paper for him to sign. He circled overhead for a great length of time, He just said to Swamy, "Bring my aircraft down". Immediately the weather cleared and ATC (air traffic control) cleared him to land. His was the ONLY flight to land that morning. THANKYOU SWAMY!! .


My son Andre, is a very private person and rarely shares his feelings. With Swamy's grace he went to Australia for flying. When Swamy spoke to him, Swamy had told him, that when he flies, Swamy would ALWAYS be in the seat behind him. During his training in Melbourne, he had to go cross country, the weather was very bad. And he told me that from the time he took off to the time he landed at 500ft on his left, there was a RAINBOW constantly. Yes, SWAMY he knew it was you. THANKYOU SWAMY!


I forgot to mention when we (Andre and I) met at Venkatesh & Radha's place with Swamy, Swamy asked Andre whether he had tasted the chocolates in the fridge. He did not even know it was there, as at that time there were too many other chocolates. So this sealed box, I had kept aside in the crisper & forgot about it, till Swamy mentioned it. So I laughed. Swamy told Andre that he had tasted it. The moment we reached home he went to check the box. It was yet sealed, and one of the chocolates had a bite taken. Swamy works special miracles for children.


I was visiting my son in Melbourne, Australia, with my daughter Danielle. One morning I lost my wallet in a shopping complex. I had gone to just one shop and immediately got into my friend's car. I had in it all my credit cards, some Indian Rupees, some Singapore $ , some Australian $, my very special Driving licence and above all a 100 rupee note on which Swamy had written, and that was dated 18th August (Archana's birthday) I called Swamy from Melbourne, Swamy scolded me, and said I must be more careful and yes, I would get it back.


I went back several times to the shopping area and asked, if anyone had found my wallet, but no luck. I returned to India and after over 3 months I received a call from my friend in Melbourne, that she received a call from 'Coles' a super market, which was nowhere near where I had been, that they had found a wallet. In it I had kept a slip of paper with my friend's name, address and telephone numbers. In it was everything, except the Australian $. Most of all I got back that special 100 rupee note, which Swamy gave me and my special driving licence. THANKYOU SWAMY !!


This is a Big one!! My son returned from Australia in May 2007 with his CPL (commercial pilot licence). He was very happy. Then he was to convert this licence to an Indian one in order to be employable. And one of the requirements is to do an Indian Medical, (Class I) So he proceeded to IAM at Bangalore, where to our horror he was turned down and put in the category of PERMNANT UNFIT FOR FLYING. This was a huge blow and disappointment as he could never get a job and fly in India. It is the practice to ask for an appeal. Now this Appeal or new hearing CANNOT be turned down, but his was rejected not once but twice. Then it was sent a 3rd time. In the mean while, I was so stressed and worried, could not think of anything else except this problem and how to solve it. Throughout this time, I kept clinging on to Swamy's precious words. " He will have a very good job. He will earn very well. He will feed all of you”. Finally Swamy said it would happen very soon. So through all the dark times I clung on to these words and tried hard to stay focused. Once Swamy has said, I was sure it would happen. But did not know when??? Of course, never dared to ask Swamy "WHEN" I kept my faith and worked very hard towards this. And as Swamy says, whatever effort we put in, is never wasted. Finally after a year and a half, in Jan 2009, my son was given a date in Delhi, for his appeal to be heard. On reaching Delhi, he was told that his Previous Medical Records had not yet reached the hospital. Without which the fresh medical could not take place. I was told by the authorities that there were 28,000, files and it could not be found. I told SWAMY, to please pull it out, from where ever, and bring it. While my son was still out at the counter I was being told to run to DGCA and find it. I did not know what to do, soon my son returned to the cabin to say, his file was there. This went on for 2 days. When he went to the ophthalmologist I was so afraid, as this was the reason for putting him down. I kept on praying, "Swamy please be with him now, Please don't go away to Canada or Kuwait or anywhere, just be with him. I started dialling Swamiji's no. Soon Amma answered, and Soon Swamy picked up the other extension and said to me "Yes Catherine (as Swamy calls me) I am with him. I was instantly relived and I knew I would soon hear some good news. Yes, he was given a FIT certificate. Through this one and half years I would keep praying, SWAMY you can only do it. Make the UNFIT, into FIT. And that is exactly what happened. I cannot go through the entire process, and all the events. But the miracles kept on till the end.






Carolyn Rai Kudoor, Bangalore


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