It was a Saturday in 2002; I was preparing coffee for my guests. The stove started leaking and my saree caught fire burning my face and hair. I removed the saree and closed the gas cylinder valve. I rushed to the puja room, applied swamiji's blessed vibhuthi on the burnt parts, and prayed to Swamiji. My husband rang up Puja Mandiram when Swamiji's driver said, "sir donít worry, Swamiji knows everything; he is praying for your wife." With the blessing of Swamiji I do not have any burn marks on my body.


My mother who was staying in Singapore was affected by breast cancer. She was undergoing acute pain and was to undergo surgery. My sister asked for blessed vibhuthi from Swamiji. I met Swamiji and informed him of the condition of my mother. Swamiji said that he would pray for her and he gave vibhuthi for my mother. I sent the vibhuthi to her through a friend and next morning a bit of it was given to my mother in water. The very next evening the test results from the hospital did not show any sign of cancer! The doctor was shocked; he asked my sister what she had given to her mother! When she mentioned about the vibhuthi given by Swamiji, the doctor remarked it as a miracle.


Mrs. Sagunthala Jagannathan, Chennai

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