I thank our beloved Swamiji for giving me numerous occasions to experience his miracles. I gratefully present some of them here. I met Swamiji in 1988; at that time both my younger brothers were studying. Swamiji had foretold then that they would get job in Singapore. As said, both my brothers on completion of studies got job in Singapore and are well settled there.


My younger sister was diagnosed with cancer and the doctors had given up hope. We brought her to our beloved Swamiji; he blessed her and said she would be cured of her disease. True to his blessings, he cured my sister completely; she is alive happy.


I did not have a child for 13 years after marriage. Whenever I met Swamiji along with my husband, he would bless us that we would get a child. True to his blessings we were blessed with a baby boy on 14/06/2006. Every morning, my husband and son walk to the ashram to offer prayers; my son enjoys this very much.


My husband met with an accident and fractured his leg. Even after 1.1/2, year, his leg was not cured and was not able to walk without support. When we met Swamiji, he blessed my husband that he would walk to ashram without support next month. True to his blessings, his leg got cured and the following month, he walked to the ashram without support to seek Swamiji's blessings walking unaided to Ashram.


In 1996, my husband lost the job and we were suffering. We prayed to Swamiji to relieve us of the sufferings at the earliest. With his blessings, my husband got a job though the salary was not very attractive. After two years, we again sought his blessing and prayed for a better salary; he blessed him for a new job with a better pay. True to his word, my husband moved to a new job with better salary.


Whenever I prostrated at his feet with a specific prayer he would fulfil them. We pray our beloved Swamiji, to shower his blessings on us forever.


 Jai Sri Ram, Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji.


Mrs. Meyyammai Lakshmanan, Nanganallur, Chennai

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