We met Swamiji some 15 years ago and we are witness to countless miracles that have occurred in the lives of hundreds of devotees who had the fortune of meeting him. We too share a few of our experiences that defy logic and reason.


I had an ancestral property in native place over which 19 persons including me had rights. There was dispute over partition and my great grandma refused to dispose of the property. All attempts to reach an amicable settlement only dragged the issue for about two years or so. Once on my visit to native place, Swamiji blessed me with vibhuthi. After my visit, the situation dramatically changed, my great grandma agreed to cooperate, and we could dispose of the property for a good price.


My husband's family had an ancestral property in his native place. A tenant had occupied the property for operating a match factory for almost 40 years; he refused to vacate the property when we wanted to dispose it off. Swamiji used to mention about this property; he assured us that "Anjaneya Swami will go there with his gada". Swamiji asked us to proceed with litigation; but we could not contact our advocate for almost a week. After a week, miraculously, the tenant vacated the property on his own, enabling us to sell off the property for an excellent price.


Our daughter Ramya had allergy-related problems, which is under control by his grace. With his immense grace, she is leading a peaceful life with her husband and children.


Mrs. Suseela Srikumar, Chennai

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