Salutations to our beloved Swamiji, in 2002, I had a period of depression; I even contemplated committing suicide. My brother Sriram suggested meeting Swamiji. When I called up ashram, Swamiji himself attended the call; he asked me to attend the bhajan on Thursday, which I did and I felt at peace. The following Saturday morning I reached ashram to attend puja; but he did not speak a word to me till 10 p.m. I was gripped with fear of returning home late; he called my name and as I approached him I started crying. Swamiji said he knew everything and that nobody would question my returning home late. He asked me to ring up home and inform that I would reach within half an hour. His love, affection, kindness, and treatment of devotees as equals appealed to me very much. It is only after I met Swamiji that I realized that god appears in many forms. He has given whatever I have prayed for and which I had never expected. I have lots of experiences to share with; each and every second Swamiji is performing miracles in my life. Whenever I think of him he shows his presence


I would like to share a major incident in my life. It is because of his grace that I am alive to write this experience. I am grateful for giving me a fresh lease of life. Two years ago, my health condition became very bad and I could not even take food. In spite of all these problems I attended puja every week, which gave me peace of mind. On 14th September 2005, I was bed ridden; the doctors could not diagnose the problem; and the medicines prescribed by them were not accepted by my body. The condition was worse and they mentioned that I would be alive for hardly one and half month. I had constant fever, nausea, and burning sensation. At that time Swamiji was abroad.


After three months, Swamiji asked me to come to puja with my photograph. I managed to go to ashram along with my father. As we got the last two tokens, I was worried whether Swamiji would call me in. Swamiji called for the last two tokens, that is, my father and me. He spoke to me for more than three hours; I did not know what all he spoke, I kept crying all the time. When he asked me whether I could follow what he spoke, I angrily replied that I did not understand anything. He smiled, blessed my photograph, and said that I would have a new birth. I asked Swamiji why he blessed my photo has he decided about my death. He just smiled allowing me to cry. Then he asked my father to place my photo in my bedroom facing the north for a week; he assured that we would see changes within that week. From the fifth day I started walking, taking food, and experienced several changes. Meanwhile I took his vibhuthi as medicine. My weight increased from 35 kg to 60 kg. He has given me miraculous changes and experiences in my life during these two years.


During the last seven years after meeting Swamiji, I feel that many of my karmic burdens have been removed. It is my experience that complete surrender at his feet will give us a great feeling, which cannot be expressed in words; it should be realized. I have surrendered my life to him; I don't have any fear or worries. I am blessed to have him as my father, mother, guru, god, and guide. I have nothing to give him except love and devotion.


 Jai Sri Ram, Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji.


Ms. C. Sujatha, Chennai

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