I was employed in a shipping company in Singapore. Once, our ship was at Gujarat harbour waiting for our turn to go in. Unfortunately, a cyclone hit the coast and the ship anchor got cut and the ship started moving towards a Polish ship nearby. I prayed to Swamiji to save us from a possible accident. Miraculously, the ship turned to a safe direction where we could drop another anchor. We waited in anchorage for one and half months without being taken care of by the company. We complained to the International Transport Federation, as we did not have proper food, oil, and water. We had to live in darkness without salary. I prayed daily from 6 to 7 pm. Meanwhile, my wife had visited Swamiji at Puja Mandiram and informed him that there was no message from me. Swamiji told her that I would return home within ten days.


Meanwhile, I approached a couple of boats that were passing nearby; they refused to carry us to the shore because of immigration issues. On 27th December 1998, a boat passing nearby received a VHF message that the Indian officers on our ship could go ashore on that boat. We reached Kandla harbour. The officers couldn't identify where the message had come from; however, they permitted us to stay in front of custom office till we got permission the next day. We left the harbour on 28th December 1998 and reached Gandhidham where we stayed for a day. I went to a nearby Siva Temple the next morning and prayed for the money to go home. As I came out of the temple, by Swamiji's grace, I met one of my childhood friends Mr. Mahesh. He helped me to file a case for obtaining the salary arrears through a lawyer. I reached Chennai with his assistance. When I met Swamiji during the Hanuman Jayanthi in January 1999, he asked me, “Do you know who sent the VHF message?" I replied that I did not know; Swamiji said that Sri Anjaneya Swami had arranged it! With his blessings, I could get my salary arrears also.


Shri. A. Jaganathan, Chennai

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