Face to Face with Lord Hanuman

The First Encounter

I came to know of His Holiness Shri Vikraman Swami some five years back from a friend. Later a neighbour also mentioned about Him. I paid a visit to him in 1994 on the Hanumanth Jayanthi Day. That day He blessed me but did not say anything in particular. Subsequently, I went to His house on a Saturday, but I could not meet him as He was out of station. Later I went there with a few neighbours. We were called in and no sooner our excitement started. He mentioned the names of my close relatives, about my job, promotion, house property and so on which all turned out to be true. It was for the first time that I was meeting a great mystic of such powers. In His presence, time flies because there is no end to the excitement caused by the way He identifies people by names and pet names, and even by pet names that nobody else knows or is no longer in use; He would mention their problems, the solution for the same, and offers solace in very tragic cases.

A Trail of Guilt, Excitement, and Solace

Even the very first visit one would get an evidence for the existence of what is called the super consciousness that is omniscient. As a consequence, the visitor would be left with a mixed bag of guilt for the past misdeeds, solace, and excitement. Harsh non-believers become unsure of their own beliefs and the grounds on which they have been trying to disprove the existence of God. Thus, the person is initiated into a process of introspection because Swami has seen through the innermost recesses of his mental courtyard. The self-assured privacy gets shattered and an urge for a turnaround in life from self-inflicted beliefs, habits, and practices sets in. Swami takes the devotee to this next stage.

The Close Encounters - Chilling Experiences

Anjaneya as Physician

My next experience was one of reinforcing our faith in Him. My wife Usha, who had not until then met Him, fell sick of typhoid in the first week of February, 1993 and there was no respite from high fever of 101° F to 103 ° F even after 21 days. The doctor suggested waiting for one more day to monitor the fever level and in case it did not fall to get her admitted in the hospital. It was a very difficult situation for me due to official engagements and my MBA program. That very day I left for Nanganallur with tulsi garland (tulsi is a revered plant used for worship in Hindu temples) and camphor, which I passed on to the volunteer to be sent to the prayer room where Swami was sitting. The waiting room where the devotees wait patiently for hours before they are identified and called in was overcrowded that day and I had no hope of meeting Him that day. I just turned around with a feeling of despair because I had to rush back to my house as she was alone when I heard the volunteer mentioning my wife’s name; it was a moment of great surprise and excitement for me because I had a feeling that my sincere prayer was being attended to. As soon as I entered the prayer room, Swami mentioned about my wife’s health even before I could say anything about it. Then He said she would be all right from the very same day. The next day on examination by the doctor her temperature was found normal and there was no need for hospitalisation and subsequently the recovery was very fast!

         ... All diseases are destroyed and pains vanished when your powerful name is repeated
                            incessantly with love and devotion -- Hanuman Chalisa - Verse 25

This was the first experience that really made me feel that Swami was a very divine person. It is normal for many people to brush aside such experiences as mind reading, but they fail to understand the limitations of mind reading and hypnotism, which can succeed only in specific conditions. Curing a person almost instantly cannot be done by mind reading! There are cases when He has told a very old man about an incident, which happened in his young days when Swami was not even born. If curing people can be done by mind readers then there is no need for a health care infrastructure in the world; the world would have become a much better place with such mind readers and hypnotists! But that was not to be. One may pose a similar question on the claims of mystics curing people; the answer is that cure is possible only within the confines of a life pattern drawn by one’s karma.

Invitations by Dreams

I made several visits to Swami’s house subsequently. There were occasions when I could not meet Him as He was out of station. Then there were occasions when He would appear in dreams suggesting His arrival in Madras. In such cases He would straight away ask about the dream the devotee had. I had seen Him in dreams many times.

Dreams by Appointment

Once He told me that He would appear in my dream on the 7 th and the 14 th of that month and appeared in my dream on the 7 th. On the 14 th He again appeared in the dream and asked, "Did I mention that I would appear in your dream on the 14th or the 15th? Little did I realise then that the second dream had also materialised by then!

The Arrival of Saturn

Once I had a dream in which a snake appeared flying around me trying to attack me. It was a very scary one and appeared to be a lengthy dream. During my next visit Swami mentioned about the dream and said though it portended tension I need not worry about it. Almost immediately my tension started and as foretold by Him it all died out gradually with out affecting me much.

 ... Hanuman frees from difficulties all those who contemplate upon Him in thought, word and deed --
                                                                                          Hanuman Chalisa - Verse 26


Two Marriages in Two Weeks

Towards the end of 1994, I contacted Swami for His blessings for the marriage of my youngest sister and youngest brother. All our efforts to get a suitable alliance for them proved futile and my brother who was in Saudi Arabia had only three months leave. Swami said that both the marriages would take place all of a sudden. The third day I received the message that my sister’s marriage was fixed for 2nd January 1995. Subsequently, I learnt that my brother’s marriage too was fixed for 19th January 1997. Two marriages in 18 days! My father died a happy man on 19th April relieved as he was after the marriages.

Change of Delivery Date

On a Saturday, He asked me about my sister in law who was on the family way. When I said her doctor had opined that the delivery would take place on the next Sunday, He said it would take place on that Monday. Needless to say that the child was delivered on that Monday afternoon.

The Child Arrives

My youngest sister Karthika was married on 2nd January 1995 and she had difficulty in conceiving. She carried out all pujas (prayers/worship) and rites suggested by astrologers. When I asked Swami about her, He said she would get a child within one year. Within one year, that is, on 1st August 1997 she delivered a male baby.

MBA by Divine Grace

Then in 1995, I completed my MBA program on schedule as foretold by Him long back despite my busy official work and personal commitments.

Saudi Arabia and Not Abu Dhabi

Once I took my younger brother Ajit who was with me in Madras to Swami. Swami told him that his younger brother Ajay who was in Dammam in Saudi Arabia would try for a job for him and that he would get a job in Saudi Arabia. Within a year or so he got a job in the same company where his younger brother was working. The interesting thing about it is that the company had actually wanted him to join in their office in Abu Dhabi and had even applied for a visa there. But Swami had told us that Ajit would get the job in Saudi Arabia. Miraculously, the visa documents were misplaced and the management asked him to join their office in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia for which all formalities were done.

A Helpful Lebanese

Ajit once wrote to me that he had some problem in his office. When I mentioned this to Swami, He said that by the 23 rd of that month relief would arrive. Within a week’s time I received a letter from him conveying that there was a change in his portfolio there and that he had a nominal increment too! Relief indeed arrived as his new boss, a Lebanese, turned to be a better person than his previous boss. Long back Swami had also said that Ajit will meet Swami in UAE. This also materialised when Swami visited Dubai in November 1997.

Visit to Guruvayur Temple

In 1995, Swami asked us to see the Vaakachaarthu, a daily ritual at Guruvayur Temple at around 3’o clock in the morning when the Lord is given a bath with an herb called Vaaka. We went there along with my mother and sister and stayed in the Devaswom Hotel the previous night. The next day morning there could have been a good crowd to see the ritual but for a sudden downpour. We could see the ritual very comfortably as probably some pilgrims stayed away due to rain.

Pilgrimage to Sabarimala

Once Swami asked me to go to Sabarimala Temple. I had been to Sabarimala way back in 1965 when I was in the fifth standard. I was in a dilemma as to how to go there because I wanted some good company to go there with. It so happened that a long lost friend of mine with whom I had no communication bumped on to me. He was a regular pilgrim to Sabarimala and he said he was planning a pilgrimage in May/June, 1996. Finally we made it in May 1996 and we had a very comfortable and soul stirring pilgrimage. On the way to Sabarimala, the van in which we were traveling went off the road and traveled for nearly 100 feet or so as the driver slept while driving, but by His grace we were safe and the passengers except me even did not know what was happening!

It is my experience that whenever we visit a temple as suggested by Him, our travel and darshan (to have darshan means to have the celestial sight) would invariably turn out to be very comfortable and memorable.

Impending Tension Forewarned

One Saturday Swami asked me about my sister mentioning her birth star and said there is going to be some problem for her but we need not worry about it. On the fourth day when I rang up home I was told she was hospitalised due to malaria. Later she developed several complications and had to be hospitalised many times. It was His grace that gave us the courage and hope on such occasions.

Good-bye to Tobacco

I had been a chain smoker since my fourteenth year. Later I quit smoking for six years from 1986 when I happened to pick up the habit again. Sincerely, I used to pray that I should be in a position to quit smoking successfully again. Every time I visited Swami I used to feel guilty about it too. Then in December 1995 He told me that next time when I meet Him I would bring a good news. It so happened that all of a sudden I resolved to give up smoking from the 1st of January 1996. That was the good news Swami was referring to. It proves that sincere prayers will be answered. Later in September 1997 I came to know that one Mr. Doraiswamy,
a close devotee, gave up smoking after four decades of tobacco pleasure.

 ... All difficult tasks are rendered easily possible by your grace -- Hanuman Chalisa - Verse 20


A Car Booked One Year in Advance

In the beginning of 1996, Swami told me that for the next Hanumath Jayanthi I would be coming in a car. Months passed and I was wondering how the car would materialise because I did not have the resources to go in for a car. Finally the day previous to the Hanumath Jayanthi day came and we were decorating the premises for the next day’s events. It was 5’O clock in the evening and a couple from Anna Nagar soon joined us. We became friends and they offered to pick us up in their Maruti car the next day morning for the Jayanthi celebrations! The next day, as foretold by Swami nearly one year ahead, we went there in a car. It is interesting that he had mentioned to us the car owner’s pet name several times even before we became family friends.

A New Property - A Renewed Faith

Once in 1995, He told me that I would buy a property. The very next week or so my neighbour mentioned that a property was available at Sriperumbudur on installment basis. As the payment terms were easy, I decided to go for it. After installments for 40 months were paid we were told that the registration of the property in my name would not be possible as the government had taken over the land. The real estate agent to whom we paid money offered an alternate property at Iyyappanthangal, near Porur. I agreed because the site was even better. But the registration was again held up as a plot owner nearby raised some objections on technical grounds. An amount of nearly a lakh of rupees was thus at stake. It was a very testing and tense moments for me because my friend also had invested in the property. Little did I realise then it was a test of my faith too.

Then in March 1997 I rang up Swami’s house to find out whether He would be available on the ensuing Saturday so that I could meet Him. To my wonder Swami Himself attended the call and asked me whether the property registration was over! He consoled me that I need not worry, as the registration would be through without any more hitches. Then, on 4th July 1997, an auspicious day, the registration was done. That day, a Friday, as we were a little late for the registration we had to speed up on my friend’s bike through the busy Arcot Road when a cargo truck appeared ahead of us and slowed us down. The next day, when I met Swami, He mentioned about the tension I had that day and also about the cargo truck which was in fact an ABT parcel truck which incidentally carries the logo of Lord Hanuman flying with Sanjeevi Hill in His palm! Swami discussed at length the importance of faith and Bhakthi in spiritual pursuit. He jokingly said that sometimes devotees would feel like throwing off the idols and photographs of Gods when their prayers are not answered immediately! Then He mentioned that there are people who try praying to different forms of God! When prayers to Lord Ganesha fails they try it out with Lord Anjaneya and so on! Swami repeatedly used to say that faith should not be 99.99 per cent but cent per cent. This incident reinforced my faith in Swami and His Arul Vakku.

                       ...I reside in the hearts of devotees in the form of doubts -- Lord Krishna

The Divine Pickup

In the first quarter of 1997, my neighbour had planned to visit Swami along with her four or five friends. But as the friends failed to turn up she had to go alone and she was feeling very afraid to travel alone. However, she mustered courage and proceeded with prayers. Before she reached the bus stand, a Maruti car drew up near her and a lady passenger in the car asked whether she was going to Nanganallur! The car passengers happened to be Swami’s devotees and they had seen my neighbour at Swami’s place on many occasions. They were on
their way to meet Swami and assumed that she was also on the same way. When she met Swami that day, He said that He sent the car as she was extremely tensed up for having to travel alone. Not only was she given a lift, it was given by Swami’s devotees!

A Bhajan Sandhya

In August 1997 Swami started conducting bhajans (sessions of divine songs) at the premises of devotees chosen by Him. Thus, the first such bhajan was conducted at the residence of a devotee in Anna Nagar, the second one at the residence of Mr. Krishana Teja, a good musician and singer. In fact Swami had mentioned to me a couple of years back that He would visit my house and light the lamp. He had also indicated then that I would also take part in bhajans. Then on a Saturday, He mentioned that there would be bhajan in our place also. I was a little terrified because my flat can not accommodate more than twenty persons for a bhajan. But Swami immediately commented that I need not worry about it, as things would work out well. Then, the fourth bhajan was fixed on 28th August 1997 in our colony. So we decided to erect a shamiana and spread the word around. It spread like wild fire and everyone started cooperating with us for the conduct of the program. Finally, we made arrangements for public address system, preparation of prasadam (offerings made during a session of worship or prayer), camera, videography etc. everything was done on a grand scale as none of us wanted to commit any mistake.

We had arranged for about 51 thalams (lighted lamps) held by ladies, girls and boys but their number increased to almost a hundred as they waited in patience for an hour for the arrival of Swami. Perhaps the celestials were too envious of the ambiance that was being built up that evening that at about 7.p.m it started raining and when Swami arrived at 7.45 p.m. the downpour was very heavy. No one could sit around, as the entire place was wet. But at the end of the bhajan and the worship, He was extremely pleased because people, estimated at over 300, attended the bhajan despite the rain. Later Swami remarked that arrangements like shamiana were but a formality, rather faith and bhakti (devotion) was more important. Despite the disappointment caused by the rain everyone was extremely delighted because they could all meet and talk to Him individually.

The puja was over by 12.15 a.m. the next day, and Swami visited my flat at 12. 30 a.m. When Swami entered our flat, He straightaway went to the bathroom and washed His legs before He sat down for the Paada Puja (a ceremony of worshiping the feet of a holy person). His concern for the devotees is so much that He wanted to clean His legs, which were wet in the rain. We did Paada Puja and Swami lighted a lamp in my prayer room. We noticed that Swami got into a very powerful trance as soon as we started the Paada Puja and later when He entered our puja room. He later told me that there was a very good divine presence in the flat. I could feel strong vibrations enveloping me and throughout the Paada Puja and later when He did puja in our puja room my wife Usha kept crying for no particular reason.

We had prepared Iddlis for Swami that day, as it happened to be an Ekadasi day (the eleventh day from the New Moon or Full Moon day). When I offered it to Swami He readily agreed and ate to His heart’s content. Afterwards He said that normally He does not take iddlis (a south Indian delicacy made of rice and green gram) but the iddlis made by Usha was so tasty that He ate as many as nine iddlis or so. At the time of leaving our flat He repeatedly said that he was extremely happy. It is a day that we will never forget in our life.

The following miracles happened on the occasion:

     I was supposed to pick up Swami from His residence at 5.30 p.m. along with a friend of      mine. At about 4.15 p.m. I rang up Swami’s house to inform Him that we were about to start. His relative told me that we need not pick Him up, as Swami would come on His own. At about 4.p.m. when I inspected the shamiana where the bhajan was to be held, I found to my disappointment that the place was not cleaned up and there was no progress in decoration. I gave instructions to my neighbour how to decorate the small stage where Swami was to sit. It so happened that she became very tense that day and could not remember any thing, as she was lost in her own world. Realising this she started praying that I should be there to decorate the place as no one else was around. It was this prayer that was answered that day. I came to know about this much later.

     We had decided to bear the entire expenses for the program among three of us, but a couple of others wanted to contribute, which we refused. However, without our knowledge, one of our colony ladies used two kgs of rice for some preparation. Not only that the entire rice got overboiled her face was also slightly burnt while cooking.

     I was little short of cash which I thought I would adjust somehow, but it so happened that I could withdraw from my monthly salary as my company had deposited the monthly salaries on 27th August itself as the Bank staff had declared two days strike beginning the 29th. Thus, there was no strain whatsoever for us.

Experience of My Brother

I took my elder brother along with his wife and their son Duggy in December 1996. Swami asked him not to opt for voluntary retirement, a plan that he had not disclosed to anyone. Instead Swami told him that he would have a better change soon. He was also told of the change in design and the beginning of construction of his new flat in New Delhi which even I was not aware of. Swami mentioned about his car giving frequent trouble, about his in laws, my nephew Duggy and several other matters. Within an year, that is by September, 1997 he got official communication that he was transferred to Gujarat with a professional elevation which he was not very sure of because being a coveted post getting it was anybody’s guess. On 4th September 1997 he wanted to convey the good news to Swami and contacted Him over phone. He did not mention my name¸ but Swami immediately mentioned my name, about His visit to my flat the previous week and so on.

A Nadi Prediction

A friend of mine had got his horoscope read by a Nadi astrologer at Vaitheeswaran Koil, Tanjore Dt in Tamilnadu before his marriage. The Nadi reading indicated that his wife would have a very difficult period at her 26th year. The Nadi reading turned out to be correct with respect to his professional status, and even the name of his wife was correctly predicted before marriage. Subsequently, a reading of her horoscope by a Muruga Nadi astrologer in Madras after the marriage mentioned similar problem around the 26th year. It also mentioned that the couple had no chance for a child and if at all they got one it would be with God’s grace only. As she was carrying and it was the 26th year they were really scared! When I was told of this situation, I took my friend to Swami on a Saturday. As soon as the puja started that day, my friend was called in by his name and Swami mentioned that He knew his problem and that he need not worry about his wife’s delivery. He also foretold that they would visit Him with their child. Needless to say, his wife delivered a healthy baby boy. Later Swami said that He was present when the child was born.

  ... He who seeks refuge in you enjoys every happiness. What is there to be afraid of if you are
                                                 the protector? -- Hanuman Chalisa -- Verse 22

Kuwait Trip Diverted

In 1995, a friend of mine who was expecting a job visa from Kuwait visited Swami, as he felt frustrated over the delay. He was called in by his wife’s name and Swami told him that he would go to UAE and not Kuwait. My friend was probably disappointed because he was expecting to join his father in law there who was trying for his visa. After a while Swami asked him to visit him again some other day. On hearing that his expected trip to Kuwait would not materialise he would have probably developed a kind of negative attitude, which Swami would have definitely sensed. Later, it so happened that his father in law returned from Kuwait and could not go back as he had a heart attack. Months later my friend went to UAE with the help of his cousin settled there.

The Flat Extension

We attended the Thursday puja at Shri Krishna Teja’s house on 21st August 1997. That day Swami told me that our flat extension that we were contemplating since 1993 but delayed due to several obstacles would commence soon. On the third day, we completed the formalities of filling up the application formats for approval from the concerned authorities. In fact Swami had predicted about our flat extension as far as two years back. Now, we expect to complete the construction work by 1998.

The Westar Watch

In 1995, Swami asked my wife about her Westar watch, which she was not aware of. A couple of days later, our neighbour asked my wife for time. She looked at our wall clock, it was not working. Then she looked at her own watch for the time; to her amusement she noticed that it was a Westar watch!

                                  ...There is nothing that does not belong to me -- Lord Krishna

The Unknown Neighbour

In 1995, Swami asked my brother Ajit whether he knew anyone by name Seshadri. He said he did not know anyone by that name. A couple of weeks later we found that the name of one of our neighbours was Seshadri! In fact, Swami mentions a series of names of persons and places to almost everyone who visits Him. It is not necessary that they would be in a position to instantly remember those names. In many cases they would get associated with such persons and places in future. It has happened to me and my brother atleast once. Swami mentioned the name Sathish to my brother Ajit way back in 1994 but he could not remember any person,
friend or relative, by the name. Then it so happened that the person who helped him get a job in Dubai in 1997 turned out to be one Mr. Sathish! He used to mention the name Rajan quite often and I would imagine that Swami was referring to a relative of mine who is also settled in Madras. But it happened to be the pet name of a person whom I met and became friendly with during the 1997 Hanumath Jayanthi celebrations. Similarly Suresh and Vinod are names of two persons whom I met months after Swami mentioned their names to me. Both of them later met Swami in 1997. It is my experience that either the devotee would get associated with those persons and places in future or the persons whose names were mentioned by Him would meet Him someday.

                                                     ...The Shepherd knows where His sheep is.

A Smooth Surgery

On 4th September 1997 my elder brother informed me that my youngest brother Ajay was to be hospitalized that day for the surgical removal of a tissue which blocked his nose and hence the breathing. He also informed me that according to the surgeon it would be difficult, as the roots of the tissue have to be removed. He was earlier operated upon in 1993 for a similar surgery. On 4th September 1997, I attended the Thursday puja at my friend’s place at Padi in Madras. While giving the Arul Vakku (divine prophecy), He mentioned that I had something specific to ask Him. In fact I wanted His blessings for the successful operation on my brother. Later I told Swami about it and He said that there was no problem. The next day morning when I rang up my home in my native place, I was told that the surgery was over the previous day itself and that he was all right. In fact I expected the surgery to take place only on the 5th.

Promotion Foretold

In 1993, Swami told me that I would get a promotion soon which materialized when I was promoted with effect from July1994.

Salary Revision

Way back in 1994 Swami had mentioned that our company would revise the salary by December 1994, which I mentioned to some of my colleagues. Most of them did not expect it because there was a change in the managing director by November 1994. But to our surprise our salary was revised with effect from January 1995 a decision, which was taken by the management in December 1994.

Salary Rise Foretold

In 1996, Swami told me that there would be a salary rise, which we did not anticipate at all as the salary itself was revised in January 1995. But it so happened that the management, for reasons not known to us till date, enhanced our emoluments substantially by increasing conveyance allowances.

A Day in A Car with Swami

In 1994, I had the fortune of accompanying Swami in car from His residence to Ashok Nagar where He inaugurated a public call office managed by my friend. After the function I accompanied Him back to His residence when the car had to wait for nearly twenty minutes at the railway cross at St.Thomas Mount Station. As soon as the car came to a halt, Swami mentioned the name of the car driver, about his family, the accident to the car, rise in his salary, the food he ate two days back, his friends, and so on. The surprise, amusement and
excitement were something to be seen to believe! The best part of it was that Swami asked him whether he knew why his wife was collecting coins from him? When he replied that he was not aware of it, Swami said that she was collecting coins for offering at Tirupati. In fact he was a Christian married to a Hindu. As a matter of fact there are millions seeking divine grace but few are able to get to Swami. But fortunate indeed are those who meet Him without any strain at all.

                                          ...None can reach me without my will -- Lord Krishna

Swami as Client

It is interesting that Swami used to come all the way from Nanganallur to my friend’s Telephone Booth at Ashok Nagar whenever he wanted to make an ISD call. Such is his concern for the well being and prosperity of His devotees. Today with his blessings, my friend has become financially more secure and enjoys a sense of security and divine protection.

An Evening in Car with Swami

The Thursday puja falling on 4th September 1997 was held at the residence of my friend Rajguru at padi, Madras. Again I had the fortune of traveling with Him for nearly one and half hours that day while accompanying Him from his residence to the puja venue and later back to His residence. We played two audio music cassettes one on Lord Krishna and another on Lord Hanuman, which Swami seemed to enjoy. It was a memorable trip because He briefly narrated the future plans regarding the conduct of bhajans, the way bhajans are conducted in
Kuwait, Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia and other countries, the progress in construction of the Ashram, and so on. By the time we returned it was 1.40 a.m. or so and as usual He seemed to be in no hurry to go to sleep, rather He started showing around His apartment with utmost sincerity. He explained to us that by sheer coincidence the building contractor named the building as Sri Maruti Apartments. When I mentioned to Him that it would be strenuous for Him in future as the crowd of devotees is burgeoning day by day, He
said most unassumingly that Lord Anjaneya will show the way most miraculously. On our return from His residence I told my friend that by His conduct Swami was probably teaching us the value of humility. He never attributes any of His siddhis (psychic or supernatural powers which defy explanation) to Himself, rather He attributes everything to the will, wish and power of Lord Hanuman.

I consider these moments with Him as precious and most memorable in my life because they
were like moments face to face with Lord Anjaneya.

A Broken Skull and a Divine Will

One of our neighbours, a very close devotee of Swami, had three major accidents during the last three years and it was because of His blessings that she was saved. The first one occurred in Trivandrum when she slipped in the bathroom and broke her skull. The doctors had written off her but it was divine will that she should survive.

Thrown Out of Manhole

The second was in Madras when she fell into a manhole but a mysterious force threw her out and she escaped with minor bruises.

An Electrical Current Shocks but Greater Current Saves

The third one happened in the second week of August 1997 and would have been a very severe and fatal one. It happened in her house when she was keeping washed vessels in the kitchen loft. She was standing on the kitchen platform, which was wet, and the vessels, which too were wet, touched a live electric cable throwing her off from a height of four feet or so. The vessels were extensively damaged but she escaped without any injury. The interesting thing is that she landed up on the floor softly and without hitting any edges or implements lying in the kitchen. That very night she had a dream in which Swami appeared with a fractured leg. It was an indication that Swami had absorbed the pain that would have otherwise accrued to her. Subsequently Swami, before their mentioning this accident, told them that Lord Anjaneya saved her that day.

Anjaneya Brings Together a Couple

A family friend of mine had approached Swami in the beginning of 1997 with the prayer that their daughter, who was almost separated from her husband, be united again with her husband. Their prayer was answered recently. Swami used to mention that it was Anjaneya who was instrumental in uniting the divine couple Rama and Sita

       ... If it pleases God, He can even pass an elephant through the eye of a needle. He can do
                                                         whatever He likes -- Sri Ramakrishna

Diagnostics Par Excellence

I have across many cases where He had indicated the physical ailments of devotees accurately. He thus mentions the eyesight of each eye, the vertebra where there is some dislocation or sprain, problems with medulla oblongata, the exact blood pressure and sugar level, stomach disorders, insomnia, and what not! In some cases, rarely though, He suggests giving up medicines altogether! In July 1997 He asked me what was wrong with my sister, but I could not answer because I was not aware of what was wrong with her health. However, He gave me vibhuti (holy ash) to be sent to her. Later when I met her she told me that she had neck pain which had subsequently subsided.

 ... When you brought the life giving medicinal herbs (sanjivni) and revived Laxman, Sri Rama
                                         embraced you joyfully -- Hanuman Chalisa - Verse 11

A Mother’s Grief

This happened recently. An old lady in our colony complained to Swami that her son was creating severe problems for her as he had vices such as gambling, and drinking and was a mental wreck. Swami said that from that day onwards he would no longer trouble her. The very next day her son was found dead in a public park. According to reports, he committed suicide by hanging. I was witness when she narrated this incident to Swami in August 1997.

Advance Notice on Arrival of Visitors

Once He told me that two persons from my native place would visit me. They did arrive within a fortnight. This has happened on a few other occasions also. Once He even gave vibhuti for the visitor in advance! In October 1997, He told me that a visitor from my native place would arrive. In fact, a relative of mine arrived within a fortnight. A week after his departure, that is on 8th November, He again mentioned his name and said he will have a job change. He had come to Madras in connection with a job interview for Singapore. On 11th night my relative rang up to convey the good news that he was selected for the job.

Swami Fix the Menu

A bhajan was fixed at the house of a family friend on 6th November 1997. On 1st November, we met Swami at around 11 p.m. when He asked my friend about the items that were included for distribution as prasadam. When my friend mentioned the items they were planning, He said that a surprise item also would arrive on that day! Needless to say, the item did arrive that day, which turned out to be the best among the lot.

Swami as Store-in charge

On the 1st of November 1997 He mentioned to my wife that the stock of rice in our house was almost nil. It was true and immediately we made a purchase. On 8th, He again asked her whether rice was purchased or not? Thus, there is nothing that can escape the attention of Anjaneya.

Swami Keeps His Promise

A bhajan was fixed on Thursday, 13th November 1997 at the residence of a new devotee, but the devotee was sad that Swami would not attend the bhajan as He was to leave for Dubai the previous Sunday. On Tuesday night, he had a dream in which Swami assured him that he need not worry as His presence would be there during the bhajan. Towards the end of the bhajan, the divine spirit of Anjaneya possessed a middle-aged lady, who had not met Swami at all. Her face underwent such distortions that it resembled the divine face of Anjaneya. It was a memorable day for the devotees as Swami had kept His word.

Justice Anjaneya

I remember two cases, one relating to a divorce and the other relating to an absconding son. In the first case Swami chided the wife for being intemperate with her husband. Swami said that He had seen her shouting at her husband frequently which she too agreed! She had come praying for a divorce, which He refused. He said that in the court of Anjaneya, justice alone will be done and no wish which falls outside the purview of dharma will be granted, rather what is good for them will be done. In the second case, He took the father to task for unnecessarily harassing the son, which made him run away from home. Swami said that his son was fine and even better than how he was at home, and that he would return shortly. But He made him promise that he would not harass his son anymore.

Minute Details

Whenever a person visits Swami for the first time He would go into minute description of his/her house, possessions, names or birth stars of their children, a death which took place in the family, an accident, a marriage function and on any such matters so as to instill in them a sense of faith in God and His omnipresence. I have heard Him mentioning to devotees about calendars or photographs of Gods lying in lofts or bureau or their right or left footwear damaged, a missing wrist watch, a damaged mixer grinder and so on. He would sometimes go to the extent of narrating how the devotee came out of the house, went back inside, changed his/her dress and returned!

He would mention names, pet names or even names that are no longer in use or are remembered by the person. To me He mentioned that I have two short names other than my real name, which was true. Once I heard Him describing to a devotee his house right from the entrance to the extent that he mentioned which photo was on which wall! In 1993, He asked me whether I purchased any thing with glass. He was referring to a TV cabinet with glass shutters. Thus, nothing can escape His attention.

Countless are such miracles experienced by His devotees that they have become routine affairs in our lives and have ceased to be miracles. There are even instances of His appearing in the houses of devotees in India when He was out of India. I know of atleast one such devotee who saw Lord Anjaneya assuming a very tall form followed by the appearance of Swami (when He was out of India). There are many such incidents, which defy explanation; for a devotee these are just routine affairs. In the dictionary of His devotees there is no word
called miracle. Just as the Sun rising in the East every day is no longer a miracle, these experiences too have become integral part of our lives.

The Gratest Miracle

The greatest miracle that should happen to every one of us is the discovery of our own self, and it is this that we should seek from Him.

                           Swami’s Comments on this Note

On 8th November 1997, Swami started talking about the anecdotes being put to Internet by devotees. When I told Him that I had already written over 17 pages, He said that I would complete it soon. Then He said that whatever I had written from the fourteenth line onwards have come from my heart. When I checked it, I found to my amusement that my experiences commenced from the fourteenth line.


                  Swami as I Understand

As Sri Ramakrishna said, on the tree of the Absolute Truth there hang innumerable bunches of Ramas, Krishnas, Budhas, Christs, etc. Out of these, one or two now and then come down into this world and produce mighty changes and revolution. In an interview of Kanchi Paramacharya by Paul Brunton he said, "... The turmoil among nations, the moral wickedness among people and the sufferings of miserable millions will provoke, as a reaction, some great divinely inspired man to come to the rescue. .... The process works like a law of physics. The greater the wretchedness caused by spiritual ignorance, materialism, the greater will be the man who will arise to help the world..."

                                                       (A Search in Secret India: Paul Brunton)

Every century had produced its saviors. Our beloved Swami is such a great soul full of divine virtues and blessed are those who had the opportunity to meet Him. It is impossible to understand and assess such divine souls. As mentioned by Lord Krishna, self alone knows the self. We can only gauge their mission through our experience and what they do. Their lives sum up their mission and character. But no two divine souls are alike. Therefore, comparisons will be out of place and irrelevant.

This is not an attempt to justify what He does or an attempt to sit on judgement as there is neither the need nor the possibility to do so. My attempt here is to relate the experience that I had myself or the experience of those, which I am personally aware of to the contours of His mission, so that a general outline of His mission could be obtained. The history of all divine persons is the history of their devotees too. It is only from such experiences that they make themselves known to others. In this sense this is meant to be a first hand account for the benefit of the posterity.

In an interview to Arthur Koestler (author of Darkness at Noon), Paramacharya said, "... The state of hallucination is a temporary one. A person should learn to control his mind. What comes after such mental discipline is mystic experience. What appear in the uncontrolled state of mind are hallucinations. The wishes and fears of the ego cause these. The mystics’ mind is a blank, his experience is shapeless and without object..."

                                 --- The Jagadguru- Interview by Arthur Koestler on 10.01-1959.

The above description suits Him because He is a great mystic of our times and whatever He narrates to us is done so in a state of super consciousness that is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. He respects all religions and is above caste, deed, language, and such distinctions. He is not interested in just predicting the future of His devotees; rather He is very keen in their spiritual development for which He encourages them in singing bhajans, meditation, pilgrimage, and satsangs (meetings of holy and spiritually inclined persons).

What endear Swami to thousands of devotees like us are his simplicity, discipline, and compassion. He treats everybody alike without any prejudice whatsoever. He does not degrade any other godly person; in fact, he holds Sai Baba, Matha Amritanandamayi, and Shiv Shankar Baba in high esteem. His advice to devotees is that God can assume and appear in any form and guide them. He sings that Allah, Jesus, and Hanuman represents the same divinity. To us He is guru, well wisher, and the divine spirit of Lord Anjaneya personified.


   If you have seen Swami…..You have
                      seen Lord Anjaneya.


                                   Thus Spake Swami

  1.Worship any form you like. You may worship even your mother. Devotion, faith, and involvement are most important.
  2.There are persons who visit a temple for a while for particular favours. If the favour is not granted or delayed, they stop going to the temple. They may even remove the photograph of God from the prayer room and keep it elsewhere. Bhakthi is unconditional. God knows what you need; that will be given and that alone will be given.
  3.A temple priest has to be extremely careful just as an electrician has to be careful working with an electric current.
  4.Anjaneya is watching you all the time. There is nothing that you can hide from Him. If your prayer is sincere, He will even come as a servant, have no doubt about that.
  5.Purity of heart is essential for God realization. There is no point in making a number of pilgrimages to temples or mosques unless you achieve purity of heart.
  6.More money means more problems, less money means fewer problems, and no money means severe problems.
  7.Duty comes first. First you should attend to your duty. Even if you are not able to attend a satsang does not matter, as long as you attend to your duty sincerely so that the work itself becomes worship. God knows your limitations; you do not have to bring them to His notice.
  8.In kaliyuga, people tend to question anything and anyone. Even if Lord Vishnu is to appear in front of them they would ask Him to produce His identity card, such is the world today!
  9.You may visit any mahatma of your choice if you think you would obtain peace in his/her presence.
 10.Do not criticise a person without first hand experience. If thousands flock to a mahatma, it is due to the divine charisma around him, so do not ridicule such persons.
 11.God is only one. He could be worshiped in any form as Allah, Jesus, Hanuman or any other form or name of your choice.
 12.In the court of Anjaneya, justice alone will prevail. You can not demand something that is not dharmic.
 13.Devote some time for prayer every day because mental peace is most important.
 14.Treat every one with respect and kindness because God may come to you in any form.


                  Some tips for those who wish to visit Swami

  1.Do not visit Him as you would visit an astrologer, He is neither an astrologer nor a fortuneteller. He is a trikalagnani (a person who knows the present, the past, and the future). He knows not only your horoscope, but also even the minute details of your life.
  2.Do not expect to meet Him on your first visit itself. There is time for everything, so wait and pray patiently when you visit Him. When your turn or time comes you will meet Him in the most dramatic way, perhaps.
  3.Maintain discipline when you are in His presence. Do not disturb the sanctity of the place and atmosphere by unnecessary talks.
  4.Do not argue with Him, there is nothing that you can win over Him.
  5.Be honest when you are asked for certain details. Remember that you are in the presence of an omniscient divine person, and not a fortuneteller. I have never seen Him embarrassing anyone with uncomfortable questions.

                        May Lord Anjaneya Bless You






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