I am the second son of Shri A. Jaganathan. When I finished schooling, I did not have the Eligibility for engineering. I did improvement and got just eligible to join engineering. I Prayed to Swamiji for getting admission in computer engineering in Chennai; Swamiji said that he would get me a seat with mixed subject. With his blessings, I got admission in ICE (Instrumentation and Control Engineering) in Chennai. After completing the course, I got a job with a modest salary; I worked in that company for two years.


When I met Swamiji, he said he would meet me in Singapore. On his birthday, I got a message from Singapore to attend an interview. Swamiji asked me to proceed to Singapore. With his blessings, I got a job in Singapore where I worked for two years.


During this period, I had to face a problem from a person who was reprimanded by Singapore police. I requested my father to explain the situation to Swamiji because the court verdict was due the next week. My father informed Swamiji about the problem; Swamiji consoled him that he would pray for me and that the problem would be cleared. On the day of the verdict, I was in the court along with my lawyer. The person who was creating trouble stated that he did not know me. The court ruled in my favour; otherwise I would have got two strokes and deportment. It was Swamiji's blessing that saved me, a great miracle in my life.


I have obtained PR (Permanent Residence) status, completed MS; and with Swamiji's blessings, I am well settled professionally.


Shri. J.Saravanan,  S/O Shri. A. Jaganathan, Chennai

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