By Swamiji's blessings recently I had many small but wonderful experiences which I want to





Just before my school reopened from the summer vacations I was praying to Swamiji to give me strength and faith so that I can make it through my school and for my entrance which I am preparing for. By Swami's blessings I could speak to him. This is what Swamiji told me "Swami is always with you, I know you are remembering me every time and you have nothing to fear, whenever you call Swami, He will come. Wish you best of luck. I am coming with you". And with this line I had the most beautiful darshan of Swami in lord Krishna's form.


Next morning I got up at 3:40 AM and took a bath and sat down for praying. In the pooja room my grandmother sleeps so I kept the lights off and I sat and lit the lamp and this beautiful glow came all around. The lamp was still and not moving at all.. so still.. then I started chanting hanuman chalisa. When I finished I closed my eyes and prayed to Swamiji and I got this feeling that he was right there and was watching me.. I immediately remembered Swami saying "whenever you call I will be there" .. then I opened my eyes and just behind the lamp leaning on the wall Is a big shirdi baba photo and at the bottom of the photo there was a shadow of lord Krishna holding the flute and with his feather on his head and he was sitting on a cradle.. it was a soo clear shadow and we have no idol of lord Krishna in that form.. the shadow came from a ganesh idol whose hand's shadow came.. but the hand and the shadow are sooo different!!! And the moment I realized the shadow of Krishna it started shaking and it looked like Krishna was swinging in his cradle and playing the flute!! I was shocked!! I observed the lamp which was not shaking at all now started shaking.. I stopped moving to see why the lamp is moving but it wont stop moving and Krishna is still swinging... that was the most beautiful darshan I ever got of my Swami.. I started to cry because I could not carry the love my Swami showered on me.! It was endless love.. that made my day and I went to school with a biiiiiiiiig smile and everything is soo smooth after my Swami's words and he is making sure I am on my track in various forms which is an experience everyday... itís not over.. on that day after the miracle I went to school and to find out another miracle is waiting for me which I am going to share also. .




My bus that day to school was little late so when I reached my class I was left with one seat near a girl whom I talk to little not much and I just sat there.. but that was His arrangement.. then in between two periods she looked at me and took out something from her pocket. It was shirdi Prasad!!! She told me the principal had gone to shirdi and gave her some Prasad and she wanted to give some to me.. now I don't know why she thought of me to give the Prasad .. as I told I talk little but when I talk to her God always comes in.. then I took 4 sweet prasads for my parents and grandma at home because my grandmother is a devotee of shirdi baba and His Prasad will make her soo happy. I also wanted vibudhi but I didnít want to ask on my own so I left it. Then I started thinking " look at Swamiji's arrangement - how he visited me in the morning, how I sat beside that girl, how baba had to give his Prasad and make my day soo happy".. but Swamiji as usual has to play with me... otherwise where is the fun na.. .. !!


I came home and told everyone I had a surprise and that it was shirdi Prasad. When she gave it to me in school I kept it carefully in my tiffin box and then in my bag and closed the zip. But when I opened the box to give it to everyone, to my surprise the box is EMPTY!!! Now I was soooooo sad I couldn't give it to anyone and I looked at Swamiji and I said "Swamiji why you are doing this I am so sad I know you only took it away because nothing happens without your wish" everyone in the house told me that maybe some other devotee needed it so it went. But in my heart I knew Swami has something better coming for me that is why He did this.


Next day I went to school and I simply told that girl that the Prasad disappeared and she asked me if I want more but I told no itís ok. But next day she came and to my surprise she got in a small box - 10 sweet prasads , shirdi vibudhi( which I wanted) and a special surprise she also gave me guruvayoor Prasad.. !!! I looked at Swami and told him only you know what leelas you do.. I then understood why that day the Prasad disappeared so that I get much more Prasad. I love you Swami keep playing with me like that because once Swami told "Swami plays with those who He loves and also for longer"..


I would like to share two more small but very touching experiences.




One day in my school bus when I was coming back a small girl in my bus got hurt and she was crying so I called her and asked what happened? She told she got hurt. So I told her "catch your hand where you got pain then pull the pain out, kiss it and throw it outside the windowĒ. She did that and she said pain reduced little. I then told her do it 3 times then pain will go faster. She did and started smiling after that. She believed it and it worked for her.


One day I had a very bad and sad day in school so while coming home I sat quietly in the bus just praying to Swamiji and telling him "please give me a message Swamiji. I want you to make me happy and forget whatever happened and smile." I was just staring at everything passing by. Finally my stop came and before I got down that same girl looked at me and caught her hand pulled something and kissed it and threw it outside the window!! That was my message from Swami that just leave your sadness and pain behind it will go just the way I told her when she was in pain and it went.. I was shocked how Swamiji conveyed such a powerful message in such a simple and beautiful way. I just looked at that girl and smiled. Then I got down from the bus and left all my sadness back and started with a fresh smile..




This was another very small but wonderful miracle. I was standing waiting for my bus and I remembered this song. its lines were "wherever you go, whatever you do , I will be right here waiting for you, whatever it takes I will be right here waiting for you" and I was thinking of Swamiji that "do you remember me also?" and suddenly this unknown old man out of nowhere just walked by and looked at me and put his thumbs up and smiled and I too gave him back a smile.. Swamiji immediately replied to my question!! That man was sent by Swamiji. In my 14 years in Kuwait never has anyone told me hi like that..


At the end I am soo happy to share my experience and I wish I continue to share and spread my Swami's love everywhere..






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