Kodi Kodi Pranams to Swamiji’s divine golden lotus feet;


We met our Great Swamiji on 05th April 2008 through my cousin Mr. Logan who is a devotee of  Swamiji. Our life has changed since then.  After the first meeting with Swamiji, I was very happy and decided to attend all the Bajans and Swamiji’s Poojas.  Since then I am attending all Bajans except a few. My Swamiji made lots of miracles which reduced lots of our pain. With the blessings of Swamiji I am detailing a few of my experiences as  below.


My Second Daughter.


My second daughter (Saumeya) was 4 ½ years when she met Swamiji first time. She was talking only a few words which were not adequate to her age. We were worried a lot. During our first meeting with Swamiji, he said that you have worries about your second daughter and she will improve slowly. We were shocked as we never mention anything about Saumeya. As Swamiji’s prediction, Saumeya is improving a lot and recently (November 05th 2009) she got the first place for the UKG Action Rhymes Competition. In the beginning around April – May 2008, Saumeya was very naughty in the Bajans. My wife was very upset and told me that she wanted to stay at home with Saumeya and requested me to go for Bajans with the eldest daughter. I told my wife to  pray to  Swamiji and leave all your problems to Him. Our Great Swamiji listened our problems and changed Saumeya completely. Nowadays, Saumeya is singing Bajans very nicely with full devotion and she is not naughty in the Bajans.  She loves to sings God’s Bajans and also plays keyboard as well. She is doing very well in studies as well as the extra curriculum activities. This all happened because of our Great Swamiji’s blessings.  I am 100% confident that my Swamiji will make my daughter a perfect citizen.


Job Termination


This was happened in September 2008. My previous company management requested me to forward the salary raise request and I did accordingly. Next day I received the termination order from my company director. I was really shocked because same director appreciated my performance week before. I had no plans to tackle this crisis but I know well my Swamiji will bail-out me from this problem. Straight away even before informing this to my wife I called Swamiji and was informed that Swamiji is out of India. Even though I was worried inside, I have full confidence that Swamiji will give a way to solve this issue.  This was happened on Thursday. All Thursdays we used to go for Swamiji’s (God’s) Bajans. As usual I went to the Bajan and deeply prayed to Swamiji to solve this problem. After coming home from the Bajan, I checked my mail. There was a surprising mail. I could not believe my eyes. Same Director, who issued my termination notice, withdrew my termination notice and re-appointed me again. Will you believe this big Miracle from my Swamiji? I detailed all this to my wife (I never told all this to my wife or anybody until I saw this miracle email). She was shocked. Next Thursday I met Swamiji and he was simply asking Kethavarajan “How is your job? Now all of your problems were solved”. I never discuss these issues with Swamiji but he knows each and every action. This is one of the examples that God is watching your every action.


Economic Crisis


During the recent economic crisis, my previous company’s many projects were cancelled. Almost all my projects were cancelled. Company informed me the situation and requested me to find a Job. Finding a new Job at this stage is very difficult and I was very upset. Whenever I face any problems, I have no solution other than calling Swamiji. I was trying to call Swamiji many times before but I had no luck to speak with Swamiji but this time Swamiji talked to me. I brief the discussion as below,


November 02nd 2008


Self: Jai Shree Ram. This is Kethavarajan from Kuwait.


Swamiji: Jai Shree Ram. How are you Kethavarajan? How is your Job? (I was surprised. See Swamiji knows everything)


Self: Swamiji, the purpose of my call is to inform you that I lost my job.


Swamiji: Don’t worry Swamiji will arrange a Job for you.


Self: Swamiji, I do not want to move from Kuwait specially I wanted to attend all Thursday Bajans. So please arrange a job in Kuwait. (See how I am making my request to Swamiji like talking to employment agent.)


Swamiji: Don’t worry Swamiji will arrange a Job in Kuwait.


Self: Thank you very much Swamiji. Swamiji, I have one more request. My colleague also have same problem. Please arrange a Job for him also.


Swamiji: He will get a job in January 2009.


Self: Thank you very much Swamiji.


According to my Great Swamiji’s Arul Vaakoo, myself and my colleague got jobs in January 2009. I got a Job where all the technical staffs are Arab nationalities. I was the first Asian senior technical staff appointed and first Senior Quantity Surveyor appointed by the company. Please note that my Great Swamiji created a new position for me within the company and appointed me. My great Swamiji has proved once again his predictions. With Swamiji’s blessings I am still continuing the Swamiji’s arranged job and strongly believe that I will be getting more good news related to my work. 


Chartered Exam (RICS)


During the month of May 2009, I was very busy in preparing for my Chartered exams. This exam is quite tough to get through. There are less than 10 Chartered Quantity Surveyors working in Kuwait. It was my dream to become a Chartered Quantity Surveyor.

This exam was an oral exam/presentation/interview for 1 hour. Exam date was set by the RICS and I was not so happy with my exam preparation and wish to have some more time for the preparation. Couple of days before the exam, I called Swamiji,


Self: Jai Shree Ram, This is Kethavarajan from Kuwait


Swamiji: Jai Shree Ram, How are you Kethavarajan? How is your family?


Self: With your blessings we are fine Swamiji. Swamiji, I am going to face an exam in two days and I need your blessings.


Swamiji: I will pray for you. Proceed with your exam.


Self: Thank you very much Swamiji.


Swamiji started the miracles. Next day I got an email stating that your exam is postponed by a week. I was so happy that I got an extra week to prepare for the test which I was worried before. See How Swamiji is helping your specific requirements without making any specific request. This is the love Swamiji is extending to all his Devotees. After two weeks I got my result. Once again Swamiji extended his blessing to get through this tough exam. I should be thankful to my Great Swamiji forever.


Mother in Law.


My Mother in Law was suffering from blood cancer. During one Pooja Swamiji gave veepoothy for her. During our July 2008 visit to Colombo, Mother in Law was with us for a few days. The day before our departure to Kuwait, she got fever which was not coming down even giving all kind of medicines. We are very upset because we have to leave Kuwait next day. Around 10.45 pm I remembered Swamiji’s veepoothy. I request my wife to put little veepoothy in the water and give to your mother. After having veepoothy water, mother in law told that she was fine and she doesn’t know where the fever gone. This all happened within 5 minutes. We thanked to Swamiji and realized the power of the veepoothy. Swamiji’s veepoothy is a real and rare medicine like Sanjeevani which Hanuman brought to treat Luxmanan. Swamiji always tells me that take my veepoothy with you. I always keep Swamiji’s veepoothy with me where ever I go. After having this practice I feel more confident and overcome lots of problems easily.


Mother in Law’s Final Days


As I mentioned before my Mother in Law was a blood cancer patient and her conditions were getting more complicated but nothing so serious. When we met Swamiji during the month of June 2009, we inquired about her. Swamiji told that she will get “Mukthi” and I will pray for her. After few days,  her conditions were getting worst and she was suffering a lot. We conveyed this message to our Swamiji. He informed that “my Mother in Law is having lots of pain and Swamiji will remove all her pain”. After 2 hours she reached to God. Our Great Swamiji removed her pain and sent her to Heaven as per his words. One day Swamiji mentioned that he will protect not only his devotees but also there relatives as well. Our experience is a good example for this.


Renewing Kuwait Family Visa


One fine day early morning I went to the immigration office to renew my family visa. As I was renewing the visa fifth time, I know very well about the documents required for the renewal. When I handed over my papers, the officer informed me to bring the marriage certificate. I told him this is just renewal for which marriage certificate is not necessary. He said, no you should bring the marriage certificate. So I got out from the office with worries. I really do not know where I kept the marriage certificate. I got into my car and looked Swamiji’s photo. I asked Swamiji, why are you playing with me Swamiji, I need to renew the visa now. Please help me. After applying Swamiji’s veepoothy, I got more confidence. I went back and waited outside the office. Same officer was still sitting there. Suddenly I thought Swamiji is coming with me and why should I worry. I went again and handed over my papers to the same officer. What a surprise, without asking any question he gave the number and stamped the application forms. This all happened within 25 minutes time and there were very little people (around 50 to 60). Swamiji’s miracle was amazed me. If you pray Swamiji with 100% faith and devotion, Swamiji will take care of everything.


Stomach Pain


I had a severe stomach pain on November 1st 2009 morning. I called my Doctor to check his schedule. He got an evening schedule. I do not prefer to go to other doctors. I requested my wife to give Swamiji’s veepoothy water. I prayed Swamiji and had the veepoothy water. I could not believe, within five minutes all my pain gone away. My Swamiji removed my pain without any delay. As previously mentioned Swamiji’s veepoothy has a super power.


Lost Car Registration Card


I realized on 1st November 2009 that I lost my car registration card. I remember that I had it on 31st October 2009. Getting a new card is very difficult especially in Kuwait. I was worried a lot. As usual I prayed Swamiji. I was so confident that Swamiji will help me to find this. On the way to the home, I informed my car cleaning boy that I lost the registration card and look for it. Within 10 minutes he got this card which he found it on the open ground without any damage. Everybody surprised because it was on the ground more than a day without flying by wind etc. It is a real miracle that I got back the card. Swamiji is always with his devotees, listen their requests and removing their pains. We should be thankful to the God for giving Great Swamiji to us.


Swamiji made lots of other miracles in our life which I could not share here. We are feeling Swamiji’s presence every moment and I am always thinking of my Swamiji. In short, if we did not see Swamiji, our life would be a disaster. Swamiji, we need your blessings forever. Please send your blessings to my family and the whole world.


 Om Sri Sri Sri Satguru Vikraman Swami Namaha


Kethavarajan, Yarlini, Pamilla & Saumeya


10th November 2009.


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