Jai Sri Ram!

With the Blessings of Sri Vikraman Swamiji, I have experienced many many Miracles over the past four years. I thank Sumita Banerjee (Mithu) for introducing me to Swamiji in the year 2005(on the day of Gurupurnima).Nothing is impossible to achieve with Swamiji’s Blessings. If I have a goal to achieve, or an impossible task to do, I just pray to Sri Vikraman Swamiji, and within a short time that impossible task becomes effortlessly possible. I write all the Miracles I experience in a Diary (published by Tirumal Tirupathi Devasthanam) almost every day. I have already touched a serial no. of 1250 Miracles and experiences. Life has become so much easier for me with the Blessings of Swamiji; previously I was a very confused person, not knowing how to decide and what to act. Following are some of my Ati-Adbhutha (Beyond Human reasoning) experiences:

1.      My sister did not have Children for almost twelve years after her Marriage in 1993.She and her husband tried all medical treatments like Allopathic, Ayurveda, and Homeopathy without success. They even attempted the Test tube Baby method, which was also not successful. Once when Swamiji had visited Kuwait in November 2005, I told Swamiji about this problem, and Swamiji told me that He would take care of my sister’s problem. To our surprise my sister conceived without any medication, and delivered a baby Girl (The Baby was named Narayani) in the month of August 2006.Swamiji’s mere Word solved an impossible problem. Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji !

2.      I was attempting an exam called PMP (Project Management Professional) during November 2008, which is a tough examination to pass (I was on the opinion that I would never pass this examination).I had not studied properly for the past eleven months, and I told Swamiji about the upcoming PMP Examination.Swamiji told me to suspend all my other social activities for some time and focus on this examination. Swamiji Blessed the study material (in CD form), and gave it in my Hands during the Puja in our house. I scheduled my examination on 9th of February 2009, and I spoke to Swamiji over phone to take Swamiji’s Blessings, He told me that Swami will be with me during the examination. To my astonishment, I did the examination very well, and passed the PMP exam on 9th of February 2009;and I immediately called Swamiji and informed that I had passed the examination. Swamiji  Congratulated me, and told me that I would pass many more such examinations in future. This shows that with Swamiji’s Blessings, the most difficult goal becomes simple and possible to achieve. This shows that faith in Swamiji can move Mountains. Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji !

3.      I will tell you a most recent Miracle experience by my wife Dr.Ananthapriya (MD; MRCOG), who is a medical doctor working with Ministry of Health (Kuwait).She passed the MRCOG exam with Swamiji’s Blessings in the year 2006.She had been facing problems in her previous job; and she was being bullied and harassed by some of her senior colleagues. Swamiji told her that she would replace Dr.Ashim Lahri (a devotee of Swamiji) in the Farwaniya Hospital. This statement was made by Swamiji during September/October 2008, and my wife joined the Farwaniya Hospital in the month of June 2009(and Dr.Ashim Lahri left Farwaniya Hospital-Kuwait for a  better job in UK(London) in the month of May 2009).This is an unbelievable Miracle, which words cannot describe. Swamiji’s every word will come true! Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji!

4.      My wife experienced yet another Miracle in her Hospital. For the past thirty years, the night duty for doctors was scheduled once in four days (i.e. if she does night duty on the Sunday, she has to do the next night duty on Wednesday and so on, and the night duty lasts for about thirty six hours, and she was getting very tired due to these frequent night duties).She made a Prayer to Swamiji to change the night duty schedule to once in five days, and Swamiji replied, “that is done”. And to our surprise the very next day, the night duty schedule of all the Ministry of Health hospitals in Kuwait was changed/revised to once in five days. A situation which could not be changed by so many Doctors for the past thirty and more years was changed within a day by our Dear Sri Vikraman Swamiji’s Blessings. Many many Thanks to Sri Vikraman Swamiji.

5.      Recently I had to conduct a Training program on Human Resources Management to a group of about twenty five engineers working in our company. I had never done this training earlier, and I was skeptical about my ability to conduct this training; I thought I would miserably fail to conduct this training. I told Swamiji in Mr. A.Sreenivas Rao’s house about this issue, and took Swamiji’s Blessings to conduct the training. The next day when I completed the Training, I got many many compliments from the participants. The words of appreciation were----“The training was amazing, fabulous, enthralling, interesting, and humorous”. My Senior Dr.B.Venkat Dasigi, himself was surprised and told me that he had heard many compliments about my training. Based on the feedback of the participants, I got a rating of 4.37/5.0(on a scale of one to five) for this training from the participants. This shows that with Swamiji’s Blessings, you can do anything. Glory to Sri Vikraman Swamiji !  Swamiji will change things in a fraction of a Second to help His Devotees. Such is the Kindness and Love of our Sri Vikraman Swamiji !


-Sameer M Vaidya & Ananthapriya (Kuwait)

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