A. Srinivasa Rao, Kuwait, Experience- PART-II


By the Grace of my Guru Sri Vikraman Swami, I have been experiencing His   grace to realize the God in several ways which I am writing down with His Krupa.


My Anubhavas are paintings of my heart which Swamiji showered on me. I am blessed by the God with each of these experiences.


In these experiences, I have written the Golden words which Swamiji says and that melted my heart. Some experiences I conveyed the essence without actual event description involving names and places etc. Some experiences I wrote in the form of events happened in my life revealing the truth that is there in all Holy Scriptures. I am writing down all types of experiences as it happened to me and   as the God tuned me to His Will. I truly believe these Anubhavas (experiences) are the blessings of the God and certainly not my abilities.




Date: 29-02-2008


  1.  I experience Swamiji in various forms and ways. What all I realized is purely by his grace and not my capability. I enjoy the strength of His grace more than depending on my capabilities through self Ego.


  1. Swamiji’s namam itself is strength for me. His rupa is my strength. His words are my Vedas. His smile is Ananda for me. His Anger shows my  deficiency which helps me to learn and perfect it through His grace again.


  1. His ways are infinite. His moments are infinite. His karuna is infinite. He is Ananta.  He is the strength for his devotees.  Everything  in this world is a part of Him and I see that in all He does. When I see such moments , I go to a different world of joy and my heart is filled with extreme joy. All such moments are my true treasures and all that is my all knowledge and my purpose of life.


Keep going by taking the Guru’s name. He is all pervading and nothing but Paramatma. In Guru Seva all the Iswara Tatwa is revealed by the grace of Guru. The moment ego “I” comes automatically the Iswara Tatwa will be blocked to the extent of our Ego level which is nothing but Agnana / ignorance. Enjoy that Paramatma Tatwa in all you do.                                           


Swamiji’s pooja is Vykunta and an Yagna for me. That is the place where Lord is sitting in Swamiji’s form and talking to his Devotees who come from any part of the world. It is Vykunta for those who realize God through Him. It is an Yagna for the Devotees who patiently absorb the infinite knowledge passed by Swamiji by his simple , easy , practical and easy to adopt ways that are applicable to our times , and to all or specific to the individual. I see the Matster , Swamiji,  turning the great texts of Vedic knowledge in to simple language where all the Devotees can easily understand and bring in to action in life making all of us a Karma Yogi. The Guru, Swamiji, puts us in to right action (good Karma) with his guidance there by the Devotees get peace of mind from the turbulence of life and slowly and steadily leads us to the Truth, The God, The infinite knowledge, The Bliss.


His Love is infinite. What you offer from your Heart is very precious to Him. The puffed rice which Kuchela brought for Lord Krishna, Sabari giving the bitten fruit to Lord Rama etc etc – I saw how Swamiji takes the offerings- Grab it or Hold dearly in his Hands or value it as a diamond etc  when Devotees offer from their heart. Sometimes He asks for what we intended to offer from our heart but forgot it to offer. Even I saw Swamiji returning the offerings of the Devotees when it is not from your heart. When I unfold this divine law , my Heart melts to the Lord ways.

His Karuna is like butter. His patience is like mother Earth. He is a thunder for those who does wrong deeds with evil minds.


His instant actions in words, deeds, etc in correcting the wrong ways of His Devotees ,  make me realize that only God can do such things.


Swamiji purifies us by simple ways that we can follow. The purification is important. The processes are unique to every individual and Swamiji with the vision of God tells us what is applicable to us and give strength and joy to our lives and lead us to the God. It is so simple, He can make you see God, the way you can see your own mother. Yes, it is that simple Truly. Why you Know !!??   He is Guru, Who took the Avatara of God in Human form and it is very simple to Him to show what He wants us to see.


He integrates the old ways with the present methods with the values in its totality. He brings harmony and peace with diversity. Swamiji adopts modern technology and spreads Love of God to all the Universe.


All our abilities are gifts of God. If we do not know this,   Ego starts and the ignorance starts accumulating more and more when you attribute success to your intelligence and vision. With this Ego, our vision will be limited and can not see the true nature of any issue. Where as Swamiji, sees from the vision of God , where one can see the Truth all the time and where everything is possible, and first comforts the Devotees with His simple and easy ways and then slowly and steadily makes us lead towards the God, all pervading.


We are fortunate that we are seeing God, talking to the God, asking God to fulfill our desires, etc. like Devotees  Hanuman, Gopikas of Brundavan, Annamayya, Tulsidas - What an ananda really it is. Pick up the phone and talk to Swamiji, Put prayers in the Chat Room, think of Him at any Time and at any Place – He will listen to us and take care of us. What a strength for Devotees and what a Abhayam to the Devotees. Nee Namame Maku Nidhiyu Nidanamu i.e., Your Name only is our wealth and patience.




  1. Swamiji’s Arul Vakku (Divine Messages) goes beyond your intelligence and understanding. We  all take decisions in our daily lives to the best of our intelligence, circumstances and understanding. When Swamiji tells something us to follow, sometimes we may feel that it is not appealing to you at all. You get in to a dilemma what to do now. My experiences revealed to me that what all He said will come true. So, simply follow what He said. Then we realize what Swamiji said came true, after the event is over. It is Faith and Devotion that makes you go beyond your intelligence and time where the God law prevails. This experience of going beyond intelligence and time   is the clue for us to follow what Guru says to experience that knowledge of the God, Law of God, Law of karma etc which only realized souls can see. They are our Guru and God.


  1. You do not cheat others and also do not get cheated by others.



A. Srinivasa Rao


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