Sai Ram

    We know Swamiji Sri N.Vikraman since september '94. It was just disbelief and reluctance that prevented us from seeking Swamiji's divine guidance much earlier. Since then we have never missed an oppurtunity to meet him.
        When we visited Swamiji for the first time we had a late interview and it was a memorable, unforgettable and spine chilling experience. We were not asked any questions nor did we disclose any of our hardships to anybody there. We were stunned and aghast when swamiji narrated all our hardships as though he was maintaining our dairy. He assured us that all our problems  will come to an end at the earliest and that we will travel abroad very soon. He even predicted the exact date of our departure much before our visas were processed. Each of our subsequent visits to Swamiji were equally memorable experiences and the way he could narrate our day to day experiences, we used to feel that lord Hanuman is always standing by our side and observing us. We continue to have such feeling even to this day. Swamiji more than proved to us that god is truth, He will answer to our sincere prayers and that He knows what is best for us.

        Even after coming over to Saudi Arabia, we continue to receive his divine guidance. It is rather surprising how he could say so many things over the phone and also so accurately. The Indian Embassy school here was having problems due to mismanagement and was on the verge of closure. But Swamiji assured us over the phone that the school will not be closed and that my son's studies will continue without any hindrance. How true he was!! How much we were relieved!!

        Our experiences with Swamiji over the past three years if narrated individually will run to volumes. Sweetness cannot be defined or described, it has to be experienced. Similarly Swamiji's divine guidance, words of wisdom should be experienced in person.

        We now feel we have the moral strength of facing the difficulties in life with courage and psychological assurance that Lord Hanuman is always with us.


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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