We are not sure how to begin and how to list our experiences and miracles with Swamiji. This is a small attempt to highlight a few of those miracles which transformed situations big time for us.

We met Swamiji for the first time on October 13 2004 in Mr. Naroola’s house, Abu Dhabi. I had heard a lot about HIM from my office collegue Kiron but never showed any interest in meeting as our belief in LIVING GOD or DEMIGOD was absent those days. Though we attribute whatever we have or are to GOD we refused to even visit the website. But on this day we agreed to visit more out of curiosity because another couple known to us where visiting Swamiji. I casually told my husband Ravi about this and he suddenly coaxed me and was more interested than me in meeting Swamiji as we had company. Honestly we just went to meet him ONCE but held on to him. This is how Swamiji chose us and dragged us to him for our welfare thereafter.  In our first meeting Swamiji told us about hotplate not working at home and not having rice at home.  This surprised us a lot because not even my closest friends knew about the hotplate not working and my ongoing fight with Ravi to get it repaired through some technician. Swamiji told us to go home and light it because he had already repaired it sitting there. It is working still in super condition 2009!!  In addition what took us again to Swamiji’s puja is the fact that next day morning I got a call from my elder brother to say that he was going to be a father after 16 years of marriage.  We took this as a great omen after meeting Swamiji.

We met Swamiji next on 27th October, 2004, when he assured that my husband Ravi’s salary would be revised. Ravi had not got any hike in salary since 1992 and on our way back we discussed that Swamiji does not know the management his company has else he would never have mentioned about hike in salary.  Also we decided that if it happens we would certainly go to him again … Sorry Swamiji for testing you when you should be testing us! Believe it or not Ravi’s salary was revised for the first time after 1992 in December 2004.  After that Ravi’s salary has been revised many times every year and we have come a long way in terms of financial comfort (much beyond our dreams).  I am doing very well at work too with swamiji’s blessings.

Feb 3rd 2005, we attended another puja in Abu Dhabi - Swamiji assured that our elder son Manu will get admission for higher studies in India. We were tensed about this as his documents reached the authorities late. With his blessings Manu got in to the college and stream of his choice. This trip Swamiji came to our house for the first time to light lamp and blessed me, Ravi, Manu and Varun. We were sooo happy that words fail us.  Then we became regular attendees of Swamiji’s puja in Abu Dhabi. Swamiji lit lamp in our house again on 13th November, 2006. It was here much to our delight, that we realised our elder son Manu shares his English birthday with Swamiji ie. 20th March.

Mid 2005 – mid 2009.  Our son Manu was struggling with his course and each semester there were constant frantic calls to Chennai for Swamiji’s blessings and assurance.  Everything was against us except Swamiji’s blessing that in the end he will walk out of the college with a degree and his head held high. He is now struggling to settle down with a good job but our faith in Swamiji is now so strong that we have nothing to worry.  He knows the future and plans the present accordingly. Thank you, Swamiji, for your support and presence in our life. Amid all this Manu is totally confused and we seek Swamiji’s blessings to always protect him and show him the right path. Swamiji has assured that he has taken him under his responsibility and we have nothing to worry. None can say this except HIM. This para for the 4 years seem small but all our miracles have happened during this time on a regular basis. We know the magnanimity of Swamiji’s blessings during this period. Suffice to say that it is not possible to describe Swamiji’s presence in our life at this most difficult time. A couple of devotees in Abu Dhabi are aware of our struggle and encouraged us to trust Swamiji and that he would take care. He did!

From 2006 we started attending puja in Sharjah.

15th November 2006, Swamiji blessed us with Sai Satcharita during a mini puja.  Though Bombay is close to Shirdi we had not visited Shirdi after 1998. Swamiji has been arranging a visit every year now and the darshan that he is arranging each time is getting much better and sweeter. Each time we can feel his presence in all temple visits – wherever we go whether Guruvayur, Shirdi or any other temple. We just think of him before stepping into the temple and lo the darshan arranged is fantastic. What more can we ask!! We now seek his blessings to attend a Hanuman Jayanti in Chennai. We leave it to you to arrange this Swami.

After meeting Swamiji and his blessings we have managed to buy a nice house in Bombay. After lot of confusion the flat got its original number 302 (total 5). This is HIS blessings for us. He did not want us to sell our property in Kerala and arranged for a caretaker. In fact he rebuked me in one of the pujas for asking him everytime about selling it. He said he will arrange for a good caretaker and we need not worry about its maintenance. Immediately after the puja next morning my husband calls me from Kerala to say he has got a very trustworthy person to look after the house. This problem was solved by dear Swamiji overnight.

Many times while attending puja we seem battling with our problems and awaiting Swamiji to call or listen to our woes. But he would just look at us and say very casually that he will take care and bless us.  Some days even when we talk to him he would seem elsewhere and just say he would take care. We have felt that swamiji has not answered us properly or heard us well. But the result is exactly what he says so casually. This took us some time to realize but the lesson is well learnt.

Swamiji is very simple and always says that it is very easy to confuse people but very difficult to convince. He knows all that his devotees do and takes us to task for our mistakes but in the end sends us home with loads & loads of blessings. That is his magnanimity. Thank you once again Swamiji for the simple explanation and strengthening our belief in you.

Swamiji’s miracles are manifold. One can never list them. We are so much used to thinking of him for all our tasks at home or office big or small and how it gets magically solved is his doing. He shows his presence in some form. He chose us and dragged us to him in 2004 and transformed us and still moulding us into better human. We are indebted to you dear Swami.

Thank you very much for your presence in our life. Only after meeting you we realised the importance of Guru in our life. You have given meaning to our prayers and conversations with God.  We still need to learn so many things and understand life and situations which only you can explain so beautifully in simple words. Thank you always for your grace and simplicity in your greatness.

We always seek your blessings for us, our families and all your devotees around the world.


Vijaya Ravi, Abu Dhabi

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