We prostrate with humble Pranams at the lotus feet of our Respected Vikraman Swamiji.


Our association with Shri Vikraman Swami Ji goes back to 1996, when we were blessed to have his Darshan in a Puja at one of our close friend’s house. 


Since then, we thank God many times on each day for sending him into our lives.


Words cannot describe how much love, guidance and much more we have received from him – in abundance since we met him.


Our life changed as a result of our association with Swamiji.  Night or day, in any part of the world, we have always felt his loving presence. We have received his abundant Love and Grace at our times of sorrow as well as happiness. He has rushed to help us every time we were in distress. When he took charge, we knew we were in safe hands and that everything would turn out all right.


Swami ji stood with us like a Parent, a Friend as well as a Guide all through. We have often felt that through him, we are in direct communion with God. We have had a lot of such instances.


I was very seriously sick in 2005 on arrival from the US. On the way, I had a severe attack of rheumatism and it was not diagnosed at that time. I was in excruciating pain and my body had become extremely stiff. I reached home a midnight. Unexpectedly, my husband got a call from Swamiji to ask where and how I was. To this, my husband replied that I was on the way back from the US and that I had taken seriously ill. Within the next few hours, Swamiji rushed with his family that very night to bless us. He was comforting us and taking care of me. He gave me vibhuti immediately and showed me some simple exercises. He sat with us – comforting us for a long time while he performed his miracle. He assured us of his continuous protection all through and was monitoring my progress constantly. I felt like a baby carried in my parent’s arms. His love and concern knew no bounds. Gradually, with his blessings, I recovered.


Swamiji gave my husband a special Vibhuti packet and wrote his name on it. He told him to use it in any emergency. During 2007, my brother had taken seriously ill in India and had gone into a coma. Doctors had said that my brother may not pull through the night.  My husband rushed to India and gave him water mixed in that special Vibhuti that Swamiji I had given to my husband. He had a miraculous recovery immediately after that.  My brother recovered gradually and is now fully cured.


A similar incident had reoccurred in the summer of 2009.  When the introduction of a new medicine had a severe reaction in my body, I was admitted to Emergency at Welcare hospital in Dubai.  My heart almost stopped and my husband panicked and rang up Swamiji. Like always, Swamiji rushed to our rescue. He had taken complete charge while sitting in Chennai. He healed me out of that situation and again nursed me back to health. We were discharged from the Hospital the very same day!

If I am living today, I owe my life to Swamiji.


If I thank him with every breath, it is not enough.


We always thank god for sending Swamiji into our lives.


We pray to God to give our Swami a very long, healthy and happy life.


Dolly and Ashok Sharma



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