Jai Shree Ram

Miracles in our lives are millions. Every obstacle in our journey is overcome. This is due to the divine spark-The presence of our Swamiji in our lives.

Recently we visited a neighbouring country where the visa was on arrival. The long winding queue and the token number in the 900's told us the wait could be hours. Then an Indian man comes to Mr.Das and gives him a token number 672 and says he could use it as he had taken 2 tokens by mistake. The number in progress was 668.In no time was our visa processed and we were out of the airport. Once again the Prophetic words of Swamiji-I will travel with you, Don't worry.-came true.

 The vacant seat on numerous flights next to me bears witness to Swamiji's words-I will be coming with you. To every corner our family travels, in every challenge the family faces, and every moment of success we rejoice in, we owe our humblest and sincere pranams to Swamiji.

Thank you Swamiji for being the only Constant in this ever changing and complex world of Ours. Kodi Kodi Pranams at Your holy feet.




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