I had been to Swamiji’s ashram on 26th September, 2009 for the puja.  When he called me inside, He told me to sit closer to him so that I could hear properly. Later when it was my turn to get the  Blessings ,I told him we had gone to  Palani  by  our new car &also told  Swamiji  that we were planning to go to  Mantralaya.  He immediately told me with great excitement, Manthralaya is a good place and MY presence will be felt. I told my sister about it and also my daughter.

Then on 30th October 2009 we started off in the Mumbai mail, and although there were rains enroute we spent our time happily &reached the station an hour late. When we reached there we found an overcrowded station. Then we came to know that there had been heavy rains since morning and the river was full, so there was no road transport to cover the 16km. distance.

Finally we boarded an auto &then a tractor &managed to reach Mantralayam by going through waist deep water. After having our bath we reached the temple around 5:30p.m. Since it was a Thursday we had the chance to see 3 different chariots being drawn too. All the while I WAS WONDERING WHEN I WILL FEEL SWAMIJI’S presence, as he had told me so.

  We returned to our room after a mini shopping too. We were off to sleep very soon. Around 4:00 am the next day began our ordeal. We could hear a lot of noise but there was no current too.

Then we understood that the ground floor of our lodge was flooded and people were moving over to the first and second floors. From then on we were watching the water level rising. It had risen up to the level Of a bus by 10:00a.m. We saw so many structures falling and being carried away by water, STD booths were flowing away, so also pigs, cows, dogs, and cars too.

We watched everything as if we were watching a movie. We were provided morning coffee and Mineral water by   the people in the lodge. Towards afternoon we got a few ladles of upma too. That Night we went to bed by 8:00p.m as there was no current too. Once again I could hear noises outside our room. It was around 4:00a.m.The caretakers of the Lodge were asking all the inmates to vacate as the water level had come down. They said since the water level had come down, it is better to evacuate. We looked outside and found the road filled with people. They were moving away with whatever they could hold on including their cattle. I felt it was like our T.Nagar road at that time.

We started walking at 5:00 a.m. After covering 4 -5 kms., we boarded a tractor and travelled for 20 kms. Finally boarded two buses and reached Bangalore at 7:00p.m. Once again boarded another bus to Chennai and reached safely the next day. On the way we heard many people narrating their tales of woe. We were just witness to the happenings and then I realized why Swamiji had told me my presence will be felt. It was due to the unseen hands of God that we were protected; otherwise even we would have had lots of woes.




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